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Stepford Cuckoos (Scenesys ID: 1702)
"What did you do, Irma?" "I cut my hair! Let go!" "How could you?!"
Full Name: Sophie, Phoebe, Irma, Celeste, and Esme Cuckoo
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Students
Citizenship: US Citizens
Residence: Xavier Institute
Education: Some high school
Status: Dropped
Groups: Xavier's School, Brotherhood, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 11 August 2008 Actor: Elle Evans
Height: 165 cm (5'5") Weight: 47 kg (103 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: One by Three Dog Night


The Cuckoos are clones of Emma Frost who have been sent to the Xavier institute to infiltrate and gather the details of the place. They are fresh from their vats and aging tubes, as well as new to Xavier's school with deeper unknown sinister goals.

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The Stepford Cuckoos tend to be in the full group five (Unless specified) and they all wear identical clothes. The girls have the same hair, same facial features, same physique and even the same attention. The girls have a shorter blonde hair cut, hanging just down to their shoulders and smoothed perfectly without a strand out of place. Their piercing blue eyes belie their ignorance, with unknown wisdom and stolen intelligence. They wear a standard school girl outfit style with the button up blouse and a deep red tie and a pleated skirt down to their knees with a pair of socks that go up and cover their calves. Covering their fancy socks each wear a pair of clean white tennis sneakers.


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The history of the Cuckoos is a short one, in that they're technically not even a year old yet. The story of clones tend to have that lack of depth and yet they're so full of drama. Starting when Emma Frost was kidnapped by one Mister Sinister, the clone's piece of genetic sample was taken from the White Queen against her will and even her knowledge. Skip ahead and Sinister would have been coerced with a large sum of money and favor to sell the sample (At least a portion of it) and the buyer quickly went to work creating his greatest weapon. The Thousands of clones that will be used to take over the world! With the aging artificially sped up, the man sent out a quintuplet of his creations out into the world. He was overly careful to avoid having his own mind read by the group of girls. The five were given names, and identities and sent out in the world with a simple goal to infiltrate and report about how best to remove the X-Men from their 'father's' way in order to take over the world.


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The five girls are so fresh and new to the outside world that they really haven't had a chance to develop their own personalities, or a sense of morality. They are more copy cats than anything else really, though they do know how to read minds and react based on what they see within other's expectations and as they grow individuality will grow and develop.


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Hive Mind:
The five young women are clones of one of the strongest telepaths in the world and as such, they have the potential to match her in mental strength. However, the five minds easily combine into a singular consciousness and as such they're stronger than they would be individually, it's an exponential growth in power. The hive mind is exactly like a true hive mind. They can easily see within each other's minds, and beyond that, they feel and influence each other's emotions. Any pain the individual feels isn't copied in the other girls, but it's registered and known without pushing the physical discomfort to each other. To the girl's the hive mind is their 'normal' so if it gets severed in any way it feels like loosing a limb, they feel incomplete and how they will cope being alone, or losing a sister varies from individual to individual. Also of note, is that physical distance is a large contributing factor with the hive mind. The girl's mental strength waxes and wanes based on their distance apart from each other. The link is always there, but is stronger and reinforced when they are closer and closer together.


The Cuckoos are all potent telepaths in their own right, with a range of roughly 200 meters that they can reach to read and project thoughts into the minds of those around them. Though the girls can read minds that far out, they can't reach into and affect minds at that range, only about half in fact. They can alter personalities, and even use psychic scalpels to sever synapses in people's minds. However the more minute the change they're trying to cause, the closer they have to be. Only able to use their mind altering and scalpel abilities within 50 meters and 10 meters respectively. Even at their incredibly young age and lack of experience, they're nearly on par with 'mother' only in sheer telepathic strength. They lack the finesse, precision and experience that Emma Frost possesses.


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The Cuckoos are gifted and talented actresses, in that they not only divine the reactions that are expected of them, but they're able to pull them off nearly perfectly with their own flair. The girls have seen and gleamed a few reactions off people that they're able to recreate at any time, yet these motions and reactions still feel alien and false to the girls.

Home Training:
Taught by cold, calculating and manipulative scientists, the girls are aware of their powers and have several ideas of what they can do with them, and not taught how to use them with hesitation. They will kill and assimilate knowledge like they were taught to.

Scientifically Minded:

The girl's don't quite possess emotions like normal humans or mutants, they're too fresh in the world and thus they possess a Spock like, analytical mind allowing them to think and process information entirely without emotional inhibitors. This is due to their rather, sci-fi up bringing and birthing process. The girls are incredibly open minded as far as what's scientifically possible.


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The Cuckoos can always rely on their sisters. The five are rarely ever apart, so they always are ready to help each other out in any situation, as there's safety in numbers and especially when those numbers have a connection beyond their physical groupings, but an incredibly powerful mental connection. That's to say nothing of the nearly one thousand dormant fellow clones back at the lab where they Cuckoos were originally grown.

The 'father' figure did install in them nano-machines that are capable of broadcasting, and recording through their bones and brainstems, meaning they possess within them, advanced scientific technology, built for spying and recording for their nameless 'father'.

Unknown Benefactor:
The Cuckoos do have a 'father' in a nameless man that was the one that started the cloning process and instilled them their goals and purposes, and despite the head strong nature they all possess, they're welcome back to the 'facility' they come from though to return would be a slight admission of failure and that's something the Cuckoo's refuse to allow to occur. But the resources are there.


The girls have access to Xavier's for a room and a school offered phone (That the girls refuse) and the laptops and a few others items. Like vehicles and clothes and bathrooms and shampoo and conditioners.


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Born Yesterday:
The Cuckoos are beyond naïve, they're less than a year old despite their advanced physical appearances. They have to look into a person's mind in order to understand how they're supposed to respond to nearly any social situation.

The clones are exactly that, clones. They're young, inexperienced, and actually quite impressionable, yet that goes with their powers as well. The hive mind ability is actually quite vulnerable to a fellow unknown telepath getting linked into the five's mental pentagram. They could disconnect the hive mind, or block access to it in any number of ways. Needless to say they're physically weak and quite easy to overpower in the physical realms.

The girls are technically orphans with no spiritual or even physical mother and father, they only had the biological mother and a man who taught them purpose and a few basic things to allow his 'scouts' and 'experiments' into the world as a test run. They don't have emotional teachings, or a maternal figure who taught them rights and wrongs, or a paternal figure to show them the paths of social situations or how to use their hearts AND their minds in unison. They're severely crippled in nearly all social aspects.

The girls have been in this world a short time and as such, they haven't encountered other telepaths except for themselves and they've been told about their 'mother' so they don't have the mental barriers any telepath would quickly learn to have erected to protect their mind from not only attacks, but also strong enough thoughts. They have a sort of 'always on' mental reading, uncaring of others as they probe into others with reckless abandon. They also don't think about leaving mental residue or a sort of psychic signature in their probings or even reading that they do.

New Telepaths:
They are not only knew to life, they're new to their bodies and new to their telepathy, and as such they don't know everything they CAN do with their powers, and yet on the flip side, they're afraid to be apart from each other, as it feels alien and dangerous to be alone and an individual. They feel their own weakness and it feels, unwhole. They can over do it on their powers, and initially they wont be afraid to look into people's minds and extract what they deem is important.

Unknown Host:

The quintuplets, (As are the rest of the unawaken clones) are all infested with nano-bots in their bone marrow, making them nearly impossible to detect, and even harder to counter. The machines do not send a detectable signal, unless requested to by an outside source, meaning they are only active when they're ordered to. They provide GPS and various other forms of feedback to the unknown individuals running the cloning facility and weapons program they're a part of.


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