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Johnny Storm (Scenesys ID: 767)
"Drop the plan and follow the man."
Full Name: Jonathan Lowell Spencer Storm
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Four Freedoms Plaza (Midtown, Manhattan)
Education: Metro College, Empire State University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Fantastic Four, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 13 June 2001 Actor:
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 77 kg (169 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "I Can't Wait" - Sleepy Brown


Johnny Storm is your typical just out of college young adult millennial who also just happens to be publicly known and famous hero known as the Human Torch, and part of the Fantastic Four. His social media is on blast and he never misses an opportunity to expand his brand and popularity.

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The brash and outgoing nature of Johnny Storm is worn with easy comfort, easily viewable in nearly any situation. He's a tall, strong young adult that is well aware of his good-looking appearance. He has a very classic 'all American' blonde and blue-eyed look, with sturdy jaw, straight nose, and even features. His relatively short hair is slightly longer on top, giving a spark of faux-hawk style.

His body tone is athletic and trim, on the more 'lean' side than robustly muscled, creating a tone of movement and acrobatic ease.

All of this aside, the classic lines of the blue and black uniform shared by the Fantastic Four are known all across the world. The unstable molecules basically have the same effect as spandex, formfitting from mid-neck, and covering the entire body. Black at the top, with matching black gloves and boots. The rest of the uniform is a lightish blue, aside from the round symbol in the middle of his chest with a giant stylized '4'.


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Johnny was the younger of two siblings born to a very normal family in Huntington, Suffolk County. Before he could remember, his mother left them: a car accident took her. Their father was very busy, which meant Johnny's older sister Sue had to step up to raise him. As a wild, athletic boy, he was quite a handful, but his sister proved up to the challenge, and Johnny had a good upbringing entirely due to her.

Way back in 2017, when Johnny Storm was a teenager, he went for a ride with his sister, her boyfriend, and some other guy. It probably wouldn't make an especially good story, but the 'ride' they took was on an experimental spacecraft.

Exposure to cosmic rays caused all four of the astronauts to develop strange physiological quirks when they crashed/landed back on Earth. Johnny found that he'd developed the ability to coat his body in a fiery plasma, without getting burned.

Rather than consigning themselves to a freakshow, the four decided to stay together and do something fantastic with their new abilities. The Fantastic Four would be a group of superheroes for the modern age, tackling the problems that could only be solved by a heapin' helpin' of science. Johnny came to be known as The Human Torch, the member singlehandedly responsible for maintaining the group's Q Score in the 'Tween to Teen' market demographic.

It's been more than eight years now since the Fantastic Four banded together, and the world has changed drastically. But the F4 remain surprisingly constant in their unwavering devotion to their mission and each other. Most impressively, Johnny has almost entirely avoided growing up, despite being in his mid-twenties.


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It's probably not surprising that a man whose power is literally 'bursting into flames' is kind of hot-headed and impulsive.

Johnny has a pretty short fuse and he tends to make decisions extremely quickly, with minimal thought. This works out in his favor roughly half the time.

But he's not merely tempermental and impulsive, Johnny is truly passionate. About... pretty much everything he does. He gets excited pretty easily, and he tends to pursue goals with a lot of temerity. He's audacious in social situations, and fearless in the face of danger, but it's his steadfast refusal to ever be embarrassed that makes him simultaneously endearing and infuriating.

Johnny puts everyone else's safety above his own so his brashness may be interpreted as immaturity, which it is, but the reason isn't hardheadness. It's because he tends to take on more than he can chew.


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Fire Projectiles:
Johnny has the ability to project fire. Fireballs. 'Streams' of fire and the like as offensive capabilities. He can also use them to defend projectiles headed in his direction.

Flame On!:
With a mental trigger, Johnny Storm is able to 'flame on' and cover all or part of his body in a fiery plasma without getting burned. The fire enveloping him normally ranges in intensity from 'torch' levels to hotter than the Sun's surface.

Normally, the plasma covering him is hot enough to melt solid objects that get within a few inches of his body. Bullets tend to splash off of his chest, and he can fly straight through concrete or metal walls, leaving giant holes behind him. But he can also lower the intensity to avoid causing property damage, and he can selectively 'flame off' portions of his body if he wants to... say... carry someone along for the ride on one of his flights.

The hot air he produces provides sufficient positive buoyancy for him to float. By forming a jet from his feet, directed behind him, he can achieve a normal flight speed of 140 miles per hour, and accelerate up to supersonic speeds capable of catching up with faster beings such as the Silver Surfer while in the Earth's orbit.

Heat Control:
Everybody knows that the Human Torch can control fires, amping them up or putting them out. But technically he's not controlling 'fire', he's controlling the heat that produces the flames. Specifically, by 'absorbing' heat from the environment or 'projecting' heat back into it.

Practically, this means he can warm or cool his surroundings. He's also able to generate flames independently of his body, and he can make the flames take shapes and do tricks. One of his favorites is to form giant messages out of flame, or to create flame duplicates of himself that have sick dance moves.

Heat Immunity:
Even when he's not consciously controlling it, or when he's totally passed out, Johnny is still immune to heat. And flames, by extension. The heat would have to be hotter than the hottest heat that he can produce in order to burn him. That'd be crazy, since Johnny can burn hotter than the Sun.


Although it's typically a desperation move, Johnny is capable of directing all of his reserve flame energy in an omnidirectional blast of super intense heat. It can get about a million degrees and has roughly the same level of devastation as a nuclear blast.


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The Human Torch's preferred method of getting around combines creative use of flame propulsion, aerial maneuvers, and acrobatics. He's extremely maneuverable when he's airborne, and people tend to have a hard time keeping track of him when he's on the move. Much of his training involves flying through demented aerial obstacle courses that his so-called family members design for him, but it has ultimately paid off by making him blazingly fast and highly agile.

Before he could even legally drive, Johnny Storm was living out his Paul Walker fantasies and competing in drag races. These days, he tends to stick to closed tracks and semi-pro events, but he also does a lot of different types of charity races several times a year. As it stands, Johnny is basically a semi-pro caliber driver. To stand a chance at competing in Formula 1 or NASCAR, he'd need to devote way more time to mastering the skillset.

Lots of teenagers add sport wheels and loud mufflers to their Honda Civics. When Johnny was a teenager he restored a Datsun 510 from little more than a rusted out frame. Ever since then, he's been restoring/rebuilding cars as a hobby and souping them up to drag race. He's a gifted auto mechanic who would have no problem finding work in a variety of traditional garages or custom shops if he were ever to need a conventional job.

Although he mostly restricts his mechanical inclinations to fast cars, Johnny has been known to occasionally tinker with more exotic machinery. He's largely responsible for designing and maintaining the various versions of the Fantasti-Car, for example, and sometimes serves as an ersatz 'Scotty' on some of the ships that Reed has built.


Johnny is capable of piloting all of the versions of the Fantasti-Car and Pogo-Plane, as well as some of Reed's more esoteric methods of transportation. He frequently crashes though, so maybe we shouldn't rate his piloting skills too highly?


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Athleisure Line:
Recently, Johnny agreed to slap his name on a mid-priced athleisure line available in stores that specialize in affordable sporting goods. He's not exactly sure if it's going to turn a profit yet, but it fits well with his business plan of 'constant self-promotion.'

With a huge internet following and a high-profile superhero career, Johnny Storm is at least considered a B List celebrity. He's often referred to as the 'face' of the Fantastic Four, and he does nothing to dispel this notion. This amount of celebrity results in occasional endorsement deals, ad revenue from videos he posts, and paid public appearances.

Fantastic Four:
As a member of the Fantastic Four, Johnny has access to all of the tech, access, perks and benefits that comes along with the exclusive membership to the family. This can include weird devices and amazing vehicles, being bailed out of situations where he's in over his head, and being trusted by most of the general population to be heroic. As a Fantastic Four member, he's included in war meetings with other groups, and can expect acceptance and respect in general (deserved or otherwise).

Johnny has pretty special requirements from his clothing. Put simply, he'd be naked all of the time if he didn't have clothing capable of withstanding great amounts of heat. Fortunately, the Fantastic Four have access to unstable molecule fabric that suits all of Johnny's needs nicely. Virtually all of his clothing is made of unstable molecules, allowing him to flame on even when he's just chilling in a hoodie and sweatpants.


If he hadn't taken a ride with his sister and her corny friends, Johnny might have become a professional race car driver. But he's essentially stuck doing the occasional amateur or semi-pro race, along with a handful of charity races each year. Still, the money he earns from racing is enough to pay for his expensive car habit and earn him some public goodwill from whatever he wins for charity.


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Do It With Style:
Johnny has a bad habit to showboat. Do it with style or don't bother doing it. It can be a distraction.

Most of Johnny's abilities require actual combustion to work properly. If his flames are doused, he still can generate heat, but where's the fun in that? Extinguishing Johnny's flames is a sure way to keep him from flying away or throwing balls of fire at you, and it can effectively take him out of the fight. To do this, one needs to have specialized flame-retardant substances on hand, or a way to deny him oxygen. Simply splashing him with water won't cut it, but submerging him in sufficient quantities certainly would. He can also be wrapped in fire-proof blankets, or trapped inside some sort of airtight bubble. Be creative, it's not that hard to figure out ways to put out a fire.

Public Identity:
Not only is Johnny's superhero identity completely public, but everyone knows where he lives. He's basically an open book, who posts his daily routines on social media all the time. Fortunately, he likes the attention, but it makes him a pretty obvious security risk.

Recovery Period:

Johnny can only 'Flame On' for a certain amount of time. Once that time has expended, depending of his exertion, he will need time to recovery before his next 'Flame On'


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