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Sandra Billings (Scenesys ID: 9635)
"Hey, hold still! If you keep moving like that, you'll bleed out. I got you, okay? Just look into my eyes, breathe and hold my hand. Give me a good squeeze. I /got/ this. You're going to be fine."
Full Name: Sandra Billings
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: ER/Trauma Nurse
Citizenship: American
Residence: NYC
Education: MS Biology. RN Certifications.
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 01 01 2000 Actor: Sara Rue (younger)
Height: 167 cm (5'6") Weight: 90 kg (200 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


Sandra Billings is a Trauma ER Nurse at the Lenox Hill Emergency Room in New York City. She is an upbeat, optimistic and happy woman while on duty. Highly intelligent and witty. She could be mistaken for a librarian for her love of books. She frequents cafes in the early mornings before her 14 hour shifts.

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Sandy is a woman in her upper twenties, coming close to the start of her thirties. She is rather plain in appearance, in that she has mousey brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a figure that is a bit more rounder than slender. Sandy is not obese by any means, nor does it mean she is not comfortable in her skin. She is a woman that radiates positivity and upbeat energy. As if she is carry the weight on her broader shoulders. When Sandy is not wearing light blue nurse scrubs, she can be mostly seen in flowing sun dresses that stop at the knee, or, faded blue jeans and t-shirts with button up plaids tied at her waist.


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Sandra was born and raised in New York. The Bronx, specifically. Both of her parents are in the medical field. Her father is a surgeon and her mother is a registered nurse. Growing up a single child with two parents who were constantly at work, she spent most of her time studying in the company of a babysitter, waiting anxiously for her family to come home. Her childhood went by in a blur and she didn't keep a single friend from those days, and junior high was a nightmare.

As she hit puberty, her weight started to creep up on her, and so did the bullying and teasing. What she didn't know what that it was linked to a suddenly active x-gene that was causing her to body to become more denser and durable. It wasn't as if she ever got hurt or injured much as it is. She just thought it was an addiction to sweets. It wasn't until high school when she realized what was happening, especially when it came to her super strength. She had a bad day at school and slammed her locker door a bit too hard and the door was yanked off the hinges.

History 2:
With mutant hysteria starting to become loud both in the real world and online, Sandra hid her new talents from even her parents. She kept to herself, isolating away from any of her friends and burying herself in her books and homework. It was at that point she wanted to study genetics, biology and mutation mapping. Maybe one day she will find a cure! Maybe she can find a vaccine to cure this. She went through the stages of self-loathing, all the while continuing to struggle with the emotions of gaining weight and hating this new person she would look at in the mirror. Graduating with high honors and having an easy picking of schools to study at, Sandra went to a local Medical college on the few scholarships that she was awarded, completing a bachelor in both biology and nursing.

As she found success in her academics and surrounded by like minded people, Sandra started to find the joy she once held and became a bit more open and outgoing. She made college into a new life for herself, leaving behind the bad days of high school and the angst of being a mutant and traded it for late night coffee shop jams with study groups.

History 3:

Now approaching her 30's, Sandra is now a successful trauma nurse at Lenox Hill Emergency Room. She has wracked up quite a bit of debt in obtaining her certifications and she is now currently working towards a PHD in her spare time during the weekends and at night. She has a small group of friends now, a constantly evolving work schedule which keeps her busy and the rush of adrenaline that comes with saving lives. Unlike some mutants, Sandy never had a path to being a superhero, nor did she have the aspirations to. She is enjoying fitting into society, being 'normal' and working to help keep people safe, healthy and alive.


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Sandra is a high energy, coffee sipping bubbly personality. As a Nurse, she revels in being a life saver and takes great joy in helping people either in the ER or out on the streets through charity. Sandra is passionate about giving back to the community, traits that she picked up from her parents who were both Doctors in the field as well. Sandra tends to take life in stride fairly well, having grown thick skin (literally) and most insults about her personally or her weight is brushed off quickly. That doesn't mean she doesn't have her doubts and dark moments of course. Rough nights at the ER in which everything can possibly go wrong is taken home with her. Big hearts mean big tears.


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Sandra is nearly invulnerable with a denser body weight that makes her heavier than she appears. Her center of gravity has a natural anchor that makes it difficult to knock her off her feet. Normal revolver rounds will bounce off her, knives will not penetrate her skin. She is not invincible though, as she can still feel the pain of being shot, being burned, being stabbed. A shotgun blast can definitely damage her body, even if she absorbs most of it. Being hit by someone much more powerful than her will rock her and most likely break the bones of her body. If she takes a full hit by a car traveling at a quick velocity, she may be able to stand her ground due to her natural anchor, but she is not going to walk away pretty either. Sandra's body can be damaged with high intensity lasers that are designed to melt or puncture through thick surfaces, high impact weapons that could be made with diamonds, and, adamantium based weapons.

Just because Sandra is a walking tank of a bubbly upbeat nurse, doesn't mean she is without her flaws. She can be suffocated, drowned and poisoned normally as anyone else. She just has nigh-impervious skin that can take a beating. Due to this, it will make it impossible to operate on her if she was to become damaged internally. It is one of the many reasons why she shys away from conflict.

Super Strength:

As a mutant, Sandra possesses super strength. She is able to lift and bench press up to a 1000 pounds without a struggle, and a max of 2000 before it really starts to wear on her. She can punch a fairly good sized dent into steel if she winds up and puts her shoulder into it.


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Sandra has high empathy and can pick out a person's emotions easily, as well as navigate them through alignment and assurance. As a nurse, she needs to know how to de-escalate emotions, calm people down and create order.

Sandra is a fully certified Registered Nurse in New York City. She works in an ER so she understands the in and outs of stabilizing patients, delivering medication, utilizing medical equipment, etc. She understands the basics of CPR all the way up to setting bones, stitching people together, diagnosing and creating quick decisions to sustain / save a life.

Perfect Memory:

Sandra is a fantastic researcher and devourer of information. If she wasn't a Nurse, she would be a librarian. She spends a lot of time reading everything from science, medicine and biology to science fiction and YA novels. She retains memory and is known for crushing most trivia nights at the local pub.


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Sandra lives in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in the BOHO district of New York City. It has a covered garage for her vehicle so it won't be stolen off the street at night.

Sandra makes an annual salary as an ER nurse of $90,000 a year. That is the New York City average salary of a tenured RN (plus a few years of annual bonus applied from years worked)


Sandra drives a bright yellow Kia Soul 2020. Car is 8 years old and paid off. She bought it used five years ago and it still runs like a happy hamster.


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Sandra has an addiction to Amphetamine pills . She started popping them in college to try and keep up with her studies and now that it's carried over into her career where she has long, very long nights and weeks, she has come to depend on them to keep her going. She gets the jitters often and if she tries to go cold turkey she has terrible mood swings and withdrawl.

Can't Swim:
Due to Sandy's thick density of her skin, she is not able to 'float' properly in water or hold herself above the surface. She would sink like a rock after a violent struggle of trying to stay afloat.

Forged Paperwork:
Due to Sandy's durability, she was not able to deliver bloodsamples for legal paperwork and processing. She had to use a friend to 'donate' her bloodtype and she swapped out the samples. This is her lowest moment in life in her opinion but she could not run the risk of being found out about being a mutant, not after all of her hard work.


Medical degrees do not come cheap. Sandra is currently in debt by about 200K and has a large monthly sum to pay off each month.


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Yule Regret It, Beast December 14th, 2020 Sandy and Hank get into an argument, which turns into a very revealing phone call.
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Missed phone calls August 4th, 2020 Hank gets back to Sandy to find out about the attack. She's a wreck. But as usual, he cheers her up.
Attempting Murder August 3rd, 2020 Grant tries to kill someone at Sandy's hospital. Things do not go as planned.
Beaches and Boardwalks July 21st, 2020 Hank and Sandy go to the beach!
Coffee and Conversations July 14th, 2020 Hank and Sandy have a nice date and make some weekend plans.
Dance Dance Evolution! July 9th, 2020 Hank and Sandy go on a date. Alice and Shannon are at the same club. Things end up going strangely.
Pleasant Introductions July 5th, 2020 Hank introduces his friends to his new paramour, Sandy! It goes well. Dinosaurs aren't mentioned by name.
Introductions and Indigestion July 4th, 2020 X-Folks have a great get together
Truth Revealed July 1st, 2020 Sandy comes clean to Hank about being a mutant. They acted cute and went off to see a movie afterwards.
Uncovering secrets that leads to truths June 30th, 2020 Sandy and Beast try to get coffee for a breakfast date. Sandy gets shot by a bigot. What now?
An Octopus in need June 30th, 2020 Doctor Octopus, on the run from Foot soldiers after an attack, gets emergency treatment from an unlikely source, and ends up pointing Beast in the right direction to learn about the shadowy war going on in New York
A night out with a Beast June 29th, 2020 Sandy and Beast have a first date. They hold hands. <3
Delicious Discussions June 28th, 2020 Hank McCoy and Sandy Billings meet while on separate quests for sweet delights!
Coffee and what now June 27th, 2020 Everyone wandered through, but distractions managed to prevent much in the way of interactions.


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