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Zach Daniels (Scenesys ID: 9609)
Keep it up, you'll learn how to fly. I'll throw you off the roof of this buildingg. If I'm in the mood, I may catch you on the way down...
Full Name: Zacharias Rafael Daniels
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen Angel
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Technically between jobs
Citizenship: Formerly Heaven/currently USA
Residence: Various
Education: Kingdom of Heaven
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age: 2027
Date of Birth 19 June 0000 Actor:
Height: 203 cm (6'8") Weight: 95 kg (210 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Gray
Theme Song:


Zacharias Rafael was once just an angel in the heavenly armies. Then he got forgotten about down here on this planet. They left him behind and figured he'd make his own way home. He hasn't. Spending the last 500 years or so in the middle of nowhere, he's finally decided to give this civilization thing a try. He's also smart mouthed and got centuries worth of pent up snark and anger to unleash. Oh, and he has a major grudge against his fellow celestial beings, too.

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The six foot eight inch tall man before you is tall. That's obvious. The gunmetal Grey eyes and light brown hair that spills down to his shoulders are the standouts in what is a plain, forgettable face. The rest of it is perfect and blemish free.. It was always supposed to be uniform. Take any angel in the ranks and Zachariah looks like all the rest. Well, not strictly true, Zachariah Hasn't got the traditional, stereotypical angelic physique. he has long, muscled legs, and arms, and long fingers too. The muscles are from five centuries of surviving, those are the thing that makes him stand out from the others of his rank in the heavenly army and is usually dressed all in black with a crossbow on his back and a sword at his hip. When his wings are out, they are copper-colored at the edges with the odd cream colored feather, and lighten as they move toward the center of the wing and toward where the wing and back meet. All in all he's got around fifteen feet of wingspan.

Today he's dressed all in black. Baseball cap and shades if it's too bright out, jeans, construction boots and either a jacket or hoodie depending on the weather, and gloves too. But the most striking feature is the crossbow strapped to his back, between his shoulder blades and under where his wings are when unfurled and flying. There's a sword sheath too that seems to move from his waist, to down one side of his ribs, to his leg on a daily basis depending on just what he's doing however....but it's most commonly found at his belt.

It helps him not be too noticeable when flying. And speaking of that...

When his wings are out, they are copper-colored at the edges with the odd cream colored feather, and lighten as they move toward the center of the wing and toward where the wing and back meet. All in all, he has around 15 feet of wingspan when fully unfurled, but they are most of the time, wrapped around him whenever he's not using them. There's naturally slits for them in his clothing, too. He's thought this through even if it makes getting clothes a pain.


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Zacharias Rafael Daniels was, many, many hundreds of years ago, just another angel in the heavenly armies. He's only a thousand years old, or so but from the moment of his creation, he was taught two things constantly. How to fly, and how to fight. He was never destined for much, just an angel with one purpose. Fight. Day in, day out, he was constantly trained to hone his two most important skills and abilities at the expense of his other gifts. His mind reading and emotion reading suffered, they were deemed 'not important' and he never got any theological lessons, those were not deemed 'important' given his lowly position. He was supposed to be honed to be an angelic blade in the war. He was expendable, useless, replaceable, one of an infinite number of angels.

There was just one problem with that. He was left behind in 1500 after a patrol. The idea was okay, he'll find his way back. He didn't. He was lost in an unfamiliar land, and alone. For 500 years, he had no contact with modern culture bar Native tribes and even then that was only when times got desperate, and he traded for food and water, and even then, he never directly interacted with anyone. He took what he needed from the tribes and replaced what he took, still trying to live up to his training and angelic ideals.

Five years ago, in 2023, his home was discovered by firms wishing to fell trees. He saw this as an attack on nature and with sword and crossbow left over from his days up in the clouds (or more accurately the crossbow from down here), ran them off. He destroyed all their property, quite by accidentally setting a bulldozer on a rampage by fumbling with the controls and running away.

That led him to the Tri State Area and civilisation. He's finding his feet...and wings in the streets and skies over the three cities and towns, having to grow and adapt at light speed to things he only ever saw from afar. Sure, he's watched cities rise from his spot in the middle of nowhere, but now, 2028, he's in the middle of the Tri State Area, finding where he belongs, and who he really is. There's just a wrinkle. The angels say he's fallen/ He denies and protests this every time it's brought up.


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In a word? Lost.

Zach is friendly enough once people get to know him. It's the whole 'getting to know him' part that takes time (and given he's spent 500 years away from everyone harboring his grudges...), he's got a lot to learn. There's a certain excited newness to it all and a wonder-like thing with him.

Underneath the 'wait, what are pop tarts?' and 'why do people put food in metal and plastic boxes and watch it spin around?' questions he is still holding true to his values. Loyalty and servitude. Only now it's not to the heavens. It's to something that's truly worth it.


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Angelic Strength:
Zacharias is, of course, an angel. As such he has angelic strength and can lift approximately a ton, plus a bit when he's not flying. He can put the same amount of force behind a blow or a strike as well, too.

Zach is an empath. To a point. He's an empath by touch (which explains the gloves), and it's something he can't ever turn off. The best he can do is get gloves and keep wearing them 24/7 until he takes them off for whatever reason.

Zach is a natural at flying. This isn't a shock given he's an angel. He can turn on a dime at speed, climb and descend from a dead stop with no effort, he can even fly one winged. Admittedly that's asking for a crash landing but....the point is. Zach has mastered the fine points of flying. To round it all off, when he wants to or needs to be, he's fast, clocking in at just over Mach 1.01...though he much prefers the intricacies of flying to flat out raw speed. He can carry twice his weight while flying and still be fine.

Being an angel gives Zach certain gifts. One of those is healing. of a sort. He can indeed heal from minor injuries. Unfortunately, anything more overwhelms his system and makes him seek medical attention. Oh sure, the tiny stuff heals instantly, but...

Being an angel, Zach is immortal. Not invincible, immortal. Sure he heals up and won't age, and his immortality mans he can't actually die but....


Zach has a very weak and limited form of telepathy. It's receive only, and he can't get through anything bar the flimsiest mental shields. To add to the flat out uselessness of this gift, it's always on. And he has a unique mental signature that's all but screaming he's an angel. Which, by the way, is not good...especially for those who want to hurt him.


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Zach was trained first and foremost to be a warrior angel and fight on the good team. To this end, he's trained in all sorts of weapons, and though his training stopped when he was left behind, he has two weapons of choice. Crossbow....and sword. He is highly capable of using each on its own.

In terms of skill with a crossbow, given he's had centuries of practice, he's a little below Huntress in terms of skill when just using his crossbow. Same for his sword....and when he wields both at the same time, he's good, but not as good as using one or thee other.

That's right. He dual wields a crossbow and a sword. This is what being left here will do for his fighting style.

Also he's not a slouch when it comes to unarmed combat either. He's as good as a mid card MMA fighter in that regard, and he can certainly ight while flying, in that regard he's a good, not great unarmed fighter and equally as good with his crossbow (provided he lines his shot up and hovers) or his sword however.

Zach is much, much better at riding bikes than cars. Bikes are simple and easy for him to grasp. Cars are confusing and clunky.

Or put another way. He' s a good rider and barely competent at cars. The fact he doesn't willingly drive may have something to do with that. Mechanics love him because he's the sort to put oil in the gas tank of his neighbor's car and claim ignorance, yet he won't make that mistake with a bike.


Being an angel, he's able to read and speak just about any language. Even text speak and dead languages.


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Zach has an apartment high up in a run down bit of NYC. It's got roof access. it's got an open window. it's got a balcony, and it's got not a lot utilities, cheap carpeted flooring and it's dirt cheap. Zach calls it home for a reason.

Zach has his bike, a sleek black Suzuki racing bike that he enjoys riding. It's something he cares about deeply

Sword and Crossbow:

These are his two main weapons. His sword, which....he's had all his life, and a one handed (or two handed) crossbow. When using it by itself, it's a two handed grip. When dual wielding it with his sword, he uses one hand to operate the crossbow, he has developed a technique for reloading it one handed. The same goes for his sword, it's either one or two handed for wielding.

The bolts, small for the crossbow, are kept in the pockets of his cargo pants, for the record, the ones that have the zippers and buttons on it.


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Fallen (Or Not):
Zacharias is both fallen and an angel. No this isn't by some trick or deal he pulled. It all depends on who you talk to. To the angels, he's fallen and forgotten about. To Zacharias, he's an angel and should be up there. He detests being considered fallen. It's all a matter of perspective.

Hatred of His Kind:
Zach got left behind. So now he's got a burning hate for angels, and would love for them to get a taste of life down here rather than lording it up there. Hey if it's one of the big dogs, even better!

Immortality of a Sort:
Even though immortality sounds awesome on paper or feathers, Zach is isn't impervious to everything. He can and does get sick from Earthly things however, and suffers from Earthly health things though to a point, the small, every day, annoying things.


Zach has wings. And he's not shy about showing them off. Unfortunately, he can easily be mistaken for a mutant by the wrong sorts of people. Making the problem worse is that, yes, his wings need regular air to avoid becoming itchy and dried out...and he sheds like nobody's business. He's missed his calling supplying pillows with how much he sheds throughout a year, much like animals with summer and winter feathers.


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