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Nate Grey (Scenesys ID: 1374)
If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary.
Full Name: Nathaniel Grey
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (TPC)
Occupation: Freedom Fighter
Citizenship: American
Residence: None Currently
Education: Home Schooled
Status: Approved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 27 February 2008 Actor: Cody Christian
Height: 178 cm Weight: 61 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk


Though inexperienced in a normal life, often running head first into danger, he is no idiot. Of course at times, when his emotions take control they can have chaotic and explosive affect, literally. Though Nate undoubtedly has the power to do so, he doesn't like to kill having seen enough of it in his lifetime (though will if need be). The last thing he would ever want to happen is for him to become anything like his and all humanity's greatest foe, Apocalypse.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Physically, this youth appears like any young high school athlete. He has light blue eyes, clear like frozen lake on a sunny day. There seems to be a twinkle in his eyes, the sign of good humor, maybe something a bit more in the left. His hair is a shade of red almost like a fire, except for a white stripe at the front, and shaved off at the sides. He is not exceptionally tall, perhaps a little below average for his age, and carrying a wiry physique.

Currently wearing dark, loose fitting jeans. A white t-shirt that fits snugly against his torso. He's got a leather jacket, much like you might see a biker wearing, but nothing too fancy. Oddly enough, though, he doesn't appear to be wearing any shoes.


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In the Timeline of the Age of Apocalypse, Charles Xavier was killed, which caused a chain-reaction resulting in the rule of the mutant madman, Apocalypse, over Northern America. During Apocalypse's rule, one of his Horsemen and longtime-allies, the geneticist, Nathaniel Essex aka Mr. Sinister, realized that his and Apocalypse's goals were no longer compatible. He wanted to bring humanity to the next level, but Apocalypse's creed "only the strong may survive" endangered all of humanity. In order to rid himself of the dictator, Sinister formulated a plan. He took genetic material from his foster son, Scott Summers, and the imprisoned X-Man, Jean Grey, and, without their knowledge, used their DNA to secretly create an immensely powerful offspring - whom he christened Nathan Grey (after himself and Jean).

Sinister created Nate as the ultimate telepath and telekinetic, and hoped to use him in his own bid for power against Apocalypse. Sinister caused Nate to age rapidly into his early teens, and used his impressive psionic capabilities to educate him in various topics from Sciences to Politics to Military Strategy and Tactics. During this time of rapid growth, Sinister came to the realization that Nate's power was truly terrifying. In order to protect himself, if his weapon ever got loose, Sinister produced a fail-safe in Nate's Genetic Code that caused his power to become unchecked. In time, and without training, Nate would actually kill himself with his own power.

Through the time that Nate lived at Sinister's compound, he crossed paths with Prelate Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, several times. It was because of Cyclops interactions with the slave pens, specifically with Jean Grey, that he began to have second thoughts on his Foster Father's approach to the World. Eventually Cyclops, convinced by Jean, was convinced to help the captured slaves escape their confinement. in one of his many subversive raids on Sinister's pens, Cyclops helped Nate escape Sinister's hideout with neither of them knowing his connection to the other. Little did either man know, that Sinister had planned this interaction, and used this opportunity to evaluate how effective his weapon could become.

Nate was lucky as he was quickly found and adopted by a ragtag group of mutant rebels, who, disguised as a theatre troupe, tried to help others while fighting against Apocalypse and his Horsemen. The group, consisting of Toad, Mastermind, Soaron, Sonique and Brute, soon became his family and their leader, Forge, was the only father Nate ever knew. Forge began the long process of teaching Nate how to control his powers as well as the benefits of being a "good guy." Nate was cautioned about using his powers indiscriminately as it could allow Apocalypse to learn of his existence. Forge also warned Nate the his powers could one day ultimately burn him out.

After some time, however, Nate grew dissatisfied with their life and his role in it. He wanted to know who he was, what his limits were and it bristled that Forge, afraid that Apocalypse might take notice of the boy, ordered him not to use his powers. When Forge and his Outcasts stopped a train leading humans to a culling, Nate disobeyed Forge's orders and helped out. He saved a young mutant girl, Siryn. Nate convinced Forge to allow her to join them. Later, they came across the wandering traveler Essex, who was really Sinister following Nate's progress in disguise, who claimed he had worked in Apocalypse's factories and now wanted to help the rebels against his former master.

Essex fuelled Nate's rebellious feelings and urged him to use his immense psychic powers more and more, even making suggestions on how to better use them, e.g. using telekinesis as a means to fly. Essex convinced the Outcasts to investigate one of Apocalypse's factories which Nate destroyed after finding it a slaughter house of innocent humans.

The result, however, was that Apocalypse's pet telepath - the Shadow King - noticed the new, powerful telepath and Apocalypse dispatched his personal assassins, under the leadership of the deadly Domino, to capture or kill Nate. The assassins confronted the group and, after several deaths on both sides, Nate and his friends managed to beat them. Nate used his powers to wipe Domino's mind, and accidentally pulling various pieces of knowledge and skills from her at the same time. At that time, however, Forge recognized that Essex was up to no good and confronted him. Essex, actually Sinister in disguise, murdered Forge and told the boy of his true origins.

Holding the dying Forge in his arms, the mutant asked Nate to find Magneto, and help him with his cause. To remember what it means to be a good man. After learning Sinister's true evil nature Nate, the death of his Father figure Forge, Nate unleashed the immense power locked within him. Despite Sinister's confidence in his own abilities, Nate, quite literally, beat Sinister to death with his hands and psionic abilities. When Nate scanned the World for Magneto, he found the man Forge wanted him to locate, but he was currently being tortured by Apocalypse.

Still, Essex was successful in convincing Nate to battle Apocalypse through Forge's last wish to find Magneto. Nate flew to Apocalypse's citadel in Manhattan to begin his final confrontation. Entering New York City, he witnessed how humans and low-level mutants broke out of the genetic pens. He helped them against the Infinites, Apocalypse's troops, and ran into the leaders of that break-out, his genetic parents, Jean and Scott. Nate and Jean instantly recognized that there was a bond between them due to their telepathy. Scott and Jean were leading a break-out of the slave pens and Nate hoped to catch up with them after he had eliminated Apocalypse.

After gaining entrance to Apocalypse's stronghold, Nate freed Magneto and then was engaged in a battle with Apocalypse's son, Holocaust. While the X-Men desperately worked at their plan to restore the true reality via the M'Kraan Crystal, Apocalypse actually stole a shard of the crystal, intending to travel to the other reality to team up with his counterpart and conquer an entire universe. Nate yanked away the shard, before finding himself once more up against Holocaust. As the X-Men's plan succeeded and the Age of Apocalypse was washed away, Nate, still fighting, angrily rammed the shard in his foe's chest, while still holding on to it.

The consequences of that act were unexpected and far-reaching, as Nate and Holocaust were both transported to the actual reality, when it reasserted itself. Nate ended up in Earth-orbit and crashed down to Earth in Switzerland, letting out a telepathic scream, which was heard by all telepaths across the World.


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Nate is a heroic, but angry young man seeking a place in an unfamiliar world. He is a firm protector of the underdog, although his methods are somewhat violent for the standards of society in our world. As Nate was the product of cloning and accelerated aging, he has not had a traditional emotional development. As such, he has never made any place for yesterdays or never made any room for tomorrow. He expects to die young, although he really does not want that, out of using his powers.

Constantly acting purely on emotion. Often seen as cold and having problems with his attitude. The truth is, he is a kind hearted young man, who will do anything, including give his life, for the people he cares about in the world. Also, he has gained strong personality traits from both his 'parents'. From Jean, his strong but caring nature and sensitivity. From Scott he has gained his honesty, trustworthiness and Nate undoubtedly has excellent leadership qualities.

According to Nate, he doesn't have time for people who use soft-line policies, rules of engagement and regulations of honor that do not really cut it for someone who has lived out the worst of possibilities. He's willing to work with more extreme groups, however, and isn't really a loner by heart. He will help strangers any time, particularly kids. Nate often does things just to spite someone, even himself, just to show that he can do it.

He's a good kid at heart so this is not for evil reasons, but just to prove the point. He often thinks about his place in things that he doesn't really belong in this world, or does he? He longs for his friends left behind at the Age of Apocalypse. His status as an ultra powerful, independent telepath has left him the prey of many a hunting, ranging from Sinister, Apocalypse, the Sugarman, the X-Men etc.


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Nate is able to communicate and control electronic devices, computers, and cybernetic organisms. This is an offshoot of his telepathic capabilities, and heâs able to perform many of the same feats with this ability.

Nate is capable of sensing dimensional rifts or anomalies on the planet he is on. He is able to detect someone that has traveled between realities in that same vicinity, and identify a dimensional traveller with his psionic senses. This is tied to his own dimensional travel, absorbing some of the energies during the event, and the method in which it happened.

Nate is able to create nigh impenetrable protective force shields, that could protect him from physical and energy attacks of some of the strongest superhumans. He also can form shields around dozens of people simultaneously with minimal effort, but he does disperse the protective ability across the number of people. Each successive force field reduces the effectiveness of each that are deployed.

  • Telekinetic Bubble: Normally his force fields are skin-tight, but he also can expand them to form spherical shields to protect several people at the same time, or cover vast areas with a single field to maximize it's effectiveness.
  • Molecular Filter: Nate was able to fine-tune force fields for specific type of matter, identify it, and block only it. For example he can stop oxygen from reaching the person, separate smoke from air, block pheromones, etc. He also is able to use force fields to protect himself from extreme temperatures.
  • Telekinetic Deflection: Nate is able to deflect and/or redirect attacks, normally projectiles, away from himself. His control and power is sufficient enough so that instead of stopping an explosion like most telekinetics, he just curved the shock-wave and shrapnel around him.

Nate has the potential to override people's will, and telepathically control their thoughts and actions. He can control few dozens people at the same time.

  • Psychosomatic Suggestion: He is able to implant strong thoughts and feelings in the mind of others, which can cause a corresponding physical response of the body. For instance, he could implant the suggestion that someone is a dog, and they would be unable to speak normally. He could tell someone that they are allergic to a cauliflower, and their body would react as if there was a legitimate allergy.
  • Mental Paralysis: He is able to shutdown the non-autonomous functions of the brain one or more people, effectively stopping their conscious physical and mental activity for upwards of an hour.
  • Memory Reading: He is able to read memories of those around him, and project himself into person's memories to explore it from inside. He can read memories of several people simultaneously and combine them to form more robust understanding of the events that happened using the multiple perspectives.
  • Memory Manipulation: He can currently instantly erase memories about himself from the minds of a dozen people. He develops a plausible reality behind the removed events, and makes the modification seamless to the individual. He is able to place psychic implants in the minds of others, that replaced their memories with false ones. By reading the deep subconscious of the person Nate is able to restore their fractured and/or lost memories. It would take a powerful telepath to discover the altered memories.
  • Memory Manifestation: He is able to project someone's memories in order to be visually seen by others. These constructs work similar to his illusions, where they are fully immerse, providing all 5 senses worth of feedback, and can highlight specific information that may have only been subconsciously captured by the individual(s).
  • Memory Absorption: He can absorb knowledge and skills from others and use it as if he had gone through the training. He has the potential to absorb the entire consciousness of a person, but has yet to even explore that capability.

He can protect his mind from mental intrusions, illusions, mind control, and other forms of telepathic or magical manipulation. Nate is able to sense when someone tries to read his mind, and trace it back to the source.

  • Automatic Psionic Defense: Sinister had Nate study various meditation and mental protection techniques since he knew he would be used against Apocalypse, Nate learned how to thoroughly protect his mind from intrusions and overcome psi-dampers placed on his powers. He also created a special automatic psionic defense mechanism, that reroute synaptic links and neural relays in his brain every time someone tries to control his mind, making all attempts eventually ineffective.
  • Mental Shield Removal: Nate has been trained to overcome psi-shields created by other telepaths, psionic entities, or mystical shields. This training has even included overcoming the joint efforts of several individuals.

Nate is able to use his psionic capabilities to empower or block the superpowers of other beings without taking control of their body or mind. In time, he may be able to do more, but this power is currently very taxing, and takes extreme concentration.

  • Power Amplification: He can increase another mutants powers using psionic energy to provide a boost to their superhuman capabilities. At most this boost only lasts a couple of minutes.
  • Power Negation: He is capable of placing mental blocks in the minds of others to prevent them from using their superpowers. This ability must be constantly focused currently, and prevents Nate from performing any other action. Depending on the power level of the superhuman, he may perform this on multiple individuals or just a single person.

Currently, Nate is able to see visions of the future during a meditative state he learned from Forge. The second method is not by choice, but through precognitive dreams that are random outbursts of his powers. The final method is an intuitive understanding of danger directed at Nate or the area that Nate is at. This provides him enough warning to deal with people capable of superhuman speeds. The power currently functions by displacing him into a time-stream that shows multiple versions of the future, past or present events.

  • Psychometry: Nate can read residual thought imprints left on objects touched by people. By touching the object Nate is able to see past events that happened with this object days, and even decades ago. At times, Psychometry allows him to see possible future events of the object.

Nate is able to manipulate psionic energy for various purposes. Psionic Energy, with it's source coming from the Astral Plane, is a semi-mystical form of energy that is categorized as both energy and magical, and allowing it to effect the world as if it is both.

  • Psionic Energy Absorption: He is capable of absorbing psionic energy from other living beings or psi-attacks, and use it to amplify his abilities. He is able to siphon the psionic energy of a few dozens psychics with a concentrated effort, that can ultimately lead to unconsciousness.
  • Astral Projection Materialization: He is able pull the astral projections of other telepaths or mystics into the physical world making them semi-solid, but only visible to others that are sensitive to psionic or astral anomalies.
  • Psionic Armor: He is able to form psi-armor around himself, that greatly increase his strength and durability. While armored he was able to perform feats of strength on par with his telekinetic abilities. His durability increases to the same level as his telekinetic defenses. He is protected from various forms of physical, energy, and magical attacks. He is also able to form psionic armor around one other person at this time.
  • Psionic Weapons: Nate can shape psi-energy into various weapons that do not have moving or complex parts. These weapons can be blunt, monofilament, or attack the neurological system.
  • Psionic Energy Creation: He is able to create perfect replicas of normal matter by using psionic energy. These psionic constructs are independent from Nate and continue to exist even without any support from him, they cease to exist only if Nate deconstructs them.

Nate has the potential to transform his body into psionic energy, and have his consciousness actually continue to exist on the Astral Plane. Thus evolving into a psionic being and no longer restricted by the boundaries of the physical world. This ability allows him to tap into the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is a virtually unlimited psychic resource that allows the manipulation of matter and energy (even down to the molecular level) and up to a potentially unlimited scale.

Nate has showcased the ability to use his psionic energy manipulation to enhance biological capabilities. He has shown the ability to regenerate himself and/or healing others of malignancies or bodily damage at an accelerated rate. This power is very taxing, and currently requires focused concentration to perform.

Nate is capable of very fine control over objects down to the subatomic level, and tremendously powerful shows of telekinetic strength. He can disassemble and reassemble complex devices within minutes. On larger scale, Nate can move great weights, and large objects without them crumbling under the activity. His current scale and strength have not been fully evaluated.

  • Flight: Using his ability to manipulate gravitons telekinetically, Nate has the ability to fly at amazing speeds. His maximum speed is unknown, but Nate can currently fly fast enough to reach escape velocity. Nate also can apply this effect to as many as 10 other people with minimal effort.
  • Concussive Blasts: Nate can project telekinetic energy as powerful beams from his eyes, hands, or entire body, that could affect matter with concussive and/or explosive force. His telekinetic blasts effects varying from a hard push, to punching through multiple buildings, or tearing through the protective bodies of Prime Sentinels from his time period.
  • Telekinetic Flare: He also is able to create devastating omni-directional blasts of energy powerful enough to instantly blow up entire buildings. One of his strongest flares created an explosive force equal to a 100 kiloton explosion.
  • Intangibility: Could phase through solid matter by mentally shifting his molecules around another object's. Nate can selectively phase only certain parts of his body, while the rest of the body remains solid. He also can phase other people and doesn't require physical contact to do it.
  • Molecular Manipulation: Nate was able to perform various effects through telekinetically manipulating particles at varying levels. He can use telekinesis to channel the Earth's magnetic field to generate electromagnetic pulses that disrupt electronics. He can channel enough energy to generate so devastating electromagnetic pulse, that it affects an area of a few miles in size, and leave behind residual electromagnetic charge, powerful enough to disrupt electronics even a few hours later. He also can channel the magnetic field of the planet into directed discharges of high-voltage energy from his body. By the manipulation of various molecules he can perform feats similar to Atmokinesis, Aerokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Geokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Thermokinesis, and Gravikinesis.
  • Invisibility: Nate can telekinetically manipulate subatomic particles to such a degree that he can render himself invisible to normal light and human sight. With more increased concentration, he can render himself completely invisible along the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Telekinetic Enhancements: Nate can use telekinesis to enhance his own physiology. He can use telekinesis to increase his physical strength to such a level that he is able to lift weights in excess of 100 tons with minimal effort. He can hit with enough force to register on the Richter Scale, and perform feats of strength at an inhuman scale even for a superhuman.

Nate has immense telepathic power, but he is far from the most skillful. A few examples of what Nate is capable of are: able to converse telepathically, and read minds of dozens of people simultaneously. He can read thoughts across vast distances between planets. He can surface scan up to several millions minds in seconds to find a specific person. He believes that telepathy is his sixth sense and his most important one. Below are a number of feats he has accomplished to date.

  • Astral Projection: Nate is capable of forging psi-links in the Astral Plane to travel in astral form alone or with up to 10 others.
  • Mind Cloaking: Nate is able to mask himself and his abilities from being detected by various sensory means or telepathic capabilities. By tweaking the senses of others, Nate is able to make himself completely imperceptible, even by those with superhumanly acute senses. He also is able to psionically conceal his own life-signs, to convince everyone around and even high-tech equipment that he is not a living being.
  • Telepathic Illusions / Psi-Projections: Nate is able to create realistic illusions, that cause people to see and experience events, that are not actually occurring in reality. His illusions can fool even high tech surveillance equipment, and even affect other telepaths or specialists in illusions. He can currently affect up to a small town worth of people.
  • Telepathic Camouflage / Psi-Skin: Illusions also help Nate disguise himself and others, by altering his appearance to those around him, or make him mentally invisible. However his camouflage will be broken if he uses any ability that causes people to think he is superhuman.
  • Mental Projection: Nate is able to telepathically broadcast a psionic image halfway around the world. Through this projection, he could see, hear and talk like a normal person, but has no tangible form. A powerful telepath could follow the link back to Nate, but then they would have to try to break through his shields.
  • Mind Link: Nate is able to create permanent or temporary mental links with other people which allow them to share thoughts, memories and feelings, and sense the whereabouts of one another. Nate can interconnect several people to a hive mind of sorts with him as leader, which allow all members to share thoughts, memories and feelings with each other.
  • Mental Blasts: Nate can project stunning bolts of psionic energy, which have no physical effects, but cause pain to the victim's mind or render them unconsciousness.
  • Telepathic Tracking: Nate is able to find a person by isolating their psi-signature on the Astral Plane and tracing it all around the globe.


Nate has the currently limited ability to manipulate time itself to achieve various effect. Nate can slow his perception of time so that he is capable of accomplishing multiple mental activities in a time period that is a much shorter duration to everyone else. Currently he can slow down time in a specific area to allow him the ability to react on a much faster scale. This provides the feel as if he is super fast. At this time, his ability to slow time is a defensive mechanism more than a fully functioning ability.


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Nate possess natural charm and charisma that easily attracts people to him. He is capable of interacting with people in a way that draws their belief and trust in his abilities. This translates into the ability to coordinate people in an effecient manner, and interact with individuals in a positive manner.

Having lived in the wastelands of Age of Apocalypse, he was taught by Forge how to survive even in the most hostile surroundings. He knows how to find food, water, and safe places to camp in many different types of environments. He knows how to forage as well as hunt, skinning, cleaning, and preparing all types of wild sources of food.

Although Nate has relatively limited combat experience, however, is very observant and easily able to analyze his enemies and find their weaknesses. He often finds creative ways to use his abilities even in extreme circumstances, and on the verge of death. Even in situations when his abilities were blocked, he repeatedly found ways to be successful.


Usually Nate doesn't use weapons, but he absorbed profound knowledge about various firearms and armed combat techniques from Domino.


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Nate has some very powerful enemies he developed in Age of Apocalypse. Despite the fact that he's in the Mainstream timeline, those same enemies will still want to hunt him down for the same reasons. The likes of Apocalypse, Sinister, Holocaust, and other very powerful entities would want to find and control Nate.

After testing Nate's power levels, Sinister was so frightened, that he encoded special sub-program into Nate's D.N.A. that was supposed to eventually kill him. Nate is unlikely to survive up to 21 years based on continued usage of his powers, and breaking down his system. The more he uses his powers, he could start to kill himself faster, and he currently doesn't know this issue. It is possible that this can be fixed, he might even be able to do it himself, but it would take someone with significant knowledge on D.N.A manipulation.

His bio-signature and psi-signature are almost identical to Cable's, so their minds are interconnected, causing them great pain and spontaneous exchange of memories, when they in close proximity to each other. This proximity is currently around 30 feet, but could increase if they spend more time together.

As a mutant, Nate is feared and reviled by most of humanity. They are likely to turn on him at any point if they find out his mutant heritage. There are groups that are specifically looking to find him, and exploit him in ways he has no interest in (research, control, dissection, etc.)

Nate is very confident in his abilities, and sometimes acts too hastily and emotionally, often underestimating his enemies, which can lead to his defeat against weaker opponents.


Nate is currently without any resources in the Mainstream Timeline. He has no connections with people here, he has no money on his person, and he even doesn't have a current identification. His skill sets are strong, but he has limited practical applications.


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