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Rocket (Scenesys ID: 155)
Yondu: What?! NO!

Rocket: He thinks you want him to wear it as a hat.
Yondu: That's NOT what I said...
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: He's relieved you don't want him to.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: He hates hats... on anyone, not just himself.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: One minute you think someone has a weird shaped head the next you realize part of it is just their hat. THAT'S why you don't like hats?!
Groot:*nods solemnly*

Full Name: Subject: 89P13
Gender: Male
Species: Other
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Guardian of the Galaxy
Citizenship: Halfworld
Residence: The Galaxy
Education: Invasive Enhancement
Status: Dropped
Groups: Guardians of the Galaxy, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth ? Actor: Voiced by: Bradley Cooper
Height: 122 cm (4'0") Weight: 25 kg (55 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Murdered You!" by Adam Warrock


Subject: 89P13 is the product of illegal genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation. Better known as 'Rocket', he was a moderately successful mercenary and thief who was primarily famous for having broken out of prison 22 times. But when he masterminded his 23rd prison escape, everything changed for him. These days, he's one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. But for the right price, he might be willing to take on an odd job here and there...

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When you ask someone to describe their image of a 'fierce warrior', the odds are that the answer they give doesn't include adjectives like 'short', 'furry', or... 'raccoon-like.' Those people are uninformed, and you should stop hanging out with them.

At roughly four feet high and 100 pounds (carrying 45 pounds of ammunition), Rocket isn't exactly physically imposing. It also doesn't help that he looks like a raccoon. But the near-permanent scowl on his face and the oversized blaster weapons on his back tend to make rethink their preconceptions.

His head fits pretty well within the specs for 'Standard Raccoon', albeit with a slightly shorter muzzle, and a drastically greater range of expression. He's covered in a thick carpet of brown fur, with patches of white around the ears, eyebrows, muzzle, and cheeks. A few flecks of gray are starting to creep into the brown sections of his coat, the only real indication of his age.

Although he looks mostly raccoon-esque, his body has clearly been drastically altered in some unsettling ways. For one thing, he's four feet tall. For another thing, he walks upright. For another thing, he's got roughly the physical proportions of a human. Whatever the explanation, it's certainly not natural. He also (we're assuming it's a he...) apparently feels the need for modesty, because he's wearing clothing. More specifically, he's wearing a blue one-piece jumpsuit. It looks durable, though not heavily-armored, and exposes the entirety of the creature's arms, and the bottom third of his legs.

But the gear the creature is carrying tends to be a bit more attention-getting than the clothing he wears. At any given time, he's carrying blasters that were designed for humies, and look comically oversized in his furry clawed hands. Factor in the grenades and miscellaneous explosives strapped to him, and the ammo pack on his back, and you've got a guy who literally carries more than his weight in firepower. And he doesn't seem to notice.


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Subject: 89P13 was created on Halfworld. After many rounds of torturous illegal genetic engineering and cybernetic augmentation, 89P13 was programmed with a genius tactical ability and an exhaustive knowledge of weaponry. Because, you know, evil space lab.

However, the scientists of Halfworld did their work too well, and their experiment escaped. Calling himself 'Rocket', the creature became a thief and mercenary, travelling the galaxy and getting into scrapes. Along the way, he got imprisoned, and escaped, another twenty-one times.

Rocket began partnering with a being named Groot and the two became bounty hunters. But when they tried to claim a 40,000 unit bounty on Peter Quill, they ended up getting mixed up in a crazy adventure (including a twenty-third prison escape for Rocket) that lead to them getting a new job guarding the Galaxy.

These days, Rocket serves as the Guardians' voice of reason and weapons expert. But even though he's considered a hero, every once in a while his greed will get the best of him.


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Rocket's earliest memories are of being torn apart and put back together over and over again. Virtually everything he knows was patched into his brain during torturous indoctrination sessions. And when the process was complete, he quickly realized that there was nothing in the universe like him, except him.

Suffice it to say, Rocket is kind of bitter, selfish, and anti-social.

Most of Rocket's anti-social behavior manifests in the form of cutting insults, but it frequently escalates into acts of borderline psychotic violence. There's a certain level of sadism in Rocket's behavior, as evidenced by his cruel pranks. Or his penchant for taking down bounties with painful zap guns. Or the way he likes to play with his enemies before (or while) killing them. Or his fixation with stealing appendages from disabled people.

Rocket's self-centered approach to existence causes him to place a high level of importance on the acquisition of material goods, and units. He's extremely greedy, to the point that he frequently tries to find ways to profit while the rest of the members of his team are trying to guard the Galaxy. Whenever there's a debate about which course of action the group should take, Rocket's opening position is virtually always that they should take the route that leads to the greatest amount of units.

Although he doesn't like to talk about it often, Rocket is still haunted by his experiences at the research facility on Halfworld. This tends to come out when he's been drinking, but even when he's sober he has a lot of inwardly-directed rage that tends to come out in bits of cynicism, sarcasm, or the occasional round of grass-kicking.

But even though he tries to avoid admitting it, Rocket is someone who has always wanted to belong somewhere. Getting through to him is rough, because he's used to rejection, but it's not impossible. These days, Rocket actually has a group of people that he considers to be family. Of course, those are the people he tends to lash out at the most...


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Rocket owns a carefully curated collection of ridiculously overpowered blasters. Some of them have been acquired on various missions, while other have been cobbled together by stealing parts from the Milano's engines...

Some of his blasters are capable of punching a hole through a Kree battle cruiser (those are really tough, if you're trying to do the math), but the majority of them can only punch holes in your average Kronan.

Cybernetic Augmentation:
Most of Rocket's skeletal structure and connecting tissue has been replaced or augmented with experimental cybernetic systems. This has made him stronger than his diminutive size would suggest, allowing him to operate ridiculously oversized weaponry that even a fully grown humie would have difficulty holding. His punches and kicks also pack more of a wallop than one might think, letting him fight many types of humanoids on an equal playing field.

Furthermore, the enhanced skeleton makes him more durable than your average raccoon, which is pretty helpful since his usual method of fighting involves getting thrown a lot.

Rocket's unique skeletal structure allows him to move on all fours like a raccoon, or on his hind legs like a humanoid. He tends to use all fours when climbing, and tends to stand on only two legs when he's interacting with people or laying down suppressive fire with one of his oversized rifles.

Genetic Enhancement:
The scientists of Halfworld turned a primitive specimen into a highly intelligent creature largely by messing with his genetic code. Rocket possesses an intellect somewhere in the upper regions of 'Humanoid Genius', with an especially high aptitude for strategic thinking and memorization. His emotional IQ is pretty low though...


When on missions, Rocket frequently wears a rocket pack that allows him to fly around like Boba Fett. The pack is activated via a small patch that simply slaps onto the skin and expands into a full harness and pack like magic.


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Rocket isn't a trained 'acrobat', per se, but he's definitely capable of pulling off some maneuvers that humanoids couldn't even try without breaking their backs. He can easily scurry up surfaces that would take a human a few minutes to climb, or alternate between running on four legs or two on the fly. He can also leap high enough to land on a fully grown man's head, or clear it entirely. During missions, he can frequently be seen doing backflips, roundhouse kicks, or bouncing from one wall to another to get in a good flanking position.

One of Rocket's favorite things to do is blow stuff up. He's a genius with explosives, and can figure out the ideal places to set the charges to take out an enormous starcraft, a forbidding fortress, or a bank vault. He can build grenades or small bombs out of improvised materials, but when he's given access to weapons-grade materials he's able to build things that are truly terrifying. Just don't be surprised when he blows a few extra craters onto a moon.

One of the most surprising revelations that anyone ever has about Rocket is the fact that he's actually a capable hand to hand combatant. Most people don't expect to get beaten up by a raccoon, after all. However, his unique physiology, cybernetic upgrades, and general hatred of most sapient life have combined to make him an extremely effective fighter. He's most effective when he has the element of surprise on his side, or when he supplements his fighting moves with hit and run tactics. But even in a straight up brawl he's not someone to be underestimated.

Due to his high intelligence and long familiarity with a member of the race of Flora Colossus, Rocket is able to understand the many nuances behind each utterance of the phrase 'I am Groot.'

Due to having a head for numbers and planning, Rocket is a natural fit for tasks such as keeping the Milano stocked with provisions and equipment without overburdening the engines. His pragmatism and ruthless capitalism help him stay focused on efficiency and monetary gains while the rest of the Guardians are worrying about parental issues, sibling rivalries, revenge fantasies, or 'doing the right thing.'

Rocket makes sure that equipment is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, and that it's in functioning condition. Where the other members might have 'twelve percent of a plan,' Rocket gets granular with the details, and uses backwards planning to get to the desired end state.

Having been programmed with Halfworld's exhaustive starship database, Rocket knows his way around a ship. This makes him a naturally-gifted starship mechanic, which is really useful since the ships he flies tend to be pieces of junk. He also flies with a guy who thinks 'crashing the ship' is a legitimate combat tactic...

Give Rocket some spare parts, and he'll get your ship up and running. If you don't have spare parts, maybe see if somebody has a prosthetic appendage they could spare.

Along with the ability to operate and assemble weaponry, Rocket also has an uncanny marksmanship ability. This has served him well in his career as a bounty hunter and mercenary, and also has led to him becoming the Guardians' default sniper on more than one occasion. Rocket might look like he can barely even hold a rifle, but he rarely ever misses with it.

Among the many things Rocket was cybernetically engineered to excel at, piloting starcraft is near the top of the list. He was built with the requisite dexterity and reflexes to be a top-notch pilot, and programmed with Halfworld's exhaustive starship database. He can operate virtually any ship in the 'Verse, and has occasionally operated things that aren't technically supposed to fly.

Despite his love of heavy weapons, Rocket might actually be most effective when he's being sneaky. His size and unique physiology make him idea for moving unseen and unheard through forests, ventilation ducts, or even crowded cities. If Rocket needs to scurry around somewhere unnoticed, he's got a much higher chance of getting past guards, patrols, and surveillance equipment than virtually any humanoid.

Having engineered 23 prison breaks, numerous heists, and quite a few successful bounty capture operations, Rocket has a reputation as a thorough, creative strategic thinker. His brain was specifically enhanced to process tactical plans quickly and efficiently, so it's no wonder he's gravitated toward that type of role out in the galaxy.

It's a good thing, too, because he's a bit too diminutive to be the muscle.

Rocket is someone who is able to 'cobble together' a fully-functioning rocket pack that fits into a tiny patch that you stick on your jacket (or your exposed chest, if you're Drax). Making extensive use of microcircuitry and cutting-edge Space Tech, Rocket is able to create things that would still be considered science fiction on Earth. Whether that means adapting the Milano's systems to play music from an outdated Zune, or creating an emergency forcefield generator to protect a person in outer space.

Rocket's diminutive size and nimble paws make him an ideal pickpocket or burglar. He also used to have a reputation as one of the best safe-crackers in the business. The 'business' being space crime.

Sure, Rocket isn't making his living breaking into banks anymore. But the Guardians of the Galaxy tend to pull jobs that require Rocket's shadier skillsets pretty frequently, which has kept his thieving abilities pretty sharp. If you need a passkey swiped from a Nova Corpsman's pocket, or a security system hacked, Rocket is your raccoon.


Rocket has been programmed with design specs and operating procedures for... just about every weapon in the known universe. Rocket can utilize just about anything he's likely to come across, from a conventional blaster rifle to a quantum torpedo. If you need someone to whip up a Hadron Enforcer out of spare parts with not much time, Rocket's your raccoon.


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As a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket is now considered something of a Big Deal on Xandar, Knowhere, or virtually anywhere else inside Nova Corps jurisdiction. Sure, the attention gets exhausting and keeps him from getting lucrative criminal work, but at least he tends to get free Gargle Blasters at every bar he goes to.

Prior to joining up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Groot were bounty hunters and mercenaries who operated out of a small base on Knowhere. The headquarters of Rocket and Groot, LLC (the sign currently reads 'Rocket and Groot, LLC + Guardians of the Galaxy') is still owned by Rocket, and is so far his only piece of real estate. It's got enough hangar space to house a medium-sized freighter or two, an armory (naturally), some living quarters, and a front office space. Sure, it's in one of the crummiest areas of Knowhere, but real estate property is hard to come by inside a dead Celestial's head, and the value is going up all the time.

Nova Corps:

After helping save the Galaxy, Rocket earned a complete expungement of his criminal record and the enduring gratitude of the Nova Corps. Since these guys are basically the top cops in the Galaxy, this equates to a pretty huge 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card. Of course, he could probably only use that card once.


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When you're a third the size of an adult human, but you insist on drinking human-sized shots, you're bound to be the first one at the party who gets wasted. Rocket is usually 'that guy', and tends to behave poorly after a couple of rounds of Gargle Blasters. It's best to try to keep Rocket away from the heavy ordinance when he starts drinking, but this is usually impossible. Arguments, threats, acts of violence, and general poor behavior are always in the cards when the Guardians have some celebratory drinks.

There's nothing else like Rocket in the known universe. This makes Rocket truly alone on a level that most sentient beings can't fathom, but it also poses a lot of social difficulties. For one thing, he's got to get by in a galaxy that was mostly designed for humanoid life. For another thing, it makes it virtually impossible for Rocket to ever go incognito. But most annoyingly, it often leads to awkward encounters with people who think he's some sort of 'pet.' Most of those people still have most of their fingers...

Rocket is the product of illegal experimentation by scientists on Halfworld. It's possible that he could be used as evidence of criminal wrongdoing, which would subject those scientists to prosecution by the Nova Corps. Or, it could damage the facility's reputation and drive down share prices. Either way, it's likely that there are people on Halfworld who'd prefer to have Rocket quietly disposed of before he can make trouble for them.

Additionally, from the perspective of Halfworld, Rocket is a piece of intellectual property that makes use of a lot of proprietary technologies and techniques. In order to keep their trademarks secure, it's highly likely that a quiet bounty might be placed on Rocket's head...

Rocket is a hard-drinking, ultra-violent, cynical narcissist with anger problems and a persecution complex. And those are just the most obvious psychological problems. The uptake is that he engages in a lot of socially unacceptable behaviors, and tends to push people away. But he's getting better. Slowly.

Back in the day, the names 'Rocket' and 'Groot' used to mean something. But ever since he started guarding the Galaxy, Rocket's reputation has gone straight into the krutacking toilet. It's getting hard for him to find even relatively innocent work like arms dealing, smuggling, or even some mercenary action. It's been ages since someone asked him to crack open a safe.

Whether he likes it or not, Rocket has been branded one of the (shudder) good guys. It also doesn't help that his former muscle is now about a foot tall...


The Nova Corps might have cleared Rocket's criminal record, but they didn't give him Universal forgiveness. There are still shady characters out there that Rocket owes units to, or pirate clans who have a grudge to settle with Our Hero. And let's not forget the giant purple Death worshipper who'd like to see Rocket horrifically murdered. Or the obsessive collector who'd like to have Rocket stuffed and put on display.


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Rocket Run: Mysterious Mutants June 21st, 2022 Rocket walks into Sam's bar to solve a mystery. Expecting trouble, he finds solutions instead.
Rocket Run: Here puppy, puppy! April 6th, 2022 The Spectral Howler goes to ground on Earth. And Rocket needs help from the natives to run him down.
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A planet called Dirt December 23rd, 2021 When crash landing on top of him only seems to annoy the Juggernaut, Rocket suspects he may have found some unexpected talent for the war against the Brood...
Intelligence November 20th, 2021 Rocket, Gigas and Lobo go collect on a Brood Queen bounty. They find a Queen... wrong Brood!
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Brood Invasion: A Last Stand August 9th, 2021 The battle of Raken 4 in the Brood-Shi'ar war ends with the planet being turned to ash... but what was left of the population evacuated... and now the battle lines shift in-system to Raken 3
Guns. Lots of Guns July 7th, 2021 Star-Lord talks to a bunch of people on Knowhere about the Brood Invasion as the Guardians prepare to fly out to help in the fight.
Brood Invasion: A Reunion June 21st, 2021 Gamora is welcomed back to the Milano. Rocket continues repairs on the crippled Milano, and Peter goes to his quarters to revise a Shi'ar contract.
Brood Invasion: Extraction June 14th, 2021 After a scouting mission turns into a Brood ambush, the Guardians, Titans, and Justice League get together to save Lar from being Brooded right as a Shi'ar/Brood fleet battle starts.
Brood Invasion: The Second Rumor June 6th, 2021 The Milano heads for a remote Shi'ar system to investigate a distress call... only to get ambushed by the Brood. Guest starring Lar, who becomes Brood chow. For now.
Scouting: Up close and personal. June 2nd, 2021 The Guardians get back together, find out what Star-Lord has been up to, and set off on a hunt for the Brood.
Burnout in Space June 1st, 2021 Loki meets Yondu and then Rocket. Poor Rocket is deprived of the bounty that is Loki.
Space Attack! May 6th, 2021 Svartalfar attack and the heroes repel them!
It's LIKE a Vacation August 23rd, 2020 The guardians discuss where to vacation.
Which came first, the stash or the stash August 9th, 2020 Some people drive a hard bargain for their silence. I'm lookin' at you, Gamora!
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Guardians of the Space Amoeba January 13th, 2020 Rumors take the Milano into an ambush, and pit the crew against a giant space creature
Guardians of the Unfortunate December 28th, 2019 The Guardians protect a ship of settlers from a pirate attack to the sound of awesome Terran tunes
Guardians of the House of Ill Repute December 13th, 2019 The Guardians visit an 'establishment' on Contraxia. Peter and Rocket make up.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Interception on Contaxia December 6th, 2019 Summary needed
Guardians of the Cesear November 27th, 2019 Oh, the same ol' same ol' for them durned guardian brothers.
Guardians of the Evidence Locker November 21st, 2019 The Guardians of the Galaxy are broke and kind of in debt to the Ravager Yondu Udonta. Rocket hatches a brilliant plan: rob the evidence locker of a Xandarian garrison on the border planet of Ataxes III. They're cops, so they MUST have the best contraband, right? This plan surely can't fail, and it definitely won't have reprecussions for the Guaradians down the road.
Guardians of the traveling Pants November 20th, 2019 The Guardians go to Knowhere, Grails there, Lobo shows up, everyone leaves really happy and eternal friendships are forged.
Guardians of the Milano's Bank Account November 19th, 2019 Gamora does her Red Dead thing, while Peter Mantis and Rocket have a game of table tennis.
Guardians of Quill's Dumb A** November 19th, 2019 The Guardians guard Peter's life from himself and his own idiocy.
Guardians of the Feelin' November 16th, 2019 The crew of the Milano are intercepted by Yondu, whom they owe a lot of credits and/or drugs. Sans Quill, Rocket takes control of negociations and stages an unsuccessful mutiny with the arrival of Gamora. Drax's sudden unexpected arrival and expert diplomacy skills aid Mantis' gift giving forethought into a smooth transition back into normalacy. I. Am... Groot.
Not Space Losers May 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Pub Crawl May 17th, 2019 Summary needed
Glorious Laughter May 16th, 2019 Rocket and Drax deal with a sudden life and death situation on the Milano.
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Peter. We Need to Talk. December 3rd, 2017 Gamora and Rocket hold an impromptu intervention for Peter. The topic? Leaving Earth. Arguments are had but in the end they head out for the stars.
An Unexpected Invader November 7th, 2017 Summary needed
Invasion: Erf October 2nd, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2483 September 16th, 2017 The Guardians and Star*Drake team up (loosely) to capture a criminal.
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Get Him to the Galadorian May 26th, 2017 Zardu Hasselfrau is Missing and Due At A Show. The Guardians must fix this. Yondu ... is not helping.


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