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Owen Mercer (Scenesys ID: 9935)
"All my life, my damn life, I wanted a father. And you'd think finding out he was some lame villain would disappoint me. But it didn't. He coulda been anyone. I was just glad he wanted to... to talk to me. To know me. I only wanted to bury his body. He deserved respect - at least in death."
Full Name: Owen Allen "Boomer" Mercer
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Movie Theater Employee
Citizenship: Commonwealth of Australia and United States of America
Residence: Reilleau Towers (Central Business District, New Troy)
Education: Nossal High School
Status: Approved
Groups: Outsiders
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 17 October 2987 Actor: Like Mitchell
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 86 kg (190 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "The Horses" by Daryl Braithwaite


Born in the 30th Century, but raised in the 21st, Owen Allen "Boomer" Mercer is the son of the first man to don the mantle of Captain Boomerang, George "Digger" Harkness, and Meloni Thawne Allen, daughter of EarthGov President Thaddeus Thawne. He is half-brother to Bartholomew "Bart" Allen II. Except that he never knew his family. Put up for adoption in infancy, he only got to know his father, just before he died, and he's been searching for a surrogate family ever since. A search that has seen him cycle through the Rogues, Suicide Squad, and Outsiders, with no end in sight.

Current Player Approved: October 21, 2023



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Some superheroes, most superheroes, tend to wear uniforms, especially of stretchy and form fitting material. But Captain Boomerang is not most superheroes. Some would even argue he's not a superhero. But whatever one thinks of his superhero status, his costume is mostly casual. With only a few tweaks, he could blend in most any urban environment.

It starts with the black ankle boots, sturdy, good grip, and very likely a steel toe in them. You can never take workplace safety for granted. And strapped to those boots are shin pads, not unlike those of a soccer player, except his aren't tucked into socks, but strapped to the exterior of the boots.

Tucked into those beats are the hems of blue jean pant legs, each with a permanent crease up his legs, past the knee, and to the waist of the pants. Above that, he has a black leather jacket. The jacket would be unremarkable, except for the silver triangles that seem to be poking out to the left and right of his chest. There are about six of them in total.

Over his hands, he wears black gloves, which cover the wrist of the jacket. And around his neck, he has a blue scarf with many silver boomerangs on it. From the neck down, no skin is visible. But above, he is exposed. He's a young man, with medium length strawberry blond hair, cool blue eyes, and a fair complexion. Sometimes he wears earrings, one in each ear. Today he has two small gold ones.

He has a soul patch of hair over his chin, but has shaved his upper lip, and cheeks. His hair has been mostly combed back, but in the middle, there are a few strands that twist and fray, giving him some definition and body to it. The man is handsome, seemingly in good shape, but the clothes he wears hide most of the details. He stands a little over six feet tall, and probably weighs a little less than two hundred pounds.


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The circumstances of how Owen Allen Mercer came to be are anything but simple and straightforward. He was born in far off distant future, but his father came from the present, at least what Mercer thinks of as the present. The original Captain Boomerang, George "Digger" Harkness, woke up in the 30th century with amnesia. He was found and tended to by Meloni Thawne, the mother of Bart Allen and daughter of EarthGov President Thaddeus Thawne. Harkness and Thawne fell in love, and nine months later, Mercer was the result.

Except that Harkness was not native to the 30th century. He had been sent there by a bolt of energy from the Cosmic Treadmill as the Flash and Professor Zoom battled through time. The energies deposited Harknes in the future, left him there for long enough for Mercer to be conceived and born, only to yank Harkness and the baby back to the, well, what was from Harkness' perspective, the past.

Seemingly trapped in his past, Harkness put Mercer up for adoption, only to find the energies of the Cosmic Treadmill yank him back to his present, this time, without the baby. In the end, everything was back to the way it had started, except that Owen Mercer now existed. Truly, the speed force works in mysterious ways.

Mercer was adopted by Cori Mercer, and had a fairly normal life up until the tabloids tracked him down. Despite his adoption records clearly stating that he was the son of George Harkness and Meloni Thawne, the tabloids published a story suggesting that he was actually the son of George Harkness and Lisa Snart, better known as the Golden Glider, and the sister of Captain Cold.

Nobody likes to be featured in the tabloids, but at least it brought Mercer and Harkness together. They met, and took an instant liking to one another. Harkness taught Mercer how to throw trick boomerangs, which Mercer had a natural talent for. As Mercer accidentally threw one razor-tipped blade straight for Harkness' head, Mercer inadvertently accessed the speed force, outran the boomerang, and caught it in mid air.

Unfortunately, their reunion would prove to be short lived, as Harkness was set up. He had been hired to break into Drake Manor, while Jack Drake was not only warned, but sent a gun. As Harkness turned a corner, Drake shot him three times in the chest. But before Harkness hit the ground, he used the last of his strength to throw a razor-tipped boomerang, striking Drake in the chest. Both men perished. But before taking the job, Harkness had left a voicemail for Mercer. They were the last words he ever heard from his father.

Afterwards, Mercer sought to retrieve the body so that Harkness could receive a proper burial. The United States Government refused, callously informing the grief-stricken young man that they were tired of super-villains coming back from the dead. Thankfully, the Rogues intervened on his behalf, helping Mercer to mourn the father he had only just come to know.

Feeling indebted to the Rogues, Mercer joined them as the second Captain Boomerang. His super-villain career was short lived, as he was caught soon after. He was sent to Iron Heights, where he was a model prisoner. Mercer had never had any desire to become a super-villain. He had just made decisions that seemed to be the right thing to do at the time.

The Suicide Squad offered him a brief reprieve, but that too proved to be short lived, and he was back behind bars at Iron Heights. He would still be there if it wasn't for the Outsiders that came for his cellmate. Clearly, Mercer had made an impression as his former cellmate insisted that they bring Mercer along.

Showing himself to be worthy during the escape, Mercer was offered membership in the Outsiders, an offer he gladly accepted. Since then, they arranged for his legal status to be sorted out, enabling him to return to something resembling a normal life.

He didn't ask for this. He didn't seek it out. All he wanted was to know his father. But the speed force works in mysterious ways.


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While he may not be as brash and carefree as his father, Digger Harkness, Mercer often projects a quiet confidence. He knows who he is, and is comfortable in his own skin. He usually gets on well people; although he can be bold and brassy when he wants to be. For Mercer, it is situation dependent. He's bigger and bolder as Captain Boomerang than as Owen Mercer, and he's not afraid to stand up for himself when he believes he's right.

Where things fall apart is that he grew up without a strong father figure, or a father figure of any kind. Because of this, he can be hesitant without the presence of strong leadership. He is extremely vulnerable to manipulation when it comes to his late father, or a surrogate father figure, as he was first by the Rogues, and later by the United States government.

When family, or his surrogate family, isn't a concern, he defaults to calm and reasoned decision making.


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While engaging his speed bursts, Owen Mercer does not suffer any ill effects, nor does anyone he carries. His bones do not shatter. His eyes do not suffer from the wind resistance. His shoes do not melt. It is as if he were moving at normal speeds.

Speed Bursts:
Captain Boomerang has limited access to the speed force. He is capable of moving very quickly, but only in short bursts. He can throw his boomerangs at supersonic speed, but is fast enough to outrun them. He's fast enough to dodge bullets at point blank range, can run through Mach 1 winds, was able to outdraw a seasoned speedster, and still hasn't mastered his super speed.


He does not have enhanced strength, but when using his speed bursts, he has been able to carry full grown men across distances without difficulty, or labored breathing.


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Boomerang Mastery:
He has an innate talent for using boomerangs, and trained with his father before he died. He has continued training ever since. He can deflect bullets with paperclip boomerangs, accurately throw four boomerangs fast enough that they appear to be simultaneous, and accurately ricochet other objects, like escrima sticks, around a room.

He has a keen mind, and is a problem solver. Usually, he applies it towards the small stuff, but when he puts his mind to it, he can solve questions best left unresolved. He's figured out more than one superhero's identity just by looking at the facts at hand.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:

He has extensive hand-to-hand combat training. He is still better at taking a punch than dishing one out, and so compensates by using escrima sticks or bladed boomerangs during close-quarters combat.


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He has a modest apartment at Reilleau Towers in Metropolis. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

Owen Mercer is a movie theater employee at Bow Tie Cinemas Ultimate Majestic 4 in Metropolis. His name badge still says Crew, and he only gets paid as a crew member, but he has the responsibilities of a supervisor, bordering on assistant manager. It's something he has brought up with his manager on numerous occasions.

He had always been an outsider, he just wasn't part of the Outsiders. He is now, and they have become his latest surrogate family. It's too early to tell whether this one will stick. But for now at least, he has a home, a sense of belonging, and work that he finds rewarding.

He is a legacy, his father was a founding member, and he was briefly a Rogue himself. Despite finding themselves on opposing sides right now, the connection runs deep.

Suicide Squad:
No one really chooses to become part of the Suicide Squad, but Owen Mercer was briefly one. Deadshot wasn't too happy about him using paperclip boomerangs to deflect bullets, but Mercer got on well with most of the squad. He remembers the layout of their headquarters, and they have tried to recruit him again on more than one occasion.

Trick Boomerangs:

He inherited his father's collection of trick boomerangs. Some are single use, and he has learned to reproduce them. He has also adapted some of his own. They all have their own special properties.

Acid Boomerangs spew acidic contents on contact.

Bladed Boomerangs can be used for hand-to-hand combat.

Collapsible Boomerangs can be easily concealed.

Electro Boomerangs emit spark trails carrying 5,000 volts of electricity, which encircle the target.

Explosive Boomerangs detonate on contact. He calls these BOOMerangs.

Gas Boomerangs deliver intensive tear gas.

Gravity Boomerangs create localized gravity fields of incredible intensity.

Pre-programmed Boomerangs are rocket propelled and pre-programmed to fly to a target, pick up a designated item, and return to a pre-designated spot, with speed, accuracy, and at great range.

Razor Boomerangs are similar to bladed boomerangs, but sharper and lighter. He calls these Razorrangs.

Rocket Boomerangs are capable of launching into space.

Sonic Boomerangs emit intense sonic attacks.

Weighted Boomerangs are heavier, but no less aerodynamic.


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He has family, he just doesn't know it. He and Bart Allen share the same mother. He is a distant relation to Barry Allen, another fact that he is the dark about. And so he has had to focus on surrogates, seeking out links wherever he can find them. Most have manipulated him, used him for their own purposes, but at his core, he remains that orphan left in the tender care of the Narre Warren Police Station.

Professional Criminal:
He was never a Professional Criminal, but his record indicates that he was one. There's a stigma to being a former Rogue and former member of the Suicide Squad. Even though his record has been expunged, retractions do not make the headlines.

Speed Force:

His power is dependent on continued access to the speed force. Without it, he would still have his boomerangs, but they would be much slower.


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