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Darkhawk (Scenesys ID: 348)
"The name's Darkhawk. I thought I could retire... But because of sick freaks like you, that can never happen. There's a war going on, a war between good and evil. And in war, our elders may give the orders... But it's the young who have to fight."
Full Name: Christopher Jonathan "Chris" Powell
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Powell House (Riverdale, Starling)
Education: University of Starling
Status: Dropped
Groups: Alpha Flight, Riverdale Gang, Space-OOC, Starling-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 28 February 2009 Actor: Chris Wood, (voice as Darkhawk) Keith David
Height: 175 cm (5'9") Weight: 68 kg (150 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Darkhawk" by Dorky Diggedy Dave


After watching his father take a bribe, Christopher Powell discovered a Scalenohedron-shaped crystal, which calls upon the universal Dark Force through Shi'ar technology. Chris is endowed with immense protective and fighting power, transforming him into the superhero known as Darkhawk. Today, Chris is just a teenager burdened by family responsibilities, but one, he will become the Powell, one of the "most powerful, and feared, heroes in the universe."

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The vigilante known as Darkhawk stands 185 cm tall, and weighs 82 kg. His 'costume' is midnight blue, the colour of moonlight, sometimes appearing closer to blue, other times purple, but really it is of the indigo persuasion. It all depends on how much light is hitting his form. But at night, he blends into the shadows. It would be much easier to track him during the day, that's for sure.

His form is covered from head to toe, but it is not just of that same midnight blue. He wears a belt composed of non-reflective silver. His shoulders are covered by a similarly coloured triangular armour, which has the effect of shoulder pads, making him look more imposing. He wears a gauntlet, also of that matte silver, over his right wrist. Occasionally, three claws will pop out of that gauntlet. They can also be used as a grappling hook.

The front of his mask is also matte silver, with a blocky, angular appearance, which matches the shoulder pads and gauntlet. The rest of him is sleek, streamlined, and very human looking. He appears to be a man wearing some kind of stretchy, spandex-like material. Over his chest, there is a red Scalenohedron-shaped crystal. His visor is also red, matching the colour of the crystal.


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Christopher Jonathan Powell is the eldest son of Michael and Grace Powell. His father Mike is member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and his mother Grace is a Crown Attorney. His younger brothers, Jonathan and Jason, are fraternal twins, with Jon having black hair, like their father, and Jason having red hair, like their mother. Chris ended up being the odd one out, and has light brown hair.

He was born in the Castlefall area of Starling, and has lived there all his life, which has been, up until recently, incredibly mundane, and largely dull. He's not the smartest kid in the class, or the best athlete. He's never stood out as anything special. That was until he discovered a mysterious crystal while visiting an amusement park with his younger brothers.

While at the park, he witnessed his father taking a bribe from another gentleman. He didn't know it at the time, but the man was notorious mob boss Phillipe Bazin. Chris and his brothers were seen and they ran right into a closed off portion of the park, where he stumbled upon the raptor amulet, which transformed him into the superhero Darkhawk.

Vowing to use the raptor armour as his "edge against crime", he has tried to balance his heroic activities with being a good student and a good role model for his younger brothers. He joined the New Warriors, though so far he's managed to keep his mask on at all times.

Mostly, it's been a learning experience, trying to figure out just what the raptor armour is. It bleeds some kind of green fluid. He transposes with it, ending up in something he calls "null space", while the armour takes his place. It's all been very confusing and a lot for a young teen to adapt to. But he's coping.


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Chris Powell is a decent, but ordinary kid. He's brave, loyal, and responsible, no matter how volatile the situation might be. He has a rebellious streak, as most teenagers do. He's at that stage where he's trying to find his place in the world. He's becoming the man he will be for the rest of his life, and each decision is meaningful. He's forming habits, and habits become patterns.

He's a vigilante, working outside the law, but his dad is a cop on the take, so in a twisted sense, he feels he's balancing things. He does draw inspiration from the legends of Gotham's dark knight, Batman, but he appearances aside, he probably has way more in common with New York's friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.


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Concussion Blasts:
The Raptor armour is capable of firing blasts of Darkforce energy through the amulet embedded in its chest. Although Chris only understands how to emit it in a beam of concussive force, it is capable of so much more. In time, he may learn to fashion shapes, weapons, and whatever else he requires, but for now, he is limited to beams of Darkforce energy.

The Raptor armour amulet is a conduit for Darkforce, which operates similarly to the various Lantern Corps. His amulet is like one of their rings. It 'recharges' while he switches with the armour. It is limited by his imagination and skill. Without anyone to guide and teach him, he has stumbled along, discovering some uses of it, but he has only scratched the surface. There is so much more to learn.

Energy Absorption:
The Raptor armour is capable of absorbing energy directed at it. Chris knows this, has done it, but routinely forgets about this aspect of the armour. It has built in storage batteries to make use of any absorbed energy. It can absorb a wide variety of energies.

The Raptor armour has primary thrusters built into the feet for lift, and has retractable glider wings under the arms to help guide him during, where he can make use of air currents. When used in tandem, it affords him a surprisingly efficient flight, using minimal system resources, while allowing for maximum manoeuvrability. While in the air, he can stop on a dime and change course when he needs to.

Force Field:
The Raptor armour is capable of creating and projecting force fields. At first, Chris liked to create a circular shield-like disk, which was attached to one of his arms, most frequently his left. But he has since learned to project external force fields in a variety of shapes. He's still learning and has only managed to create relatively simple geometric shapes. In time, he may be able to create more detailed force fields.

The Raptor armour's right hand is covered by a gauntlet, which contains a retractable set of three claws. He can extend all three or any combination of them. These claws are razor sharp and capable of cutting through virtually any material known to Earth. The claw can also be shot out, becoming akin to a grappling hook. They will grab onto something at the other end, and he can pull it towards him, or himself towards it, depending on the subject of his grapple attempt.

The Raptor armour is capable of refracting light so that it bounces off of it, while projecting whatever is behind it. While not true invisibility, it is enough to fool peripheral vision. When far away, he can disappear, but up close, there is an obvious distortion. Chris doesn't know it, but this has to do with the fact that the armour wasn't designed for human brain chemistry. It is capable of true invisibility, but it might not be capable of it with him as the user.

The Raptor armour is capable of passing through solid objects, such as walls. Chris rarely remembers this ability, and has quite a bit of difficulty directing it. He often bumps into walls when he tries. But the armour is quite capable, and he knows it.

Raptor Armour:
The Raptor armour is what turns Chris Powell into Darkhawk. All of his powers are directly tied to it. Without the armour, he would be an ordinary human being. It is very mysterious, and there is a lot that he has yet to learn about the armour, but he is getting better. He has saved many people, and has become quite the hero.

The Raptor armour is self-repairing. All Chris has to do is switch back to his human form, and the raptor armour will be, from his perspective, instantly repaired, refuelled, and reloaded. Chris does not understand what he calls Null Space, but there may be some temporal shenanigans at work there. Switching, even momentarily, will make him vulnerable as well as put his identity at risk.

Superhuman Agility:
The Raptor armour is not limited the way the human anatomy is. It can bend, move, contort, and stretch in movements that would be difficult, if not impossible, for a human being. When used in tandem with its superhuman reflexes, the Raptor armour can move with lightning-like efficiency.

Superhuman Durability:
While the Raptor armour is self-repairing, it is also superhumanly durable. Very few attacks are capable of damaging the armour. It has withstood significant physical impacts, energy blasts, and military grade artillery fire. It can withstand extreme temperatures of heat and cold, as well as operate in the vacuum of space. It can take far more than it can dish out.

Superhuman Reflexes:
The Raptor armour is capable of responding quicker than any normal human. The sophisticated sensor array can detect threats, and begin the process of moving even before Chris wills it to. It is ready before he is, and when he choose to act, it is usually already in the process of beginning that movement.

Superhuman Speed:
The Raptor armour is capable of beating a commercial aircraft in a flight from New York to Coast City. On the ground, it is similarly fast. While it is far from competing with the likes of the Flash and Quicksilver, it is quite fast, from a thrown punch, to a long distance run.

Superhuman Strength:
The Raptor armour is comparatively weak. It can only lift 2 metric tons. But the designers never expected the user to rely on the armour's individual strength. Unfortunately, Chris has only learned to master a few of the armour's capabilities, and focuses more on its brute strength than the multitude of uses for Darkforce.

Superhuman Vision:
The Raptor armour has adaptive vision, shifting from telescopic to infra-red vision, among others, based on a sophisticated sensor array built into the armour, and what the user is trying to see. Chris doesn't understand it, but when in the armour, he can see just about anything that he wants to see.

Thought Relay:
The Raptor armour connects to Chris through a thought relay. He is not really there. Instead, he is in Null Space, controlling the armour's actions remotely. It is an incredibly reliable bond, working rain or shine. As the armour is effectively a glorified mobile phone, it protects him again telepathic intrusion, as there is no mind there for someone to read or influence.

Universal Translator:

The Raptor armour is a product of Shi'ar craftsmanship. It is familiar with the interstellar languages known at the time of its programming. It is also capable of learning, as it learned English. Given its translation matrix, it does not take much time, or a large sample size, for it to translate newly encountered languages.


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Chris Powell can read, write, and speak Mandarin Chinese. He's far from fluent, but he has enough to carry a conversation, ask for directions, or other routine exchanges. English is his primary language. He took some courses on French, but has forgotten most of it. Once he was able to change to Mandarin Chinese, he did, as he thought it was a far more useful language than French.

Martial Arts:
Chris Powell has studied Kendo since he was a kid. Recently, he took up Ninjutsu to help him become a better superhero. Even without the Raptor armour, he's proven able to defend himself against four bullies at once.

Raptor Armour:

Chris Powell can operate the raptor armour. He can use many of its functions, even if he hasn't mastered them all, and is still learning. Considering he's self-taught, and it is alien technology, he's done remarkably well to learn as much as he has about it. That which he can do, he can usually replicate at any time without issue. In time, he should learn more about the suit. He's a natural at it.


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Chris Powell's mother is a Crown Attorney. If he ever faced legal action, he'd have the best representation possible as she knows the right people to go for a given case. His father is a police officer, which also affords him some special consideration, though he's not on the best of terms with his father ever since he found out that Mike Powell is on the take. He also has twin brothers, Jason and Jon, who adores and often babysits.

New Warriors:
Darkhawk is a member of the New Warriors. He has friends he can call upon for help as a hero, and even though he has yet to share his identity with them, he could probably call upon them in his civilian life if he needed to. He has access to their resources, which are mostly supplied by the Taylor Foundation, which is owned by Night Thrasher.

Raptor Amulet:

The Raptor Amulet is the source of Darkhawk's power. Without it, Chris could never become a superhero. He would just be a normal guy. If he were ever to lose it, he would lose his access to the raptor armour. Normally he wears it around his neck under his clothes, or keeps it secure in a pocket. He is always careful not to lose it. It is his most prised possession.


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The suit is powered by darkforce energy, which functions similarly to a Lantern ring of power. It must be recharged. Fortunately, transforming is enough to recharge and even repair the suit. He doesn't understand the mechanics, but in a few moments, he can recharge the suit. But he has to have those moments to recharge the suit, and while doing it, he will become human, and unmasked. If he tried to do it in combat, they might learn his identity. Most likely, they'd just see some kid they have never seen before. But for that time, he would be helpless.

Chris Powell has a temper. It takes a lot to get him upset, but when he does get upset, he makes mistakes. Early on in his career, he even thought about murdering a bad guy. Thankfully, someone talked him out of it and made him see sense. But there's a fire inside him. It can come out at the worst of times, especially where his family is concerned.

Raptor Amulet:
The Raptor Amulet is the source of Darkhawk's power. If it were to break, be taken, or lost, he would cease to be Darkhawk. He could no longer access the armour. It is what makes him special. Without it, he would just be Chris Powell.

Raptor Armour:
The Raptor Armour is not indestructible. It 'bleeds' some kind of green substance. Under the faceplate, it is so horrifying that most people who witness it repress that memory. Even Chris cannot remember what it looks like when he saw himself in the mirror. He just remembers that he wanted to vomit and had trouble sleeping for several days. As power suits go, it has some impressive capabilities, a wide assortment, but isn't particularly powerful. That may be due to the fact that he has yet to master all of its abilities. He is still learning. But for now, he is largely a street level hero.

Chris Powell is a high school student. He has to study hard, do his homework, look after his younger brothers, sometimes make dinner for them, and his parents, clean, in short, he has chores. Besides that, he is a hero. He sacrifices his time and energy to help others. He feels a need to do what's right.

Secret Identity:

Chris Powell maintains a secret identity to protect his family. If anyone ever learned who he was, they might use his family to get to him. It would also ruin his school life, and life in general. Being a publicly known hero hasn't worked for too many people. And he's not wealthy enough to do what the Fantastic Four did. So he has to do what he can to protect himself and keep his dual identity a secret, even from those who care about him.


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