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Wolfsbane (Scenesys ID: 1251)
Full Name: Rahne Sinclair
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student, Scientist in Training
Citizenship: United Kingdom (Scotland)
Residence: Westchester, New York
Education: Private School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Xavier's School, New Mutants, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 1 July 2008 Actor: Maisie Williams
Height: 163 cm (5'4") Weight: 54 kg (120 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Running With The Wolves" by Cloud Cult


A Scottish mutant with the ability to shapechange into wolfen forms of varying degrees, Wolfsbane has spent time as one of the New Mutants at Xavier's School in New York state. She's also studied with Moira MacTaggert at Muir Island, learning basics in the general medical field and, more specifically, genetics.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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This woman stands about 5'4" and has a definite feral way about her thanks to a number of wolfen features along with fur all over her body. Starting with her head, reddish hair is drawn past pointed ears and ends around the middle of her back, collected in a ponytail. Green eyes stand out from a face that's coated in light brown fur, a bit thicker along the jawline, and there's just enough of a canine nose and visible fangs to really emphasize that she's not the typical sight to be seen. Depending on her mood and the things around her, her features may shift from peaceful to guarded to openly angered. They may even change to the point of showing varying levels of that animalistic appearance.

Based on her attire, one might wonder if she's stepped out of a Renaissance Faire or a costume shop, if not both. A combination of a leather bodice and dress serves as the primary part of her costume, keeping her furred arms free. The main color is forest green with a medium brown as a complementary color. The green shows down the front, where twin sets of six vertical buttons helps hold the top together. A closer look shows Scottish Celtic knotwork stamped on the brass buttons. The sides are also green, black laces running from beneath the shoulders down to the waist. Green shows up again as part of a short open collar, but the brown comes into play in the form of a vertical length down the front as it follows the edge of the buttons, framing the green centerpiece, then widening where it ends at the knees. There is a gap in the middle of that, where black leather leggings can be seen with lacing in the front. The brown continues up over the shoulders, a few inches wide, then over most of her upper back before tapering down to a point where the dress forms a "tail" past her backside, edged further by the green from the sides. The leggings end shy of the ankles, leaving her clawed feet visible.

From what can be seen she keeps herself in fine shape, her bosom and curves unremarkable overall, fairly normal. The leather looks soft enough that it doesn't limit her range of motion.


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Rahne Sinclair was born in Ullapool, Scotland, part of the minimally-populated Highlands region of the country. Even as a small village under 2,000 people, it is the largest settlement for a number of miles and is known as a port and tourist destination. This meant little to Rahne, who was rarely allowed out from under the rule of the abusive Reverend Craig, who for some reason took her in after her mother died during childbirth. She spent years subjected to his harsh tutelage, until one day in her teens when her world changed.

Beaten again by Craig, Rahne reacted by turning into a wolf and fleeing. Initially shocked by what he'd seen, Craig quickly organized a mob and went to hunt her down with the intent of "saving" her from the devil by killing her. Fortunately for Rahne, Moira MacTaggert found and protected her, stopping the mob with her words alone. Realizing what Rahne had become, Moira brought her to America to join a group of students that came to be known as the New Mutants at Xavier's school.

There, Rahne, or Wolfsbane by that point, began to learn about what she really was: a mutant, made so by the X-Gene chromosome. She also learned how to actually make friends, though it wasn't without obstacles along the way. Her wolfen forms proved useful for various situations the team got into, whether it had to do with physical matters such as fighting, things related to the use of her senses, or moving around with stealth.

As teenagers were wont to do, the New Mutants often had a sense of invulnerability to them, until one fateful day. Wolfsbane was left open to attack and a teammate acted to knock her aside. In doing so, he took the bullets meant for her and died in her arms. This left Rahne distraught with guilt along with second-guessing herself over and over, using the Danger Room to find ways she could have prevented it.

Eventually Rahne needed time away from the school. She went back to Scotland to spend time with Moira, who'd become her adoptive mother. There, she came to learn some basics in the medical field in general, along with Moira teaching her a few things about genetics, her specialty. She also found out the truth about her childhood and Reverend Craig: he was her biological father. An illegitimate child, she was conceived when he sought to "save" a local prostitute only to get her pregnant. She was the result.

While Rahne has not yet worked up the courage to confront Reverend Craig, she has split time between Muir Island and Xavier's now that she's come to better terms with the past, along with her abilities.


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Wolfsbane's personality is a study in contrasts, primarily due to the wolfen side of her mutation. She grew up meek and subservient, fearful of nearly everything. This led to her being naive, shy, sheltered, and repressed, keeping mostly to herself. Friends were hard to come by, as she was rarely allowed to even get to know someone well enough to have a chance at friendship thanks to the strict religious upbringing she had.

When her mutation manifested, everything changed. Not only did she escape the abusive life she knew with Reverend Craig and find a new home at Xavier's school, she learned more about herself, made friends, and began to experience the world she was denied before. She came to find joy in how rich and alive the world felt through enhanced senses, soon preferring some reflection of the wolf in her over none at all.

It also brought conflict, first related to it running counter to what she'd been taught. She was supposed to see what she was as a sin, an abomination, and that was the case for a while until she matured and learned a different point of view. She remains kind-hearted, peaceful, faithful, and religious, though she's tempered how much she brings it up around others. She's loyal and protective of those close to her, more guarded and cautious around strangers while remaining naive at times.

She can be impulsive, temperamental, and emotional, often related to dealing with issues of self-esteem if something goes bad or affects her strongly. The wolfen side sometimes catches her off-guard by how intense and demanding it can be depending on the circumstances, so maintaining control is important to her. The thought of killing another person is something she simply cannot see herself doing, though there are times the wolf may wish it.


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Wolfsbane heals more rapidly than the normal person, along with being generally a bit tougher to injure. Minor wounds, such as cuts and bruises, are gone within an hour or so. Anything that needs stitches will heal in roughly a day, but more serious or complicated injuries like fractures or something like a punctured lung would need about a week to mend properly. While she also has a stronger resistance to the cold, flu, and other general types of sicknesses, and she does not come away from injuries with scars, she cannot regenerate lost limbs or appendages.

When using her heightened senses, Wolfsbane is able to follow a scent up to two days old depending on the surrounding conditions. This may be affected by terrain, weather, population density, and other interfering factors. If conditions are quiet enough, she can hear up to about three miles away, including sounds well outside frequencies the human ear can detect. Sight distance is not improved much, but she benefits from better peripheral vision along with the ability to detect motion up to a mile away. She's also capable of seeing clearly at night, and being able to see in the infrared spectrum allows her to gauge the heat signatures of a person or object. A shift in body temperature can help her determine someone's mood, or whether a person is being honest or not.

Rahne is a wolfen shapeshifter, capable of going from fully human to an actual wolf along with a mid-form that brings with it a variety of potential tweaks. A common appearance for her is a mostly human look with wolfen features in the way of fangs, claws, pointed ears, and fur. At times the magnitude of the change could lead to a stronger appearance akin to werewolves of legend, or she may subtly tweak a particular sense or two in order to benefit from it without giving too much away visually. With her human appearance her true, natural look, if something ever happened to cut off access to her abilities, she would revert to a look no different from the typical human.

When using her powers, she can lift the equivalent of the average car, or pick up and throw objects roughly half that. She can leap a 20-foot fence, run up to 25 MPH for an hour or so or 40 MPH for short durations. Her reflexes and agility are beyond the normal human equivalent, and her claws and teeth are capable of cutting through things like kevlar, bone, and thinner, softer metals.


If someone were to scan Wolfsbane's mind while in any wolfen form, it would be found that her mind is not completely human, especially when she's a full wolf. A telepath used to skimming surface thoughts would need to make a more conscious effort to read hers, and general mind control could require further focus in her case. She has learned a few things about shielding and guarding her thoughts from her time as a student at Xavier's. On the flipside, someone with the ability to mentally control animals would run into similar complications due to the human side of her brain. Also, those who possess any sort of rapport with animals may sense her as part of it. If she's fully human, there is typically no wolfen "feel" present.


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Rahne likes to draw and write, two hobbies that helped her keep her sanity when she was stuck living with Reverend Craig. She knows enough Gaelic to have a conversation with someone, whether there's a point to it or not. Chores were commonplace as a child, so things like housekeeping, cooking, and the care and riding of horses were taught to her. While she got a late start when it comes to technology, she can use a computer or mobile device, and she has basic driving skills.

Wolfsbane has learned the basics of typical fighting techniques along the lines of brawling and common martial arts such as karate, judo, or taekwondo. Due to the nature of her abilities, she typically seeks to get in close in order to use claws and fangs. She understands picking out weak spots to attack, and she may utilize different forms to surprise someone or keep an opponent off guard. This, along with her added strength and quickness, gives her a good chance to handle a few people of average skill at once. Even in human form, her training along with her smaller stature can make her more difficult to get a hand on along with opening up the possibility of dealing with a couple people through strikes or throws.

Dating back to her time with Reverend Craig, Rahne was taught the basics in reading, writing, and arithmetic. She also learned quite a bit about the Bible, even if the man teaching her about it had his own distorted views of the content. While attending Xavier's, she was enrolled in the normal coursework, her classes the equivalent of high school level material. With time spent at Muir Island as well, Moira MacTaggert did some home-schooling when she wasn't participating in long distance learning through Xavier's. She has knowledge meeting the equivalent of a high school diploma now.

Having spent a year or two so far as a lab assistant to Moira MacTaggert while on Muir Island, Rahne has a working knowledge of basic medicine, first aid, medical procedures, and genetics. She's learned about safety in a lab environment, including cleanliness and maintenance of equipment as well. She has also begun to learn more about the mutant X-Gene chromosome in particular, a specialty given Moira's field of study. Rahne's knowledge in these things would fall under basic to intermediate.

Wolfsbane understands the concept of sneaking around undetected, using shadows and other things around her to her benefit. Whether it involves watching a patrol to look for openings, causing a distraction, or simply sticking to darker areas, this knowledge along with her wolfen abilities makes her a good candidate to slip into a place if needed, as long as the security measures make it possible.


An ability that's enhanced thanks to her wolfen side, Wolfsbane has been taught basic survival skills while at Xavier's. She knows things to look out for in the city when it comes to danger, but more importantly than that, she's had instruction on how to get by when alone in the wilderness. This includes finding landmarks or creating ways to be located even without any, how to tell time based on where the sun is, how to hunt and track, and so on.


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Through Reed Richards and his Unstable Molecules tech that's been made available to those "in the business," Wolfsbane does not need to worry about ruining her costumes when she shifts between forms. As needed, it can even shrink down to something practically unseen.

It's reasonable to say Rahne would not be alive without Moira's intervention that fateful day in the Scottish Highlands outside Ullapool. She saved Rahne from Reverend Craig and his mob, brought her to Xavier's for a better education along with training in the use of her powers, and has been there to provide Rahne with further instruction at Muir Island. Moira also took up the responsibility of becoming her legal guardian. It's safe to say Rahne would do just about anything out of gratitude to the woman.

As a minor, Rahne received a monthly allowance at Xavier's and Moira MacTaggert had a trust fund set up for her. She's also been paid for time spent as a lab assistant to Moira. This provides enough for her to live comfortably on when factoring in her age and living arrangements, covering any needs along with various wants, within reason.


An extended family of sorts, the friendships and bonds developed in and around Xavier's school means a large support network that can be drawn from in a variety of ways. Some of these ties are stronger among those she was part of the New Mutants with, and it's generally expected that she will provide what help she can if and when a situation calls for it.


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Wolfsbane's costume is made of Unstable Molecules, which shifts with her. Regular clothing does not have this benefit, so there may be times where she must be aware of the potential to lose or ruin what she's wearing if a sudden shift is required, especially one that goes all the way to a full wolf. It's simple enough to have the costume around at all times, even if it's made into something small like a bracelet, but the chance to wear normal clothes is not one she wishes to cast aside. Fortunately, even if she doesn't have her costume with her, she can shift enough to maintain a level of decency and modesty.

The maturation process has helped as she's grown toward full adulthood, but Rahne's always been one driven by her emotions. At an early age, she learned to repress them as a self-defense mechanism around Reverend Craig, so as she's grown as a young woman and been exposed to a completely different world, she's had difficulty adapting and opening up at times. There is a balance to be had, but she is often prone to wearing her feelings on her sleeve whether it's anger, fear, enjoyment, interest, or any other number of things. A naturally sensitive person, she wishes to help others any way she can, so at times she can even be affected by what others feel. She may be something of an empath, though it is not an actual mutant power. Beyond all that, her emotional state can also be more severely affected by her frame of mind when in any wolfen form. It's an extra influence she must be aware of.

Though she can go around as a full human any time she wants to, Wolfsbane is more comfortable in her mid-form blending wolf and human together as one. Because of this, she is obviously different when out in public, and it's by choice. At one point she was hesitant to draw unnecessary attention to herself, but the more time went by, the more comfortable she grew to be with what she is, the less she worried. She understands it can be more dangerous this way, but it's a risk she's decided to accept. She will scale back the wolf when she must, however.

At her core, Rahne is a trusting person who tries to see the best in people. With rare exceptions, she can find the good in someone if only there's enough time for it. Occasionally, this leads her into trouble. While the wolfen side of her affords her an added level of awareness, she can still be quick to believe someone and take things at face value, especially if someone acts friendly toward her. She wants to feel like she matters to others, and she can be quick to try to please. Plus, in spite of having spent a few years around more people, in more developed areas, she's still a rather sheltered young woman from a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. The great big world out there can be difficult to figure out.

While religion is often used as guidance and an affirmation of faith, it can also be a crutch, something used to hammer someone over the head with. Rahne got enough of the latter from Reverend Craig, so much that when pitted against her experiences since coming to Xavier's, she's begun to question some of what she was told back then. While her faith is still strong, it's been shaken on occasion and she's questioned God for the things He's allowed to happen to her and others around her. This is natural, but at times she's felt pushed more toward focusing on what she can see with her own eyes. A lot has happened to cause her to reevaluate the strict, sheltered upbringing she had. One thing she's tried to be careful of is to avoid preaching too much to people who may not be open to hearing it.

Truly one of the worst things about Rahne's life is the abusive Reverend Craig Sinclair. She always assumed she was given his last name because he adopted her when her mother died during childbirth, but the truth came out to be much worse when she learned he was her actual father. How, she wondered, could anyone be so cruel toward his own flesh and blood? The answers were found in who her mother was, nothing more than a prostitute from the docks that he sought to "save," only to bed her and get her pregnant.

Of course he never married her. Of course he took out the shame of his sins on Rahne for years. Then, when her mutant powers came out, he tried to kill her. She has only seen him once since coming to Xavier's, before she knew the truth, and it almost ruined everything she'd worked so hard on after escaping him. It took her back to a nightmare. There will come a day when she has to face him, to confront him with the knowledge she possesses, and she isn't sure she can get through it.

This is the elephant in the room for Rahne. The first thing she heard when the wolf in her came out was that she was an abomination, a spawn of Satan himself, doomed to an eternity of torment in Hell. How, then, can that be possible when the vast majority of her experiences spent as a wolf or partially as one has been nothing short of the best times of her life? It's her main conflict, not only in reconciling what she's felt with what she was taught, but because she is directly influenced by the wolfen side in her.

There are instincts, interests, and little nudges she frequently feels when in any wolfen form, stronger when she's fully wolf, and it sometimes reaches the point where she has to consciously slow down and think harder about what she's doing. The wolf is strong, while the human has been weak. The wolf keeps her safer, and the human is more vulnerable. The question she must answer is simple, yet complex: is she a human who can turn into a wolf, or is she a wolf who can turn into a human? Of course she's both, but even knowing what her childhood was prior to the changes, it is often a struggle.


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