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Tasmia Mallor (Scenesys ID: 9588)
"All else being equal, the course of war will tend to favor the party with the stronger emotional and political motivations, but especially the defender." - Carl von Clausewitz

"I am Tasmia, sir - granddaughter to Sarven Mallor, who you honor so. And while I do not know how... or where... I can find the strength - if the ancestors watch over me, I will die before I let them be dishonored."

Full Name: Tasmia Mallor
Gender: Female
Species: Talokian
Theme: DC (SFC)
Occupation: Legion of Super-Heroes
Citizenship: Talok VIII
Residence: Legion Cruiser
Education: Rituals, Mysterious Cave
Status: Dropped
Groups: Legion of Superheroes, Space-OOC, World of Tomorrow-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 21 December 3004 Actor: Amy Lee
Height: 173 cm (5'8") Weight: 54 kg (120 lb)
Hair Color: Black hair; Blue skin; Pointed ears Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: "Wolf Song" by Omnia

"Superheroes" by The Script


First she became the Shadow Champion of her world, but the world had other plans instead. While she fought alongside the Legion of Super Heroes to save her world, she realized that she can do much more than a single planet, and decided to join them. Her cousin, Grev Mallor (Shadow Kid), took up Talok VIII in her absence, and she joined the Legion. Now she fights evil across the galaxy, in the 21st century.

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Bold, confident, and regal. She has dark blue skin, and long flowing black hair. Her ears are pointed, and her eyes are black as though the darkness comes from inside of her. At 5'8" she's on the tall side, but her weight perhaps misleading since she is solid muscle. She prefers a bodysuit, which combines yellow metallic braces, and a stylized "s" on the chest. Occasionally she wears a tiara, related to her role as Shadow Champion.


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Over a thousand years ago, the founder of the Mallor family nearly died trying to help to save their world from an alien invasion. Yet, instead of dying, he gained the power of Shadow, allowing him to turn the tide of battle. From that day onward, there would be one descendent in each generation who would carry on the wielding the shadow powers.


Onward and upward...

Tasmia's life on Talok VIII was typical. She learned the skills needed to survive but she was very aware of being a descendent of the last Shadow Champion, Sarver Mallor. Then the attack came to their planet. It was time to find that descendent who might wield the shadow powers and become their Champion again. Tasmia was determined it would be her.

She stole the compass that would lead to the cave where the Ancestors would grant the power to the one true descendent. Upon reaching it, she was surprised to find her cousin, Grev Mallor, had the same idea. They entered the cave together and the unprecedented happened. The ancestors gave them both the powers over shadow and darkness. He took the name Shadow Kid. She took the name Shadow Lass, becoming Champion for, and protector of, their planet. They were able to beat back the invasion by Yakka-Mahor.

It would not be the last attack they faced. Later, Talok VIII was inundated with the Fatal Five and she joined the Legion of Super Heroes to defeat them. After the Fatal Five were banished, she realized she could do so much more if she stayed with the Legion instead of remaining on her home planet. She turned her title over to her cousin, so he could protect their home.

With the Legion, she found a home and friends. She went on many adventures and learned more skills, becoming one of the most formidable fighters on the team in hand-to-hand combat. Then the accident happened, propelling them into the past where they are currently trapped.


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Never give up.

On Talok VIII, Tasmia heard that often. It was the bulk of her growing up: bruises, cuts, sprains, breaks - these were the things she had come to expect. But it had become more than then when she was gifted the Shadow Champion reign. They became a talisman for life. She pushed all the boundaries trying to be the best she could be. Even joining the Legionnaires when her planet needed their help, and staying on when she discovered there was even more that she could do.

Since then she's been the hardest upon her. She always is the first one in, and the last one the leave. Even when there was no hope to be found, she carries herself with hope that others might never know. And later, with the couple people that she can trust, then, let down her hair.

She's proud, honourable, stubborn, and keeps everything at arms length. She's trying to be one of the team, which is tougher than you would think. But she's trying!


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Darkness Manipulation:
She has the ability to manipulate, create and control shadows or darkness. This is a complete darkness, overpowering all sources of light on all scales including ultraviolet and infrared. This can take many forms and has a variety of stunts she can apply. She can choose for these shadows to be corporeal or not, at will.

With this power, she can render any light sources completely useless within her range of 100 feet. This darkness is 100 times darker than a moonless night. When someone is encompassed in this darkness, they will find themselves blinded. Tech such as night-vision goggles will not work due to it being more a substance than simply the absence of light. The longer someone is in this field of darkness, the more disoriented they become, they will experience fear and a helplessness that is pressing.

She can create a bubble of darkness around a location or spot and that spot will remain illuminated, thanks to her powers letting the light exist in that space. The bubble is usually 20 feet or less in size, allowing for multiple people in the space.

She can create objects out of shadows. These will generally be simple objects. She can create a sword, but she cannot create a gun with moving parts. One of her favorite stunts is to put a cone of darkness around the face of an enemy, subjecting him to that loss of light and the feelings of anxiety that comes with it, while leaving the area fully lit for her teammates. The strength of these shadow objects is equal to titanium.

If she were to push her powers beyond the 100 foot limit, she would begin to feel like her mind was on fire. The farther she pushes, the more the pressure increases to the point she will pass out.

Shadow Sight:

She can see in utter and complete darkness. This includes through shadows and darkforce. In fact, if a darkforce user tried to attack her with their powers, they would find themselves in a battle of will to control that darkness. Additionally, the darkness they are casting will give her more strength, allowing her to draw it to herself and use it. Shadows and darkness actually give her strength, giving her more power. The darker the location, the more powerful she can be. She can use her ability to create shadows to wrap her face in them to add to her strength, giving her more ability to handle more darkness in a loop.


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Tasmia is in the peak physical condition for her species. This is not by genetics alone but a combination of that with exercise to keep her in fighting form. She knows how to maintain her physical form through movement and diet. She trains in combat and for endurance to maintain this physique. Additionally, she has been trained in acrobatics which puts her on par with an Olympic athlete on Earth. When combined with her combat training, she can pull off some spectacular moves.

The Shadow Champion of Talok VIII is a position that is both political and functional. Her purpose is to protect her people and, to do so, she has been trained in wide range of combat skills. They have their own version of martial arts on her planet which she is an expert at all forms. She has trained in hand-to-hand fighting, from brawling to martial arts. She can use many different weapons, both from her world and others. In addition, she has a teammate who is the best martial artist in their time who has helped train her even further. In truth, she is one of the most formidable hand-to-hand combatants in the Legion. Throw in that she can fight in complete darkness and she becomes even more frightening.

Having been the ruling Shadow Champion of her world, Tasmia had to learn some about diplomacy as it relates to ruling. She is trained in how to negotiate, work with others, use leverage as needed and so forth in order to achieve the goals needed for her people. Unfortunately, this is also combined with a tendency to be a bit stubborn and sharp tongued (see Weaknesses) so she is not always as good at it as she might be were she to temper those negative traits.

Thanks to her Legion ring, flight without an aircraft is something Tasmia is well experienced with. She is an excellent flier, very maneuverable in the air. She can perform acrobatic moves easily. As is typical, the faster she is flying, the less acrobatic she will be.

Ultra Vision:

Like all Talokians she can see in the darkness, enhanced by her power.


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Tasmia's costume is made of futuristic, self-repairing Legion technology, tougher than anything on Earth and advanced for even the United Planets. It can resist small arms fire and bladed weapons with little pain, larger weapons and even energy weapons with pain, and the chance of penetration depending on how powerful they are.

Any damage that the costume takes will heal over time, depending on how significant the damage is, from minutes to hours to days for almost complete destruction.

Tasmia has two very small "pouches" on her belt, with a few odds and ends, just for the right moment. This allows her to store her civilian clothing and Legion items, such as her telepathic plugs, transuit, and omnicom.

Legion Flight Ring:
Tasmia has been given a Legion Flight Ring. This ring, which is keyed to each individual's DNA, allows the wearer to fly under its own power through the wielder's mental control, traveling at near mach 3 speeds if necessary. Although Tasmia doesn't need this aspect of the ring as she can fly under her own power, it has other abilities such as: a communicator, able to talk to other people who have flight rings, capable of communicating at a distance of light years without lag!

Legion Gear:
Tasmia has several items from her time as a Legionnaire and stores many of them on her belt in one of two small pouches. This gear includes an Omnicom (an information storage/retrieval and scanner device); Telepathic plugs (allowing her to communicate with others even in hostile environments, like space or alien worlds or translate languages unknown to Tasmia); a Transuit (which allows a person to survive in hostile environments, like space or alien worlds). Several other miscellaneous, minor items like tools and a few futuristic gadgets. Nothing significant.

Legion of Super-Heroes:
Tasmia is a senior member of the Legion, and has been a member in good standing for a long time. She has been on hundreds of missions for the team, and can call upon them for help when necessary, and they can call on her as well, including all resources of the team - when they are around, or available. Currently, she is confined to the members currently in the 21st century.

Talok Viii:

Tasmia was the Shadow Champion of Talok VIII, putting her in a position of leadership for the entire planet. Although she has moved on to the Legion, leaving her cousin in that role, she does have the resources of the planet she could call on if necessary. Her cousin is unlikely to turn her down in her time of need unless it were detrimental to the planet, something she would never ask for anyway.


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All For One...:
...and one for all! Don't touch her friends and family! Shady has formed close relationships with her fellow Legionnaires and should she choose between leaving one alone, or standing behind, you can bet she will stand. The same can be said about her cousin, as her only family.

Those of Talok VIII are guided through their lives by their ancestors. They can reach out to them and their ancestors can do the same, seeking those still living to perform tasks for them. Tasmia was given her title of Shadow Champion from her ancestors. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword. Even as her own ancestors can be reached out to, the ancestors of her enemies can reach out to haunt her or cause problems in her life.

One of the challenges for Tasmia is the way she carries herself. Being the Shadow Champion, she feels like she has act in a certain manner. This is almost a regal bearing, as though she is above others. Because of that, she can come across a bit snobbish and offensive to people, since it seems she is looking down at them. Throw in the times she is a bit blunt and sharp tongued and she can alienate others, pushing them away. Additionally, she is not one to show weakness because it is against what a Shadow Champion should do. Thus, she is not one to open up to others, to express her personal doubts and fears, for appearances sake. It puts her on the outside looking in, even among those she loves such as her teammates.

Being a master of shadows means that the opposite will be her weakness. While Shady is extremely powerful, the more she pushes her powers into the light and to interfere with it, the more difficult it becomes for her. It generates pressure in her mind, making her feel like it is on fire, to the point that she will eventually pass out if she pushes her powers beyond their limitations. If she keeps it within her range and limitations, she may suffer mild discomfort only.

Shadow Champion:
Being the Shadow Champion of Talok VIII is a legacy that Tasmia takes very seriously. She has to carry herself in a way that will not reflect negatively on her people. She has to be above reproach. It is a lot of pressure, although it is something she puts on herself. She always is worried about representing her people properly and carrying that title of Shadow Champion and all it entails.


She sometimes forgets when to let things go. Sometimes this can be to her detriment.


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Updates On the Cruiser May 20th, 2020 Lar learns some new information from Drake about the Wonder Woman situation. Tasmia returns to the cruiser.
Wonder Who: Drake talks to the Legion. May 19th, 2020 Drake talks to the Legion about Wonder Woman.


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