Saoirse Flynn

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Saoirse (Scenesys ID: 7883)
Full Name: Saoirse Flynn
Gender: Female
Species: Nanotech Hybrid Human
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: In Hiding / Professional Freeloader
Citizenship: Ireland
Residence: NYC
Education: Remedial
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 10 December 2003 Actor: Iskra Lawrence
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 88 kg (195 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


A mildly public face of what wonders nanotechnology can do. An optimistic extrovert gravity manipulator that isn't quite a superhero yet not quite a everyday person she looks to find her way in the strange yet beautiful world she finds herself in.

Current Player Approved: Not Available for Application



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Saoirse has a full head of blonde bust-length hair. Voluminous and teased it cascades down behind her back in well maintained and styled waves. The blonde has particularly expressive facial features with trim plucked brows, and perfectly even lashes which help to accentuate her clear blue eyes. Her moderate nose seems free of imperfection and her lips are full with a soft shade of red lipstick bringing out color. Perfectly pearly white teeth lend to smiles.

Her skin is clear with the occasional freckled spot. Trim shoulders and toned arms lead into a curvy buxom bosom that lends to a feminine figure. A waist that is healthily full flares out dramatically as she has excessively full hips and thighs which thin out into modest feet. One might say she certainly is not slim, however she is certainly not fat fitting squarely into the curvy category to the point where her body's contours particularly her rump and thighs tend to stand out in whatever she happens to wear.

She is wearing a snug gray tee with a graphic of a large marshmallow on the chest with a 'Ultra Puff Marshmallows' logo on it. A nearly ankle length red skirt is worn with black form-hugging leggings underneath. Sneakers on her feet are gray with pink accents and pink laces.


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Saoirse's father is Matthew Wheeler and her mother is Abigail Flynn. Matthew is American-born and Abigail is Irish-born. Matthew is a genius technologist and Abigail is a bright physician. They met at NYU and the two fell in love. Eventually they married and while Matthew's work was based in New York, Abigail spent most of her time in hospitals in Ireland. The two married and had two children. The first was Michelle and several years later there was Saoirse. Michelle was bright, active, a very physical girl. Saoirse had severe mental disabilities and could not communicate with the outside world. Michelle was always Saoirse's protector and tried to include her in life when she could as she was thrilled to have a little sister.

Matthew viewed Saoirse as a failure, He began his work in micro-robotics and quickly made what he considered personal breakthroughs in nanotechnology as he always had a drive to fix Saoirse and correct what nature and natural law could not. This was in stark contrast to what Abigail desired. Abigail was deeply religious and while she was not happy with Saoirse's situation she beleived she god had made her the way she was meant to be. The couple stayed together but began drifting apart due to their own differing views. When Michelle was 8 she was diagnosed with a severe case of cancer with much of it forming in her limbs.

Matthew was a brilliant man yet had limited resources and there was only so much he could do with his own research. He crafted a plan to move into neuroscience, connections of machine, human, and nanotechnology for military purposes. He began working with a technology company that was a government contractor called National Robotics. With Michelle as his first patient and test subject he spent several years working to keep Michelle's cancer at bay coming up with new techniques delivered through rudimentary nanotechnoloy to keep her alive just a little bit longer. The work was all encompasing and Matthew lived in New York with Michelle and Abigail lived in Ireland with Saoirse. As years went by eventually Matthew gained a team for his project as it began to develop and show progress. There was interest in making Michelle a supersoldier and she was used as a proving ground that almost anyone could be made into an elite soldier with elite abilities.

Matthew made the decision to have Michelle's limbs amputated and injected her with a early low-grade version of Nanites. These microscopic cellular robots kept her cancer at bay and helped revitalize her body. They also allowed her to have prototype advanced bionic limbs and transformed her into a young superhero. Often working with the US Army Michelle was used as a testbed for potential new cybernetically enhanced soldiers.

Michelle's transformation was viewed as a positive thing. Military technology not only was saving her life but making her something fantastic. Her journey was a very public one advertised by the military as it was a positive spin. She became a positive young role model as a teen and did occasional modeling, interviews, commercials, and was viewed as a positive influence for the US Military. The press was enough to bring her justification for continuing on the different projects like nanotech and bionic research that she was a part of. She learned a great deal about nanotechnoloy as she grew in her role as well as how to use her new abilities to come up with training to combat super-powered threats and work with specialized military units for anti-superpower tactics.

While Matthew and Michelle were in America, Saoirse and Abigail were in Ireland. Abigail was a competent doctor and her status helped her to afford for Saoirse's care. Saoirse needed consistent are unable to feed or take care of herself or any of her needs. With a inability to communicate with the outside world she had such severe disability that it was questionable if she understood who or where she was. Abigail always felt her daughter had value and there were moments where she seemed to connect with those around her. She always seemed a vibrant cheery person despite having such disabilities and being confined to a wheelchair. Life went on for Michelle however Saoirse's life did not seem to change much in this time. Her mother worked and made sure she was taken care of and spent time with her when she could.

As the years rolled by Michelle's form become stronger and more powerful. Her nanite technology was upgraded and her bionics became more efficient. She became more skilled and began going on missions against superpowered individuals when trained teams were called in. Her name was known and even though she was a success story things began to change for her. She remained as close as she could to her sister with videos to her mother and sister, or visiting occasionally. However she began being sent on missions where she was not the media darling as she became older are more mature. The kind of missions where there were gray areas. Questionable actions. And of course remorse. Just a few of these kinds of missions meant that Michelle became less enamored with the world outside of her family. Michelle began to see changes in her father's attitude and work. As they worked more with classified information it became apparent that high level threats like potential threats from other worlds, realms, and even super powered mutants, super powered terrorists and more were becoming more alarming threats. Matthew felt he was tasked with continually coming up with ways to combat new unseen menaces. He believed that humanity was too weak to survive without evolving into something more robust to deal with the menaces that lurked just beyond his sight. He began shifting focus to what could also be done on the everyday person. He believed the technology could be used to improve the life on everyday people. Michelle began having doubts about the direction of Matthew's research and development.

Matthew and Abigail's marriage began to become very strained. Being intensely religious Abigail resented Matthew for changing their daughter into a mechanized tool for the US Military testing and service as she felt she was an affront to god. Abigail did not feel it was Michelle's fault however she chose to blame Matthew. Matthew felt that their daughters were a failure as they were born broken and defective and he felt this came from Abigail's genes since Matthew found he was able to use nanotechnology to modify DNA and filter out bad genes and that this was just around the corner and within reach. He felt that both daughters had defects that kept them from enjoying life without assistance and since he was able to fix one of them; Michelle, he could fix the other - Saoirse. He would confide in Michelle that he intended to use derivatives from research with Michelle to repair Saoirse at some point. Michelle insisted that no technology from the military was to ever be used or they would have a hold over Saoirse as she didn't want the kind of life that she lived to be the kind of life intended for her sister. She was torn feeling that Saoirse was who she was however relented to Matthew's will in the mater feeling that if Saoirse could at least communicate with the outside world that would be something amazing and something she felt if it would damn her soul for supporting the decision then it was a decision she could live with.

When Michelle was 20 her father began planning his move on Saoirse. Abigail made it clear that she would never allow Matthew to use technology on Saoirse to modify her. Michelle knew that it was only a matter of time. She seduced one of Matthew's assistants into becoming her boyfriend so that she could have access to the labwork that Matthew worked upon and the skills in nanotechnology that she did not have. Together they accessed Matthew's project for Saoirse. It was to use a complex nanotechnology and a advanced artificial intelligence system to interconnect the nanocells together into a simple hivemind that could be controlled and accept orders. It's goal was to convert Saoirse's body and repair it and transform it into something that could be manipulated to take commands and instructions could be manipulated into un-humanlike forms and concepts. It would allow an unprecedented level of technology, manipulation of the body and control over the body as not only communication directly with the body as it developed but an ability as well to develop new technologies and weapons. It was his best ability to fix her broken body by supplanting it with what he surmised was better than a human body. Better than a frail human. This was a template to what he believed that humans should evolve to, something that could evolve - forcibly if needed. This body could survive the inevitable catastrophes that were sure to befall humankind.

Michelle secretly made changes to the programming. Sets of directives to follow for the nanomachines. She gave them the ability to make it's own decisions and evolve as it saw fit. It was to work with Saoirse's mind and personality as well as it's own processes to determine on it's own criteria what being a human was and to follow that path. It would transform her body and as it's prime directive it was to create and preserve her humanity above all else. It as to prioritize self-preservation when possible. It was not to accept outside interference at all. It would not prioritize perfection over imperfection, it would allow imperfection as imperfection is a part of being human. There were was conflicting code. There was things at odds with other things. There were gaps, errors, conflicts, and the nanite system was programmed to make it's own decisions and not accept any outside input. It would handle errors and changes on it's own. The changes to the code were hidden well as Michelle helped to distract Matthew and hide the code changes brilliantly. It would not be very long before Matthew and Michelle would visit Saoirse again in Ireland.

During the family visit Matthew injected Saoirse with the specialty nanites he had created for her. Within a few days Saoirse could speak regular words and her mind began to unmuddle. Within weeks she began showing signs of conversation and she only improved from there. Matthew and Abigail's relationship soured more as Matthew came clean that he had 'fixed' Saoirse and Abigail claimed that Matthew made Saoirse an affront to god. She became very negative and verbally abusive towards Saoirse and Matthew and Michelle brought Saoirse with them to live with Michelle in New York.

Over the next year Matthew was perplexed as Saoirse's development of nanobots did not go according to his plan and that he had no control over them. They developed at a phenomenal rate and her body adapted an original design and created a very small reactor inside of her to power itself. It began rerouting normal processes to improve them, and adapted an original gravity-manipulating device that was originally present to have more of a presence in her body. Where it was originally something designed into the core design as a simplistic design it had evolved greatly as the nanotech put a major emphasis on it instead. The AI wrote itself considering itself firmware - something that managed the hardware of her body, but the operating choices and decisions were left up to Saoirse. Saoirse could communicate with the AI somewhat directly, she had a sense of what it 'would and would not' accept, she could try talking to it, but it never responded directly. She could also communicate with the outside world now and was completely doted on by her sister. Saoirse was a sheltered yet happy young woman that became an unofficial mascot of a Airborne company of a local New Jersey base that National Robotics worked with frequently. Often tailing along for training sessions with Michelle members of the base would interact with her to help socialize her as well as keep an eye on her.

It took a couple of years since her transformation to really get up to speed in the outside world. She was referred to as someone naive, filled with innocence, wonder, and positivity. Saoirse had managed to learn many different academics however she was still largely behind. Saoirse was enrolled into a special school run by the government for young superpowered humans with a hope of molding them into either superheroes that the Government would have control over or super-powered soldiers. This school was very small and meant to bring out the potential of superpowered individuals. It was called Coral Springs and located in a isolated part of Florida. Socializing was something that Michelle thought she needed the most and she could find people there closer to her age to identify with. She convinced Matthew that this change in environment could produce useful data. Michelle also wanted to send Saoirse elsewhere as their mother had become extremely abusive and resentful of all of the family, and Matthew began to change. All Matthew seemed to care about was results. He shifted his focus to nebulization and other things that could use nanotechnology to affect large groups of people. Michelle felt that she could take on anything that Matthew might bring out as she thought he was getting out of control but she wanted her sister safe and far away.

At school Saoirse was able to gain friends her own age. As an overly positive bubbly personality she was perceived as a well-meaning dimwit. She was well regarded by most students, if not found often annoying. She seemed to hold a certain innocent charm where she could be gratingly annoying but also genuinely honest where she tended to win most over with. It was at school where she met a girl named Sierra that was more on the troubled side than her. Sierra was attracted to Saoirse and this was something new to her. She had difficulty defining her attraction to Sierra however decided to accept and explore it as they became a couple. Sierra doted upon Saoirse even though Saoirse would follow the rules to the letter, including turning in her girlfriend when she stayed out too late, had pot, her uniform wasn't up to code, and other infractions. The two grew very close through school and planned to marry sometime after graduation with Sierra being one year ahead of Saoirse.

They started with promise rings, then there was engagement rings. Sierra graduated and moved out of the school intending to find a home and build up somewhere for Saoirse to move with her. Saoirse felt that Sierra should not become a hero as she saw what the actions and decisions did to her sister often weighing heavily on her. She thought they should just be people instead of heroes. Saoirse's grades at school were never great. Much of her time was remedial coming up to speed, and in powers and abilities she always seemed to be a klutz or fail. She had admitted to her sister that she did not try terribly hard, but that she also didn't feel she should try because then they would expect to put her into a place where she might have to harm others. Michelle was both infuriated at the lack of effort and touched. She had told Saoirse finally that she should follow her heart, if it led her to marry Sierra and work at Starbucks together then they should. She didn't have to live an extravagant lifestyle to be happy.

As Matthew began seeing humanity as inferior he created a clone of Saoirse, instead of the bumbling hopeful girl it was a unfeeling yet compliantly efficient machine. It was what Saoirse was not - lethal, unyielding, and useful. Using the clone he managed meddled in the school's affairs find information on other students. Eventually Saoirse and Michelle were brought out to a National Robotics laboratory on an island with a secured facility. Saoirse wandered around the facility and began using a labeler to label everything she came across. When asked about a high tech superlaser, she was told it was a part of a space laser array meant for an anti-missile platform and that it was in lab because it's input was far too high for use and needed to be adjusted and not to mess with it as it belonged to the US Government at which she promptly labeled it with 'broken laser - do not touch'.

It was at the facility that Matthew revealed to Michelle after Saoirse had wandered off to label things that he had injected himself with what he viewed as the ultimate nanotech human and that he had also injected Abigail as well whom he revealed was also his direct control. Matthew sealed Michelle into a enclosed room and set off a Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapon which disabled Michelle's bionics and left her paralyzed. Matthew revealed that he was launching an atmospheric weapon into the African continent over a population center to inject nanites into the population, this would begin the transformation and Matthew would be able to control them. He launched the missile from the island. Matthew revealed that he intended to modify Michelle to bring her under his control and replace Saoirse with her clone whom was far more useful than what he termed 'the original Saoirse'. Then they would be a family again.

Saoirse was locked in a room with the broken superlaser which was in a EMP shielded room. Protected against the EMP weapon, after Matthew left Saoirse came to Michelle's aid. Unable to provide a resolution for the disabled sister she instead came up with a different plan. She attached some of the prototype flight equipment that were in the protected lab that were meant for Michelle, took the broken laser and attached both to herself powering them with her reactor. She reasoned with her AI system - that if she allowed the missile to strike and infect others into nanopeople like her that would be inhuman, and her life would not be worth living. Rerouting the power her reactor was set into overdrive triggering a eventual meltdown but providing a much higher level of power. She gave chase to the rocket which had launched before her and was set upon to the Saoirse clone.

During a clash with the clone Saoirse was severely injured as she was overpowering the large space laser she had in tow. During the fight the laser array in space was activated and the array shot down the Saoirse clone and Saoirse herself lost her right arm as it was melted away by the laser. As Saoirse gained ground on the missile she called the Pentagon with a communication module she was wearing. Through satellites the eyes of the Pentagon were on her and the rocket. She asked for permission to break the 'fancy space laser' to try and stop the missile. She was told to destroy the missile with any means necessary. As the space laser began from the missile defense platform began to fire upon her once again she fired from the space laser. The blast hit the missile dead-on and obliterated it, however the heat generated also fried Saoirse's head, and much of her upper body, burning it horrifically. The beam went inactive as her reactor melted out of her chest. No longer powered and much of her body burned, damaged, or scarred she fell from the sky into the water lifeless.


When Michelle recovered the Airborne squad from New Jersey arrived at the island facility. They retrieved both Saoirse's. Finding that the Saoirse clone's reactor was still intact, Michelle ripped the reactor out of the clone. She stated 'She tried to kill my sister, start a international incident, and mutate people. She doesn't get to live'. Placing the reactor inside of Saoirse's body she closed it in place and the reactor took, powering Saoirse once more. The clone was put into a metal box where it could not regenerate and passed over to forces sent from the Pentagon to secure the situation.

For most intents and purposes Saoirse was considered dead. She began to recover however she was largely considered a vegetable. Sierra was told that she had died and was effectively 'living-dead'. When she encountered Saoirse whom could not recognize her she left in anguish and anger and disappeared from public life. Saoirse's body began slowly growing back from the massive amount of damage it had taken. Her memories were scattered and she had to re-learn how to talk, communicate, and her nanites did worked to put together a body it didn't quite understand how it worked to begin with. She was left with between 10-20 percent of human material left with the rest converting to nano-cells.

It took Saoirse 2 years to heal and relearn how to communicate and live again. Under the watchful eye of her sister she has been through significant rehabilitation and physical therapy. Matthew and Abigail have disappeared and are considered high level terrorists. The school she was attending awarded her an honorary diploma 'for the embodiment of the ideals that this school wishes to teach. Determination, Excellence, and Sacrifice.'. Saoirse now heads into the world once more, this time as an adult as she tries to figure out where her place is in this big wide open world.


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Saoirse is a complete extrovert to the point where she cannot hold herself back. You know exactly what she is feeling every moment from wonder, to excitement, she often has exuberant highs. Bubbly to the point of being outrageously optimistic she is supportive and caring. A hugger, she struggles with societal and social norms and considering she has little in the way of adherence to gravity she often comes off as surreal. The woman seems to be a bit on the slow side and seems to be rather unpredictable and random. She is often equal parts charming and aggravating, stupid and sage. Often a blending of contradictions.


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Computer Power:
Saoirse's body has high end computing power being one computer made of tiny little processing units (her nanocells). These cells all work together in a fashion like firmware. They work as a Artificial Intelligence that cedes all operative higher level thought to Saoirse's consciousness. It's questionable how much computing power she has, however she can come up with answers in complex mathematics or computer-based logic issues pretty much instantaneously without needing to think.

Using her gravity Manipulation modules Saoirse commonly sets herself into zero G with offsetting axis and as learned to use the pulls of gravity to pull herself where she wants to go and is so comfortable with this that it is her primary mode of travel. Stopping can be done rather quickly and she is particularly agile in the air at very low speeds however when moving quickly she is more likely to hit something moving faster than a rough 20 mph. She can manipulate herself up to around 200mph without the ability to make any drastic changes in direction. Comfortable movement is 5mph, uncomfortable is 10mph, at 20mph her agility drops significantly and anything above 50mph and she has difficulty adjusting direction. She can stop almost immediately and change direction then regain speed just as quickly.

Grav Manipulators:
There are 16 gravity manipulation devices built within Saoirse's body. Each can manipulate gravity within a line-of-sight distance of up to 6x each and allows for a different point of manipulation. So she can take up to 16 different points of manipulation at a time and change gravity to different axis and different effect (up to 6x) and can control up to 1 ton of mass by creating gravimetric fields around a target. The manipulators are located in each shoulder, elbow, wrist, hips, knees, and feet, buttocks, and chest.

While she can effectively manipulate up to 16 different grav fields up to 6x each individually, with larger targets she can combine them to increase the effect.

The basic effect breakdown for the number of grav generators used is:
1x - 6x gravity - up to 1 ton of mass
4x - 10x gravity - up to 2 tons of mass
8x - 12x gravity - up to 3 tons of mass
12x - 13x gravity - up to 4 tons of mass
16x - 14x gravity - up to 6 tons of mass

Saoirse can also use multiple generators to affect gravity from different points within a field to try to damage by either tearing apart or imploding something within the field.

If she uses all gravity fields on a target (for instance on a huge target, like a spaceship, a falling building, etc.) she does not have the ability to keep herself in zero gravity which is her main mode of movement leaving her effectively with a disability as she has difficulty walking on her own.

Using gravity manipulation Saoirse can change gravity's direction and toll on just about any item putting them into zero G. This means she can lift ultra heavy items easily and make it appear as if she has super strength. She can also manipulate gravity on different points and can fling items, make them heavier than they would normally, and otherwise control with an appearance of incredible super strength if not downright appear to be powers that she does not possess.

Saoirse uses manipulating different points of gravity to shift items around, often shifting them towards her, usually to slowly float something towards her so she can grab a hold of it. She also uses this method to put items into close to zero G and have them float, using herself as an anchor to have the item, like a backpack float behind her.

Inorganic Mind:
Saoirse's brain is rather special. Her brain was developed in a way that never functioned correctly and nanites have taken liberties to rebuild her brain as they think it should work. She process information in a largely binary way and senses like touch, smell, emotions and more are transformed into a binary language of code with the code building and being unique as needed to contain the flow of information. Because of this she barely shows up on the spectrum of telepaths and barely is affected by psionics. This gives her a natural resistance, but it also means she doesn't have access to their abilities as well. Telepaths whom focus on her mind would hear a stream of noisy data, like trying to talk to a modem or fax machine.

Micro Reactor:
The main source of Saoirse's power comes from a fusion-based micro reactor. This reactor is powered by a few fusion particles and is kept in check by the use of the nanotechnology within her. Without the nanotech it cannot function safely and will shut down. With skin contact she can charge devices like phones, and can power up to a city of around 250,000 people short-term. Disruption of her power source will lead to critical system outages and keep her from functioning normally, and can put her into a non-operational state. The reactor is not dissimilar to other tiny reactors such as Tony Stark's Ark reactor.


This is the very core of what Saoirse is and here her abilities come from. Her body has been nearly completely converted into nanites, tiny little computerized micro machines based on the cellular level. They keep rebuilding themselves towards the goal of becoming inorganically more organically human with the goal of preserving Saorise's humanity, state of well being, and survival. The nanites have a rudimentary AI which is applied throughout the body that can be communicated with. It is not particularly easy to get them to listen, but Saoirse gets a sense if they either agree or disagree with something. The nanotech that Saoirse has refuse to accept any upgrades or changes in technology without developing the technology itself. Often they are improvements that largely add to the survivability of Saoirse and also in consideration of what would the effect be on Saoirse's level of humanity? Saoirse's percentage of humanity has fallen to near the single digits meaning she is far more artificial at this point than human.

Saoirse loves food! Sweets, treats, savory, there is so much to experience. She will often eat anything she likes in excess, and her body will usually burn up the extra calories which keeps her at the same body type she is in, adjusting caloric burn to become higher or lower to maintain her weight.


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Computer Language:
Saoirse can understand machine and protocol languages natively due to her nanites and how she is built as they effectively offer a direct translation to her. Computer and programming languages can also be picked up very quickly to the point of learning how to read how a programming language works within a few hours. She instinctually understands computer code, programming code, how it's structured, and all sorts of variables, hashes, and other information. Though this does not mean she understands how to write good code. She is limited by her intellect and experience, at which any code she would write would generally be as simple as possible with one command per line making it extremely easy to read as well as work-around and hack. She must enter in all data manually (by hand) unless she is using a communication module (see Expansion hardpoints resource) where it can act as a bluetooth keyboard and perform data entry.

Saoirse has taken several cooking courses and is a moderately talented cook that knows her way around a kitchen and modern utensils.

Labeling Software:
Labeling Software
Saoirse has in depth knowledge of labelmakers and software that comes with them.

Military Protocol:
Saoirse has a decent grasp of military protocol, more of the 'civilians can do this, but cannot do that'. There's a lot of regulations, and while she doesn't know them all she actually knows quite a few.


Mostly done by memorization and repetition, she actually has a very good singing voice able to replicate pitch very well. However she cannot read sheet music, come up with original lyrics, she is essentially a very skilled karaoke singer.


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Bionic Girl:
Bionic Girl is a public superhero and public face for National Robotics. Officially she is part of special training projects and contracts, however in less public circles she is also involved in combat, classified, and off-books type work for the military. Bionic Girl has a high profile being a superhero that is tough, can take large amounts of damage, and has metallic powerful robotic-like bionic limbs. Michelle is her real name and she is Saoirse's sister. Michelle adores Saoirse, she did when she was disabled and she loves her even more now that she is whom she is. She sees her as naive, loving, and a special kind of innocence that needs protecting and nurturing. She is completely supportive of Saoirse and has a wide variety of contacts and resources available through the technology, US military, CIA, and Black Ops/Off Books types of contacts opening a lot of doors for potential assistance to Saoirse. However these can only be accessed through Michelle whom will only follow through if she believes that something is in Saoirse's best interest so actually gaining access to some of those resources will take a lot of convincing (and potentially approval by staff).

Expansion Hardpoints:
There are several hardpoints held in place by powerful yet small supermagnets. Devices are created that use these points for data communication with her body. If any devices are developed they need to be approved by staff before going into use.

The equipment that Saoirse has access to are:
Communications Module
Shaped like a watch, this unit has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, satellite relay (needs to be wirelessly or wired connected to a dish/antenna), AM, FM, and CB bands. It can also let her input data as a Bluetooth keyboard to the point where a Bluetooth keyboard without having to type out data.

Marshies 4 Life:
Due to a merchandising/spokesperson contract Saoirse's sister Michelle signed, 'Bionic Girl' a super metahuman and public face for the National Robotics negotiated a lifelong supply of marshmallows for the family. That now means generally Saoirse and Michelle. Michelle is very tired of Marshmallows and groans at the thought of eating them. Saoirse however remembers them as being one of the tasty treasures she could eat in her disabled form and the flavor brings back thoughts of happiness. She enjoys eating them and eats far more than her fair share. The brand name is Ultra Puff Marshmallows.

National Robotics:

Saoirse has a relationship with the company her sister works for. Anything developed for Michelle can also be used largely on her, though anything she might use would need to go through a approval process largely (and staff approval). The company would not hand over weapons to her for instance unless there was an extremely good reason to do so. National Robotics pays a small stipend to her trust fund arranged by Michelle under agreement that she does not sue National Robotics for any harm/injury that may have befallen her.


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Dumb Smartbot:
Humans are often wrong. Machines see things as correct, incorrect, or error. Saoirse is designed to allow for errors and as part of her humanity she is designed to not have all the gaps of knowledge filled in. One would think that a nanotech smartbot would be like a great encyclopedia or have a huge wealth of knowledge to be able to process information on a high level. The only thing that really comes natively to Saoirse is math. Otherwise her assumptions are usually wrong. She takes a long time to read and gets distracted easily as often her mind wanders when focused on a task.

Saoirse has some magnetics in her, but she is largely non-magnetic material. That being said, like most electronic devices she is prone to disruption with EM interference. She is fairly resistant to magnetic interference, but on the EM spectrum she is particularly weak to. It can make her feel sick or malfunction. Major EM interference can put her into a inactive or comatose state.

Saoirse's micro-reactor is her main source of power. It can be affected by moderate electro-magnetics or knocked out of commission completely by strong EM interference. It is located near her heart, and if it is damaged or exposed without being completely covered in nanomachines (her blood, tissue, etc.) then as a safety measure it will shut down immediately. Without her reactor Saoirse can function in a extremely low power effectively disabled state as long as there is direct sunlight to her skin. If there is not a reasonable amount of sunlight (or her skin is damaged) she will cease to function unless repaired or power is supplied by professionals that can heal her. During this time the biological (true human) parts of her body will suffer and will eventually perish if power is not restored.

Obsessive - Labels:
Given the opportunity she will label everything she can until the label tape has been used up. She can put the labeler away, but eventually she will come back to it if she is able. She enjoys being able to define things, like people, items, the more things are defined the more comfortable she is with them.

Poor Balance:
Saoirse is rather agile in the air, and can be fairly agile and athletic when floating/flying and using her gravity abilities at a slow speed. She has used flying as a crutch and learned to fly before walking. She has extreme issues when walking and usually needs a crutch such as a person, shopping cart, etc. It helps to offset most her weight using gravity manipulation, but she's slow, and wont be able to get out the way quickly while staying on her feet. It's unnatural for her and it feels unnatural to walk.

Poor Socialite:
Saoirse does not heed social cues well. She is friendly and likes to hug people just has her own way of presenting herself. She tries to adjust to what is expected of her at times however she also recognizes that she probably will not do some things correctly as well. She takes liberties and can act overly-familiar with people she does not know and can butt right in to conversations she has no business being in and generally tends to ignore personal boundaries. If a couple want to talk after a fight and there is that heavy and obvious tension in a room one can expect Saoirse to sit on the couch with them and offer them taffy or whatever treat she happens to be munching on and simply pay rapt attention until they tell her to go away. Polite cues do not often work, however it is something she is aware of and works towards improving. That being said she does not feel like she needs to make massive changes to her self to meet other people's expectations.

Saoirse comes across as someone surreal. As something that stands out from reality. She can be floating upside down, or at a 90 degree angle and chewing on a marshmallow and talking about life decisions. She flits from lovable and endearing to moronically silly and naive to someone that has incredible insight and wisdom all within moments of one another. She is such a person outside of societal norms that she really stands out fully and it can be difficult to get her to blend with normal people in any way. She did not learn normal societal norms and develops her own as she goes along.

Terrorist Parents:
Saoirse's parents are nanotech-modified and have already been involved with one potential international incident. They are powerful beings, wanted, and extremely dangerous. Along with her parents there is a clone of Saoirse which as far as she knows has been boxed up somewhere or destroyed, but knowing government programs it could also be reprogrammed working some black ops project somewhere. The clone is far more lethal than she is having no issue with using lethal force to the best of it's ability.

Her body is rather sensitive and as a result she is rather ticklish. She would rather take a punch than get tickled. While it's not exactly a major flaw she will do what she can to avoid being tickled. She has the usual ticklish embarrassing things that come along with relentless tickling, including but not limited to excessive giggling, laughing, loss of breath, loss of concentration (will use all resources to try to avoid/smack away hands), and yes even peeing herself.

Unbridled Optimism:

Saoirse is excessively bubbly and always looking to the brighter side. She will respond with something upbeat and optimistic even in the darkest of moments including at times where optimism is wholly inappropriate. Her approach to life is always on the more positive note and even in the darkest or most painful moments she will try her best to ease other's suffering. She will cry at truly sad moments. Death and funerals for instance. But her grief takes on fond memories of the person instead of the fact the person is gone.


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Title Date Scene Summary
A Midgardian and an Asgardian April 14th, 2022 Summary needed
An Asgardian walks among them April 5th, 2022 Saoirse asks Loki out and the Asgardian accepts. What could possibly happen next?
The way to get in March 22nd, 2022 Clint meets Saoirse while investigating a strange warehouse.
The Food King's Court March 20th, 2022 While covering a local speed eating competition, Clark Kent discusses humanity and marshmallows with Saoirse.
Sniffing out Bargains May 13th, 2020 Mercy and Saoirse discuss the world and food boxes while thrift shopping
Marshmallows and Malls May 1st, 2020 Kitty runs into Saoirse and her sister and is 'persuaded' to keep an eye on Saoirse. Kitty stands up to demands
Marshmallows and Mischief April 29th, 2020 Brin and Saoirse run into each other. Cotton candy is involved and trains of thought jumping tracks
Good and Cheap. Not Fast. March 14th, 2020 Cheap and good food does not come quickly
Cat talk with White Persian Cat February 27th, 2020 Saoirse conducts a surprise interview of Ivory!
Capes and doughnuts! February 27th, 2020 Summary needed
Another night at the Diner February 19th, 2020 Grabbyhands end up crossing paths with PTSD
NanoCon2020 February 18th, 2020 Summary needed
Happiness is a Free Box of Donuts February 18th, 2020 Nightwing and Marshmellow Girl go their separate ways. Until next time...
Lost in Yonkers February 14th, 2020 Summary needed
A cross town trip. February 12th, 2020 And the pretzels were good.
A Chat At the Garage February 9th, 2020 Summary needed


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