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Riana Mackenzie (Scenesys ID: 9154)
"See no evil, speak no evil, sure. Hear no evil, that's another matter."
Full Name: Riana Mackenzie
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Bushwick (Mutant Town)
Education: Some College
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 1 May 2002 Actor:
Height: 166 cm (5'5") Weight: 52.1 kg (115 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Ring of Fire" by Nightstep


By day, she is Riana Mackenzie, eldest daughter of two, raised by a single dad in Danvers, Massachusetts. She's tough, independent, but with a bit of a romantic at the core, and has a soft spot for little kids. Determined to prove to herself that she can make her own way, despite the love of her doting father, she made her way to Bushwick, to put down her own roots. She'll take on odd jobs where necessary to keep a roof over her head while pursuing her dream of teaching martial arts full-time, but will not hesitate to pass along her skills to young kids, whether or not they can pay.

But by night, fears of her secret keep her awake. The children she teaches think she has eyes in the back of her head and can take on the world. In reality, however, she hides her mutant gifts from even her own kin, afraid that one day, if they were ever brought to light, she would either be used as a weapon for evil, or harm those closest to her. So she keeps that list short; perhaps, however, things could change one day.

What will she be in this world? Will she keep her gifts silent? Will she choose a side? Or will she fight on her own? Only time will tell.

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Freckles. There is no missing the dusting of freckles scattered across this woman's face, nor is it possible to lose her in a snowstorm due to the titian tresses that cascade to roughly the middle of her back. Twin shards of sage green form eyes that, at turns, bear a steely depth, or hints of warmth, overarched by delicate brows matching her hair. The hue of her skin is a delicate, pale peach, leaving one to wonder how well she might fare in the sun. Only a hint of gloss is needed on her rosy lips; she wears no other makeup. Her figure is well-toned, with curves in all the right places, and she 'fills out' her clothing very well, though not to excess.

At the moment, she wears a baggy hunter green hoodie, the hood of which is lined with fabric bearing wild roses blooming in profusion. Stonewashed blue jeans that have seen better days, and black sneakers complete the outfit.


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Riana was born in Danvers, Massachusetts, the eldest of two daughters to Payton and Eileen Mackenzie. She learned all too well the fickle nature of the heart when her mother left her father and sister behind for her father's (now former) best friend. With only each other to depend on, Riana, her father, and her younger sister Lena, became very close-knit. Her father never remarried, preferring instead to dote upon his daughters and raise them as best he could to become strong, independent, honorable women.

On a whim one day when she was eleven, she entered a church raffle for free martial arts lessons; much to her delight, her name was drawn, and a lifelong love of martial arts was born. The contest itself was only for three lessons, but upon discovering her affinity for Tang Soo Do, her father couldn't say no to continuing her training.

As is the way of things with many young mutants, her gifts manifested themselves when she was thirteen. She was alone in the weights room at Danvers High School, when she realized the weights she was deadlifting seemed just a little too easy for her. So she tried heavier and heavier weights, but no matter how much she added, it might as well have been like feathers to her. Right away, she knew something was different. But, rather than put herself and her family at risk by testing the full range of her gifts, she learned to restrain her full strength, testing herself privately and avoiding visible outward displays that would signal her difference. Learning how to deal with her hearing was a bit harder when it manifested about a month later, as the range and volume of noises would frequently leave her with potent headaches. She learned meditation around this time, seeking silence both within and without. It proved beneficial to her, learning to focus her sense of hearing at will over time, and filter out excess sound so she could live normally. She never once told her family about the reasons for the headaches, however, nor did she tell them about her strength, as she had no wish to see them put in harm's way.

As she grew up, her family remained a constant source of inner strength and support for her, as well as offering what material support they could. While this was helpful to a degree, and she didn't mind staying and helping her father for everything he'd done for her, her independent spirit finally won out in her early twenties. She began taking general college courses online, and at the present time still does so as her own finances allow; she will not accept help paying for courses, so her education is progressing a little more slowly than most. Determined to not be a burden to her family while pursuing her dreams, she struck out on her own, heading for Bushwick to put down roots of her own. She remains on good terms with her family, but now her own story begins....


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While generally warm and caring towards students she might take on, the fact that she is a mutant has left her with a degree of detachment from most others around her. The world out there is not kind to her kind, and as she has thus far walked alone in her journey, she's had to toughen up and otherwise put up walls around her heart. At times, she might come across as cool, sometimes even brusque, particularly if she doesn't know someone. This is not to say she is cold--far from it. She can be kind, caring, and a loyal friend; perhaps one day there will be one who can break through that wall, to the beating heart that lies beneath. To see an innocent harmed can draw her anger; even so, she is reluctant to use her gifts to their fullest extent, as killing is, and always should be, a last resort. One major fear is that, if ever she were to display her gifts to their full extent, she would one day beforced to use them for unsavory purposes, and harm the very innocents she would rather watch over in her own way. She is a part of the world, yet because of her gifts, feels somewhat apart from it, and longs for a day when her kind might be welcomed, and she no longer has to hide.


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Enhanced Hearing:
It's very hard to pull one over on Riana; this is the gift that most often has children thinking she has eyes in the back of her head. Without effort, she can hear whispered conversations a few rooms away. If focused, she can hear someone's heart beating from the top floor of your average apartment building. Out of necessity, she has also had to learn to filter out unwanted sounds on a general basis for the sake of her own sanity.

Enhanced Strength:
Riana benches 800 lbs or less without concentrating most of the time. The current upper range of her strength is 1200-1500 lbs., with a degree of concentrated effort.

Healing Factor:

As is far from unusual in mutants, Riana has a strong healing factor. A cut or a simple wound will heal in a matter of minutes to hours, a broken bone might take a couple of days, while major internal injuries will take longer depending on severity. The effects of illnesses are also lessened, and it is nearly impossible for her to get drunk or poisoned. Regeneration of limbs is possible, but decapitation is currently the only thing she cannot recover from.


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Riana has a penchant for putting her creativity to use finding novel uses for old objects, and 'up-cycling' them where she can. This enables her to make do with fewer resources overall.

Martial Arts:
Riana is a 2nd Dan (2nd degree) black belt in Tang Soo Do, and is thus considered qualified to pass along her knowledge.

While mostly preferring unarmed combat, Riana has considerable skill with the bo staff, recurve bow, and short-bladed weapons such as daggers. Her skill level in each can be described as proficient, with bo staff being her favorite.


In the process of crafting her own bo staff, Riana was able to pick up some basic woodworking skills, and derived enough satisfaction from the process to maintain interest and pursue further sharpening of her budding skill in various aspects of the art. This includes improving her basic skills, with additional interest in carving and woodburning.


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Though it's small, Riana maintains an apartment in Bushwick, preferring to furnish and decorate it with 'up-cycled' items rescued from antique stores and estate sales.

Bo Staff:
Riana has her own bo staff, which she crafted herself. It is the only weapon she carries on a regular basis, though she does have skill in others.

While doing her best to lead her own life, Riana can count on the support of her father and sister, if necessary, whether in emotional and moral support, or in some instances, financial, to some degree. The latter, however, is far less likely for her to call upon.

Woodburning Set:
Riana has a small, basic woodburning set, which she uses to hone her budding skills, and create decorative items around her home where possible.

Woodcarving Tools:
Riana has a small, basic woodcarving tool set, simple but enough with which to hone her budding skills.

Work Ethic:

Riana will take on whatever legal, honest work she can to make ends meet, while in pursuit of her dream. She currently works in a Bed, Bath, and Beyond in the Salem Center mall, commuting there from Bushwick.


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Due to her healing factor, Riana needs to eat more than usual to maintain her health--especially when recovering from an injury or illness. Some might mistake this for a healthier-than-usual appetite.

Sensory Overload:

If her hearing is overloaded by extended high frequency or intense noises, or if she is caught off-guard, Riana can get ripping headaches and have her hearing reduced to half of a normal human's level.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Tricks or Treats October 26th, 2021 Talk of trick-or-treat and Halloween movies leads to talk of tricks of the trade--and when a thief is not a thief.
Crying Man at the Blue Lady. August 20th, 2021 Riana comes to the Blue Lady for a show, and has a brush with a Vampire.
Miracles CAN Happen! (Or: Of Derpy Doggos and Killer Tomatoes) July 12th, 2021 Miracles do happen. Riana actually cooks without burning supper. Jack defends Remy and Riana from a giant tomato. All is well in the world.
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King of Hearts homecoming. May 17th, 2021 Remy and Riana catch up after a week apart.
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Whatever you do. Don't mess with the hat. January 23rd, 2021 Thugs crash, Remy and Riana Bo Staff, Nick dodges, and Hulk Smash
The Cure: The Antidote January 18th, 2021 Various heroes team up to stop the Reavers from assassinating Dr Brightman and his family. Meanwhile, Beast steaks through a forest.
Big Trouble on Little Hala: Part 2 December 16th, 2020 That's no donut, that's a donut-shaped space station!
Santa Claws' Naughty List: Part 2 December 7th, 2020 Petty Revenge! But they deserved it.
Big Trouble on Little Hala: Part 1 December 7th, 2020 It's not really called 'Little Hala', but there IS Big Trouble there.
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A Thief for a Thief December 5th, 2020 Catwoman visits Mutant town in search of someone. Meets an unlikely ally instead.
Save Jack! November 9th, 2020 A successful cooking attempt becomes Jack's dinner. Gumbo is shared, vacation and anniversary plans made, and the groundwork for a new dojo is set down on paper.
Flat Chance October 12th, 2020 Mercy fixes a flat tire and shares the joy of cookies...and makes a new two and new four legged friend
This is what they call a walk in the park... October 3rd, 2020 Spider Man runs into Remy and Rianna for some action!
Trail of the Technovore! September 14th, 2020 Action! Adventure! Animatronics! Bucky blows up some stuff! Hawkeye gets goop everywhere! Everyone else is there too!
Playing Cupid September 4th, 2020 Remy and Ri play Cupid to their friends Trevor and Mae, over pizza and a game of One Night Werewolf. Aroooo!
Terror of the Technovore! August 12th, 2020 The Technovore gets loose in Stark Tower! Heroes arrive to contain the threat, and fight Naked LMDs! Also, Tony and J.A.R.V.I.S. look like goners at the end.
(Armored) Car Trouble August 6th, 2020 A group of do-gooders interrupts a friendly, neighborhood armored car robbery.
Martial Arts Practice August 6th, 2020 Snake Eyes teaches martial arts.
Madripoor Connection: Dangerous Streets August 4th, 2020 Lex and Riana spy on Tony Stark as he gives money to drug dealers.
Practice in the Park July 9th, 2020 Snake and Riana become friends over a mutual love of martial arts.
Protesting people proceed in postirior pummeling, June 14th, 2020 Mutants get into a fight and win!
Off The Leash June 9th, 2020 Riana and Kitty meet and greet--and so do their animal companions.
Delivering groceries May 14th, 2020 Riana and Remy meet up.
Never Meddle In The Affairs of Dragons April 23rd, 2020 Riana drops in on Richard Dragon to say hello, but winds up helping him clear out unwelcome visitors to his dojo instead!
Myths, Legends, and Reality April 3rd, 2020 Riana seeks the counsel of Richard Dragon on how best to deal with a swarm attack, in case the Harpies come back.
Local Problems March 6th, 2020 Riana looks for a peaceful spot to train out in nature, but winds up fighting harpies alongside Poseidon instead!
Of Fables and Foibles February 16th, 2020 Tales are told, lessons learned, and a teacher once more becomes a student.
Date Night for Ri and Re February 16th, 2020 The couple have dinner and talk about the past.
Wax On, Wax Off February 14th, 2020 Bean and Riana finally introduce themselves, and Riana also meets Bear.
School's Out For--well, the day. February 12th, 2020 Snowball Fight!

And who was the vertically challenged doppleganger?

Coils of the Serpent February 12th, 2020 Riana and Samuel fight Bikers
A Big Step Into Little Russia February 10th, 2020 In continuing the search for a location for her future dojo, Riana meets Piotr, and finally begins to test the limits of her gifts. A new friendship is made!
Wild Rose, Hidden Dragon January 29th, 2020 Riana seeks to satisfy her curiosity about Richard Dragon's dojo, and finds that the teacher can still become the student.
All's Fair In Love, War, and Playing With Sticks January 13th, 2020 Remy and Riana spar on the rooftop of her apartment building. A mysterious bet is made, and unfortunately--or fortunately, maybe?--Riana loses.
A First Christmas Eve December 29th, 2019 Remy and Riana spend their first Christmas together, and welcome the one-eyed holiday pup, Jack!
Central Park Greetings December 27th, 2019 Warren goes for a walk in Central Park and Riana ruins an attempted mugging!
And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeee. December 12th, 2019 Remy and Riana leave the mall, a little Christmas shopping done with more to do later.
A Jarl For A Day: Barbara Gordon November 27th, 2019 A night of celebration was held in honor of Jarl For A Day, overseen by Jarl Barbara Gordon. It gave many an unfamiliar glance at customs of old, with bonus visits from King of Asgard, Thor of the Avengers, and the Lady Sif, a Shield Maiden to the Asgardian Royal Family.
Something old...and more somethings old. November 26th, 2019 David buys a desk, and buys Riana a lamp. The Antique shop owner gets a healthy comission. Everyone is happy.
Cocoa and Snow angels. November 25th, 2019 After being frozen Remy and Riana head back to her place to get thawed out.
A rose by any other name... November 15th, 2019 Cheap booze and great wings are eaten. The pair talk and flirt till the bartender plays Semisonic's greatest hit.
In the Club November 14th, 2019 Byron and Riana meet at the club, stories are told, a walk is had, and both of them forget winter is cold.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Confessions February 6th, 2020 Summary needed


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