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Victor Creed (Scenesys ID: 787)
There is a savage beast in every man, and when you hand that man a sword or spear and send him forth to war, the beast stirs.
Full Name: Victor Creed
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Occupation: Mercenary/Contract Killer
Citizenship: Genosha
Residence: Madripoor
Education: Infantry School & Special Forces

CIA Team X & Weapon X Training

Status: Dropped
Groups: Brotherhood, Hench, Light, SHIELD, X-Men, Xavier's School, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 201 Actual Age: 201
Date of Birth 6 Jun 1827 Actor: Dolph Lundgren
Height: 198 cm (6'6") Weight: 125 kg (275 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Amber
Theme Song: "Bleed for Me" by Black Label Society


One of the most skilled operators to come out of the U.S. military. A hunter in the night. A beast, unfettered by morals and only chained by the desire to remain out of SHIELD custody (or worse). A man, who willingly became an animal: Sabretooth!

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In another life, Victor Creed could have passed as a biker enforcer, or dive-bar bouncer, or professional wrestler.

His hair, at present, is straggly and long; blond, greasy locks displaying a disdain for most modern grooming practices. This seemingly carries on to his facial hair, with thick and curly blond sideburns covering most of his cheeks and leading down into a slightly thinner, but equally unkempt and messy, beard that covers his jutting chin.

Even when not smiling, his large and pointed canine teeth are obvious - often sticking out from his top lip at even the slightest hint of a grin, and bringing a certain menace to the man's already intimidating appearance. Each of his nails extends outwards far beyond normal human length (roughly two inches in length), taking on the appearance of claws - deadly sharp and glinting with a metallic sheen in the light

6'6" in height, Victor Creed cuts a terrifying figure to normal individuals, his thick muscles and tall frame giving off a dangerous air; somewhere between professional bodyguard and cage fighter.

Victor Creed is currently dressed down, a camo vest over a gray tee. He has on ragged, dusty green army khakis; and on each of his hands, fingerless leather gloves. A ragged black overcoat is draped over his shoulders, and dusty, brown leather boots cover his feet. The air of a man who doesn't really care what kind of impression he leaves on people, beyond 'intimidating'.


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When young Victor Creed's powers manifested, he viciously murdered his older brother over the last piece of pie. In response, his father chained him up in the cellar. This was back in the day, before people had electricity, running water, or nosy neighbors. So Victor stayed in the cellar, like a character from the Rob Zombie remake of Sling Blade. Every so often, Victor's father would pull out his claws and canine teeth, and try to beat 'The Devil' out of him.

Eventually, Victor chewed off his own hand to get free from his chains. After slaughtering his father, he disappeared into the Canadian wilderness. If only he'd had the decency to stay there...

Instead he made his way across Canada, getting whatever work was available to an unskilled youth with a strong back. Eventually he came to the attention of the kinds of people who need dirty work done. Over the years he served in various Army outfits, for his native Canada and later for the United States. No matter how many times he was shot or stabbed, he could always recover, and he always made his presence felt on a battlefield. When there wasn't a war going on, he found other ways to occupy his time and slake his growing bloodlust.

As the methods of warfare evolved, so did Victor, becoming ever more lethal as the decades rolled by. The OSS, the CIA, the SSR, Department H, and even S.H.I.E.L.D. all found uses for his talents. He went by friendly-sounding codenames like 'Butcher', 'El Tigre', and 'Der Schlächter' before the name 'Sabretooth' finally started to stick. He smuggled drugs from Colombia. Ran casinos in Las Vegas. Managed brothels in Madripoor. He murdered Mafia dons, heads of state, women and children. And nearly all of it was done under some flag or another.

During the 60s, Sabretooth was recruited into the Weapon X Program. Subjected to the latest in shady science, and trained in all the latest murder techniques, Sabretooth became one of the most efficient killers on the planet. Unlike most of the other members, Sabretooth didn't need to be coerced into the torturous program, he was just an eager student. Sabretooth was already an animal, but Weapon X made him a monster.

Sabretooth's post-Weapon X career has been especially bloody. He's done stints with the Brotherhood of Mutants, The Hand, and the Marauders. He's sub-contracted for major players like the Hellfire Club or Hydra. But nobody pays better for Sabretooth's unique skills than the good ol' US of A.


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Long before he became a subject in the Weapon X program, Victor Creed was already more animal than man in many ways - his mutation and the cruelty he endured at his father's hands combining to make the man unusually feral, prone to sudden outbursts of violence and utterly ruthless in terms of morality or methods. Through time and plentiful military training (spanning decades, in fact) Victor has learned some level of restraint, though even his actions in Vietnam immediately prior to being picked up by the CIA and Team X speak to a man with no qualms about carrying out orders, or acting beyond in the rules of engagement in ways that would make most men recoil in horror.

This learned restraint has come after many post-mission admonishments of his behaviour - court martials, stints in the brig and, finally, a summary execution that revealed the extent of his mutant powers to the U.S. Government during his time in Vietnam. The CIA and the Weapon X taught him to, if not completely control, than work with his cold, brutal nature - using his terrifying methods to his advantage while still learning to keep a minimum of collateral damage whenever possible.

Victor Creed is a man who, above all else, needs some purpose in life - in fact, since childhood (and no doubt a direct result of the abuse, both mental and physical, he suffered at the hands of his devout father), he has carried around a deep-seated self-hatred and overwhelming desire to prove himself - carrying over into his rivalry with Wolverine, who was frequently considered his superior in the battlefield (and the recipient of the first adamantium skeleton, which Victor long sought for himself).

As a result of his nature and his training in Special Operations and off-the-books missions, the man is about as cold-blooded as it gets - willing to kill entire platoons in the dead of night just to fulfill his mission, but also equally capable of sneaking into a secured facility and eliminating just a single target (should the job call for it).

Although he puts forth a ruthless front, and his reputation backs it up, there is a side of Creed that takes a certain pity on outcasts and those who don't seem to fit in - even in the mutant world. He has often taken other loners, particularly younger ones, under his wing as a sort of 'protector' or 'mentor', teaching them to harness his abilities as a certain Weapon X Colonel once taught him. He also frequently teams up with other mercenaries to complete more difficult contracts; although he greatly prefers to work alone whenever possible, he is not one to turn down a beneficial partnership with the right person. It's perhaps the most human aspect of this man-turned-beast, and the only part of his psyche that doesn't fall prey to his savage urges.

Despite the fact that he frequently lives and hunts alone, Creed is more than capable of working in a team-setting and is quick adept at dealing with people; a side benefit to decades spent in the criminal underworld and intelligence communities. His reputation and presentation hide a cunning intellect and tactical ability that most people overlook in favour of his sheer intimidation factor. Able to spot weaknesses almost instantly both in mind and body, Sabretooth is particularly adept at finding out where his opponent or target is most vulnerable (be it an addiction, a family member, a mistress, or a physical ailment - Victor has a certain knack for sniffing out the soft underbelly of his chosen prey), and then strictly in that particular spot.


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Acute Senses:
Sabretooth's senses of hearing, sight, taste, and smell are all at superhuman levels. His sene of smell is particularly advanced, allowing him to identify individuals by their unique scent years after he first met them and track targets from miles away. His cat-like eyes help him see in low-light environments, and his vision is better than 20/10. He can identify an impressive array of objects, substances, and chemical compounds by tasting the residue left behind. So sharp as his taste buds that he can even tell the difference in types of amunition by licking the inside of the expended casing. His hearing is advanced enough that he's able to detect nearly-silent footfalls behind him, or tell when a victim's heart is starting to beat faster.

Sabretooth possesses the agility of a jungle cat, and is able to move much more swiftly and gracefully than a man of his size has any right to. He's able to rip off soldiers' arms before they can pull a trigger, or chase a fleeing victim like they were standing still. He can even run on all fours like a tiger, increasing his movement speed while making him even tougher to shoot.

Animal Empathy:
Sabretooth would be much happier living in the wild with animals. Long contact has enabled him to develop an affinity with wildlife that enables him to pass as just another beast. He's especially fond of the big cats, and he's one of the few people living who'd be able to walk with a tiger or amongst a pride of lions without risk of being mauled. They seem him as another predator, not as a potential meal.

Each of Sabretooth's fingers end with a large, partially-retractable claw. Normally, they're about two inches long, but can be extended to about three. The claws are extremely sharp and mostly unbreakable. Combine that with Sabretooth's massive strength, and he can easily shred just about anything in a few seconds. Obviously, exotic metals are immune to Sabretooth's claws, and enough force can certainly break them. Technically he can sheath them a bit more to do fine-manipulation with something like a weapon, but rarely does so, as it is not comfortable.

Enhanced Durability:
While able to lift and swing for massive force, even up to near ten tons if he's feeling kamikaze, he doesn't have the body structure to really withstand huge amounts without breaking his own limbs. He can't take more than about five tons of incoming pressure on his bones without breaking, but that's still more than admirable. And he can heal his bones rapidly, so there's that, too. With enhanced sense of feeling, though, he doesn't go around trying to hurt himself.

Enhanced Strength:
While able to lift and swing for massive force, he doesn't have the body structure to really withstand huge amounts without breaking his own limbs for any real period. He is capable of lifting nearly ten tons if he wanted to hurt himself, or putting that proportional amount of force behind each swipe of his claws, but is most likely to break something if he does that against something that actually hits back, and so, he usually stays down at say five tons or less weight.

Sabretooth's teeth are hardened, and strong enough to dent or tear some general metals. These regenerate fast if needed, but are pretty strng as is. It keeps his teeth from getting knocked out and keeps him from needing to brush, but most importantly this strength in the bone makes it even easier for him to rip out an opponents throat with his fangs.

Like his namesake, Sabretooth is able to pounce on his prey and incapacitate them almost instantly. Unlike his namesake, he's able to leap roughly half the length of a basketball court. If only he'd joined the NBA instead of becoming a hitman.

Unlike some people, Sabretooth doesn't see any harm in getting mad once in awhile. In fact, he embraces it. Sabretooth has found that using his anger correctly makes him almost unstoppable, and it makes him feel like a demigod. When he's faced with a hopeless situation, when someone is trying to tamper with his mind, or when he's not doing well in a fight, all Sabretooth has to do is get mad and his mind is clear and focused. Of course, he tends to 'focus' only on ripping out throats when he's good and mad, but everyone needs to set realistic goals for themselves, right?


Sabretooth's healing abilities are massive. He doesn't have metal in his body that might slow such a thing (unalike some people), which makes his system masterfully efficient. He's able to regenerate damaged tissue at a vastly accelerated rate. Surface damage heals within seconds. Minor wounds, like a stab or gunshot, heal within a matter of seconds. Multiple stabs/gunshots can heal within minutes, or even faster, in some situations. He can even come back from having his entire body burned, or huge chunks of his abdomen (and the accompanying organs) ripped out. This can take awhile, however.
His healing abilities make him practically immune to all but a few extremely exotic poisons and intoxicants (but not, say, drowning). That doesn't mean he's going to stop drinking beer, it just means that it doesn't really make him drunk. Interestingly, it also repairs damage to his muscles and eliminates fatigue poisons far more efficiently. This allows him to operate at peak efficiency for hours, which helps explain why his workout routines are so effective.


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Anyone who has ever gone up against Sabretooth knows that he's a vicious, relentless hand to hand fighter. Over the past century he's evolved from a tavern brawler to a highly inventive close-quarters combat master. His recent stint at Weapon X has sharpened his skills a bit and made him work on his form, but he's never really been one for 'practice.' Instead, he keeps improving his skills by killing someone almost every single day.

Back when Sabretooth first joined up with an army, they still stood in rows and fired at each other across an open field. So he's had to evolve with the times, changing up his tactics each decade. Sabretooth could easily fall in with a team of modern special operatives and outperform most of them. In a way, he's become institutionalized as paramilitary outfits are the only social structures that really make any sense to him. He understands the rules and the culture, and is able to thrive there. More importantly, he's able to give and receive orders, understand the mission parameters, and achieve the objective in a tactically sound manner.

These days, a lot of the old rules are being thrown out of the window. Between drone strikes and superpowered opponents, an operator like Sabretooth has to be more creative than ever before. So far, he's managing just fine.

As a master tracker, Sabretooth knows exactly how to thwart any attempts to track or detect him. When he wants to, he can move undetected through dense foliage or through a guarded facility. Or even when climbing on vertical surfaces or ceilings.

When Sabretooth feels like relaxing, he often goes out into the wilderness and lives there. He's been doing this off and on for more than a hundred years.

Sabretooth is a master tracker, able to find and follow his prey even in the densest jungles. Humans are far easier to track than the animals that Sabretooth usually tries to catch. Humans are noisy, messy and smelly, and they tend to leave all sorts of clues behind.

Even when he's not in the wilderness, Sabretooth is still able to track targets using various clues and his sense of smell in conjunction. The simple uptake is that nobody's able to get away from Sabretooth if he's looking for them, no matter where they are.

Well, maybe if they went to space. Or the ocean or something. But nowhere else.

At this point in his life, Sabretooth has probably logged more hours behind the wheel of a car than most Indycar drivers, more hours behind the controls of a helicopter than most Army pilots, and more hours in the cockpit of a jet than most Thunderbirds. But just because he 'can' operate these vehicles doesn't mean he's going to volunteer to do so. He prefers to sit in the back and drink.


Yes, it's more fun killing a man with your bare hands. However, Sabretooth has been trained to use just about every other instrument of death commonly used by men. When he first started fighting, the Springfield 1861 was the weapon of choice for many servicemen. Sabretooth has had to evolve with the times, moving from Bowie knives and revolvers to Ka-Bars MP5s. Along the way, he's had to pick up and use many more esoteric designs, but he generally prefers to avoid using anything too weird.

Is there really any point to learning how to use a sword or a throwing star? Honestly...


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For years now, Sabretooth has been a card carrying member of the Brotherhood. If he were bit better suited to leadership roles he might be one of the top-ranking members of the group. However, his unique skillset and temperament have led him to become more of a special operative who tends to get called upon only for certain types of missions.

His service during the Genoshan Civil War has resulted in Sabretooth having official citizenship on the island of Genosha. This is only moderately useful, since he tends to travel through illegal channels or under assumed names. But it's nice having a country that will allow him to claim it, since none of the other countries want him.

Although his official citizenship is on Genosha, Sabretooth does a lot of his shady dealings on Madripoor. He owns several business interests there, which serve as his main sources of stable income and wealth storage.

Over the last few decades, Sabretooth has built up a solid reputation as one of the most vicious and effective mercenaries that can be bought. There seems to be practically nothing that he won't do for a price, but he virtually never accepts a better offer after the deal has been closed. That may not be much of a code of honor, but it's enough in most of the circles that Sabretooth swims in.


One of Sabretooth's more lucrative operations doesn't involve him doing much, if any, actual killing. Instead, he tends to make quite a bit smuggling various goods into economically distressed areas like Genosha. Sabretooth is uniquely suited to getting goods past the international sanctions that tend to be imposed on smaller countries, and he makes a (virtual) killing doing it.


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For some customers, Sabretooth's reputation is a definite selling point. But for most people, the kind of track record that Sabretooth has is a definite turn-off. Only the worst criminals tend to purchase Creed's loyalty. Or people who hate someone bad enough that they want to see them mauled to death and possibly eaten. Funnily enough, this doesn't seem to keep Uncle Sam from hiring Creed on a fairly regular basis...

It might not seem like a 'weakness' to have heightened senses, but it can be if the right tactics are deployed. Sabretooth's senses can be overloaded, usually by extremely loud noises or blinding lights. These types of attacks tend to be even more effective against him than they are against normal humans.

Sabretooth has been leaving a bloody trail of carnage across the planet for about a century. He's officially wanted in almost every country on the planet (Genosha and Madripoor being notable exceptions...). When travelling to other countries, he has to use a fake identity or deal with annoying SWAT teams.


Sabretooth is a big, heavy guy. There aren't many people capable of pulling his wounded body off of a battlefield. There's also a much higher chance of objects (like furniture or floors) giving out when his full weight is applied to them, limiting his options for pursuit when a lighter target manages to find an escape route.


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