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Dazzler (Scenesys ID: 60)
"I thought I had to be one or the other. I gave it that power. I made some bad decisions. I lost myself, let myself be the label. The mutant. The has-been. The joke. But, the greatest realization I made in all of this is that it doesn't matter how everyone sees me. I'm not *just* a mutant, or a singer, or any one thing."
Full Name: Alison Blaire
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Celebrity, Superhero
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Manhattan, NY
Education: BS in Law
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mutant-OOC, X-Men, Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 29 July 2002 Actor: Heather Graham
Height: 173 cm (5'8") Weight: 61 kg (134 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde (usually) Eye Color: Blue/Green (usually)
Theme Song: "Glitter and Gold" by Barns Courtney


All Alison Blaire ever wanted to do, growing up, was entertain. Her life took a lot of twists and turns even before she graduated from college and made a go of it as retro-pastiche EDM singer, Dazzler. Life as a mutant kept getting in the way, and her desire to help rather than stand on the sidelines made gig-work...challenging. Long story and a few wild rides later, Alison's an intergalactic, pan-universal traveler with a big heart and the worst luck. But, she means well!

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About 5'8", Alison Blaire has hit that age where it's difficult to confidently guess how old she is, though she is certainly in her mid-to-late twenties or early thirties. Her honeyed blonde hair is pulled back into a neat pompadour in the front and sides, the rest falling in neat waves around her shoulders. Well-maintained eyebrows arch delicately over wide, bright blue eyes -- easy on the makeup except for a muted dark pink lipstick and a subtle smoky eye. She wears a pair of mismatched earrings, an 8-pointed golden star burst in her right ear and a silver spiral in her left.

She's dressed for a show, or a battle -- who can tell? A dark, slate grey sleeveless top with a zip-up collar with the collar popped as high as it'll stand and zipped down to her collar bone is worn underneath a tall, black leather belt with silver and gold accents, and star burst-shaped buckles on the cross-straps. Skin-tight dark slate grey pants with thin silver and gold accents down the outsides cover her legs. With their slouchy, fashionably bunched shafts reaching up to her knee, her disco ball-like boots, with extensive crystalline patterning covering them entirely, the wedged platform soles bring her height up another 3 inches or so. Worn loosely around her waist, holding up nothing, is a silver utility belt with a circular buckle, the red-and-black X-Men emblem proudly centered there. Silver bracers over black fingerless leather gloves complete the "I'm gonna rock you AND sock you" look.


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Alison Blaire's mother left the family to pursue a life of singing, boozing and drugging - which left her to be raised by her grandmother and very strict father, Judge Carter Blaire. She grew up wanting to perform herself, but was steered away at every turn. Encouraged by her grandmother to follow her dreams, she did it anyway. Her mutant powers manifested during her very first public performance, blinding several members of her high school's student body, and she shelved that dream and went on to law school until she just couldn't stand herself anymore. Once she graduated (magna cum laude, folks), she basically gave her dad and his money the finger and decided to live her *own* dreams.

Of course, being an actually good person, Dazzler found herself stopping criminals and helping innocent people - sometimes in the middle of performances - and she did all kinds of things that normal people think are insane or made up or hallucinations or all of it. She bopped around life like this, revealing herself as a mutant during a publicity stunt for a semi-autobiographical movie. Which tanked every chance of a gig she had and forced her into a life on the run; though she was courted by several hero-teams she fell in with the X-Men and ran with them for a year or two until running away to an alternate dimension with a weird alien freedom-fighting boyfriend.

She hasn't been able to get "home" since, wandering from one new dimension to the next and never ending up in the same one twice, Alison instead has settled for "show up, do as best you can with whatever the other you has going on and try not to screw that up too badly" until inevitably either getting accidentally shunted or willingly moving on somehow to the next universe and the next gig.


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Alison "Dazzler" Blaire has a personality as large as her confidence; when she's up she's up, when she's low she's low, but she's always working it or working through it. She absolutely loves life and everything it brings, and has boundless compassion, even for people who've done her wrong. If she's *thinking* it, she's probably saying it -- which tends to either alienate or endear her to people. She's been through too much, seen too much, to be anything but one hundred percent true to herself, no matter how uncomfortable it makes anyone else. She's not perfect, but neither is anyone else.


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Can't Die:
Permanently, anyway. She's been dead. Shot, stabbed, nearly crushed, had her heart blasted out of her chest, buried; and it sucks. But somehow, despite all odds and all sense, she *gets back up.* Whether it's some side-benefit of her energy transduction power, the best-worst "secondary mutation" ever, or something else entirely, she has *no idea.* She tends to keep it quiet until/unless it becomes obvious, though. No one needs to decide they want a torture subject that lasts forever. She seems to age relatively normally in comparison to her heroing compatriots-- which is to say slower-than-average, but who can really tell?-- so eternal youth doesn't seem to be on the menu...at least at this point in her hopefully long life.

Due to the nature of her powers and their effects on her biology, Dazzler is completely immune to the negative effects of sound. No sound, no matter how loud, will deafen or injure her. It's not *comfortable*, and it can be briefly disorienting, but she will always come through stronger than she started.

Light is a little less 'it can never hurt me' -- because it can. Lasers and the like, even her own turned against her somehow, can still bodily harm her. The only exception for light is that no amount of it will ever blind her. Unlike with sound, the brightest of lights doesn't even startle or phase her - she looked straight at the sun until she was 8 because she didn't know everyone couldn't do that. She's never seen so much as a spot after a flash bulb.

Alison's mutant physiology has allowed her to reach levels of strength that take humans a lot more work to achieve (she can lift about 200 lbs with effort), and levels of agility that just aren't *normal* even if within the range of human possibility. She's up there with bendy-flippy types like Nightwing and Gambit.

Super Hearing:
Well, not in the classic sense; Dazzler does not hear All Things at All Times. However, her ability to absorb sound has surprising range - with enough focus, she can "feel" the sounds from as far as a few hundred feet away from her provided she's not in an environment that blocks her from physically receiving the sounds.


Alison's gene-given mutant power is the uncanny ability to physically absorb sound waves, transform that energy internally, and then express it as light in all of its many forms. Any sound, no matter how big or how small, can be turned into any kind of light -- limited only by her knowledge and experience. The most common applications being:

* Holograms and Illusions -- Convincing or decorative, Ali can localize light to blend, disguise, and entertain in a myriad of shapes, colors, and forms.

* Shields -- Small or large, her shields can vaporize projectiles and deflect energy blasts. The stronger they are, however, the more power they drain.

* Lasers -- From tiny torch-sized to hyper-destructive beams of all-searing light, Alison can blast through steel or cut someone's hair.

* Solid Constructs -- She's no Green Lantern, but Ali can actually form objects of solid light about as strong as steel. Usually she saves this for weapons while fighting, but other uses occasionally come up. They only last as long as she's focusing on maintaining them.

* Flight/Super-Leaping -- Ali can actually use light similarly to the way Quasar, Captain Marvel, and other light-powered heroes do. She doesn't always have the power-stores to zip around in the air in a completely carefree manner and often favors anime-leaping if she's using her powers extensively, but, with enough stored sound, she can fly at several hundred miles per hour.

These are the tip of the iceberg, but Alison can also create UV light in various bands. In short, with enough stored sound: If it can be done with light, Dazzler can do it.


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Alison is an extradimensional freedom fighter who spent an unknown amount of time fighting an alien war against the forces of evil corporate entertainment. She's been a gladiator and an X-Man; with her agility, innate marksmanship, and years of training, Alison is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant on a level with Storm or Catwoman. With her own powers she's extremely accurate - bullseye on a tin-can from half a football field away. With projectile weapons considerably less so - closer to 20 yards.

Ali loves them; she's not *much* of a mechanic but she can change a tire and the oil and do general zen motorcycle maintenance -- but she *loves* riding them. She's very good, too -- and can drive a machine at its top speed and still maneuver while carrying a passenger like a champ, stop on a dime, drive a donut around the bad guy, and screech on out of there. Give her a bike and you'll be her new best friend.

To hear her tell it, Alison has won singing contests in Asgard and brought a tear to even the mighty Odin's eye. She has, however, at least one hit album to sort of prove it. She's good at it and she likes it. She's also a talented songwriter, a musician (guitar, piano, ukulele), a decent actor/improviser, and dancer. The girl knows how to put on a show and do it so well that people buy tickets and ask for autographs.

Roller Skating:

Yes, roller-skating. Dazzler is *maybe* the universe's most accomplished roller skater; she skates like people walk -- without thought or effort. Seeing as how she can navigate even rough, uneven surfaces on skates without so much as a stumble, it's practically even superhuman. People can roll their eyes at her for it and joke all they like, but it's undisputed fact.


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Lll Account:
Alison has an account in good standing with pan-dimensional accounting firm Landau, Luckman & Lake. She's not fantastically wealthy, because, boy, does she make use of it. (When you get dumped into a new reality with no *actual* contacts -- beyond who recognizes you and buys your story -- you need money for stuff, like food.) But, everything she earns goes in there and is invested. This is really more like... the mutant power to reach into your pocket and pull out a $20, but it's way better than the alternative of having to start over financially, all. the. time.

Not so much a physical resource as a mental one, Dazzler has been through so many mind-numbing, brain-tingling, sanity-melting experiences that she almost actually takes them for granted. Alien attack? It must be Tuesday. Pangalactic Dance-Off? Don't mind if I do! -- Which isn't to say there isn't room in her mind for ever more wonder, beauty, and weirdness as it's discovered, but she's never going to dissolve in a heap simply because of a fantastical change in location. Tell her your story, she'll believe it.


Where there's weirdness, there are X-Men; or, at least, that's always been Dazzler's experience. There are always constants, though; a group of people watching each others' backs when no one else does, fighting for the rights of mutants to exist as a species, and dealing with the ones that go completely out of control. As much as she didn't start out wanting to be a hero, Ali feels like she lucked out throwing in with the X-Men and she will *always* ride to help them, even if they don't let her ride *with* them. She's up on their lingo, their most common equipment and tactics, and doesn't bat an eyelash when someone says "Cerebro" or "Danger Room." She knows.


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Daddy Issues:
Alison never actually felt loved by her father; he claimed to, but Ali just never felt that connection. He compared her too much to her mother for him to ever be warm, and Ali has gone through her life without that approval. She's sought it in others, especially romantic partners and commanding officers, and as much as she'll say she's over it... she's always gonna seek it out. She'll always kick herself for not doing as much as she could, for not being universally beloved. Deep down, she just wants Carter to love her. Which is really tough when he's long-dead in a faraway universe.

Might Be Crazy:
There's always the chance that nobody actually believes her. Sometimes she's been locked up, but most times it's more like... "What's *wrong* with her? Why is she so weird?" Which can make it either difficult or easy to make your way as a public figure, but ask any one of the victims of a highly publicized breakdown how that goes. Ali doesn't lie. She's almost pathologically incapable of hiding the truth, which just makes that sort of reaction all the more likely. She can act, sure, but she doesn't blend.

Must Have Sound:
Dazzler can store an unlimited amount of sound, but every time she uses a light-based ability, it draws on those stores. She has deliberately depleted her stores on more than one occasion, and while she has a decent sense of how much she can use and still have some in reserve, knowing that your tank is running on fumes is always an extra level of stress.

Dazzler cannot absorb any sound she makes with her own body -- no finger-snaps, no clapping, no singing. Unless it's amplified by an outside source, or is a sound made with another object, she can't use it. She *must* have sound to use her other powers--otherwise, once her stores are depleted, that's it. Nothing. Just a kickass human, abilities-wise. If she is kept in a soundproofed cell, or somehow cut off from her ability to perceive sound, she cannot use her powers.

Not From Here:
Alison is not native to this reality. She hasn't been in her own reality in so long she barely remembers what it felt like. She doesn't even usually dimension-hop *on purpose*; she's got to make do with either having her alternate self active (and, boy, are they usually annoying), or being absent and having to deal with everyone's preconceived notions of her. People who can sense the time-or-dimensionally displaced will be practically blinded by all of the residual energies such travels have left her inundated with.

Public Mutant:

No matter where she goes, it seems to be a constant: Alison has revealed herself or been publicly revealed as a mutant, and everyone but *everyone* seems to know who she is. As a celebrity, this is awesome. As someone not trying to be targeted by supervillains, racists, and terrorist groups -- this is not so awesome. Add being an X-Man into the mix and, all of the specific villain troubles that seems to bring, the chances of having a day not involve a battle or struggle of *some* kind are barely above zero.


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The Fireman Gala October 1st, 2020 At the Fall Wonderland-themed Firefighter's Fund Gala, chaos occurs when the unexpected happens! Attacked by electric squash, a little creature of darkness and a booming voice swearing the downfall of the rich, Megan Gwynn, Conner and Dazzler end up fighting a creature of darkness while Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Andrea and Phoebe Beacon make sure the site gets evacuated!
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Andrea FINALLY meets her Idol. October 31st, 2019 Andrea meets Allison for the first time.
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