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Sindr (Scenesys ID: 1817)
Full Name: Sindr
Gender: Female
Species: Fire Giant
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Queen of Muspelheim
Citizenship: Muspelheim
Residence: Muspelheim
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Pantheon Assembly
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth Actor:
Height: 365 cm (12') Weight:
Hair Color: Fire Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song:


Sindr is the daughter of Surtur, and Queen of Muspelheim now that he's gone.

Current Player Approved: N/A



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Fire Giant:
Over twelve feet in height, she is a being comprised of fire and materials glowing angrily. She has flame for hair, her eyes burn, and it flows from her body when she so wills it. Two great horns protrude from her forehead, curling back and along with the clawed hands, bestial feet, and long prehensile tail, she looks every bit the consummate demon, as befits the fire giants of Muspelheim.
She wears armor of some sort of alloy, not lacking in a great many spikes on which to impale or inconvenience those enemies who dare get close enough to her burning hot body, and at any given time she will clothe herself in flames that obey her will and bend to her design.

Tall, her body is a landscape comprised of chiseled features and soft, feminine curves wrought in coal. Thick locks like molten gold fall from her head and spill over muscled shoulders in luxurious waves with highlights of liquid orange and shimmering red, framing a face of striking angles and eyes of luminescent red-gold.


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In Sindr's own words:

"My father was Surtur, first of the Fire Giants, inventor of Flame, Lord of Ragnarok. Whenever a child of his turned three years old, we were given a test. We were starved for thirteen days, and then we were brought to a room before our father in this very room. On one side sat a mound of food the size of a troll. Blood pies and charred lampreys and caramelized vulture eggs. On other side was a cauldron full of flames and screaming souls. I was the first in a thousand sires to choose the flames. Which is why *I* sit upon the Burning Throne today. You would do well to remember that story my friends."

By her own account, Sindr is not only Surtur's daughter, she is his heir and the only one worthy of her father's throne. Since that fateful day, she was gorged on power and tempered in the blood of enemies to make sure she was fit for the day she would eventually claim the Burning Throne as her own. In brief period since Ragnarok, she has swiftly and ruthlessly asserted her claim over her remaining siblings and bent the whole of Muspelheim to her Will.


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Boastful: Sindr is quick to remark on her own prowess and triumphs, mock the unworthy of her enemies in battle and elsewhere, and even - grudgingly - acknowledge her respect of those who've earned it, quite apropos of a warrior Queen born among Norse legends.

Ruthless: It's probably best that even friends beware of getting between Sindr and her foes, let alone anyone she holds in contempt or as an enemy. As zealous as her Fire Goblin subjects are, she is as quick to cut one of them down should they stand between her blade and her enemy as she is the enemy themselves.

Confident: Sindr is effectively a god in Muspelheim, and the most important and powerful person anywhere else she may stand, unless demonstrably proven otherwise. Though she can be surprised, she is nigh impossible to shake, even in the face of defeat; after all, her own ability isn't /lacking/, she simply has to rise to the challenge!

Calculating: Whatever else she may be, Sindr is no fool and has an exceedingly keen mind. Starving and a mere babe, she recognized an opportunity for what it was and took it even over extreme hunger. She hasn't looked back since, and plans for a long game the likes of which no mortal could truly comprehend. Indeed, everything she does is carefully considered, from her boisterous boasting to her fervent lip service to the glory of Ragnarok.


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Alternate Form:
Sindr is able to assume an alternate form, roughly human (if a bit tall - a conceit on her part), usually belying her true nature. She does this on those occasions she is traveling incognito, but she /must/ assume this form when visiting Midgard (see +wea sindr's Midgard). In this form, her abilities are roughly on par with an Asgardian, but her powers are limited. Tapping into her full powers causes the form to break down and reveal her true self.

Dimensional Magic:
Sindr is well practiced at dimensional magics, and able to go anywhere within the Ten Realms she pleases except Midgard (+wea sindr's Midgard). She is able to travel elsewhere, including other dimensions, but time and research must be invested (IE, Staff approved plot) for places she hasn't been. Her skill at it is not a subtle thing - usually involving a display of fire - and her power is such that she's able to easily transport a small entourage with her (up to 10 servants).

She is also able to, as a Staff approved Plot ability and via a combination of Muspel Fire and Dimensional Magics, create a staging area for her invasions. Muspel Fire is dimensionally shifted to a location of her choosing, effectively serving as a massive (megaton) bomb immolating a large area. The Muspel Fire and deaths resulting in that area create a dimensional link through which her troops can freely travel back and forth, as well as a hospitable fiery base in the area they're invading.

Fire Giant:
As a fire giant imbued with some measure of Surtur's power, Sindr has the following physical attributes:

Strength: Sindr is a match for almost any Asgardian; she is likely not as strong as Thor, except possibly in Muspelheim.

Stamina: Sindr is nearly tireless, able to fight or endure extreme activity for days. In Muspelheim it's possible she'd never tire.

Durability: Sindr is extremely resilient, able to take blows from even the likes of Thor a short time. Within the bounds of Muspelheim, she is much more durable, and could potentially endure a much longer fight or even win under the right circumstances.

Speed: Sindr is at least as fast as an Asgardian, but is less likely to dodge something unless she's convinced it's a real danger to her; this is her overconfidence at play.

Sindr is invested with the same cosmic fires of creation as Surtur, and as such is effectively immortal. She is immune to diseases, she will never age beyond her peak of power, and unless special preparations are taken if slain she will revive in Muspelheim.

While difficult, there is no particular method in which this must be done and is open to negotiation - essentially, what works for plot. Some examples might be mystical entrapment, capture in an energy collector of mystical or high technological design, etc.

Muspel Fire:
Sindr can generate, shape, and command prolific amounts of Muspel Fire - the cosmic fires of creation according to the mythology. Muspel Fire is nigh inextinguishable save by Sindr's will alone, and it can be made permanent and tangible as she desires (see +abi sindr's Paint with Fire).

Sindr is able to generate personal scale effects almost instantly, swift enough for the following
- Attack or defend with tangible weapons or shields
- Create and launch small projectiles of fire at range (to 150ft)
- Breathe fire on opponents in 'melee' distance (out to 10ft)
- Create personal effects such as clothing, jewelry.

Larger effects can take a few moments - long enough to be interrupted by someone with quick reflexes - to generate.

The objects Sindr can make are limited to simple items, and cannot be complex technology or machinery. She can make them permanent by investing time, focus, and energy (offscreen) into doing so. As per policy, staff approval is required for any permanently damaging effects to NPCs or property. Also, any reasonable protection from fire (inherent resistance, immunity, resistant clothing/armor) will prove effective against Muspel Fire and provide protection.

Paint With Flame:

Sindr is a virtuoso with fire of all kinds, especially Muspel Fire. She can shape it as she desires, and is extremely skilled in controlling the stuff; she is able to stoke it to the hottest flames, or render it beautiful but harmless. She can even make it tangible, hardened such that it becomes strong enough deflect powerful blows as a weapon, or soft enough to wear as an extremely exotic evening gown. When it comes to shaping and using fire, Sindr is nigh peerless.


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Pursuant to her abilities on the battlefield, Sindr is also competent at tactics; she is able to effectively marshal not only her troops on scales small to large, but she is able to develop effective strategies to achieve her goals both proactively and reactively.


Sindr is a skilled, highly trained combatant and general able to go toe to toe with some of the fiercest warriors and commanders. She'd probably suffer defeat by the likes of Thor, but anyone else in Asgard would be hard pressed to outmaneuver her on the battlefield.


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Sindr wears armor with large spiked protrusions when she engages in battle. It is forged of Muspelheim metals, and is extremely durable allowing her to withstand blows even on Midgard she might not otherwise.

Fire Goblins:
When Sindr endured the rite of passage imposed on her by Surtur, she chose the cauldron of flames and screaming souls. The fire goblins are the latter; a prolific race of humanoid and human sized demons, they are fanatical, fierce warriors and fodder, but they're not very bright. They are /very/ fond of whispering sweet nothings of horrible burning death to... well, anyone beneath their beloved Queen of Cinders. And that's... well, everyone.


Sindr's home is Muspelheim, and not only is she its Queen but she is the nearest thing to its god Muspelheim has. Her mastery over Muspel Fire includes the realm it's born from, allowing her immense control over the land and creatures. While there, she has access to anything it can provide be it beast, minerals, and more.


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Fire Goblin Blood:
Uncommon, but not unheard of among Asgardians, Muspel Fire is vulnerable to dousing by one substance; Fire Goblin Blood. Whatever is coated in it will not burn, even by the flames of Muspelheim and pouring it on anything burning will snuff the flames. Great for people who want to be fireproof. Not so great for Fire Goblins or anyone using fire as a weapon against their foes.

Being "the first in a thousand sires to choose the flames" essentially makes Sindr the baby of the family. While it doesn't diminish her power, it does mean that her relative inexperience can see her caught off guard, usually because she simply lacks knowledge of it. Advanced technology and weaponry are likely to keep her on her toes at least at first, forcing her to concede defeat and regroup as she learns how to cope with such things and the tactics surrounding them. She will struggle to understand other cultures, as all she knows with regards to culture is "Ragnarok! Burn Everything! Raaarr!!". This can make it difficult if she ever seeks allies, or anticipate her enemy's next move.

As the source of Sindr's power is the same as Surtur, she's likewise vulnerable to binding and summoning magics, as well as protective wards.

Midgard represents a host of problems where Sindr is concerned, likely the product of whatever seals and magics put in place by Odin in the days of yore to keep Surtur at bay. It is much more difficult for her to travel there, much less invade with an army, and while on Midgard her abilities are significantly curtailed.

She is forced to take a physical form that is roughly human; it is not on fire, looks mostly human with some traces of her fire giant heritage, and is roughly on par with - if not slightly weaker than - an Asgardian.

She is still capable of producing and shaping copious amounts of fire, but accessing her full power risks destroying her physical form - and sending her home to Muspelheim.

While no doubt many of her siblings went off to die in Ragnarok, Sindr is left with no small amount of them, and any number of them are likely to be jealous of their baby sister. While none, even in numbers, are likely strong enough to challenge Sindr directly - especially in the bounds of Muspelheim - they are powerful beings in their own right, and they may possess knowledge sufficient to interfere with Sindr's plans or undo them entirely. Whatever the reason for their interference - whether to test Sindr's mettle or to see her brought low - they may be willing to help an outsider. For a price.


Sindr respects and admires the ancient fire giant that is her father, Surtur. While she believes he is dead, she doesn't think it impossible for him to return; a possibility she would like to prevent. While it is doubtful Surtur would see his heir harmed, he would no doubt reclaim his throne, expecting his daughter to return it to him dutifully. And she likes her Throne.


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