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Minoke (Scenesys ID: 1710)
"I don't know where I come from - I don't know where I am now. But everything's so shiny, so new - I have to study it... ummm... wait... is that PLATINUM? Can I have a nibble?"
Full Name: Minoke
Gender: Female
Species: Nano-Droid
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Probe Droid
Citizenship: Planet Colu
Residence: New York City
Education: The Planetary History of Planet Colu
Status: Shelved
Groups: Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 8
Date of Birth 22 March 2018 Actor:
Height: 162 cm Weight: 250 kg
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Beep Beep I'm a Sheep" by LilDeuceDeuce


On wanting to know more about the galaxy at large, a group of scientists at the most prestigious university on Planet Colu created a new type of artificial lifeform - a nanocolony android. With constraints so that it cannot expand endlessly to prevent a 'gray goo' scenario. It was launched to explore new worlds, and send information back - able to shift to match the race of whatever world it came to.

But things went wrong - the rocket holding Minoke's heart-core went through an ion storm, which damaged many systems, including the database. With only fragmented memories left, the rocket went off course and ended up drifting near Knowhere. When rescued, she assumed a base form, of a female Coluan, and had no memory of who or what she was. Just endless curiosity of where she is.

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A slender, athletic woman stands here, around 5'4". She has long flowing pink hair that extends almost all the way towards her butt. She has a small device centered on her forehead, glowing bright green. It appears to be part of her, or an implant. Speaking of that, her skin is the color of fresh grass. Minoke has a beautiful face with excellent bone structure. Her eyes are faintly glowing, dimmer to but the same hue as the 'third eye' on her forehead. Her lips are more pale green.

Her neck is long and slender and leads into the slim curve of rounded shoulders, which are accented by the sharp angle of Minoke's delicate bone structure. Minoke wears a simple gunmetal-gray sleeveless dress that covers her body from the neck down, hugging her modest bust tightly, descending down to her knees. Minoke's arms are slim, slightly rounded by muscle, bearing hidden strength. Her hands are slender with delicate fingers. Minoke has something of an hourglass figure, the dress hugging her figure. Her athletic legs are visible from the skirt's hemline down. She wears matching gray boots with a two-inch heel.


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"Beep." The first sound coming from the prototype heart-core eight years ago as the University of Colu managed to get the operating system stabilized for their new shape-shifting nanocolony android. The core, surrounded by its creators, starts to beep and bleep in computer code, which the scientists can easily understand, and start to teach her all she needs to know. Soon they provided her with metal to form her first body, and she emulates her creators, taking a female form. Learning all about her mission, to explore new worlds, and send the data back to the university, as the ultimate xenoanthropologist, able to blend into the native populations.

A year later, it came time to launch. Using a tiny ship, they loaded her in, with enough reserve power to keep her core powered, and enough metal to form a body of whatever found her, they launched the tiny vessel into deep space.

However, things went wrong seven years into the planned 20-year journey to a far-flung planet when the rocket was caught in an ion storm. The tiny rocket was badly damaged, the memory systems of Minoke's heart-core and the rocket ship computer disrupted. It ended up drifting in space for a few months in the vicinity of Knowhere. The ship's navigation logs were lost, giving no hint of its origin... Minoke ended up having no memory of her mission, her origin, the fact that she's still somehow transmitting back to the university... the only thing she knows to do is to rebuild her body (some of her metal supply was irradiated and useless), into the only form she knows - Coluan, and try to remember who and what she is.

After spending some time on Knowhere building some resources, she took her rocket away again, and set course for Earth - a planet that several people told her had abundant life and metal. Though she thought of going back to Colu, curiosity drives her to new and unexplored territories.


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Curiosity. Minoke is curious. About everything around her. That's the way she was programmed, to observe and study her background. Also fully-aware of all metal in her vicinity. She doesn't like being at less than full-size and if she's damaged or missing mass, she will do her best to 'eat' to repair herself. She is a kind person, wanting to know where she came from, and why she's out here. Her lost memory is a constant struggle.


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Minoke's body is capable of absorbing electrical energy by contact. She can 'plug' into an electrical socket to recharge her core - she can also use it as a defense mechanism against energy-based attacks. However, some electrical sources might be so powerful that she can't feed from it and they cause damage - an overload.

Minoke can draw on her electrical charge to fire a beam of pure electrical energy at various voltages, frequencies, or amperage. She can use this as a weapon (akin to a Taser) to debilitate someone, or at a lower power to charge devices. She has learned how to use her power reserves efficiently, but she cannot fire too many shots without depleting herself too bad.

But if she's tapped into an external power source, she can fire higher-powered beams without depleting her own reserves. However, if she tries tapping into too strong of an electrical field, she could risk overload.

One of Minoke's most versatile and powerful abilities, Minoke can manipulate metallic substances at the atomic/molecular level by physical contact. She mainly uses this to 'assimilate' metal, breaking it down into its molecular form and forming nanites to add to her body. She can also reshape metal at the molecular level. For example, she can take a chunk of gold and 'shape' it into ornate jewelry, or just 'create' an opening through a metal wall by reshaping it.

This is not a fast process: metal is generally a strong material. She can affect on average one ton of metal per hour - either for 'eating' or 'reshaping'. So crafting jewelry is a fast process - trying to fix a hull breach on a ship would take time, but once done it will be as solid as when she started. Her 'metal-bending' does not weaken the metal; it's as strong as before.

Some metals, however, are too strong or well-protected for her to be able to manipulate easily - those with powerful enchantments or super-durable materials like uru, vibranium, or adamantium. Not being a mean person, she is also reluctant to 'eat' the special belongings of another person.

To facilitate this, Minoke's sensors are aware of most metals in a 1-mile radius; any decent-sized concentrations of 1 pound or higher would be detected. This helps her to find what she needs to repair herself if necessary - some can even use it as a beacon of sorts to draw her attention. The rarer the metal, the stronger a signal it is to her.

Minoke's body is composed of billions of nanites, made of metal, all surrounded by and controlled by her heart-core, a baseball-sized supercomputer that literally serves as her heart and brain. The nanites both serve as her way of interacting with the world and to amplify the computing power of her core - and to PROTECT the core from the outside world. She can add more nanites (via Metal Assimilation) and lose them via damage.

There is a size limit to how big of an interlink network she can control - if she has too many nanites, her entire body gets slow and sluggish (like being 'too fat') and she would shed enough to be back at 100 percent. Her default form at full size is that of an adult female Coluan, with a matching eighth-level intellect. If she is at less than full size, her form adapts by appearing to be younger.

How durable and resilient her body is directly based on what kind(s) of metal her nanites are made of. She literally is what she eats, and vastly prefers that her entire body is the same type of metal for it feels weird if she's half and half. If she's composed mostly of weak metals, her body is weak. If strong metals, her body is stronger.

Minoke has a full suite of sensors that scan her environment at all times - mostly for metals in her vicinity. She also has a full sensory suite that emulate the five human senses, as well as a thermal scan and life-form readers. Her 'eyes' and 'ears' are only conveniences to emulate the humanoid form - any part of her body can 'see' and 'hear'. These can be blocked by various means to prevent various objects from being detected. The strength of these sensors is only optimal when at full size - if she's lost mass, she loses sensor range.

Minoke's form can be modified down to the molecular level, because all of her nanites can be controlled individually from her core. Her mass is constant - but what she does with it is not. She can manipulate her substance at the molecular level in the following methods:

She is able to artificially create pigments to make herself look like a normal skin tone - basically her entire body can be adjusted. She can even do a reasonable imitation of other people's appearance, male or female - though her eyes do tend to glow green, spoiling the illusion. It takes special effort to stop this effect and can't be done long. Her 'clothing' is generally part of her as well. She can even synthesize another's voice once she hears it.

She can grow spikes or other melee weapons such as swords, spears, and whips, which are made from her essence. Blades and points can be incredibly sharp, with cutting blades as thin as a molecule wide. She can keep them sharp simply by 'remaking' them if they get blunted. Though these weapons are attached to her, and being broken off would be a shock to the system: she can retrieve the broken piece and reabsorb it if she does it quickly enough.

She can form non humanoid shapes as well, like a metal sphere. She can also create hollow areas inside her to increase her surface area to make herself look bigger, but this creates tensor forces that cannot be held indefinitely and would be more vulnerable to damage. She can also do a decent mimicry of a panther or other animals that are similar to human mass - but it's just an emulation. She won't have the senses or leaping ability, but could still make claws or the like.

Her shifting is not an instantaneous process. When she is shapeshifting, the affected area of her body turns into a glowing green 'liquid' and shifts to the new form. It takes a few seconds and it would be obvious that she's changing herself. However, she cannot manipulate the size of her heart-core, so can't 'ooze' under flat surfaces smaller than it - if she's separated from her core, her body goes inert. Also, if she attempts to copy something especially intricate, there is an increasing chance of getting it 'wrong' and not copying it properly.


Minoke, having a decentralized body, has the ability to exert tremendous force, far beyond what a human of her size can wield for she has no 'muscles' - her entire body is a conduit. Though she is most of the time limited simply by her size, she is capable of lifting and moving about a couple of tons, for example able to bench-press a motorcycle or maybe able to throw a small car.


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Minoke has an hard drive of almost limitless capacity, and her mind works like an advanced computer, but one able to simulate organic thought processes and feelings. Under normal circumstances she never forgets anything she's exposed to; and this would easily make her a genius that could deploy vast knowledge, and able to perform complex calculations; using both logic and emotion to not only learn, but teach. This assumes she's at full mass and has the full use of her nanite interlink which helps support her mental efforts. If she has taken damage and is not at full size, her cognitive and computative skills will become increasingly impaired.

Sadly, her damaged core does cause her to have some memory lapses or occasionally aphasia - she might not understand clearly a situation or be unable to clearly state a conclusion.

Minoke's heart-core is one of the most advanced computers created by the smartest minds of one of the galaxy's most intelligent populations, the Coluans. She can interface with almost any computer system by direct contact - able to learn its machine code rapidly to be able to share information with it. Also, most viruses would be unable to affect her. It'd take something specially written to debilitate her, or Coluan tech in general, to have any effect.

Earth presents some unique challenges, however. In general, Earth's technology is relatively primitive. She would have difficulty interfacing with it. She could learn how to communicate with such technology, but the older it is, the more difficulty she'll have in establishing an interface - and the more frustrating for the data transfer would be so SLOW. The more advanced the tech is, the easier time she'd have.

Minoke is learning how to sculpt - able to mold metal at the molecular form, she has begun to use this skill to create various sculptures like a statue or taking a piece of silver and shaping it into jewelry. She can even use this to practical applications - she could make a key for a lock for example.


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The ten-foot-long ship that Minoke travels in - with her core interfaced directly into the small computer and her body separate, stored in the ship.

It can travel in hyperspeed and can carry her long distances... however, it has minimal shielding and no weapons, the entire output of the tiny ship's engines devoted to propulsion. No lights or life-support necessary. So this can cause problems... like encountering an ion storm which caused Minoke's current situation of amnesia.

On Minoke's descent into Earth's atmosphere, the small rocket's heat shield damaged and the rocket crashed out of control. It will take quite some time to repair the little vessel - if it's even possible with the relatively primitive Earth technology.


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Now on Earth, Minoke tries to use her shapeshifting abilities to blend into the locals. She's not that good at it. Her eyes glow at times - she sometimes gets distracted and her skin reverts to its natural green - and sometimes she sounds and looks weird. Also, her "dietary needs" are completely alien - she 'eats' metal and 'drinks' electricity, and cannot even attempt to ingest normal food. She sometimes can appear human - but she probably isn't fooling anyone.

Minoke is ALWAYS curious about new things. She has a childlike wonder of the world, and will always investigate things she doesn't understand, even if it puts her into a potentially harmful situation. She was like this from initial boot-up of her core and it probably won't change anytime soon.

Minoke's heart-core is some of the most advanced Coluan technology, and should be proof against an EMP. Her nanite's interlink network, however, would not be as protected. If an EMP strikes Minoke, it would be bad: her outer surface would be disrupted (based on the strength of the EMP and her current surface area), breaking the interlink and making them fall to the ground as dust. A strong enough EMP could basically blast away her entire body, leaving her core left vulnerable in the 'liquid metal' of detached nanites.

The nanites would be able to 'reboot' and reform the interlink given a short time to dissipate the energy. Minoke would survive - but such an attack would be very disorienting. An EMP to her unprotected core could be fatal, considering the 'damaged' area on it.

Minoke's heart-core was damaged from the ion storm that caused her to forget her purpose and origins. There is a visible scorch-mark on the core itself, the indicator of other damage to the supercomputer. This damage, beside the amnesia, can manifest itself as various symptoms that could be mistaken for a form of brain damage, or other structural defects with her nanite interlink. There are no rhyme or reason to these - they happen randomly, based on a variety of factors.

Speech: Minoke's speech is artificially synthesized, like from a speaker. Once in a while, something goes wrong and her speech gets garbled - sounding like static or distortions, but sometimes it's more minor and just her words are strange-sounding, or she struggles to speak at all, the words coming out slow and labored.

Sleep Melting: Minoke puts herself to sleep to conserve power - the idle time is also useful to refresh the mental processes, similiar to why a human sleeps. Though with the damage to her core, occasionally she can't hold her humanoid form while sleeping and just melts into a big puddle on the bed. She can recover when she wakes up, but it's embarrassing.

Short-Term Memory: Occasionally new information she learns doesn't get stored to long-term memory - so she can forget something she has learned recently. Sometimes re-learning the information works.

Aphasia: Minoke's senses can occasionally get garbled, making it difficult to read and understand words and speech, or making her disoriented and clumsy. She would be very confused and possibly just unable to balance herself and fall over.

Morphing Failure: Minoke's default form is hardwired into her core, and she has no problems assuming it. But any other shapeshifts she assumes can occasionally fail - like if she's impersonating another person, or taking a nonhumanoid form, sometimes she loses the shift and reverts to her humanoid form - or just melts into a puddle. This can be disorienting and it could take her time to recover.

It's possible that if her heart-core is ever repaired, that this problem will be solved. But finding someone who can fix her core might be difficult. It might require her going 'home' to fix - but where her home is is a mystery...

Minoke's heart-core is literally her heart and brain. It is a baseball-sized supercomputer with an extremely durable metallic exterior with various green glowing lights. By itself it is just a computer - intelligent as computers are but not really 'sentient', unable to speak except in a trinary Coluan machine-code. The core needs to be in contact with the bulk of Minoke's nanites for the entire unit to function - if it was somehow ripped out of her body, or otherwise damaged, it could have catastrophic problems including 'death'. Minoke normally keeps it well-protected inside her nanite body, generally in the chest around where a human's heart would be, rarely letting it 'surface'.

Part of the core is already damaged with an obvious scorch-mark due to the ion storm that caused her to lose her memory - self-repairs are not functioning on it and it's a weak spot ON her most vulnerable area, where it could be more vulnerable than the rest to physical damage, perhaps even a way to unmake it.

Minoke weighs a lot - though she looks human, she can weigh anywhere between 500-1100 pounds depending on what she's made out of. This can cause problems, such as walking on fragile surfaces - she is quite capable of accidentally breaking something and not even noticing it.

Minoke can hold enough energy in her systems to run for 24 hours at full capacity. She can lessen this by putting herself in a 'sleep mode' of sorts, in which she only consumes 1/4 of the usual power. She tries to adopt a 'sleep cycle' like the organics around her - it helps her to blend in and is useful. For example, 8 hours asleep only counts 2 hours against her 24-hour 'full charge'.

Minoke's energy-beam attack can deplete her reserves by a variable amount based on how powerful of an attack she uses. She can also use her inner energy to 'charge' other devices, but she does these activities rarely unless she must, or has easy access to energy.

While traveling in deep space on her tiny rocket, a powerful ion storm was encountered. This caused massive damage to both the ship and Minoke's systems - all the knowledge she learned on her first year of activation before being launched was lost, as well as knowledge of where she came from. Backup memory kicked in so she knows in general what she is and how she works, but she has no idea of her origin, home world, or the reason she's out here - or the fact that she's still transmitting her data via subspace back to Colu.


Minoke feeds on electrical energy, or energies that can be converted to such. Normally she can cut off or pull back when the source she is trying to tap is too much for her. But this isn't always possible. Someone or something could pump way more electricity than she can handle. Or a lightning bolt. Or a circuit she's tapping gets a power surge. It would be agonizing to feel such, and if it lasts long enough, the bonds that connect her nanites could start to break down, and she could literally fall apart, her nanites becoming useless bits of metal. Her heart-core itself might be ravaged by a massive overload, and could shut down until the excess charge is dissipated. Or maybe would need to be repaired... but finding such a repair would be very difficult.


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