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Nyx (Scenesys ID: 7511)
"Indescribable... indestructible... insatiable." The Blob
Full Name: Samantha Twining
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Formerly Fast Food Cook
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: Barely Graduated High School
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 8 August 2008 Actor:
Height: 163 cm Weight: 48 gk
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: "Indestructible" by Not Your Dope - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKljh1Z7ohk


Samantha is nobody. No seriously she is like nobody important. She lived in a poor suburb. She barely graduated from a relatively meh High School with grades that couldn't even get her into community college. Her career experience consists of getting fired from a wide variety of fast food places for a wide variety of disciplinary actions. You would probably overlook her doing any sort of research into her background, a lot like everyone else has done in her life. So yeah she is seriously no one special.

Well okay maybe it is better to say she WAS nobody special. Things are different now. Night and Day. Black and White. Different.

She is about to hit the scene and make a splash.

Stay Tuned True Believers.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Some luxurious and unnaturally red bangs obscure a set of dark hazel eyes. Not just the tips of her hair is done in the red, the rest looks to be a darker dye closer to a crimson and all in all her hair ends shoulder length. Those eyes belong to a cute but very punk styled young person who probably falls somewhere in the mid-to-late teens. Her skin tone has a definite asian cast to it, though at least one of her parents are probably caucasian. Steel glints from multiple hoops and studs in her ears, an eyebrow ring, a stud through her lower lip, and when she talks a tongue stud as well. She stands about five foot four inches, not the biggest but also not the smallest and probably clocks in at 105lbs. She is definitely in good shape and she has the curves to look great if she wanted to.

She has on a pair of stylishly torn tight blue jeans, holes sliced into the right knee and in three different spots on her left pant leg. For a top she has on a black baby doll tank top, it has white text on it 'I'm part of the problem." Her feet are protected by a beat up pair of black and white vans brand sneakers.


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Samantha was born in New York City, in one of the poorer neighborhoods of the Bronx names Hunts Point. The youngest child and only girl of a blue collar family working hard and barely making a living. Her dad Joseph "JT" Twining, worked for a steal shop doing fabrication work, and her mom was a dentist's receptionist (not even a dental hygienist). She had two older brothers - Lawrence (Larry) and Thomas (Tom) - both of which escaped the burbs on sport scholarships (basketball and a football respectively). Samantha didn't escape.

Samantha, was the one who managed to dead end in the 'crap hole burbs', as she considered their suburb. Had nothing good to say about her parents either. It was never that they are bad people, in reality they are really good people, trying to do the best they could for their kids to succeed. Which meant working themselves into almost constant near exhaustion at their respective jobs. They were a very loving set of parents, going to mass every Sunday as they tried to also bring the kids up in god's good graces. It just didn't seem to take with Samantha.

Despite what Samantha became, she an average, good girl until puberty hit her hard, fast, and aggressive. And Samantha did not bloom into a rose, despite developing quite a few thorns. Her mom blamed it on the teenagers Samantha hung out with at school, the punk and goth teens that listened to what Samantha's Mom called 'satanic' music. /Those/ kids, the ones that snuck around their parents' backs, getting piercings and tattoos, and smoking behind the school, ranting about how they were 'not understood' and how much school sucked.

Samantha may have been more shy than those kids, but she desperately wanted their praise, to belong with them. Their attitude and her desire for their approval sucked her in and sent her spiraling down in a rampage of rebellion, not caring about either school, grades, or her parents.

High school job at the fast food joint? Money for smokes and CDs of the bands her parents hated, originally. But that job suddenly became her life when she took her SATs. Those SATs and her grades made it clear her chances of getting into college were nil. And no matter how she blustered and denied it, it was a shock and sever disappointment that she'd trashed her chance at even a community college. Her senior year was spent living in her parent's basement and coming home each night smelling of fried food and the fast food joint's grease pit.

One night while she was trying to just get away from the city and had gone on a dangerous ramble into a park after a rave everything changed. A meteor took out a large chunk of park and nearly her. After picking herself up and making sure she was alive she approached it with as much caution as she could muster (which wasn't much due to her excitement), Samantha found in the meteor crater a very strange metallic egg. Curiousity most definitely got the better of her, because she actually reached out and touched it. It surged to life when touched, covering her hand then starting to spread. There was definitely an entirely embarrassing sequence of flailing and rolling around next. She even grabbed it with her free hand and ended up having it spread on that arm as well. When the dust settled it had sunk into her arms. Leaving her arms looking normal at the moment, but that didn't last. Since then it has caused her hands to change appearance multiple times, from gauntlets of a variety of shapes extending up to her elbows to her normal bare arms to any degree in between.

Now Samantha just needs to figure out what to do with it.


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Rebellious - She is a teenager into the punk culture and rebellion against her parents traditional and Christian morals and upbringing. This rejection of authority in the form of her parents, school officials, and other figures is pretty knee jerk in the girl at this point and will likely be difficult for her to work around.

Angry - She is often angry, usually because as far as she is concerned nothing in her life seems to work out right for her. No matter how big a break she gets she has trouble with success and often gets very frustrated and angry as a result. Not the best result for a girl who can now level a building in the process of a temper tantrum.

Bitter - She just wants to win, just once she wants to be the best at something. Her brothers and classmates all did better than her. They got all the attention from her parents as far as she could tell (which isn't true). So she is a bitter teenager which honestly how unusual is that. It is partially why she focused so much on the punk movement and fell in with the wrong crowd with the drugs and the raves.

Low Self-Esteem - Underneath the anger and bitter rebellion she has low self-esteem which is also bad enough to be one of her flaws. She is hiding her low opinion of herself behind a wall of bluster and anger. She would rather everyone be afraid of her or think she was dangerous and tough then to let someone in and see how worthless she is.

Greed - She suffers from the deadly sin of envy. She wants the wonderful things that TV, the movies, and other kid's in school have. She wants to be rich, famous, and popular. She wants to be a success and prove herself and everyone else wrong about her lack of a future. Even if that means she covets her neighbors possessions as her parents would put it.

Sweet - Underneath everything she is honestly a very nice and sweet girl. She is a bit socially inept and really at the core a bit nave about how real people think. Underneath that self loathing and bluster she wants friends, she wants love, and she wants acceptance.

Curious - Despite her inadequacy with cognitive skills growing up, it didn't prevent the girl from being curious about every old thing in the world. This has usually resulted in serious amounts of trouble for her, but at least she wants to learn.

Determined - She is also deep down determined. Most people would call her stubborn as once she sets course she is hard to deter, but really she is determined. Usually she doesn't set course, which is a reflection of her believing she can't succeed. Still if she ever starts to believe in herself or a cause it will be pursued with vigor.


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The alien technology has advanced far enough into the host would not want the project to fall into enemy hands or be destroyed. This would be a last moment emergency teleport to somewhere the protocol considers safe. It cannot be at will due to the strain on the systems and the host unless it is in a dire emergency as determined by the protocols not by Nyx. The range is limited to just under 500 miles. Performing a closer jump is better when you consider system and resource strain, especially when it may be due to dire circumstances. There is also a risk that the jumps can be picked up by sensor and tracking systems.

She is capable of producing highly concentrated particle beam energy from three generation points. The first set is from her arms which are effectively cannons in disguise if one were to peel back the dermal layers. The second set are from her eyes, which may be a form of mimicry due to all of the aliens with eyebeams. The final set are in the form of her wings which are magnetically contained particle beams. When powered up brilliant energy coalesces around the generation source. The intensity of the energy blasts definitely reveals the extraterrestrial origin of the source. Terrestrial armor and protections afford minimal protection from these blasts. A solid blast of the particle beam energy could slice right through an earth origin tank and a sustained lance could melt through a serious bunker door. Hyper-technology, force shields, superhuman invulnerability, and extraterrestrial defense systems afford protection as some of them are advanced enough to cope with the intensity of the blasts.

Nyx has the ability to fly. It manifests as brilliant energy wings from her back, very technology focused in design. The wings are not functional in the sense of regular wings with all of the flapping and propelling but rather are representative of the raw energy being expended to provide the thrust and directional control. They are magnetically contained particle beams when you get right down to it. Nyx's absolute upper limit of flight speed will top out at 1600 mph (Mach 2). Pushing her systems to fast or further might damage her superstructure in atmosphere.

Samantha is most definitely not the smartest girl. The technology infecting her mind though will be making her progressively smarter in a roundabout way. Her raw level of computational power is what one would expect in an alien computer system built around a human brain and personality though it is primarily harnessed by her Rider AI and not Samantha directly. The system also has an extensive files on a wide variety of extraterrestrial information that the AI has encountered during its currently unrevealed journey through the galaxy. It isn't revealing its purpose but it is definitely exceptionally well-traveled.

The Alien materials that are now spread throughout Nyx's system were designed for strength and resilience. It's easily tough enough to keep Nyx safe from any commonly foreseen dangers, such as chemical, fire, poisons, anti-organics acids, as well strong kinetic blows of the full wide range of common ballistics (immunity to small arms fire, grenades, and RPGs). Suffocation from drowning or lack of atmosphere isn't a problem as her lungs are not really functional in the traditional sense these days. Supernatural, extraterrestrial, and superhuman sources of injury have variable degrees of success depending on the origin and potency. Additionally, the Alien Tech is a hardened system, keeping it from being affected by normal magnetics and she is very insulated against normal electrical hazards. Extended exposure to metal corroding acid is a very real danger to her however as it can eat through her dermal systems and weaken her superstructure. Extremely powerful attacks or incredible amounts of damage (such as nuclear weapons or massively powerful energy blast) that would destroy her outright could potentially end her existence before the teleporter can kick in if her systems didn't see it coming. Temperature extremes range from mucking with her systems from -75C through 1200C and pretty much stopping her cold (haha) at liquid nitrogen (-210C) through melting titanium alloys (1660C).

She has gained some typical cybernetic sensors. Infrared, night vision, radio/microwave receivers, radar, telescopic, microscopic, and the like. All the basic sensors that a cybernetic life form with alien technology would have. This includes targeting and tracking systems that give her a much better chance at threat assessments and hitting what she is trying to shoot in the form of a heads up display (HUD). Of course having the technology doesn't mean having the training or understanding to use it.

She is incredibly strong by any human standards. She doesn't have an ounce of weak human musculature, or even strong secondary musculature of an animal. No she is an alien weapon platform enhanced with rare alloys and an extremely dense techno-organic musculature. As a benchmark she could manage to heft and launch a semi-truck with fully loaded trailer at this point. Her upper limit is 50 tons.


This is the very handy ability to control and interface with computerized technology coming from the innate abilities of the AI. She can't interface with the technology at range unless it is on a wireless network; instead she would have to touch it to control or interface with it. When she is in contact with the technology within her capabilities there is little limitation to the control she can exert over it. She can easily tackle just about any typical or mundane system due to the highly advanced nature of her infection. More advanced technology either represents a significant challenge which involves more a realistic level of time or effort, or would prove outright impossible. She may be able to take control of a Department of Defense computer if she was touching it with enough time to work through the security and didn't care about setting off every alarm in the place, but she would simply not be able to take over an artificial life form or similar AI computer system no matter how much time she spent.


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Samantha has a lot of experience talking her way out of problems. Excuses. Misdirections. Deceptions. Lies. Most of them honed against employers, teachers, and her parents. Still she is good with slinging them out without obvious tells.


Samantha could barely get through High School Spanish class as her required language choice. The hitchhiker though has encountered a crapload of them and has the ability to assimilate them rapidly. Sam is a polyglot though she will be quite shocked to discover it.


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Of course the only thing fake on the ID is the fact it says she is 21.


Her current employer is Big Belly Burger. Her current financial situation is dire and fueled minimum wage and unpredictable schedules. Her current residence is the finished basement of her parents house (which at least has an exterior entrance so it is more of an in-law suite.


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The protocol in the alien technology has its own plans and is actually quite malignant. For the most part it is just subtly influencing, whispering, and tilting events as well as Nyx's actions towards the long term goals. It does this by making things seem like a good idea and Nyx's when they really are neither. The protocol goals are that of conquest, what other goals do these things usually have. The program could be overcome by someone with extreme skills and specialty, turning it off. The kicker is of course the fact the base program is the base program and shutting it off or diverting it and freeing Nyx in no way guarantees it can never turn back on again.

Everyone has to have their own kryptonite it seems. Unsurprisingly (which is a pain in the ass) EMP Blasts are a real show stopper. The hitchhikers systems get really fritzed out. Samantha increasingly needs those systems to be functional (little things like moving). An average blast takes about a minute to recover and reboot from. Stronger ones take a cinematically appropriate amount of time for repairs and recovery.

Energy Control and Energy Drains are pretty effective (in that order). Her energy supply is abundant but those who can control the ebb and flow of energy itself can easily swamp or starve critical systems. Depriving her guns or flight of power of course is one thing. Shutting down her core could damage the girl not just the hitchhiker. Those with energy draining abilities have it a bit harder as the source of energy is increasingly abundant. That said she is one hell of a snack and battery for those types of people which could prove complicating for Nyx in whole other interesting ways.

Her family is pretty poor and she has never had anything really nice growing up. She never had a pony, and to be honest never really had more than one my little pony. She never for a day of her life ended up with brand name clothing and by the time she was in her teens was quite adept at shop lifting or hitting good will for her punkish attire. Now that she has been presented with what to her at least seems like unlimited power or even god like power, this makes being a good girl very difficult. When one can finally take everything one ever wanted or dreamed of from the world by force. Staying good and trying to not break the system in the process will prove troublesome. Deep down the girl does want to be a good person of course and she will try to resist the greed whispering about there being an easier way. Whenever things get hard, or frustrating, she will have to struggle not to just give in and take the easy way out.

While she may have TechnoKinesis herself that doesn't mean she is immune to that power suite or hacking. The systems are defended by a malevolent alien AI but it is not infallible or knowledgeable of all tricks. There is serious potential a skill hacker could hack her systems. Perhaps they trigger the emergency teleport and take her away from the field of battle. Maybe they just mess with her sensor suite and trick or blind her. Perhaps they cut out the flight and cause great chaos. Technokinesis is likely to just work while the hacker would need to be pretty skilled but this is definitely not something Nyx is immune to in any way.

Nyx is invulnerable right. The problem is that while she may be able to survive a whole range of threats and injuries there is the twist. If she loses her arm or suffers damage to her organics, it will be replaced by materials from her environment (either directly through absorption by the alien technology or by forcing her to consume things if there is a need for more subtly. The technology can of course camouflage itself with an overlay of 'synthetic' skin just as it can reconfigure itself. This slow replacement of organic components (skin, tissue, muscle, bone, and potentially more) is definitely alien technology (cybernetic/techno-organic). Basically every gunshot or bone break will be one step further from humanity.

She is a teenage girl who doesn't really believe deep down that she has a future. While she is cute she never was a cheerleader or a popular girl so she doesn't really understand the world of boys actually being interested in her. She was never the smart girl in class so she doesn't really understand being appreciated for what she could add to conversations or group projects. All in all she really does have a very low self-esteem at this point. She has always hid her low opinion of herself and her capabilities behind bluster and bravado, pushing others away who got more than being casual friends and not letting anyone in very close to her. Friends are all well and good, but anything other than casual friends is likely a foreign concept to the girl. The low self-esteem and lack of social adeptness also makes her vulnerable to manipulation by the charismatic or manipulative. Deep down she really does want someone to find value in her, to tell her she has done a good job, and shower attention or affection upon her.

Sub-standard and public education. Basically she got grades that wouldn't get her into community college so don't expect a lot out of her in this department until the hyper cognition kicks in.


Samantha is not a prodigy trained from birth in advanced alien technologies and weapon systems. She has no idea of her limitations. She has no idea how to really fight with skill. She has no idea how to shoot a gun without the targeting system. Can she learn all of this, yes of course, but she has a whole lot of training to do. She needs to be trained, and conditioned. She needs to learn how to use restraint with her new found strength and the sheer forces with which she can accidentally interact with the world. Handing this much hardware and firepower to Nyx is a lot like handing over an assault rifle to someone in the dark ages, sans instruction manual of course.


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