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Kinsey MacKenna (Scenesys ID: 7663)
"Nothing ever came of believing you can't."
"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." - Julian of Norwich

"Hope is not something that you have. Hope is something that you create, with your actions." - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Full Name: Kinsey MacKenna
Gender: Female
Species: Kree
Theme: Original (OSC)
Occupation: Xenobiologist
Citizenship: "American"
Residence: MacKenzie Space Station
Education: BSc Genetics, Stanford; MSc Genetic Engineering, MIT; PhD Genetic Engineering, PhD Xenobiology, Harvard
Status: Shelved
Groups: Space-OOC, Starling-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 35 Actual Age: 35
Date of Birth 20 December 1992 Actor: Glenn Close
Height: 183 cm (6'0") Weight: 62 kg (136 lb)
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde Eye Color: Golden Brown
Theme Song: "Superman's Song" by The Crash Test Dummies


Raised in the projects, Kinsey always set her sights on bigger and better things. When a seeming once in a lifetime chance to go to the Mackenzie Station as the lead Xenobiologist came on the radar, she took a chance and was accepted. Now on a 6 month tour of the place, her life is just beginning. Onward and upward!

Current Player Approved: N/A



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Tall for a woman, and slender to boot, Kinsey is a fairly unremarkable looking woman. Unless you consider the warmth in the golden brown of her eyes, or the gentle calm that usually surrounds her. Or perhaps the way that her pale, nearly white hair, frames her face, seeming to highlight the bone structure there, or illuminate the clear quality of her skin. Long, slender limbs; slender features; toned but not overtly muscular body. Kinsey exhibits an inquisitiveness about her surroundings without being obtrusive. All in all, she looks comfortable in her own skin, something that is the envy of many.


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Like all children, my first memories are hazy, but I remember sunshine, and a smiling man's face. My mother would tell me that was my father, Darlan. I wish I could say that I remember more about him than I do. I do remember that smile, though.

We lived in the projects, my mother and I. She was a seamstress - a job that she said there was no shame to. It allowed her to be home with me while I grew up, and to offer me things that many of my playmates did not have. I noticed as my life went on, that our house was often a place where others came for some motherly advice or comfort. We were a safe haven in an uncertain neighbourhood.

We were poor, but we did not want for any of the essentials. We had a home; each other; enough to eat; clothes on our backs; and love. It seemed enough.

Only once do I remember my mother taking physical action against me. Just the once. In the storms of my adolescence I spoke out against the man who had left us, lumping him in with the likes of so many other deadbeat parents - male and female alike - I'd heard my peers complaining about. I was angry at circumstance, and the man I never knew. Mostly I was angry at circumstance. He was a convenient scapegoat. Her hand snuck out and struck my cheek and she told me that I was never to speak of him that way again, that I didn't know what I was saying, and were I to, I would be ashamed of myself.

I never forgot that moment. It was so out of character for her that it not only stuck with me, but it shifted my view of the world significantly. I tried to understand how it was that maybe I didn't see the truth of things, and in trying to discover those truths, I began to see the world differently. I began to see that everyone had a story, and that those things shaped us for good or for bad.

I didn't want them to shape me for bad, so I chose a different path.

I was lucky. In my mother, I had my greatest advocate. "Kinsey," she would say, "You may not always get everything you want, but you can't get anything you don't ask for, or try to achieve." So she made sure that if I wanted to try something, that I tried it. Or if I had questions, that we would look for answers. She never once told me that I couldn't, and when I announced that I wished to take a career path that wasn't traditionally female, and was perhaps lofty and limited to boot, she still encouraged me.

It was a great sorrow for me that she died while I was finishing up my final dissertations. She'd heard them, though, listening to me deliver the words I would defend. Offering advice and suggestions. I never actually questioned how a simple seamstress knew these things, but she'd never struck me as dumb. When she was gone, though, I wish I'd asked more of her. Learned things about her that I won't get the chance to now. All I have of her, now, is the apartment we shared, and the box she gave me - a box she cautioned not to open until it was time. That I would know when. I'm still waiting.

It is because of her that I applied for the job on the MacKenzie Space Station when the call for the UN initiative went out. I could hear her voice in my head telling me that the only way I could get the job was if I applied. So, I applied, even as I brushed up my resume and sent it out to other places as well, knowing that whatever came, I would have a job somewhere.

Imagine my surprise, and pleasure, when I got the job. Six months in space. Well, that was three months ago. Halfway there now. Only three more to go. And after this? Who knows. What I do know is that I don't regret my choices, and if anything, my time here on the station has convinced me that I am doing what I should. The breakthroughs are smaller than one might hope for - but that's science for you. A lot of experiments that go nowhere, and a sometimes happy accident that leads you to places you didn't expect. I'm still looking for the happy accident, but I can't complain. Not really. Life is good. It's only going to get better.

All her life, Kinsey has believed herself to be fully human. Sure, she's had better health than most, and might be more physically fit and capable than many, but she's just chalked that up to good genetics.

If only she knew!

The truth is, Kinsey is Kree. Her mother and father fled one of the outworlds to avoid detection by the Bloodhounds that seek unfixed females. Kinsey's mother Alana came from a line of Kree women that bred particularly true for Seventh Sense, and when Kinsey was born, and advance warning came of the Bloodhunter's discovery of the tiny hideaway planet they were on, her parents made the agonizing decision to flee and hide themselves and their child, a decision that let them to earth. For the first couple of years, they lived as a family in one of the projects, her father Darlan working odd jobs as he could, and her mother taking in sewing as a seamstress to make ends meet.

There were complications, though, that led to the next decision of the little family - that being that her parents were Skrull sympathizers. While they certainly didn't believe that the Skrull were innocent, neither did they buy what they were told by the Supreme Intelligence wholesale, or those who claimed to speak for it. They had seen too many atrocities and questionable things in their lifetime to fully accept that there were only black and white in the story. They believed that the Kree were just as complicit in this war as the Skrull and, in fact, were continuing to push it past the bounds of necessary.

These two factors, being sympathizers, and the Seventh Sense, led to the decision for Darlan to leave his wife and daughter behind and to divert any possible attention away from them, and earth, and create the illusion that the entire family continued to be on the run out in space. As a result, Kinsey has but shadowy memories of the man who is her father, and is completely unaware that he is out there, somewhere. Alive and well, as it happens.

Shortly before her mother's death, Kinsey was given a box and told she would know when it was time to open it. Inside, when the time comes, she will find answers to questions she doesn't even know she has yet, including who and what she is, and information that may well lead Kinsey, herself, to take the side of the Skrull, or to possibly seek out whether or not her father is alive.

Whatever is in that box, Kinsey remains blithely unaware that she's not the simple human female who grew up in the projects and reached for the stars that she thought she was.

Note: Contents of the box are not yet determined beyond the fact that they will help Kinsey learn that she is Kree; of her father and the possibility of other family; and of the fact that there is something unusual about her beyond being merely Kree (Seventh Sense).

Kinsey's path is about to take a hard left into the unexpected. She's about to be offered a ring, and a responsibility. That is, she's destined to become a Blue Lantern. It's going to mean a lot of soul searching for this woman, as she struggles to accept that the standards she holds herself to are enough, and that she actually does deserve what she sees as an honour. She's not only going to have to learn what it means to be a Lantern, but what it means to really be Kinsey as well.


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At her heart, Kinsey is a gentle soul, though you might not believe that were you to see her zealously defend the underdogs of the world. Still, she's not one for violence, and she's generally soft-spoken. Pleasant. Often funny. Cheerful. She's the sort of person who tries to bring light into every room she enters. While her chosen field of study isn't really one for personal interactions, Kinsey is still a people person, and always looks for the opportunity to make things just a little bit better for all those around her - whether it being the pay it forward cup of coffee, or holding open a door, or just a cheerful word or two as she passes you by.

Infinitely forgiving and understanding, she holds herself to high standards, and expects much of herself. A pacifist at heart, she firmly believes that violence isn't the answer to the world's problems, even though she understand that isn't the way everyone sees the world. That doesn't stop her from trying to convince others that her way is better though!

Filled with inquisitiveness about the world around her, and a sense of wonder and delight in even the ordinary, Kinsey fully enjoys life and seeks to be an example to others.


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Electromagnetic Scanning:
Rings have a wide range of detection abilities based on the imagination of the user. If one can conceive of it, it can probably detect it. Magical effects like clairvoyance seem to be beyond the scope of the rings. Most normal electromagnetic phenomena are within the range of the rings, including radio, television, infrared, ultraviolet, and high frequency band communications.

Emergency Beacon:
A Lantern in distress can use their power ring as an emergency beacon. The alert can be directed to a Lantern's neighbouring sector, or it can be a Corps-wide alert.

Energy Absorption:
A ring can absorb and store most other energies. Doing so does not replenish the normal store of energy the ring has. A ring that needs recharging, but contained a store of electricity, could only discharge that electricity, for example.

Energy Conduit:
The rings use Blue, Green, Indigo, Orange, Red, Violet, or Yellow energy supplied by a Power Battery, which in most cases takes the form of a coloured lantern. These energies are an infallible connection to the universe. A power ring is possibly one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe: it has the ability to affect and use fundamental forces of the known universe, including electromagnetic energies such as gravity, radiation, heat, light, and powerful blasts of concussive force. A ring can also create fields of force formed from an unknown energy that was bound by the users' will. The limitations of such use are the skill, knowledge, and imagination of the user.

Energy Constructs:
The primary function of the Power Ring is to provide a weapon capable of transforming the wearer's thoughts into physical constructs through the wearer's strength of hope, will, compassion, avarice, rage, love, or fear. A Lantern can create any particular items or construct that they can imagine as long as they have the <source> necessary to generate it into existence. The constructs are made out of <source> energy, which is a tangible form of pure <source>, and they exist only as long as a Lantern is fuelling it with their <source>. Items created by the rings are not indestructible, and are only as powerful as the <source> of the Lantern creating them. The types of constructs usually reflect the ring wearer's personality.

Energy Projection:
A ring can be used to fire blasts of Blue, Green, Indigo, Orange, Red, Violet, or Yellow energy or create weapons such as projectiles of them. A ring can project beams of force powered by the hope, will, compassion, avarice, rage, love, or fear of the user. The weapons power is more an indication of the <source> of the user.

Energy Twin:
The power ring allows the wearer to create an "energy twin" of them that can travel at far greater speeds than that of the rings wielder's physical form. While the energy twin is active, the ring wielder remains motionless, as their force is needed to guide the energy twin. The energy twin cannot alter its surroundings, and may only be perceived by the Guardians or another ring wielder as a Blue, Green, Indigo, Orange, Red, Violet, or Yellow ghostlike image. Any knowledge gained by the energy twin is transferred back to the ring wielder's physical form upon re-contact with the body. The Guardians frequently use energy twins as a means of contacting a Lantern. As a rule, a ring wielder cannot create actual, independent duplicates of them, as the power ring cannot create life.

Environmental Playback:
Upon request, the power ring can recreate a holographic environment based on data in its memory banks. The ring wielder can observe events in a ghostlike state, but the ring wielder cannot alter the outcome of the playback. All objects in the playback will appear in the full spectrum of colours, regardless of the wielder's level of expertise creating simulacrums. The power ring will automatically end the playback if outside interference warrants the ring wielder's undivided attention.

By the manipulation of anti-gravitons and directed molecular movement, the ring allows the user to fly at incredible speeds. In atmosphere, a Lantern has been known to fly as fast as Mach 10 in an atmosphere by creating an aerodynamic envelope around their body. When towing others, usually within a bubble, their speed is limited to just over twice the speed of sound, or 700 m / s. In space, a Lantern's speed can be significantly greater and has been known to approach 80% of light speed in normal space. In atmospheres, air friction is not a hindrance, since heat is either absorbed or reflected by the ring's field.

Force-Field Generation:
The ring can create various force-fields of various sizes and shapes to protect the wearer and others around the user. With the cosmic scope of a Lantern's abilities, it is only natural that the power ring is designed for operation in space. The ring creates a force-field around the wearer, protecting the user from the hazards of the void, including filtration of stellar radiation and microscopic particulate matter, which would ordinarily be fatal should the space debris strike the ring wielder at high speeds. An atmosphere appropriate to the ring wielder's biology is created inside the force-field, body temperature is maintained, and waste products are removed. Gravitational stresses which could cause injury are stabilized for the ring wielder.

Galactic Encyclopaedia:
The rings worn by the Corps functions as references for their users. Having vast knowledge to draw upon, each ring functions as a ready reference on most peoples, stellar events, and conditions that may have been seen by other rings. The rings also serve as a repository of adventures had by the Lanterns and these mission reports are stored in the Prime Battery for review and training.

Homing Beacon:
A homing beacon in the power ring can lead one Lantern to another. The power ring can be ordered to disguise itself to elude power ring wielding trackers. Most often ring wielders will allow the beacon to signal their location to others.

Invis&light Refraction:
A ring wielder can render them invisible by willing the ring to bend light waves around them, as well as that of the power ring. Presumably, a similar action allows an experienced ring wielder to create objects of colours other than that of their ring. As the ring wielder's experience grows, they are able to create power ring illusions of people and objects. It can be assumed the ring wielder would not risk the extra time and effort to create other colours in a combat situation.

The power ring enables its wearer to utilise jumpgate technology to punch through real space in order to navigate through the alternate reality of hyperspace, cutting down travel times from years, even decades, to hours or days. Experienced ring wielders can generate their own jump points.

Kree Heritage:
Although she is unaware of it, Kinsey is fully Kree, and as such, she has the capabilities particular to her race. These include:

Superhuman Strength: While not a trained warrior, Kinsey is significantly stronger than her human peers. But because of her pacifist nature, this has never been put to the test beyond things like helping move furniture, or perhaps keeping herself in shape. Potentially, she would be about twice as strong as a normal human female, which is to say, not too shabby.

Superhuman Durability: Like the rest of her race, Kinsey is quite durable. Not that she's put it to the test, but should it ever come up, she could actually withstand significant blows to her person from many powered beings. She's durable, but not unhurtable. Blades and bullets still make a mark!

Superhuman Endurance: As a Kree, Kinsey is able to withstand more than your average human, though she's unaware that this is so. She's merely taken all that life has thrown at her in her stride without realizing that it might have been a hardship to others. It has given her an edge when it's come to pushing her boundaries.

Superhuman Stamina: Kree have significantly more stamina than a normal human, generally up to about twice that of one with similar training. As your average female, who only really has kept in shape at the gym, Kinsey is fit and in shape, but not exactly a marathon runner, or a prime example of her race, though she has the potential to build herself up to more.

Ltd Cellular Regeneration:
The ring has a limited ability to heal physical injuries. Lantern's can use the ring to repair minor injuries in them or others. If a ring wielder actually has personal medical knowledge, they would be able to cure a wider variety of dysfunctions, beyond normal physical injuries.

Material Alteration:
The Lantern's uniform is not made out of fabric. It is created by the Power Ring whenever the wearer wills to wear it. It automatically appears over the wearer's normal clothing, and vanishes when the wearer wills to return to their civilian attire. Most Lanterns wear similar uniforms that are programmed into the ring by default. However, each Lantern is able to adjust their uniform to fit their own needs, personalities and whims.

Mind Alteration:
Though the ethics of mind tampering may be debatable, sometimes it is necessary. As the power ring relies on thought and hope, will, compassion, avarice, rage, love, or fear to operate, mind tampering is not impossible. The difficulty lies in properly applying the power. There lies a risk of catastrophic damage to the mind should mistakes be made. A ring wielder can use the power ring to erase portions of an individual's memories. Lanterns have used mind techniques as part of training. New recruits may be subjected to mind scans by other Lanterns or the Guardians of the Universe. They are taught to build mental defences to protect themselves from psionic attack. The power ring can also be used to beam information from the ring wielder to another being. Lanterns have used this technique to share information regarding their enemies during combat situations.

Note: Mind alteration for anything other than to share information requires staff approval.

The Power Ring allows the wearer to pass through certain solid objects, such as walls. Which objects that are not penetrable are not known, but it may depend upon the strength of the wearer's hope, will, compassion, avarice, rage, love, or fear and the density of the object's molecular structure.

Preset Conditions:
Commands can be stored in the ring to be executed at a later date, even if the bearer is not wearing the ring.

Search Probes:
A user is capable of sending probes through their Power Ring that are tasked with locating specific targets or individuals.

Security Protocol:
The rings can be programmed. They are coded to the wearer to make them unusable if stolen.

Seventh Sense:
Particular to Kree women, Kinsey possesses what they call 'Seventh Sense' - the ability to drain the life force from males, as well as the potential for other psychic abilities (clairvoyance, precognition, and the ability to manipulate desires) . Normally this would have been surgically removed from her, but her parent's exodus, and subsequent hiding of Kinsey on earth, has left this talent intact, if currently latent/unknown to her. While only usable on males, it is still a significant threat.

Note: This ability, when manifest, is by player consent only.

Thought Relay:
Power Rings can create telepathic links between the ring wielder and any sentient being in the vicinity.

Time Travel:
Time travel is possible with the power ring, though the further forward in time a ring wielder travels, the more hope, will, compassion, avarice, rage, love, or fear it takes. Note: Time travel requires staff approval.

Universal Translator:
The power ring acts as universal translator.

Willpower Enhancement:

Blue Lantern Power Rings can function at higher levels in the presence of an active Green Lantern Power Ring. When a Green Lantern Power Ring is in close proximity to the Blue Lantern, he or she is enhanced, gaining a significant amount of energy.


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Kinsey holds herself to high standards - it's been necessary to get where she is in life: in her studies, in keeping physically fit, and in chasing down her dreams. It's not that she denies herself pleasures, but more that she gives herself limits and sticks with them. She expects more of herself than she does of others, and she's willing to make sacrifices to get what she wants. She's not a stick in the mud, but if it comes down to needing to leave a party early in order to get up before the dawn to tackle a task, she invariably leaves the party early. Few and far between are the times she lets her hair down, though it has been known to happen.

Genetic Engineer:
What started as a love for your basic genetics gradually grew into a full-fledged passionate affair with the field of genetic engineering. Gene manipulation, splicing, editing - you name it, she's good at it. Very good at it. Good enough that she was chosen out of a field of dozens to ply her trade on the MacKenzie Space Station as part of the joint UN initiative in response to alien contact post-Darkseid.

Even among the brilliant, Kinsey is brilliant. Despite coming from an impoverished background, she's managed to go to some of the best schools in the world under some of the most demanding subjects there are. While she might not be known all over the world for her smarts, she could hold her own in the company of the world's best minds should the opportunity ever come up to have a meet and greet.

Growing up, Kinsey was encouraged to reach for the top - to never let circumstances hold her back, or down, and she has totally adopted that philosophy into her life. She's a realist in that she always has a backup plan, but she dreams big and chases those dreams where others might allow setbacks and circumstances to throw them off or give up. It's given her a great tool set for tackling any sort of problem, and frankly, in a science based field, such as she's chosen to pursue, that single mindedness and willingness to keep trying is a huge asset.

Physically Fit:
While she's not exactly a gym rat, Kinsey has kept herself to a fairly high standard of physical fitness, including the attendant diet and lifestyle choices that one might expect to go along with it. She's toned, but not muscular. Active. Able to put in more than a hard day's work and bounce back from it all the net day to go at it again. While some of this is due to her Kree heritage, it's bolstered by the fact that she takes good care of herself, and now that she's in Space, it's even more important that she keep up with her regimen.


Kinsey would couple her love of genetics, and her specialty of genetic engineering with Xenobiology in graduate school, putting her into a class of her own in that particular field. Her skills keep her in high demand, even if the applicability of them is very specific. Currently, she is engaged in field experiments on the Mackenzie Space Station determining how alien (and human) DNA can and can't be manipulated - both as a potential preventative, and as a precursor to potential cures for aliens and humans alike.


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Having graduated from several top-notch schools, Kinsey has an impressive network of fellow classmates, and professors to draw upon should she have questions or problems that need a second pair of eyes. It also means there's usually someone to stay with if she's in a foreign city, or someone she can look up to go for a drink with should the urge arise. It also means she gets called upon in return, but so far that hasn't been a hardship.

When Kinsey's mother died, the lease to the apartment transferred to Kinsey. In a day and age where rent control has gone out the window, an apartment with a grandfathered lease, and a rent cap is worth its weight in gold. No matter how bad things get, Kinsey is pretty much guaranteed she's got a fairly safe, and decent place to live. It's nothing special, and it's not in the world's best neighbourhood, but it's clean, cheap, and hers.

Prestigious Job:
Out of a field of dozens of applicants worldwide, Kinsey was chosen to head up the Xenobiology division of the MacKenzie Station joint initiative with the UN, specifically with regards to her co-degree in Genetic Engineering. There aren't many others with her particular skill set, which certainly went far in landing her this position, and it's going to look awfully good on a future resume.

The Box:

Given to her by her mother, shortly before her mother's death, Kinsey is in possession of a locked box that she has yet to open, as per her mother's wishes. While she has a key for the box, she was told she would know when the time was right. That was several years ago now, and Kinsey still hasn't felt the time 'was right'. This box is one of the few personal possessions that Kinsey has taken with her to the MacKenzie Station.

Note: The box will hold clues to her past and her heritage, and will offer the possibility of future plot line(s) to not only discover that she is Kree, but that her father is alive and well, and somewhere out there in space.


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Emotion Dependency:
Should the user's feelings fall too far out of sync with hope, will, compassion, avarice, rage, love, or fear (the ring's affiliated emotion), then the ring's effectiveness can drop significantly.

Emotional Dependency:
Unlike the most power rings, a Blue Lantern Power Ring demands that the wielder keep hope alive in their heart constantly. Once, when a new member of the Blue Lantern Corps experienced hopelessness, his Blue Lantern Power Ring left him, and returned to the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery on Odym in sector 2628.

As a female who has not been divested of Seventh Sense, Kinsey is fully vulnerable to the Bloodhunters who seek out these women and would otherwise neutralize this ability within them - a procedure that is both painful, and leaves them bereft of not only their psychic powers, but the ability to enjoy sexual pleasures. The procedure carries with it the potential to permanently damage, or 'fry', the brain of the subject. Unaware at this time that she is such a female, Kinsey has no means of protecting herself from being found, or subjected to this treatment.

As the continuing power of the rings connection of "universal hope", Blue Power Rings have a tendency to cause a form of interference to the long-range communications of Green Power Rings.

Kree Heritage:
Kinsey aware that she is a Kree, but little more than that. While Kinsey does have some artifacts that were handed down to her, she has no clue what they are, or what their significance is at this time. All of this makes her vulnerable to those who do have ways of sussing out those who are not fully human, and in particular Kree.

Growing up, Kinsey saw more than her fair share of altercations and gang-type activities, and the inevitable responses to them. That, coupled with a growing distaste for the rising outcry and outrage against mutants, and others who would be termed 'different' have left Kinsey firmly in the anti-violence camp. She can't help but believe that there are better ways to resolve conflicts, and finds herself physically unsettled by violent solutions to situations. While she's the first to stand up for someone verbally, or to stand between an aggressor and a victim, she's almost pathologically incapable of raising a hand to another.

Recharge Protocol::
The rings need to be charged after a period of 20 hours and 47 minutes according to Earth Standard Time, regardless of how often it was used.


Kinsey can't help herself, she roots for the underdog. She might not lift a hand in a fight, but she certainly will speak up, or put herself in harm's way to try and prevent a fight. It does mean that from time to time she finds herself in precarious situations, or may speak up in front of those who will hold her opinions against her, but overall, she has to live with herself, not them, and she'd rather stick to her ideals than please others just to avoid unpleasantness.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Dinner. That's the important thing. November 20th, 2023 Harry meets Kinsey at Mac's for a good meet and greet.
Fall's Harvest of Needful Things September 25th, 2021 It's harvest time at a community garden in Central Park. Kinsey and Ororo meet and talk while harvesting beets.
A Lone Musician in the Park September 2nd, 2021 Yaozu decides to play a second-hand violin in the quiet of Columbus Park. The music wasn't quite as expected, but it led to meeting Kinsey and having an unexpected conversation with her.
A Day to Relax August 26th, 2021 While feeding some pigeons, Yondu meets a Blue Lantern named Kinsey and chat with her for a little while.
Brood Invasion: A Last Stand August 9th, 2021 The battle of Raken 4 in the Brood-Shi'ar war ends with the planet being turned to ash... but what was left of the population evacuated... and now the battle lines shift in-system to Raken 3
An evening event at the Gotham Zoo August 2nd, 2021 Sinister as 'Nicolas Wessex' bumps into Kinsey at a Gotham city fundraiser for the aquarium and zoo, and finally finds out she's a Blue Lantern. Meets Kibou.
No Substitutions, Exchanges or Refunds! July 26th, 2021 A timely arrival and intervention by Kinsey keeps an attempt at returning
Guns. Lots of Guns July 7th, 2021 Star-Lord talks to a bunch of people on Knowhere about the Brood Invasion as the Guardians prepare to fly out to help in the fight.
Midnight Munchies July 3rd, 2021 A chance meeting in a dominos and a Blue Lantern and a Fuzzy blue mutant find commonality
Welcome to the neighborhood, so to speak. June 29th, 2021 Kinsey shows Nicholas around the MacKenzie King science station ; Kibou broke some news to her; Nicholas is intrigued.
Jog on, jerk June 25th, 2021 Kit, Beast and some magely friends in the park
Central Park Rumble June 24th, 2021 Two more interesting people met and yet another jumping from a small street gang dealt with. So far? It's been a good day.
Club Lux Centuries Celebrations June 22nd, 2021 Lux celebrates the roaring 20s.
So this is where you work November 21st, 2020 Supergirl brought a problem to Kinsey, who has promised to look into it.
A visit to Mackenzie King Station November 7th, 2020 Kinsey MacKenna invites Hawkeye to visit Mackenzie King Station
Meeting at NYC TECHSPO October 27th, 2020 Kinsey MacKenna and Clint Barton talk about a different kind of technology
Central Park encounters October 24th, 2020 Kinsey MacKenna and Bigby meet at the park, getting to know each other a bit
War of Light: You Win One... September 5th, 2019 Hal Jordan, critically injured somehow finds his way back to Earth, pursued by two Sinestro Corps members Amon Sur, and Feena Sik. With the cavalry arriving in the form of Kinsey MacKenna, the two of them defeat the bad guys, and save Hal's life.
It's Thanksgiving Somewhere September 4th, 2019 Kinsey shares a 'Thanksgiving' meal with Walker in celebration of their friendship, and changing life directions. Traditions are talked about, and Kinsey reveals more about her past.
Lanterns... in Space... well, a Space Station August 13th, 2019 Carol and Kinsey get to know each other on the Mackenzie Station.
For Reference's Sake August 12th, 2019 Kinsey asks Colonel Danvers to the Station for coffee, cookies, and to discuss some matters, not the least of which is asking for a reference letter to renew her contract on the statiion. Turns out no letter is needed: the job is hers.
Catching Up by Lantern Light August 10th, 2019 Kinsey is able to speak with the representatives of both the Blue and Green Lanterns most able to help orchestrate the removal of the Cybertronians from earth. Oh, yeah, there are Cybertronians on earth.
Toil and Trouble August 6th, 2019 Dispersed Legionnaires return to the cruiser.
Swinging on a Star August 4th, 2019 Summary needed
The New Kid in Town August 1st, 2019 Kinsey comes to the Watchtower to deliver news - the odd, the interesting, and the troubling - and a plate of cookies! Macadamia nut, of course, for Batman. Information is exchanged.
You're Fast; I'm Furious July 28th, 2019 Kinsey hunts down Blurr to have words about fitting in on earth and finds out he's not the only one of his kind on the planet. After talking down an officer of the law, she leaves Blurr to inform his friends she'd like to help, and hopefully not get into any more trouble.
Welcome Wagon July 22nd, 2019 Just another day on the station is broken up by a surprise visit by Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who introduces Kinsey to Nuala... a fellow Blue.
Two Dinners: The Middle of Knowhere July 20th, 2019 Saint Walker holds up his end of the bargain with Kinsey, sort of, exposing her to his second favourite place to eat. Star Wars, superheroes and the Kree are discussed.
These are the People in Your Neighbourhood.. July 18th, 2019 Kinsey returns to the Watchtower to continue the promised tour, and is escorted by Batman! They make a deal: A tour in exchange for freshly baked cookies. Mmmm, chocolate chip cookies.
To Kree, or Not to Kree, That is the Question July 13th, 2019 Kinsey finally begins the process of confronting her past, and her heritage, and it starts with Carol Danvers.
Visiting the Neighbours July 5th, 2019 Kinsey comes visiting bearing cookies by way of good old Midwestern hospitality, and introduces herself like a good neighbour should.
All Shall Be Well June 20th, 2019 A village has been destroyed, and Kinsey actually has a harder time bringing hope to the destroyer than to the victims.
As If the World Were Perfect June 8th, 2019 Kinsey finds Blurr in Cybertronian space. Then Walker shows up.
Checking in with MacKenzie June 3rd, 2019 Green Lantern Hal Jordan drops in on the MacKenzie King Space Station to check up on Kinsey.
Bugger Off May 19th, 2019 Bounty hunters and Lanterns fight monstrous insecticons, albeit for different reasons.
Okham's Razer May 5th, 2019 Green Lantern Hal drops in on Kinsey to touch base.. She learns that Sayd and Ganthet have been incommunicado, and that darkness is coming.
It's Good to Talk When You're Feeling Blue May 2nd, 2019 Walker and Kinsey talk about what happened on Kyzil, and find a way to mourn for past mistakes and a life lost.
Grand Theft Autobot April 30th, 2019 Travel practice turns into a rescue mission that gets -very- messy when Kinsey and Saint Walker cross a militant Kree faction on a desert planet.
Catching Up With Kinsey April 25th, 2019 Summary needed
Reclamation, and Goodbye April 20th, 2019 Kinsey returns to MacKenzie King Station, realizing that this may not be her life anymore - a thought that is highlighted by the arrival of Red Lantern Razer demanding information about the prisoner she denied him.
You're a Lantern Now! April 11th, 2019 Walker and Kinsey come to Earth as part of Kinsey's training and Hal shares some news with the two Blue Lanters. Next stop Takron Galtos (with a short dinner break first)!
Daughters of Daratar: Afterparty April 7th, 2019 An eclectic group of adventurers mingles at a party in deep space.
Code Blue: Kiwa Down. A Lantern Emerges March 20th, 2019 Kinsey faces her test to become a Blue Lantern and discovers sometimes you need to abandon the mission to succeed.
Twenty (Thousand) Questions March 18th, 2019 Saint Walker and Kinsey talk, both have many questions but Saint Walker has an offer that Kinsey can't refuse.
Code Blue: Man Down March 15th, 2019 A seemingly small mishap on the station blows up into what could be an Interstellar incident. Oh, and Kinsey meets not one, not two, but THREE Lanterns. This can not bode well.
War of Light Pt. 3 March 12th, 2019 AFter an explosion and all out battle, our heroes defeated a trio of villains: Arkillo, Fatality and Despero. But the real threat was deep within Takron Galtos, as an Avatar of Darkness and Death was potentially discovered!


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