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Mera (Scenesys ID: 1271)
"If it's a fight you want, then I'll gladly oblige you."
Full Name: Mera
Gender: Female
Species: Atlantean
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Princess of Xebel
Citizenship: Atlantis
Residence: Poseidonis, Atlantis
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 1 April 1995 Actor: Amber Heard
Height: 175 cm (5'9") Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs.)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


The Princess of Xebel, a warrior-assassin sent to kill the tyrannical King of Atlantis and free her people from his rule. Finding the King neither tyrannical nor dangerous, she became an ally to Atlantis and a defender of The Blue. She is, as well, a hydrokinetic of unsurpassed talent and one of the most physically dangerous creatures under the sea.

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Hair as red as the ocean coral spills from this woman's head to fall in thick waves to the swell of her hips. Large blue eyes are framed by thick lashes and high cheekbones akin to an elite and regal heritage. Her features are somewhat angular with pointed jaw, slender nose, and full crimson-stained lips.

Gifted with an athletic toned body, her figure cuts a voluptuous hourglass shape honoring the feminine form. Her body is encased in a green iridescent bodysuit, completely sleeveless, that molds snugly to her form like a second layer of skin - leaving quite little to the imagination at what might lay beneath. The neckline dips low in a teasing manner with a deep sweetheart cut lined by golden trim. Her toned arms are left bare, save for the golden bracers which ride up her forearms to cease an inch below her elbows. Her narrow waistline is accented by three chevrons of gold which the third rolling over her wide hips.

The bodysuit continues to caress her form down the length of her long legs before vanishing beneath a set of soft golden boots that climb to her mid-calf. Upon the back of the boots are a pair of shapely gold fins.


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Mera was born a Princess, but raised as a warrior-assassin. Her home of Xebel was locked away behind a magical barrier believed to be the invoked by the tyrannical king of Atlantis. Mera, betrothed to a military leader named Nereus, was sent to assassinate the tyrannical ruler of Atlantis prior to her wedding. She successfully managed to slip past the imprisonment barrier and located Atlantis along with the tyrannical king. But she found herself unable to complete her mission as instructed. Arthur, her target, proved to be charismatic, compassionate, and the complete opposite of the intelligence she'd been provided.

For the first time, her foundation and faith in everything she believed was shattered. Weighing the strategic courses of actions in her mind, Mera decided to try and unite the two kingdoms rather than annihilate the leader of Atlantis upon her own - believing unification to be a solution that would help both of their homes for generations to come.

Thus far, she has managed to cultivate a close relationship with the ruler of Atlantis. A political alliance between herself and Aquaman has created the backbone for normalizing relations between Atlantis and Xebel as well. These careful negotiations have allowed Mera to throw her authority and support behind Arthur's claim to Atlantis and help fend off those who seek to supplant or undermine his rule. She remains a Princess of Xebel, and for now is the sole bridge between those two kingdoms as she negotiates what fragile alliance is possible between them.


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Mera is a dynamic and complex character. A princess of Xebel trained as a warrior-assassin, she tends to always be looking deeply for motivations in the people around her, real or imagined. She maintains an egalitarian view of people, expecting much of them but rewarding those who strive for personal triumph and success. In some respects she is very approachable-- charming, even sweet-- but there's a hard edge beneath the friendly demeanour. It's not difficult to push her into violent anger or even rage, cold and merciless as the sea itself. She has a long memory, rewarding loyalty with like and nursing grudges for long periods of time. There's a maternal streak which leads her to protecting people who are weaker or more vulnerable than herself. She's a little literal and unfamiliar with surface customs, so it's not difficult to prank or tease her. She's generally good natured about friendly teasing. At her core, she is fiercely loyal and deeply affectionate to the small number of people she considers herself truly close to.


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As a native Atlantean and someone born beneath the water, Mera is completely amphibious and can breathe just as easily on land as under the water.

Atlantean Physiology
Mera is a true Atlantean from the kingdom of Xebel, and descended from the Royal Family. Even among her kin, she is a physical powerhouse. Her Atlantean physiology gives her extraordinary durability, her bones and muscles obdurate enough to handle tons of pressure and even resist the impact of bullets with ease. Her strength is truly exceptional despite her otherise slender frame, capable of physically handling nearly a hundred tons of mass. Her punches have been described as "crashing like tidal waves". Mera's reflexes are swift enough to dodge gunfire at longer ranges and she can track the movements of anyone not drawing on the Speed Force or otherwise capable of near-instantaneous motion. Underwater, she is physically capable of moving mountains and swimming through the water nearly as fast as a plane cutting through the air.

Enhanced Senses
Mera's senses are very acute. She can see slightly into the IR and UV spectrums and has phenomenal night vision, even in pitch blackness. Her hearing is very sharp and can discriminate between very complex noises and background noise underwater, and is even sharper on land.. Her sense of smell is not exceptional but her sense of taste is very sensitive. She can detect the low bioelectic energy created by most living creatures and modern machines. Underwater, this sense extends for a hundred yards, but on the surface it is limited to a few arm's reach from her position. Intense magnetic or electrical fields can confuse this sense. She finds most surface foods unbearably overflavored and strong scents can cause migraine reactions.


Mera is one of the most powerful of individuals known as Hydrokinetics. She possesses the ability to manipulate water in many ways, from flinging it about to forming it into hard constructs. She can solidify paths of water capable of bearing weight so that she can walk upon the surface or ride it to carry her great heights and distances. In addition to commanding the tides such as generating huge waves or holding them back, she also possesses the ability to solidify liquid water into what can best be called 'hard water'. These constructs are as physically durable as Mera herself and with almost limitless configurations possible. More subtle workings, such as drawing water from moisture or trapped in other creatures, takes significantly more focus and finesse to accomplish. She has no power over ice, though she can raise or lower the temperature of free water from boiling to freezing with significant effort.


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Hand To Hand Expert
As a trained assassin, Mera is a hand to hand combative expert. She frequently pairs this with her super strength and Hydrokinesis to engage in lethal attacks. This is a skill she is capable of enacting both on land and underwater with the same ease.


Mera is an expert swimmer, since she's lived in it just about all her life. As such, she can swim very fast in water. It takes no real skill at all for her to cover distances at a rate of 300 mph.


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Mera's symbol of office and a sign of her royal status as a Princess. The Bident focuses her hydrokinetic talents to allow her to use them more efficiently and with less fatigue. She can discharge electrical bursts on par with a bolt of lightning rapidly and with precision, on surface or water. More dynamic or wider area discharges exhaust her as readily as overuse of her hydrokinesis.

Scale Suit
Atlantean battle armor is made from the scales of deep-sea fish and reinforced with techniques dating back millennia. The suit allows her to swim through the water frictionlessly at her maximum speed with little impedance, and provides additional protection against possible extremes of heat and cold underwater, and can mitigate energy dishcharges on par with lightning bolts. The composition of the scales resists algae and bacteria buildup, which can be problematic for ocean dwellers.

Shell of Sounds

The Shell of Sounds records not just voices, but memories from the user. Mera's shell is a gift from her mother, and contains recorded memories and voices of many generations of Xebel women. It is a possession beyond value for her.


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For Atlanteans, water is as important as food. Hot, dry climates (over 95 F) rapidly dehydrate Mera and make her very uncomfortable. Over 105, she can suffer severe heatstroke and the related symptoms very quickly. Atlanteans do not burn or blister like humans do but intense dry heat (such as fire) wicks the moisture from her system very quickly and prolonged exposure to artificial heat can induce unconsciousness in minutes. If deprived of water long enough, her ability to manipulate moisture hydrokinetically can be severely weakened or even suspended. More than a day without exposure to at least 5 gallons of water (brine or fresh) inflicts similar symptoms. In an climate such as a desert, dehydration can prove fatal in just a few days.

Outsider of Atlantis
Originally from Xebel, Mera is seen as an outsider by the people of Atlantis. As such, with much of the people of Atlantis she is not trusted, despite Arthur's trust in her.

Mera has a bit of a temper and can be quick to anger. She is not the most tolerant person at times and has quite a knack for holding a grudge.


The Princess of Xebel has duties to her kingdom. At the moment, she is ignoring them in favor of helping to protect Atlantis. The day will likely come when her loyalty to home is tested against her alliance with Atlantis.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Undercurrents: Problem in Pakistan August 15th, 2019 Mera and Aquaman go to Pakistan to investigate the use of plasma weapons to attack villages. They confirm what they feared.
Children's Charity Gala August 13th, 2019 The Children's Charity gala for the Pediatrics units of several New York hospitals goes swimmingly. Atlantean Royalty makes an unexpected appearance. New introductions are made. The Bat-Tots are not webbed to the wall. Success!
Undercurrents: The Missles Matter August 13th, 2019 Polaris pleads Genosha's case to Atlantis. King Orin II and Princess Mera warn Polaris of the danger to her people and present her with a difficult choice.
A First Visit July 28th, 2019 Star Sapphire meets Mera and Aquaman to ask about the Justice League.
Quite the Net July 26th, 2019 Arthur and Mera discuss the evils of galas and weddings, before retiring for the evening.
The Embassy July 17th, 2019 Mera and Aquaman talk about premonitions of trouble and truly binding the people of Xebel and Atlantis together.
Undercurrents: One of Yours July 17th, 2019 Bruce Banner meets with Aquaman and Mera to ask about a mystery ship. They confirm it is an Atlantean attack sub acting without orders. Aquaman and Mera are faced with a problem.
Redhead Princess Club, First Meeting July 31st, 2018 Summary needed
Just A Day In Atlantis May 21st, 2018 Summary needed
Down In Atlantis May 7th, 2018 Summary needed
Monsters, sausages, kings and queens May 5th, 2018 Mutants eating hot dogs, Paper goddesses blowing up mind-warping horrors from beyond, and Atlantean royalty out for a walk.
Yes, officer, the evidence is in the cow May 5th, 2018 The police show up to take a statement about certain mystical hijinks.
The King Under the Sea October 13th, 2017 Summary needed
Nature Puts Down The Folly of Man August 19th, 2017 A huge monster emerges out of the sea, and many heroes join to turn it back.
Fish out of Water August 7th, 2017 Summary needed


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