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Superwoman (Scenesys ID: 126)
"Where guilt is, rage and courage doth abound." - Ben Jonson
Full Name: Faora Hu-Ul
Gender: Female
Species: Kryptonian
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Former Soldier
Citizenship: Kryptonian
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Kryptonian Military Academy (Uni Equiv)
Status: Dropped
Groups: Superman Family, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 68 Actual Age: 68
Date of Birth 13 February 1959 Actor:
Height: 183 cm (6'0") Weight: 68 kg (150 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "I Really Want You To Hate Me"


Faora Hu-Ul is a recent arrival on Earth, a woman wracked with guilt over her actions towards her people: The Kryptonians. Now on Earth, she seeks to regain her honor, and retake her status as a defender and protector of the people. She is an unknown element in the world at large- another Alien with an uncertain past and less certain future. Faora's fighting skill is quite different than others of her ilk- she is clearly well trained, and those with knowing eyes might see a hint of military acumen in how she acts in combat situations. Over all, Faora is an unknown and potentially dangerous element in the world, but she'll be trying her hardest to make a good name for herself and bring The House of Ul on par with the love felt with the House of El on Earth.

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Power and grace collide in this particular woman's frame. Her hair is ebon black, like night or pitch and carries a healthy luster. She keeps it short, in a modern bob with impeccably straight edges. Her eyes are a light, ice-blue and gaze on intensely. In terms of shape and tone, her face could be considered classic- expressive eyes that move to high, seemingly delicate cheekbones and healthy-colored skin. Her jaw is somewhat squared and strong, moving into a more delicate chin and plush, tiered lips that could so easily curl into a smile, but rarely seem to do so.

Faora's shoulders are broadish, and her arms long with lean muscle. Overall, her very poise and movement speaks of a certain dangerous athleticism- as if she were a woman used to fighting. Her form is obviously feminine, with all the required curves to catch the eye. Her legs are long, lithe, athletic things.

Ultimately, Faora carries herself with confidence and that quality is the most obvious part of her.


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Faora was born on the glorious planet of Krypton, decades before the instabilities that would eventually end the world came to light. Born to the military caste House of Ul she was raised within an environment that prized honor, discipline, strength, and loyalty. Her parents were distant, however, and much of her early education came from her grandfather. Faora's grandfather gave her many gifts- stories of the greatness of the Kryptonian people, about their military history, and their heroes. He saw in Faora great ability and potential. To this end, Faora's grandfather ensured her youthful days were filled with as much love as he could give the girl, and with training for her future as a member of Krypton's military and police forces.

As she grew, Faora's anger turned somewhat inward, kept at bay only by the desire to see her grandfather proud of her. Since an early age he'd pushed her towards learning martial arts- and Horo-Kanu in particular, in the hope that the discipline and philosophy of the art would help her overcome her feelings towards her parents. To all who looked on, it seemed to work- Faora was able to graduate from the prestigious Kryptonian Military academy and joined the Kryptonian Defense Forces. However, Faora's grandfather didn't see his granddaughter graduate. It was one of the few times her parents were there for her- and somehow, it made the recent death of her grandfather all the more painful. That loss effected her deeply, and as she moved through the Kryptonian defense forces she became known for a certain level of brutality- This caught the eye of one particular member of the Krpytonian military elite: Dru-Zod.

Zod saw in Faora someone to take advantage of. He had her transferred to his unit, where he began to groom her for a position of power within his splinter cell of the Kryptonian military that intended to depose the ruling science council. Without her grandfather to center her, Faora ate it up. In Zod she had a father figure- someone who seemed to care about her, and that was more than enough to buy her initial loyalty and devotion. She realized, at some level, what they were doing was wrong- but it never really felt wrong.

At least until Faora committed her first murder in the name of Zod. A man who had worked closely with her grandfather. It was the look on the mans face as he saw Faora- that look of betrayal. That personal touch. Guilt. It turned in on herself, suddenly, and before she knew it she had approached Jor-El, Zod's friend, and handed them over quietly- without much comment, apart from two single words: "I'm Sorry."

Zod and Faora , along with the rest of the splinter cell were rapidly arrested. Faora put up no fight, and her involvement in the discovery of the plot was kept quiet from her fellows in the courtroom. It was decided that Zod, and Faora as his lieutenant were to be sent to the Phantom Zone. Publically, it was to be for life- however, Faora was specifically noted as to having a potential for parole after a period of five decades.

Time stretched on and she wholly recognized Zod's madness. The madness of her companions. A madness brought into contrast when their group discovered two weapons hidden in the Phantom Zone. One by the Kryptonians: Doomsday, and another by an alien race: Warworld. Using her training and combat abilities she was able to fight her way to Zod before he set his plan off- and fully prepared to sacrifice herself she set off an explosive charge in WarWorld's dimensional breach projector- unwittingly throwing herself across the dimensional border and onto Earth, where we begin a new story.


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Faora, at her heart, is a defender and protector of the weak. Her warrior heritage beats strong within her- a center that brings a great deal of pride and strength to her. However, she also has a great deal of anger wrapped around that center. More recently that anger is turned inward, taking the form of guilt. Guilt is the new center of Faora's being. She feels she's done terrible things, and abandoned her people. Now, she's unable to beg forgiveness of the Kryptonian People and must, instead, retake her defender's heart in the name of Earth.


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By altering her personal gravity field, Faora is able to affect flight upon herself. She can fly in both atmosphere and the vacuum of space. Within the atmosphere she can easily reach hyper-sonic speeds, although tries to limit herself for fear of causing environmental damage. In a vacuum she can very nearly reach light speed- but not quite.

Heat Vision:
Faora is able to generate 'eye lasers' that are tremendously hot, able to burn through most mundane materials given time. Materials like steel will melt, and she's able to even melt rock. This ability can be modulated, to be little more than a bit of warmth- or up to a raging inferno that's certain to cause damage to whatever Faora looks at.

Faora is nearly invulnerable due to the gifts of Earth's yellow star. She is able to take truly obscene hits without even being phased- such as multiple hits from cruise missiles. Lesser attacks likewise barely phase her- tanks, artillery, hand-held munitions are barely worth blinking an eye over. Kinetic force is simply not the best way to cause damage to a Kryptonian. Energy based weaponry, likewise, has a far lesser affect on Faora than it would other beings. Electricity, however, is a far more effective weapon against her- but it would still require a lightning bolt's worth of energy to cause damage that would slow her down. Furthermore, this invulnerability also effects the environments in which Faora is able to survive. High pressure, extremely cold, or extremely hot environments are not a problem for her- she could comfortably take a dip in an active volcano without any negative effects, and likewise could sunbathe in Antarctica without any discomfort. The pressure of the deepest points in the ocean cause no harm. She can also survive in a vacuum without explosively decompressing- she could survive in such a location for about 12 hours without any ill effects, and if using the full of her abilities. Longer if she's not pushing herself.

Kryptonian Gene Eng:
Kryptonians are all genetically engineered. As a result, they all have genius level intellects that allow for perfect recall. They're longer lived than human beings, and have more efficient metabolisms that keep their bodies in a more athletic and healthy state without the need of time consuming exercise. As a member of the military Caste, Faora has greater pain tolerance and an increased willpower to help her be a better soldier. Unlike the more well known Kryptonians of the House of El, however, Faora has no special aptitude towards creating technology, or science related fields apart from what a 'standard' Kryptonian intellect would allow.

Kryptonian Physiology:
Faora is Kryptonian. Kryptonians are an alien race who's cells react in fantastic ways under the radiation of a yellow sun- acting like solar batteries to feed truly amazing abilities. The longer she spends under a yellow sun, the more powerful she will become. It is this ability that fuels all Kryptonian powers. Yellow sun energy also feeds Kryptonian regeneration, causing their wounds to heal dozens of times faster than a baseline human, and increasing their lifespans.

Faora can move extremely fast, and her reactions speeds are likewise legendary. She can run the circumference of the earth in about a minute, and break seeming physical laws while doing so. Straight up a vertical surface? No problem. Across water? Absolutely. Faora retains control and dexterity while moving at speed, meaning even mundane physical tasks can easily be completed in a matter of moments.

Due to her Kryptonian Physiology, Faora is among the strongest beings on the face of the planet Earth. Although it'll take time for her to reach her true potential in this regard, having not had the time Superman has had under the star of Earth. She can easily lift the likes of the largest ships on the sea, or hold the massive weight of a falling skyscraper and stopping it dead as it crumbles. Tearing through the steel of a bank vault, or tunneling through reinforced concrete is child's play.

Super Breath:
Like other Kryptonians, Faora is able to exhale with true might. She can create hurricane force winds in a local region (Scene size dependent), and somehow is able to lower the temperature of her breath to create icy conditions and even freeze objects solid.

Super Hearing:
Faora's hearing is enhanced by virtue of her Kryptonian physiology. She can hear even the quietest sounds within 10 miles of herself- the beat of a heart inside someone's chest, for instance. The sound of a breath. The sound a pin makes hitting a solid object. She can hear a normal conversation from about 100 miles away- equal to the bottom end of low earth orbit.

Super Vision:

Faora's vision has been enhanced in several key ways. First, she she is able to see things happening about 100 miles away as if they were no more than twenty feet away from her. This telescopic vision also works towards the microscopic side of things allowing her to see things on atomic scale- she can easily see the interactions of cells, and even larger molecules. Furthermore, she is able to use 'X-Ray' vision to see through objects or even people. She can not, however, see through lead. Even a thin layer of lead will block her x-ray vision.


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Faora is trained to be a black-ops soldier in the Kryptonian Style. She is fully familiar with all roles that one would expect from special operations agent. She is capable of leading a team, or working alone. Weapons, vehicles, tactics- she can do it all.

Kryptonian History:
Faora, as a Kryptonian, is well versed in her people's history.

Kryptonian Tech:
Faora grew up with Kryptonian technology, and is familiar with all but the most exotic forms of it, and can use it without issue. As a soldier, Faora is particularly skilled with Kryptonian military technology. She is an able pilot of Kryptonian military vehicles, including space-borne ships. She is fully able to use any and all Kryptonian Military technology, and at this point may be one of the last experts in the field in the known universe.

Faora is fluent in Kryptonian and English. She can pick up other languages with ease due to her mental acuity, but hasn't yet had the chance.

Martial Arts:
Faora is a master martial artist, familiar with dozens of Kryptonian styles. She is most competent with Haru-Kanu, a style that focuses on pressure points and joint-locks. The pressure points are, of course, Kryptonian in nature and only partially translate to other humanoid anatomies. Apart from Haru-Kanu she is well versed in other forms of melee fighting, both with and without weapons. This particular Kryptonian is no brawler- she's a warrior.

Military Sciences:
Faora graduated from the Kryptonian Military Academy and can be considered an expert in the Military sciences. She is able to identify the various elements required to sustain a force advantage in a combat/military situation. This training also includes individual and small unit tactics, recon, and 'tactical thinking' in most situations.

Phantom Zone Knowledge:

Faora spent decades in the Phantom Zone. She knows a great deal about how that particular pocket dimension works- including native inhabitants, prisoners, and topography therein. She can be considered an expert on the inner-workings of the Phantom Zone


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At start of game, Faora will have no significant resources.


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Guilt consumes Faora. It settles in her soul and heart and represents all her anger turned inward. That guilt, if discovered, could be used against her. It will undoubtedly shape her decisions and outlook.

Illegal Alien:
Faora has no citizenship anywhere on the planet. She has no rights or privileges therein.

In a Strange Land:
To Faora, Earth is wholly foreign and alien. She doesn't understand slang, or have any cultural connection to anything on Earth so well known by modern day humans. She has no connection to people, places, or events. A great deal of normal communication will go right over her head, including basic idioms and vernacular.

Kryptonite, all that's left of Krypton, is a deadly and dangerous thing to Faora. The green type can cause weakness, sickness, and with prolonged exposure death. Supposedly there are other colors of kryptonite- they may cause other effects.

Faora has no particular resistance to magic. She has no more resistance than any standard baseline being.

Faora's been through a lot. She's killed people- a lot of people. Before she went to the Phantom Zone, even. At least there, she had people she knew. People she trusted. And now- she's the only one left. It has left her shattered and perhaps even a time-bomb.

Solar Energy:

Like all Kryptonians, Faora's superhuman abilities are a result of living under a yellow sun. If under a star of a different color her powers will disappear. Approximately a week under anything other than red or yellow. Under the light of a red star, like that of Krypton, she will be baseline Kryptonian- which is more or less equal to a human who engages in moderate exercise on a regular basis. This will only take about a day.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Trouble Brewing in DC Error: Invalid time. Error: Invalid, Error: Invalid time. A bunch of people get together., Summary needed


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