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Tom (Scenesys ID: 1688)
"Wouldn't it be lucky if...."
Full Name: Thomas Night
Gender: Male
Species: Magician
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Metropolis
Education: School
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 5 February 1998 Actor: Johne De Lancie
Height: 150.58 cm Weight: 79.37 kg
Hair Color: Cobalt Eye Color: Vermillion
Theme Song: "Hey Jude" by The Beatles


A mage of a lot of talent with (for the moment) all of it locked up into just one skill; luck. He is an adventurer, swinger from chandeliers and crusader biting off more than even his power can handle.



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Tom is fairly tall but not overwhelmingly so. He wears a grey turtleneck sweater and recent blue jeans which look relatively recent. He has cobalt hair with vermillion eyes which seem to take everything in around him. He has excellent posture and speaks with an American neutral educated accent. He wears a hand wound pocket watch that looks like an antique.


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I could fill up 11 chapters of awfulness but I will give you the cliff notes version. Once upon a time, a boy who was very lucky for the first 11 years of his life was cursed to be very unlucky. He didn't know why, but everyone in his life hated him. Then, when he turned 18 years old, he received full memories of a life that he had never had but that seemed so realistic that it shaped the way he lived the rest of his life which was stuck in an episodal loop that never seemed to end. He tried investigating only to end up in dead in after dead end, but slowly as the horrible things began to increase, he realized that the thing that the power that had cursed him and his family wanted was for him to be truly miserable. So he stopped. Since, he has been a hero in his own quiet way even though on paper he is a quasi villain. No legal charges stuck due to his curse, but he certainly looks like a bad egg on paper, and so Lucky uses that to his advantage to 'help' those who truly 'deserve' it.


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OK lessee. I would say Cursed, Tragicomic and Stoic. With cursed you have understand we're not just talking off the shelf bad luck here, we're talking about a cosmic level screw job. It's an attempt to make someone's life as miserable as possible and those connected to him as miserable as possible. Tragicomic is an extension of that in that Tom has a level of dark humor that extends to his entire theme both to his reactions but the sheer absurdity of the situations in which he finds himself sometimes. Stoic is...complicated. This is less the true Roman philosophy and more an inner unlimited calm to deal with the situation and do his best to limit the fall out from his 'condition' to those who deserve it. If Hal Jordan has the max in terms of cosmic willpower, Tom has a minor subset of that skill of long term resolve to just quietly stay the course and lift the course.


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Before, Lucky could say "With any luck XYZ would happen" and it would. Sometimes the most improbable things could manifest themselves. This has gotten a lot more complicated now. The power has been corrupted so that the opposite of Lucky's intent tends to happen. So by lying to himself, he can tilt this effect a bit such that if he tries to make something improbable NOT happen, it might happen anyway. This is a very out of control power, and if he uses it successfully one time it might not work so hot the next, but when it does wok the effect is often dramatic; grossly improbable but still within the realm of what could happen.

Where he once had the ability to passively improve the world around him by luck, Lucky can now actively mess the world up or make life miserable for people that he so desires. This is done by elaborate self deception and mental games that makes him like someone he inwardly dislikes and dislike someone he actively likes. The more Lucky likes you, the worse your luck, and the more Lucky dislikes you, the better your Luck. The power of this luck depends on a lot of factors like proximity (to him), the intensity of the emotion and how significant in the grand scheme of things the person place or thing being affected might be. If Fate or Wyrd or some cosmic power is moving things along already, then it is easier for him to effect. In practical terms, this effect is always up to a player or narrator to affect them how they so choose. It's a step beyond regular consent, since a player, by definition, is significant to fate, it means that for them Lucky can ramp up or ramp down their story accordingly.


Lucky is stuck in permanent status. He can neither gain, nor technically lose the few miserable assets he has. He himself can change as a person, but he will inevitably end back up in the same miserable house with the same miserable job and the same miserable situation he has had his whole life. This technically protects him from nothing and technically protects him from everything. He can die. But like many comic characters one way or another he will eventually find himself back where he was. He can go mad, or have someone give him a million dollars or cut off his right hand and eventually, though it could take some time, he will end right up where he started, in a small barren one roomed house with a swinging lightbulb and a radio that barely functions.


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By sheer will of survival, Lucky has dodged (for his whole life) bullets, buckets, balloons, and all the worst things you can imagine hitting you at any given time. He still gets hit but he has managed to keep rather fit and get exceptionally good at dodging. In a null magic area, he might be eligible as a special guest star vigilante of the week in Gotham. As it is, he manages most of the time to sometimes dodge all the horrible things that happen to him. For a while. Also he can run away from things fast.

Tom has rather skewed skill with a rapier and a pistol. The thing is, that he has memories of a life where he always made every shot but in this life he never hits anything. In a null magic area he would be useless because he has had to learn to hit things by trying to miss them. He has become successful enough at this that he can hold his own in a chaotic way but it makes him a very random and haphazard opponent who is generally skilled than most norms but hardly a ninja in skill but he is for short durations and especially against someone who hasn't fought him before able to hold his own quite well.

One thing that the curse did not take from him is dance. He has a very very distant ancestor who was descended from a Muse and the curse didn't affect that so when he is dancing small coincidental or humorous things happen to augment his considerable skill at any kind of dance or motion to rhythm.

Tom is no John Constantine but to survive he has had to learn to lie to himself so well that he actually believes it. This level of self deception is important because emotionally he has to be able to like someone to inflict bad luck on them, and hate someone to give them good luck. This requires empathy but also the ability to twist his perception of reality sufficiently that except his core deep self, he has to be able to believe anything he needs to fool his curse and in doing so that lets him fool others into whatever truth he is making himself believe at the time.

Tom is no Doctor Strange, but he is still an actual mage descended from a family of mages. He can't accrue much less keep an occult library but he keeps the memories in his head and he has slowly begun to learn a lot over time and in the last 10 years, practical experience at dealing with all the sheer weirdness combined with scholarly research have made him a definite expert in the occult including the undead, invisible powers, spiritualism, cosmology, theology and the supernatural.


Tom is not some super high will powered character nor is he a man without fear. Having said that he is not without high amounts of both and intelligence. What he lacks in Batman levels of attributes he makes up for in what might be called almost superhuman levels of empathy and compassion. Tom is, deep down, willing to forgive others and himself and just let the stuff that happens to him go. This is important because it removes the primary weapon the curse has against him. By embracing the very idea that 'life is suffering' and that there is no such thing as fair, circumstances such as they are will elicit a surface reaction from him but deep down are dropped like water off a duck's back. It means that something that will temporarily knock him down will simply not stop him in the long run and his long term resolve is unstoppable.


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Not quite a hell hound, the hound of ill omen is an all purpose mercenary sort in the occult world who appears to those who have offended powers in some way. Tom has had so many ominous portents sent in his direction that Herzog and he have a standing arrangement. Sometimes, really bad things happen to Lucky and the hound 'feeds' from him, in exchange sometimes Herzog does small favors for Lucky like making it seem like Lucky is kicking him (or actually kicking him since he's indestructible) to make people not like him (and thus protect him from the curse.) Neither would really admit it but deep down they are basically friends at this point with a slightly caustic relationship.

Lucky is hardly master of the criminal underworld but since he can't retain any meaningful property or material gain he has instead build up an elaborate web of favors and counter favors with a number of supernatural and criminal fixers who are willing to take the risk and work with him. It's a risky strategy since Lucky is bad luck all around, but when that bad luck is inflicted on the right target it is quite lucrative. Indirectly, and with time he can get most anything he needs if he calls in enough favors. Nothing of an amazing scale but small or medium level stuff is well within his means.


So. Orphans. Street Children. Large tiny eyes of innocence? Hardly. These kids ages 6 though 15 are pretty much a gang of street thugs that recruit from orphanages and troubled children, all of whom have had troubled backgrounds. There is no Fagan here, and they will just as soon knife you as sing a jolly tune but they do have a symbiotic relationship with Lucky. First, if Lucky needs to look bad, they will cringe and cower as he yells and pretends to hit them. They don't know why he does this, but they do know that it brings them a lot of luck. They also randomly bring him food and cash to help his survival and as it is if they make certain requests for bad luck in a coded way, Lucky often (but not always) obliges.


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Tom doesn't have a Jinx. He also has a curse that takes his active luck and reverse it to do the opposite of whatever he tries to make it do and extends this effect to his social connections. If you are nice to Tom, something bad will happen to you more often than not. If you think Tom is a jerk and flip him the bird in traffic, you might win $500 in the lottery that day, even if you haven't played. At even the most basic level, this often means that Tom is not the kind of guy people want hanging around on a regular basic since even neutral people that catch on to the toxic nature of his luck find him to be a problem.

Tom has memories of another life, wherein his power worked properly, and he got along with everyone and was truly the Gary Stu of the universe, beating bad guys with ease, living a charmed life of fame, fortune and romantic success. If such a life ever existed, there is not so much of a magical whiff of it. It is either a masterfully crafted false memory or such a powerful rewrite of history that this is no evidence whatsoever of it. Regardless, it comes up again and again and can be a painful distraction at the worst possible times.

Tom has had his power inverted against him so that the natural aptitude he has toward good luck and probability alteration works against him in the worst possible way passively all the time. If there is something bad that can go wrong, with him, it will go wrong. The thing is that while it is a very powerful curse (one he has been unable to remove so far) it is kind of ...dumb. It resides in his surface thoughts only so he has learned a few work arounds, but work arounds or not it doesn't change the fact that Tom has the worst luck imaginable. If you want something bad to happen to Tom in a scene, feel free to page since odds are I will consent to it.

Lots of heroes have enemies. It's a given. Tom has some VERY powerful enemies. In his investigations, he has determined that one, more likely three unnamed enemies capable of altering reality itself are teamed up against him and from time to time reach into his life and frell it up in a distinct and very personal way well and above the curse itself. This has happened at least seven times by his count and he expects and eighth any day.

There is one shred of Lucky's original happy go lucky disgusting (to others) lifestyle that remained. A side effect of being handsome, rich, lucky, powerful, heroic and liked is that for many until they got to know him, Lucky was just...annoying because he existed. Imagine if someone applied for a character on a Mush that was as strong as superman, a telepath like professor X and as a good as Technology as Iron Man. This is the way people generally viewed Lucky. Well, in the surgical reconstruction of reality that is now his new life...this part? This part stayed. PC's are immune if they so choose, but to the average NPC, there is just something....annoying about his smugness. Even when he doesn't express any.


Lucky was, in another life, from seven generations of progressively more powerful and more Lucky mages, who each got more and more successful in their chosen field. In the "new" world, or the only reality anyone actually knows, the Family found it was cursed seven generations in the past, and has not been able to avoid having children ("Life Found a Way") only able to look forward to it finally being over with Lucky and the Luck getting worse each time. Some of these people are still around through magically immortal means and they HATE Lucky. This goes beyond a simple 'enemies' roster; in their eyes, Lucky ruined their lives and they intend to pay him back more than an easily deceivable curse ever could.


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