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Miss Martian (Scenesys ID: 41)
"You DO have great ears."
Full Name: M'gann M'orzz
Gender: Female
Species: Martian
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Mars
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Happy Harbor High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Titans
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 31 October 2007 Actor: Molly Quinn
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 61 kg (134 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Martian Hop" by the Ran-Dells


The last child known to be born on Mars, and the nicest White Martian you will ever meet. M'gann is at the same time potentially vastly powerful, and very inexperienced. Many people worry a lot about that combination, as her inexperience could easily lead to her using her powers in ways that are a danger to others.

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She is a shape changer, she looks like whatever she wants to... but no matter what she looks like, she is still a young, inexperienced, and a bit scared girl. Her most common shape is as a cute green girl who looks young and has red hair and red eyes.


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Mars is a dead world... well it is pretty much dead now anyway. Only a few decades ago, it was still alive; a harsh, cold, arid world, but still alive, with a fiercely competitive ecosystem. The top of the food chain was the Martian species, the savage White Martians and the peaceful Green Martians.

Nearly all Martians are born with the ability to shift shapes, to sense the world around them through nine keen senses, to camouflage themselves to be virtually invisible, to disperse their mass to survive the fierce Martian Sand Storms, and to interact telepathically. Some few Martians are telepathically mute, blocked against outside minds, unable to speak or hear the Martian way... or even read the telepathic concepts bound to Martian ideographs. Restricted to communication by voice and hearing and sight, such Martians are pitied... and also unable to be treated telepathically if the go insane. One such Martian went insane and created a telepathic virus... a virus that drove all Martians exposed to it as destructively insane has he was himself... while broadcasting their insanity to every other telepath in range.

Mars died, all Martians save a few telepathic mutes went crazy, attacking and destroying all living things in range... finally even themselves, if they could find nothing else to kill. Only a handful of Martians who were off the planet and a very few telepathic mutes who were able to escape the attacks escaped.

Somehow, two of these White Martian survivors found each other and discovered they were each sane, they had a child they named M'gann Morzz... though it being the White Martian way they taught their child only the most basic survival skills and the left the child to fend for itself. White Martians in general believe that only the strong deserve to survive.

M'gann, despite both her parents being telepathically mute, is potentially one of the most powerful telepaths born on Mars. She learned to locate the rare remaining creatures and hidden water sources for food and drink. She learned to find the ruins of the Martian Civilisation and how to read the ideographs. She learned to sense the minds on a distant point of light that is a the still living third planet, Earth

Determined to get to Earth, she scoured the ruins... finding what she needed to repair a life ship, even though it took her years. It would never be one of the great craft that could once make the trip in hours, the trip would take her months... but when she arrived she would finally have someone to talk to.


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M'gann is incredibly lonely, it is what drove her to come to Earth. She also is almost totally inexperienced at any form of social interaction. Fortunately she can learn quickly, if there is one thing she knows how to do it is survive.


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Martians are experts at hiding, to the point where they are generally considered invisible when they use this ability. In most Martians, the ability is heightened by their telepathy, which they use to make other minds not notice them. Purely mechanical sensors of sufficient keenness might be able to detect a Martian, especially one who is careless or inexperienced.

Martians can disperse their mass over a large area, rendering them virtually intangible. This evolved as a defence from Martian Sandstorms. More experienced Martians can even pass through solids. M'gann can do so, but slowly as she is not good at it.

Martians on Earth can fly with great speed. M'gann so far has not learned her limits, but as she does cause sonic booms she limits herself to the speed of sound or less most times.

Force Vision:
Martians can produce beams of force from their eyes while on Earth. These beams are quite damaging, able to smash stone and rupture steel... though it would take a concentrated effort and some time to break through a bank vault.

Mars Adapted:
All Martians can handle extremes of Cold and Low Pressure, they can even survive in outer space. They can live on amounts of food and water that are amazingly small and go for extreme times without food, water, or air... though they do need them eventually.

Nine Senses:
Martians have more senses than the typical human number, and those senses are honed fare keener due to the harsh environment to which they are adapted. As a result of this, Martians on Earth can see like a bird of prey, hear like a dog or bat, look through walls, track by scent, spot things hidden from human senses, see perfectly in the dark, and so on. While their senses are not quite as keen as those of a Kryptonian on Earth, they are at least as good as any earthly animal.

Self Healing:
A side use of their shape shifting abilities, Martians can repair nearly any damage done to them as long as they remain awake, aware, and able to use their shape shifting powers.

Shape Shifting:
Martians are capable of radically altering their forms to assume a wide variety of shapes. This can fool most forms of inspection at a surface level and organ or tissue level; however on a cellular and molecular level they remain alien. They have the ability to incorporate outside mass into their forms or disperse part of their mass into an invisible cloud about them to become significantly larger or smaller.

M'gann has super-speed and super-reflexes, able to move at immense speeds on the ground, equivalent to a Kryptonian. She also thinks much faster than a human.

On Earth, or in similar high oxygen areas, Martians possess vastly amplified strength. M'gann, as a Juvenile Martian, can lift / press around 500,000 kilograms at Earth normal sea level pressure and oxygen concentration.

M'gann is also a powerful telekinetic, able to create devastating telekinetic blasts, very sturdy defensive fields, or pick up/manipulate hundreds of tons. She has some fine control now, able to affect things as small as an artery or the antenna of a large ant. In time she will be able to cause effects to even smaller things - molecules and the like, but she is not there yet.

Mars has a very thin atmosphere that does not carry sound well. Martians long ago became telepathic to compensate for this, a power that had strengthened over time and had become a major weapon in the fight between the White and Green Martians. M'gann is potentially one of the strongest telepaths ever born on Mars; she was able to sense the mass of minds on Earth from Mars through millions of miles of space. She independently learned how to read the thought patterns stored in Martian Ideograms. However, she has very little practice interacting with other minds.


Martians find their bodies greatly resistant to most forms of harm in high oxygen environments. Bullets, Lightning Blasts, Lasers, Punches, Edged Weapons, Pressure Waves, and other such effects will do little harm to a Martian on Earth (see Weaknesses).


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M'gann survives; she can live in conditions that would kill a human instantly and if there is food or water anywhere nearby, she can find it. As part of her skill set, she is good at stealth (even without her powers), tracking, and finding or making shelter.


M'gann was able to repair a space craft to come to Earth. Granted, she did have the instructions on how to do so, but she has sufficient skill to be able to follow these instructions. She was also able to pilot and navigate said spacecraft, which indicates some skill at handling vehicles.


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Life Ship:

M'Gann came to Earth in a Martian Life Ship. This may be available to her if needed. This small craft can carry a total of 6, including crew, and is unarmed... but does have a degree of stealth capability.


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Fire is the greatest weakness of Martians, it blocks their shape shifting, dazzles their senses, and bypasses their toughness. The abilities camouflage, dispersal, nine senses, self healing, shape shifting, and telepathy are useless if close enough to a fire to feel the warmth from it.

M'gann is vastly powerful, or at least she can be. However she has very little practice using many of her powers. She has never fought mentally with other telepaths, and thus even one much weaker than her may be able to defeat her. She seldom needed to use her shape shifting powers much, so she is inexpert at copying forms. She did not even have the ability to fly on Mars, and thus is a clumsy flyer. Her other abilities are similarly untrained. While she may be expected to learn to overcome this, she has so many abilities it will take a long time to master them.

M'gann has very little experience interacting with others. She can be easily tricked and is likely to give nearly anyone the benefit of the doubt.

It is thought that Martians have an innate psychokinetic ability that works on an atomic level, which is used to assist their shape shifting and dispersal powers. In places with a high atmospheric density and a high partial pressure of oxygen, this power is greatly amplified, allowing the Martian access to this abilities of strength, toughness, flight, and force vision. The powers vary by conditions... a Martian at the top of Mount Everest would be little stronger than a human. A Martian could breathe water (at least, if they shape shift so they have gills), but in the water they would not have these dependent powers. Conditions like smog or smoke that reduce the available oxygen supply could also weaken a Martian. If one were to reproduce the surface conditions of Mars they would actually be physically weaker than a human. As an example, if M'gann were working in Denver, at roughly 1,600 metres above sea level, she would have perhaps half her normal strength, toughness, flight speed, and force vision ability.

In addition to being physically weak to fire, Martians have an instinctive fear of fire. A small fire, like a match or lighter, if encountered unexpectedly, may cause a Martian to flee. If the Martian is aware of the fire, they may be able to approach closely, though it would take a great effort of will to pinch out a match.

Part of a Martian's sense abilities come from the relative density of Earth's Atmosphere. Sounds and Scents carry far better on Earth than on Mars. This, however, also means that they have a far greater impact on Martian senses. Loud or high pitched noises and strong scents can be physically painful or even incapacitating.

White Martian:

Before the destruction of Mars, White Martians were known as a Savage and Brutal breed. M'gann is aware of this, and even agrees with it. She is not proud to be a White Martian and if she reveals herself at all will generally disguise herself as a Green Martian... what she wishes she was.


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