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Triage (Scenesys ID: 7594)
Full Name: Christopher Muse
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student at Xavier's
Citizenship: American
Residence: Westchester/New York
Education: College Student
Status: Dropped
Groups: Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 2 January 2007 Actor:
Height: 177 cm (5'10") Weight: 75 kg (167 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Lazarus" by David Bowie


Creative, iconoclastic and maybe a little full of himself, Christopher Muse is Triage, a young mutant with the powerful gift of healing. He can restore someone to health with a touch, regardless of the depth of their injury. Rumors have it he can even raise the dead, although there might be complications in that regard. He has a relaxed, chill demeanor and a strong sense of style.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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Christopher Muse is a slender young man in his late teens, dark-skinned and with a rather impressive set of dreadlocks atop his head. He tends to wear slightly oversized sunglasses, tinted and reflective, although he pushes them up onto his forehead now and again. He's handsome enough, with full lips and soft features, maybe a bit babyfaced for his age. His eyes are large and expressive, with long lashes. His ears are pierced multiple times and there's a stud in his tongue. He tends to slouch and has a bit of an insouciant expression about him, vaguely bored and distracted.

He dresses stylishly, favoring oversized or puffy jackets in a variety of colors. He wears button-downs or longsleeves underneath, usually repping some brand or artist. He sometimes carries a long martial-style bo staff and he seems to know how to use it. He has a wide variety of sneakers and usually has a cell and a pair of earbuds on him.


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Christopher Muse grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a college town. Both his parents were academics and he had a pretty straightforward, upper middle-class life. His powers likely came along well before he knew it, until the day one of his friends broke his leg in a skateboarding accident and Christopher's touch instantly healed him.

Christopher struggled a bit with his gift, knowing it could draw a lot of attention and not fully understanding how it worked. He mostly just tried to live a normal life until a mutant conflict in the area near him drew him in and brought him to the attention of Xavier's Insistute. He transferred the next semester and has been trying to become a more effective part of a team and has even taken up the bo staff as a weapon so he's not completely useless in a fight. He can be a bit self-centered and lazy now and again, but he's a good kid at heart and he keeps getting better.


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Christopher's a regular guy, without a lot of trauma or crazy mental complications to go along with it. His personality tends towards the informal and he's a bit of an intellectual, having grown up with educators for parents. He's fairly self-confident, sometimes borderline arrogant, and probably feels a little untouchable, as you might imagine for someone who can't die by conventional means. Still, he's not a big party animal and is far from hypersocial. He doesn't trust easily and tends to keep himself in reserve until someone's earned his devotion and interest. He isn't particularly fond of violence and has a very long temper, more likely to walk away than trade blows with someone.


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Christopher's primary power is healing, infusing a target with excess life force and causing their tissues to spontaneously and rapidly regenerate. Unlike a healing factor, Christopher's abilities work almost instantly, restoring his target to perfect health in a matter of seconds, up to thirty seconds for truly severe or mortal injuries. He requires physical contact with his target and the ability to focus his concentration, along with a receptive physiology on the part of the victim (i.e. traditional Terran, carbon-based organic lifeforms). The more healing he does in a short period of time, the more exhausted and weakened he will become. Anything more than ten major healings will result in his powers beginning to flag and him growing exhausted to the point he'll need a full night's rest (eight hours of sleep).

Christopher's body possesses an abundance of life force energy. Mild injuries, scrapes, bruises, fractures and the like, will restore themselves almost instantly if he's wounded. More serious injuries still won't take very long, although it may take a few moments of concentration for him to restore a serious gunshot wound, collapsed lung or the like. The hardest part is that he has to concentrate to do it, which may not be particularly easy if he's in pain. While his healing is virtually immediate, he does not possess the superhuman constitution someone often gets with a healing factor - even a simple stabbing can put him in debilitating pain, even a minor concussion can render him unconscious (and while he'll heal while out, he won't automatically wake up). He is immune to all forms of disease or sickness and will even rise from the dead if he's actually killed within a matter of a few minutes. Such incidents are quite traumatizing, however, and he's likely not to be in much shape to keep fighting after a resurrection.

Life Sense:
Christopher can sense the presence of living things within his vicinity for about a twenty foot radius. He has a diagnostic touch, enabling him to understand the flow of life force through a living being and enabling him to see injuries, sickness and the like before he restores them. He does not need to diagnose in order to heal, but it can still be a useful skill. As with his healing, diagnosis requires direct physical contact.


Even if someone or something is dead, Triage can infuse it with sufficient lifeforce energy to cause resurrection. The more recently dead and physically intact, the more he can properly restore them. He cannot regenerate tissue damage suffered post-morten, either by decay, autopsy or embalming. Anything more than dead for a week will result in him raising a relatively mindless zombie who will operate for only a few minutes before returning to death unless he reinvigorates it. If the person is recently deceased, within the last twenty four hours, he can fully restore the person, who will be able to recover and operate normally once again. Raising a mindless rotter is similar to a major healing, while a full resurrection from death will exhaust him entirely and require him to rest for at least two days in addition to recuperation for any other "healing energy" that Triage spends.

*** NOTE! *** PCs and major NPCs can be restored only as part of an approved tiny plot.


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Christopher's a bright student who attended elite private schools for most of his upbringing. He has a strong academic background, especially gifted in science and history. He has a solid knowledge of cultural cornerstones like Shakespeare and Greek Myth. He can speak Spanish and understand Latin.

Christopher's been skateboarding since he was eight years old. He's capable of performing trick skates and low-level stunts on a board. While he's not an X-games level athlete, he's pretty impressive compared to your average slacker.


Since his powers don't have much offensive capability, Christopher has been training in martial combat, specifically fighting with a bo or quarterstaff. He's still about a brown belt in terms of skill, not a master by any means, but he can hold his own against civilians and he's getting better all the time. He has limited unarmed skill as well, but probably won't get far in a fistfight.


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Trust Fund:
Christopher comes from an upper middle class background and remains on good terms with his parents. He has a trust fund of around one hundred thousand dollars that he can draw upon for expenses, although he does have to answer for anything too pricy. He can cover basic expenses pretty easily, though, and he resides at the school so rent and food aren't major issues.


Christopher is a senior enrolled at Xavier's Institute. He can call upon the faculty and students there for help and support and has access to the attached facilities and resources.


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Christopher's abilities work on conventional Terran, carbon-based physiologies. Aliens, artificial beings, supernatural creatures and the like may be impossible for him to heal (or sense with his life senses). Extremely large animals can also be very difficult - healing a beached whale, for example, might exhaust him entirely, if he could even manage it. In addition, old injuries that have long since healed or scarred on their own will not be restored by his abilities. Thus, if someone were, say, an old professor who's been wheelchair bound for many years, Christopher couldn't restore your ability to walk.

In the same way that he grows exhausted with extensive use of his powers, the powers themselves become less effective. His healings will take longer, require greater mental effort, and be overall less effective until he has time to rest and recuperate. This is especially true for his self-healing capabilities. If he were to push himself too far, he might put himself at risk or be leave him unable to do the work that he needs to do.

Too much healing in a short period of time, especially major healings of life threatening injuries or even full resurrections, can quickly drain Christopher's energy and require him to rest and seek sleep. Ten or more major healings in a day will likely leave him extremely drowsy and slow.

While Triage's powers are potent, they are defensive and healing rather than offensive. Put simply, he has no superhuman way to hurt or attack an enemy in combat. He's learned a bit of martial fighting, but he's still only just proficient. Put simply, he can take a lot of punishment, but he can't really dish much out.

As great as his healing gift is, certain levels of harm are such that even he can't heal, whether it's on himself or on others. Decapitation, destruction of more than 2/3 of the brain tissue, disintegration of more than fifty percent of body mass, all of these are points of no return. If the killing method is not removed from the equation, the healing will not take: he cannot heal burns if he's still in flames, cannot heal drowning while the target is still submerged, etc.

Not So Tough:
While he will come back from death and regenerate injuries very quickly, Christopher does not have the enhanced constitution and pain tolerance that tends to come with a traditional healing factor. As a result, he can be traumatized or overwhelmed by injury much more easily than a person with his healing abilities might be expected. If he's knocked unconscious, he'll still heal but will stay unconscious as normal. He doesn't like pain and, even if he's restored, can be in trauma or shock as a result of severe physical harm if he's subjected to it.


Triage's healing abilities require physical touch and concentration to work on others. If he can't make contact or if he's in constant pain or distraction while in said contact, he won't be able to use his abilities on the subject.


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Title Date Scene Summary
To Rescue a Warrior: Warrior Joe December 14th, 2019 TO RESCUE WARRIOR JOE, Alexis Carr takes Sam, Chris, Theresa Cassidy and Shannon to the Palasade apartment building run by the extremely foul Othello Iiro, who has nothing good to say about his tennants as he runs a slum specifically meant for mutants to survive in.

Invoking Matt Murdock and the police don't help, so Sam resorts to not taking insults to Alexis and Shannon sitting down, and as Sam and Alexis retreive Warrior Joe (an aged alley cat who adopted Alexis), Chris and Shannon encounter another resident of the mutant-occupied building and make sure there are plenty of ways to get in touch with the group should they need help.

New Surroundings December 14th, 2019 Warrior Joe is beginning to explore his new home (on a leash and harness), Sam Guthrie and Alexis Carr act lovebirdy, and then there is Ballet.

Come for the goofy puns, stay for the mental image of men participating in intense daily training in tights.

Morning Tea December 9th, 2019 Tea and brunch are shared by all. Gifts changing over time are discussed, and plans to rescue Warrior Joe from the clutches of a scumbag landlord are made. Save Warrior Joe!
A Little Late Lunch December 8th, 2019 A late lunch in the Wellness Office turns into a discussion on healing, and common points between the healing gifts of Chris and Shannon. Could her gifts be entering a second phase?
Anything but routine December 7th, 2019 Alexis Carr visits the Wellness Office to discuss medical care but draws a crowd instead.
Touch The Sky December 5th, 2019 Chris finally hears Shannon's song in its entirety. With encouragement, she finds the courage to try new things, and the will to work her way towards those small goals.
Nightingale's Fury December 3rd, 2019 Anger is vented, misunderstandings brought to light. Bean, Triage, and Shannon determine that they need to talk to Cannonball, post-haste.
Team Building: Storming December 3rd, 2019 A difficult discussion is had, concerns aired, and the determination to talk amongst team leadership about how best to handle introducing students to the idea of the New Mutants is made.
New Hope Shelter Charity Ball November 30th, 2019 A Holiday Charity With A Sharp Point.
Turning up the heat November 28th, 2019 Shannon talks to Chris about a change to the upcoming concert. They discuss her options she prepares for the worst.
Ice Cream and Homecomings November 27th, 2019 Ice cream helps ease a difficult discussion after Chris' homecoming.
Why Is It Called The Idiot Box November 26th, 2019 Vi, Pixie, Nathan, and Triage enjoy a documentary and conversation on various topics. Shannon and Jean Grey arrive and hint that other concerns await beyond the rec room.
Jubilee should not be in charge of Thanksgiving. November 26th, 2019 Jubilee is a fantastic counselor and teacher, but admits to her lack of culinary expertise. Enter in Gwendolyn, Shannon, Triage, and Nathaniel to save the day! Mr. McCoy, Cannonball, Bean, and Alexis also join in the fun!
Monster mash-The aftermath November 17th, 2019 Megan discovers that conventional meds wont heal her wounds, and turns to two powerful mutant healers to mend her instead.
Protect Xavier's: Aftermath November 16th, 2019 Shannon brings Bean in to the Wellness Office; she heals Bean, Triage heals her, and the season's molting is over. Flight and flesh are restored!
Haunted in broad daylight November 14th, 2019 Triage consoles one student and heals another.
Introductions and Questions November 14th, 2019 Cannonball and Triage finally get to meet Poseidon, and hopefully concerns for Shannon's safety are laid to rest. The blessing of love and friendship is found to be the greatest gift of all!
A Mysterious Transmission, Part II November 14th, 2019 The transmission begins again, and more research is done on Site-13!
Long night early morning. November 13th, 2019 New arrivals seem to find a bright spot.
It's not a spark-plug.. it's a carborator November 12th, 2019 Elementary engineering, Christmas Planning and a dog named Bear.
Where Is A Chemistry Prof When You Need One November 12th, 2019 Triage takes Vi to Peter Parker, friendly neighborhood chemistry professor, to help her get more metals to fuel her powers
Happy Birthday, Bean! November 12th, 2019 It's Bean's birthday! Simple and homemade is the way to go, with gifts given, food shared, and a good time had by all!
Peace And Quiet At Last November 12th, 2019 Chris and Shannon talk about the day her healing mutation manifested. Courage, life, nightmares, and other possible uses of her gift are discussed.
Sploosh November 10th, 2019 Triage pulls Vi out of the lake after a flying mishap. Lots of conversation takes place drying out by a fire.
A Mysterious Transmission: Working The Angles November 9th, 2019 Plans are made, contacts are reached out to, and lessons learned about keeping a full team in the loop.
Eye in the sky November 9th, 2019 Schannon surveys the ground by air using a wearable camera while Triage stands by in case of castrophe that never comes.
A Mysterious Transmission: Reaching Out November 9th, 2019 Nightingale, Techno, and Triage seek advice and assistance from Captain Rogers on the matter of the mysterious transmission; plans and friends are made, and messages of gratitude sent!
The Trickster's Mess: Restoration November 8th, 2019 Shannon and Triage visit the mall to shop, where they meet an unlikely yet familiar visitor who offers important lessons, information, and a glimpse of something otherworldly.
Speak No Evil.... November 8th, 2019 Chris and Shannon discuss the encounter with Loki. Cannonball is brought into their confidence, and the pendant is spirited away from school grounds for safekeeping.
Who Cut The Cheese November 8th, 2019 Much mac 'n cheese is made, holiday plans are discussed, and a wild Deadpool appears! The mac 'n cheese is highly effective!
Midnight Snacking November 8th, 2019 abd that was that
A Mysterious Transmission: Passing It On Up November 7th, 2019 Cannonball and Nightingale discuss the mysterious transmission; Beast's expertise is consulted, and Triage shares what he can as well. Chain of command is maintained.
A Night at the Roc... Errr Club Evolution. November 6th, 2019 Music plans and romance plans are made
Hay Is For Horses, Apples Are For Brightwind November 5th, 2019 Hay is for horses, Shannon has to share her other apple with Brightwind, and Chris gets a hint of the full extent of the trauma caused to Shannon by the mutant protest in September. Plans for trips to Salem Center are also made!
A mysterious transmission, part 1 November 5th, 2019 A mysterious broadcast asking for help, from a place that, a week prior, didn't exist, from thirty years in the past. Shannon, Alek, Samuel, and Triage investigate at the X-mansion, while Caliber picks it up on her own.
Shoring up defenses November 4th, 2019 Samuel, Shannon, and Triage plan to buttress the school's emergency preparedness system. Logan joins, and offers good advice to improve their plan.
Fight Song: Metamorphosis November 3rd, 2019 Finally giving in to Cannonball's badgering about performing at open mic night at Club Evolution, Shannon takes up learning
No Ice Cream Left Behind November 3rd, 2019 Shannon and Triage enjoy ice cream until Bean arrives in need of their help.
Bonfire fun November 2nd, 2019 People come, people go. Smores are made, hot dogs are eaten, and good times are had by all.
Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a yam! November 2nd, 2019 Shannon and Triage soothe their sorrows with food by campfire.
Halloween Hangover November 1st, 2019 Megan gets a hangover after a late night Halloween party.
Of Apples and Flying Things.... October 31st, 2019 Shannon's inner demons begin to come to light, and the battle against them begins with friends at her side. Life, love, and flying with a body cam on (among many things!) are discussed.
Seeking help from an Angel October 29th, 2019 Shannon and Triage pay a visit to Angel Investigations but come away empty-handed.
Lunch..the day after. October 29th, 2019 A nice family dinner, and no one gets stabed with a fork.
Daily Check-In... Busted October 28th, 2019 Shannon checks in with Triage, on day one of light duty restrictions during her recovery. She reveals her connection to Poseidon, and many things are discussed.
All Cooped Up October 27th, 2019 Triage comes to check on Shannon, and springs her from the medbay. Free at last!
Escaping the Medbay... October 27th, 2019 Shannon escapes the medbay, only to run into minor mayhem in the foyer of the school. Bean, Megan, and Triage finally meet Logan. Interesting times ahead.
Of Patients and Patience.... October 26th, 2019 Worries for Bean are expressed, and healing on many levels takes place. A moment of peace is enjoyed.
Some angels brood, even when there is pizza! October 26th, 2019 Triage meets an angel while waiting for pizza, and hints that help might lie as near as a telephone.
Fred got roasted. The X-Men try to unroast her. October 25th, 2019 The Xmen pull Fred back from the jaws of death, and restore her.
Test Flight October 24th, 2019 A test flight for fun turns into a discussion on life, hope, heartache, and dreams for the future.
Ice Cream and Ballads October 23rd, 2019 Triage and Shannon share a bit of their history over some well-earned ice cream from Jubilee's bet.
Whatcha Got Cookin' October 22nd, 2019 Triage, Remy, and Shannon all chit-chat over some fresh mac 'n cheese, possible plans for a bonfire are made. Good company, and good food enjoyed by all!
Music in the rec room. October 22nd, 2019 An informal gathering of friends turns into an impromptu musical performance. Good food, good company, and good music. A good time was had by all!
Practice makes Perfect (or Pear-shaped) in the Danger Room October 21st, 2019 Shannon and Triage win a bet that Jubilee and Kurt placed.
Outdoors at Xavier's October 21st, 2019 Samuel worries new student Vi is a Hydra assassin. Hilarity ensues, followed by orange slices and juice boxes.
Samuel Getting To The Truth October 21st, 2019 Samuel worries new student Vi is a Hydra assassin. Hilarity ensues, followed by orange slices and juice boxes.
Checking In With The Healer October 20th, 2019 Triage and Shannon talk about one of life's Big Questions, wondering at the existance of violence. Other matters are discussed, and Kaydin even joins them briefly for a snack!
On the mend October 20th, 2019 Megan stops at the Wellness Office, where she, the healers, Cannonball discuss her condition and medical needs.
Vi gets her first taste of life at the school. October 20th, 2019 Vi meets the fuzzy elf and the almost zoo crew.
Pixie gets the sniffles October 19th, 2019 Triage and Shannon attempt to cure Pixie of the flu..With interesting results.
An Angel's Fury October 18th, 2019 Shannon has a lot more to get off her chest than Kitty, Triage, Bean, or even Cannonball thought--but was everything said that needed to be? Or was some still held back?
After the Fury October 18th, 2019 Triage gives Sam Guthrie the brief version of a long story, and sends the Cannonball on course to his next target.
No Wins without Costs October 17th, 2019 Andrea discusses a new project with Triage over lunch, and other issues surface.
A scent that beats Pixie's October 15th, 2019 Extra credit was had by all, except Shannon who had extra rainbows
... we need more ice cream. October 15th, 2019 Andrea eats ice cream and makes a deal.
A Royal Coronation Birthday October 14th, 2019 Lorna's birthday party and coronation ends with Magneto's nightmares coming to life and wrecking everything.
Get to the choppa! Part deux October 12th, 2019 The aftermath of the attack in the garden--Andrea is pulled from the fire by Triage, Shannon and Bean are healed, and all have to decontaminate from the scent that triggers Laura's baser instincts. Triage is back! Yay!
A visitor for Andrea October 12th, 2019 A visit to Andrea in the medbay finds that patients don't always have patients, but Andrea is healing well.
A Healer's Feast October 12th, 2019 Breakfast for dinner--is 'brinner' even a thing?--for Triage goes very well, with Bean, Cannonball, Alek, and Kurt even joining in! Plans were made, and a good time had by all!
Age of Darkness: Celebration of Life October 12th, 2019 It was the Memorial Celebration for Superman, and it was a sombre event for everyone to be a part of.
Get To The Choppa! October 11th, 2019 Bad guys beaten, but escaped.
Broken Arm, Broken Heart October 10th, 2019 Some things, even the best healers can't quite fix....
Blowing Off Some Steam September 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Get me outta here! September 26th, 2019 Triage is able to heal the remainder of Shannon's wounds; Sam comes to check on things. Talk of life, and everything, and good humor all around!
We'd like our Villain back, please September 26th, 2019 Avengers and X-folks discuss Loki's recent visit.
Blood and Ichor September 25th, 2019 Students attempt to treat the injured Jeremy.
Let My Healers Go! September 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Andrea pokes her head into the med-lab September 23rd, 2019 The wolf is rebuilding her pack.
Healer To The Rescue September 23rd, 2019 Shannon and Triage heal Kitty out of her coma, to the relief of Peter Parker and Lockheed
Out Of The Woods... September 23rd, 2019 Kurt receives the good news about Kitty; Samuel and Shannon deal with one more day stuck in the medbay, with good food and good company making it much more bearable.
Welcome home, Andrea. September 22nd, 2019 Andrea comes home and runs into Ellie and Chris. Back to work!
SENTINELS: Blinded By Science September 10th, 2019 A field trip to Horizon Bio-Labs goes horribly awry following an attack by the Friends of Humanity and their Sentinels.
Urban Exploration September 8th, 2019 Tell me if you've heard this one: Three vampires walk into a building... with Spike, Pippi, and special guest star Triage
A Cat Walks into a Bar September 6th, 2019 Thanks to the timely intervention of the mutant known as Triage, Cheetah escapes from the deadly (if somewhat confused) clutches of Fiona Glennane.
Sentinels-Genosha Rises: Remembering Daniel September 4th, 2019 The vigil gathers and surprisingly the event ends peacefully!
Intros in Central Park September 1st, 2019 Triage, Darkstar, and Pixie meet, but only one name is revealed, and that without hint of its true nature.


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