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Rayner (Scenesys ID: 1562)
The devil whispered "You can't handle the storm." and the warrior replied defiantly "I AM THE STORM!"
Full Name: Rayner Vasusena
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Vigilant / Computer programmer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York
Education: NYU
Status: Shelved
Groups: Titans
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 17 January 2002 Actor: Matt Dallas
Height: 188 cm Weight: 85 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Rayner, sometimes called Ray, was born in Kansas in a small town. From humble beginnings, to great expectations, he moved to New York when he realized he had -more- than enough money to get a higher education. Since he's been here, he's already been conquering college with a great deal of success. However, while he was there, he got struck by lightning...and that lightning supercharged him. He uses these powers for the betterment of mankind, having learned and felt that being good was far more important than being selfish with his power. Since then, he's gained considerable expertise in his ability, and he enters the stage as Raijin, the Lightning hero!



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The man before you stands at 6'1" tall, with beautiful blue eyes that would remind someone of a clear ocean, and raven black hair that falls to about his shoulders. The rest of his features are rather simple, with basic eyebrows, an unnoticingly small nose, and a somewhat-interestingly simultaneously strong, yet narrow jaw, squared yet narrow. with these features (and much to his chagrin), he is an extremely beautiful young man.

In his casual wear, he most often wears a black jacket with no decal on it, simple and effective, with a dark blue shirt underneath it and black coal-colored jeans. Along with blue and black tennis shoes and a silver watch on his wrist. He wears a necklace that depicts a storm cloud.

In his hero garb, he wears long, black robes with a hood and blue, electric looking lining on it that looks more like a possible dark Jedi coming to get you. Though with lightning arcing around him, it makes that notion seem unlikely. the arms are form fitted, revealing his more rip corded and athletic physique with that small hint, and the tattered clothes from time and experience cascades down to his feet. He wears black pants, combat boots, and gloves. To protect his identity, he wears a half-domino dark blue mask with his hood up to cover his face.


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Rayner Vasusena is an English/French heritage young man who was born to Elias and Calais Vasusena in a hospital in Kansas, with a smooth and unharming delivery. Elias and Calais were the business moguls of Vasusena Enterprises, thus were they -very- well off with billions of dollars at their disposal whenever they could need it....but both saw the greediness of the world. Both saw how far money could corrupt another, bring them low. Thus did Elias go back to his humble roots, and started a farm for Rayner to be raised in the hopes of teaching him core values of life. Start him from the ground up to have nothing.

It worked.

Rayner grew up with a clear intellect for anything technological, and was a strong arm and farmhand. Not to mention his kind nature, which only proved to the parents that they were wise in how they raised their son. On his 17th birthday, they revealed to him his true inheritance and the power of his last name. Vasusena. Billionaires?!

and was offered a chance to go to New York for higher education so he could go and do something with his life and feel accomplished. Rayner accepted. Thus did he go to New York University, with a double major in Agriculture and Computer Science, hailed as a genius. But one day, his powers would manifest in a strange circumstance.

While he was walking through an open plain between New York and Pennsylvania, He was struck by a powerful bolt of lightning, whether it was natural or more purposefully-induced is unknown. When he awoke, he was arcing electricity visibly all around his body in the hospital room, though this was caused by his initial panic because it happened so fast.

Thus did he attempt to return to normality....but he only gained more control over his powers through covert practice. Eventualy, after seeing the heroic efforts of heroes all around the world, it inspired him to become a hero himself....Taking the name of Raijin, the Lightning-King! all enemies beware!


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At his core, Rayner is a kind and loving person. He tries his absolute best to see the best in people, even when it's clear that they certainly arn't. He's generally honest and sincere when he's not doing superheroics, showing off his more soft side with more ease. Though as Raijin, He can be cold and serious, not wanting to let his guard down for a moment lest someone find themselves severely hurt or worse...dead. Rayner is a courageous soul, never backing down when someone else is at stake. He's a defender, pure and simple. He is a staunch believer in justice and as such, fights the good fight for the safety of others. He's a romantic at heart, sometimes being found to read romantic novels, both cheesy and legitimate.


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Due to how supercharged his cells are and the particular nature of his lightning, Raijin is quite resistant to most forms of physical harm. With bullets bouncing off of him and being able to fall from great heights unscathed. While he can take concussive blows from fists or blunt weapons, people will have trouble piercing his skin. Though he still feels pain, very few things can truly -injure- him. He can take a licking and keep on ticking! Though weapons like bombs, missiles, adamantium and vibranium can hurt him pretty easily.

Rayner possesses the ability to shape, create, and manipulate all forms of electricity. From simply causing a few sparks to appear in his hands, to calling down lightning from the heavens without needing the clouds first, Rayner is the embodiment of Lightning! To add to it, he has good control over it. He can turn into lightning/electricity and use it to move through cable outlets or wires, he can short circuit machinery with a touch, and at his mightiest, he assumes a form made of a mixture of his physical human form and his pure lightning energy form, becoming the literal embodiment that he calls Living Lightning.

His specific abilities with this power is limited only by his imagination. He cannot control the electricity present in individuals unless it is a -large- amount. He can even use his ability of electricity to revive people, using it as an eternal defibulator.

Due to having his cells supercharged -all the time- with lightning, Rayner can move and react at incredibly high speeds. Lightning touches the ground from the sky within one/one-thousandth of a second...which is far faster than the human eye can comprehend. While he's not always paying attention enough to utilize this power, this ability allows him to move quite fast, past Mach 4 at his fastest speed. When he moves in this manner, lightning tends to arc around him almost uncontrollably.

Due to the power surging through his veins and muscles, Rayner has a great measure of super strength. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound, lift over 10 tons, create shockwaves by clapping his hands together quite hard, and can otherwise lift heavy objects over his head. He is quite physically strong!


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Rayner is fluent in English and French.

Rayner is an adept at hand to hand combat, and can hold his own adaptively against others, making him an extremely dangerous opponent to face. While he doesn't know an extreme amount of martial arts like others, he is adept at Wing Chun as his martial art, but normally resorts to more bar-brawling type of fighting.

Rayner is a tech wiz! He knows code forwards and backwards, despite a seeming lack of interest or burning desire, he actually prizes superheroics above probably his most important skill. regardless, he is fully capable of hacking and even programming code. If one were to ask him to, he could even expertly teach them. After all, computer science was his major at NYU.

Rayner grew up with his hands in the dirt. He had to -earn- his inheritance that he had absolutely no idea he even had. As such, he knows fully how to run and operate on a farm, everything from chicken coops to harvesting the plants. If he wanted to, he could settle down on a farm and do just fine.

Rayner's knowledge on subjects that involve a computer is grandstanding, and could easily teach or otherwise instruct others in how to code and otherwise 'speak to the computer'


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Rayner was raised as a farmboy, but in truth his parents were billionaires in charge of Vasesuna Enterprises. He was raised how he was in order to teach him true values in life and not to be fully invested and spoiled with money. Thankfully, their efforts were successful. Rayner can afford really anything he needs.

While his father is the CEO, Rayner still has considerable influence on the company itself, and has full access to all it's assets. Though he rarely uses them, it can be good to have the tech department work something up.


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Rayner knows he's strong. plain and simple. The thing is though, this gets him into serious trouble. While he's not exactly vocally arrogant, the way he fights and how he enters the fray of combat screams it loud and clear. Because of his overconfidence in his abilities, it's led to him being in tough situations he could have avoided more than once.

Yeah...while being really....-REALLY- hard to damage is great, when you -do- get damaged, you're in a bit of a rough spot. If Rayner suffers fatal damage, he can't be revived with human-given CPR or normal medical tools. In short, Raijin won't be able to be revived with normal applications of medicine.

Due to the nature of how Rayner was raised, to see the good in everyone from all backgrounds, he can be incredibly trusting when it comes to his friends. If her were to be betrayed, the emotional damage would be severe. He's far too quick to trust someone, and this can backfire on him horribly.

While Rayner possesses considerable control over his use of lightning and other powers, sometimes he can lose control even for the briefest of moments. a single spark in a handshake could hurt someone, and if he doesn't watch his lightning arcs, he could cause serious damage to the area and to another, possibly even fatal damage. His power is great, yet there is still much needed in terms of actual control.


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