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James Rhodes (Scenesys ID: 1684)
"You'd be amazed how many people are actually grateful when I save their lives. I even got some medals. Have you seen my medals?"
Full Name: James "Rhodey" Rhodes
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Stark-Fujikawa Test Pilot
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: New York, New York
Education: Maxwell Air Force Base
Status: Dropped
Groups: SHIELD, Avengers
Other Information
Apparent Age: 54 Actual Age: 54
Date of Birth 14 July 1972 Actor: Dorian Harewood
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 108 kg (240 lbs.)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "War Machine" by ACDC


Astronaut, Marine, Agent, Pilot, War-Hero, these are just a few of the words that can describe the career of one Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes, call sign War Machine. Current test pilot for Stark-Fujikawa, and master combat pilot for SHIELD. He's got a reputation as a man who can get done what needs to be done exactly when it needs to be done. He's also the best friend of Billionaire playboy Tony Stark, but that's not important.

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James is a man in great physical shape, with striking features and a calm welcoming air about him. His dark brown eyes are filled with life, short brown hair connects right to his full matching beard trimmed down to match. He's just over 6 feet tall, with a small frame that's still got some muscle on it.

He's dressed in a simple pair of black cargo pants, and a grey t-shirt. Over his shirt is a pitch black bomber jacket left completely unzipped. His shoes are combat boots polished to a mirror shine.


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  • Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Terrence, and Roberta Rhodes along with his younger sister Jeanette.
  • Rhodes signs on with the Marines at 17.
  • After graduating with honors from officers training Rhodes finds himself placed behind the controls of a Jet fighter.
  • Rhodes becomes a pilot of renown participating in many conflicts and racking up a distinguished service record, and multiple commendations.
  • After spending the first half of his career on the front lines of conflict Rhodes is made a test pilot allowed to fly the cutting edge in military hardware, from Jet fighters, to commandeered alien craft, to power suits and everything between.
  • Rhodes drifts apart from his sister, and family in general spending most of his timed stationed in the far corners of the world.
  • During one of his deployments he's shot out of the sky and stranded behind enemy lines, only to be discovered by Tony Stark. The two initially butt heads, before begrudgingly working together with Tony saving his life and Rhodes returning the favor in kind. After working together to complete the classified mission Rhodes and Tony begin a begrudging acceptance of each other that blossoms into a friendship.
  • James spends the next years of his life repeatedly denying the opportunity to work with Stark in favor of his military career. During this time he soars to the rank of Colonel, and works as an astronaut with NASA.
  • During a trip to Mazikhandar Rhodes tags along to provide moral support for his now good friend. When the convoy is attacked Rhodes is completely cut off from Tony.
  • Despite being repeatedly being assured of Stark's death Rhodes spends weeks combing the deserts of Mazikhandar personally spending himself to bankruptcy and burning through connections built over the years in vain to find his lost friend, only for Tony to show back up having rescued himself.
  • Following the incident, and a long span of unemployment Rhodes finally accepts Tony's offer and joins Stark-Fujikawa as a test pilot. He spends his time testing out some of the most dangerous inventions the man has to offer.
  • Rhodes is deployed fresh, having to say goodbye to his friends and family once again to fight in the middle east. In actuality he's recruited as a member of SHIELD, and carries out operations with the organization across the world as a combat pilot and agent.
  • During this time he loses track of his sister completely, following her leaving home.
  • Now after all his wandering Rhodes has finally returned to New York, fully retired from the U.S. Marines, and a full agent of SHIELD. Can things ever return to the way they were? What future twists of fate await him?


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Loyal to a fault Rhodey makes friends for life. He's dedicated to his country as much as he is his friends, and is willing to make grand sacrifices for the safety of his fellow man. He's brave, and bold, and refuses to quit even when the going gets its toughest. His time on the front lines and the people he's killed, the friends he's lost will always haunt him, but he pushes ever forward refusing to say die.


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Rhodey has the innate ability to remain conscious in spite of immense or normally fatal G-forces. This allows him to pull off flight maneuvers that would otherwise prove highly dangerous or even fatal for most pilots. The ability comes from a small microchip implanted at the base of his spine.


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The one thing Rhodey excels at above all others. He is an absolute master of the art known in universities the world over. He's the master of sinking pingpong balls into small plastic cups, and he's never lost a single match. He has no rivals, no man can be his equal. However his skill at making even the most seemingly impossible trick shots with a pingpong ball from across the room see little crossover with the rest of his daily life.

Rhodes has been highly trained in this ultra lethal martial art due to his service in the U.S. Marines. While he doesn't use this training often, it makes him highly lethal in unarmed combat and allows him to break his opponents.

By no means a master due to his time in the service Rhodes has learned to be conversational in: Japanese, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Mandarin and Turkish. Though he can't write in any of them.

Rhodes is a highly trained expert marksman able to take extreme shots with ease. His skills focus mainly on pistols, rifles, and automatics. While not the best marksman on earth by a longshot his skills do rival some of the better agents.

Rhodes is an expert of his craft with a lifetimes experience behind him, countless hours behind the controls of planes experimental and otherwise. His experience allows him even in planes he's unfamiliar with to rapidly assess the controls and fly with the best of them in or out of combat. There are very few if any on earth who can match his skill at the controls of a plane.

Rhodes is a highly trained and skilled aeronautics Engineer, able to work on everything from a bi-plane to an n1 rocket to a few alien craft. He's just as good under the hood of a car able to get old jalopies running like brand new again. His training even allows him to make, and arm explosive devices if needed.


Rhodes is able to rapidly adapt to his surroundings and survive in even the harshest of environments with relative effectiveness. He knows how to find food, water, build shelter and craft weapons out of the materials around him no mater where he might find himself in the world. He also knows how to take a fall to lessen the damage, and just the right positioning to maximize his chances of survival in a crash, or explosion.


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As a career agent of SHIELD Rhodey has access to weapons, armor and communications devices meant to aid him in his work for the agency. He also can take out quin jets for a spin, as long as he fills out the appropriate requisition forms.

The war machine armor is capable of changing color in order to match its background. While a far cry from actual invisibility this does make it much more difficult to detect visually.

Much like the Iron Man suit it was based off, the War Machine armor is capable of dissipating some of the damage from energy or electrical attacks turning it instead to energy.

The War Machine armor is capable of reaching speeds in excess of Mach 8, and in most modes of operation is capable of operating virtually silently with its standard armor. It also greatly accelerates the reaction times and capabilities of its wearer to a superhuman degree.

This suit is hermetically sealed. It has a re-breather system and onboard oxygen tanks although they are of a limited capacity. This allows him to go to extreme altitudes, although he cannot reach space, then return to more normal heights if his times in the extremes are limited. It would also allow him to go under water, but this would have to be shallow depths and not for very long. It isn't designed with water in mind and doesn't float, so if he were under water and his flight capabilities failed, he would sink. The suit also monitors vitals of its wearer and offers some life support systems to keep the pilot alive. It can maintain a comfortable internal temperature even in extreme temperatures such as the arctic.

Using solar converters, electrical batteries and a built-in beta particle absorption generator the War Machine armor is able to produce all of its own power.

The Box mount is an add-on for the War Machine armor which increases the firepower of the suit while lessening its stealth capabilities. The package can be hooked to the upper back of the suit and consists of: An over the shoulder 37mm revolver-auto-canon, a pair of 20mm autocannons, a trio of 45 caliber autocannons, box rocket launcher, a 60-caliber sniper rifle, a grenade launcher, and a plasma canon capable of melting through 6 feet of steel like a bullet through paper. It also provides the suit with superhuman strength rendering the suit capable of lifting up to 100 metric tons, compared to the suits normal limit of 50. It also contains an external battery pack.

Equipped over the standard suit armor this heavy composite modification renders the wearer almost invulnerable to anything short of nuclear missiles. It sacrifices all stealth, and most maneuverability for sheer protection and holds a design built for intimidation, it is equipped over the stealth armor.

Designed to emit a minimal noise output, these function similarly to the ones in the standard Iron Man armor with a focus on silent operation over stopping power. They have half the power of the standard repulsors but are almost completely silent.

The standard load-out for the War Machine armor consists of: a wrist mounted chemical thrower capable to projecting any chemical loaded into its tanks up to 50 feet ahead of the suit in a cone pattern. A hand laser blade capable of cutting through solid steel like butter, the silent repulsor beams, and a shoulder mounted suppressed .22 rifle with a flash suppressor.

The standard suit plating for the war machine armor is light-weight designed to be undetectable to Radar and thermographic visioning with sacrifices made to actual protection. It can still prevent damage from even high caliber rounds, but not missiles.

Rhodey has amassed a small collection of planes during his lifetime. Most are biplanes with a few jet fighters, and even a few commercial planes, including a private jet liner. All of these planes are stored on sight at a private Stark-Fujikawa air-strip outside of NYC.

The pride and Joy of Rhodey's personal collection, however small it may be, is a fully functional Messerschmitt 262. It has been a project plane of Rhodey's for most of his adult life. He assembled it with his own hands from parts he gathered over the course of his lifetime and finally finished assembling it just two years ago. Its weapons are fully functional and its been upgraded with a full arsenal.

Being best friends with a multi-billionaire has its perks. Even if he wasn't working for his company. He gets access to the coolest toys and the fastest cars. All he needs to do is ask the right questions of his good friend and he can get whatever he might need. Dropping his name can also be a quick way to get into whatever party might catch his eye.


The JRXL-1000 Variable Threat Response Battle Suit was originally designed as a suit of infiltration and reconnaissance armor. It's designed for silent operations and to be invisible to traditional radar and thermal imaging systems while also remaining difficult to detect with the human eye. It boasts minimal computer systems, and an easy mount weapons system for near effortless transition between weapons load-outs.


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Rhodey traded in his responsibility to the U.S. Marines, for a spot in SHIELD. This has a number of requirements that often see him taken as far if not farther from home then his military career ever did. He's often called up in the middle of the night for active duty in assisting the transportation of field operatives, or for sudden combat operations with little to no notice. It makes having a life difficult.

The War Machine armor lacks an Artificial intelligence to assist him in its use. While there are still some programs that can help Rhodes still has to do the brunt of the legwork himself, which while protecting him from the suit becoming sentient or hackers being able to break into it makes the suit more difficult to use.

While there are many benefits to being best friends with Iron Man, the downside is everyone knows he is. That means more often then not people try to get at Tony through Rhodey, which makes his life a bit complicated to say the least. More often then not Rhodey can be having a perfectly happy day only for someone to come along wanting to kill him to get revenge for something Tony did.

Rhodes is the current legal guardian of his niece Lila Rhodes and is responsible for her well-being. Her presence in his life has opened a direct weakness and avenue for potential enemies to attack him.

There are many a night Rhodey spends awake in his bed in a cold sweat from the things he's seen and done. While he takes medication and attends therapy for it, he's far from cured of his condition. It's a source of many sleepless nights and tired days.


Due to being installed at the base of the spine if the chip in Rhodey's neck takes a direct impact of significant force the chip will temporarily short circuit completely sending an electrical current through his body that can cause seizures, and temporary paralysis from the neck down. While this doesn't happen every time the chip is struck, it has, and can happen if a strike is significant. Such an impact would also render the chip temporarily inoperable, until it can repair itself.


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