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Miyako Moore (Scenesys ID: 1368)
"They say the pen is mightier than the sword. The pen is /nothing/ if it wasn't for me."
Full Name: Miyako Moore
Gender: Female
Species: Magician
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American citizen
Residence: Metropolis
Education: High School
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 01/20/2007 Actor: Hikari Mitsushima
Height: 162 cm (5'4") Weight: 69 kg (152 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Miyako was badly burned in a house fire.. But the firefighter who saved her was left comatose. Wishing she could help, Miyako pushed through the crippling burn scarring on her hands and started folding a thousand paper cranes in hopes of wishing her rescuer back to health. In front of a reporter looking for a filler story, she succeeded..

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Miyako is a Japanese-American teenager with light skin, the stereotypical Asian eye shape, and straight black hair in a short bob. Even the least observant usually notice the extensive burn scarring on both hands extending almost up to her elbows. She is slightly heavy-set, and a little bit bustier than the stereotypical Japanese schoolgirl as a result. Her voice has no trace of a Japanese accent. She carries a leather messenger bag, full of blank origami paper, almost everywhere.


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Miyako was adopted as an infant by foster parents who never asked where she had come from, and raised her as their own.

Late in her teenage years, a supervillain attack happened near her home; a stray blast collapsed the apartment building she lived in and set it aflame. During the rescue, another blast shook the building and the firefighter rescuing Miyako was caught under a collapsing beam that shattered her helmet and left her comatose.

At the hospital, Miyako lamented her inability to help her rescuers, frustrated watching the doctors doing their best and still being unable to help. Having little but her minor artistic skills, and in spite of her hands actually being horribly damaged and in pain, the idea came to her to follow a Japanese tradition of folding a thousand origami paper cranes in hopes of granting a wish.

She stayed at the firefighters bedside for days, folding; the first few were pure agony and took seemingly forever, but as she continued it seemed to get far easier. She was visited by the heroes, by the ambulance crew, and by the other fire fighters, but she kept folding whenever she was awake. Finally, she was visited by a junior news reporter seeking a fluff piece to use as filler, just as she finished her thousandth crane. Their camera was recording at the moment all thousand cranes took life and fluttered out the window and the firefighter awoke.


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Miyako is artistic, a bit quiet, but incredibly motivated to help innocents. She idolizes firefighters, search&rescue, and EMTs. A bit of a pacifist, she is motivated more by a desire for peace and protection and to make others safe.


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Miyako can imbue magical power into paper she works with her hands. As she finishes the figure, the magic in it activates. This results in a giant, animated version of the origami figure performing some task being visualized as the paper was being folded.

The figures are generally a more or less appropriate size for whatever figure was folded, generally not bigger than an elephant or a bus. Other than the "embodied" figurine, origami figurines have to be in Miyako's general presence to function - as a general rule, the room or grid area she is in. Since it's hard to picture orders for things that you can't see, it's hard to effectively order figurines to move out of sight and do something effectively without running a risk of figurines doing something inappropriate based on insufficient information.

Origami figurines, once created, are autonomous; they do whatever they were originally commanded to do when they were created unthinkingly and uncreatively until they are destroyed, their task is made too difficult, they move too far away from Miyako, or Miyako specifically wills them to be unmade. They do not require concentration, and continue to operate even if Miyako is rendered unconscious. Figurines are not intelligent and cannot solve problems such as 'how to open a door'.

Miyako is attuned with and a master of paper. She can sense paper and understand its properties. She never has to fear a paper cut. Paper jumps into her fingers at her whim, creasing itself perfectly as needed and tearing as cleanly as a paper cutter sliced edge. Origami figures that would take anyone else several minutes of work on a table freehand, she can fold freehand in two hands while running in mere moments.

Miyako can sense magic, as a scent. She can examine spells she encounters by touching them and reading them as texture, somewhat like she would examine a sheet of paper.

Folded paper can be used for columns, walls, containers, heavy boulders, and more as needed. The paper is durable, able to block and survive incredible abuse. An unrestrained powered character of some sort can destroy a structure in one full pose by targeting and attacking it directly, but until then, it will survive and protect against incidental and environmental damage.

By pulling a sheet of paper out and holding it up, Miyako can create a large barrier which she can use as a shield to protect from harm. This obviously occupies her hands, and has the usual issues that hiding behind an opaque shield normally has. Used as a shield like this, paper is particularly good at protecting against magical attack.

Paper figures of creatures - such as cranes, bears, turtles, bats, butterflies, dinosaurs, elephants, et cetera - animate, grow to a desired size and charge into action following whichever directions they were originally created to do. They look like a giant hybrid of that creation and the origami figure, and cannot be mistaken as a real animal. Their abilities are affected by their form. Their size is usually pretty reasonable for the size of the figure, though cranes, bats, butterflies and the like are often 'giant' and animated at tiger size.

They are tough, but can be destroyed if they are attacked directly. As a general rule, if you put more than half your attention in one pose on attacking a figurine, it is destroyed. If the figurine is destroyed, its mission becomes impossible or irrelevant, or if it is too far away from Miyako, it reverts to a tattered nonmagical paper figurine.

Miyako can control an origami figurine created just for such a purpose remotely, seeing through its eyes and directing it remotely. This requires constant attention, and losing focus results in the figure returning to paper form. This is Miyako's equivalent of astral projection; the figurine can be separated from her by any distance as long as her focus is not broken.

Miyako can work ongoing magical effects and triggered traps into origami flowers, which she plants on the ground or holds in her open hand. Once placed, the flowers grow into an origami plant which emanates a spell effect that affects an area, normally at the largest no larger than the area of a normal scene where people on opposite edges can still communicate and interact with each other without special equipment.

These are slightly more time consuming to create and place; during a typical scene, they do not take effect during the same pose that they are folded.

Examples of spells in origami flowers include: Water Lilies spread roots to cover a wide area which soak up all the excess water and wetness such as pools or mud, then burst and pour all the water out wherever it was planted. The water collected like this is clean and safe to drink.

Weather warding flowers protect against rain and fog, though not against hoses, squirt guns, spilled soda, and the like.
Frost flowers chill an area to arctic cold, like a freezer.
Shieldlike warding flowers ward an area against magical intrusion.
Starflowers glow like a streetlamp.
Tangle flowers spread thorny paper hedges to cover the area that tangle and catch on things, making an area very difficult to move through.
Fire flowers explode like a concussion grenade, demolition charge, or molotov cocktail when triggered.
Sunflowers flash brightly like a flash grenade.
Screamers go off like a deafening alarm that can temporarily deafen people and alert others from a distance.

Paper airplanes can fly. A crude paper plane such as one that can be folded in battle can still carry passengers, swoop and fly around. More advanced folded vehicles can travel at supersonic speeds or even in space. Origami cars, buses, train cars, weaponless tanks, and more are also possible if needed.

According to legend, folding a thousand paper cranes earns a wish from the gods; health and wellness, good luck, a recovery from disease or injury. If Miyako folds a thousand cranes in one sitting, which because of the personal attention required becomes an all-day ritual ordeal, she can grant one, selfless wish - generally for healing or some particular lucky thing to happen.


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Miyako has, since her rescue, studied the arts of emergency response - fire safety, search and rescue, first aid, police procedure, et cetera with a particular focus on the skills of the EMT and the firefighter. She knows a lot about stabilizing injuries and rescuing people safely from dangerous situations.


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Miyako's family was made homeless by the fire. She wished them back into their fortunes to have a new home, but feels that the selflessness portion of the wish, as well as her new found notoriety, makes it important that she live apart from them as much as possible. Nonetheless, they care about her very much, feel indebted to her, and are happy to help her at a moment's notice. They have their own connections and skills that are sometimes of use; her mother works with the city, and her father is a law student.

For saving one of their own, and for offering her help on other occasions, people in fire stations around the tri-city area recognize Miyako and are happy to talk to her and mention any odd things that might be happening, or to help her out of a bind. Indeed, she often sleeps at fire stations as a good luck charm.


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All of Miyako's magic is based around the act of folding paper. She needs at least one usable hand - and one hand is FAR slower than two - and a sheet of paper, or at least paper-like enough to fold into origami. Without those two things, she is just some ordinary girl who cannot wield magic.

Miyako's paper constructs have weaknesses that are typical for the paper from which they are created.

Paper is flammable; while a lighter or even a fireball does not destroy an origami construct instantly, it does doom it within a few seconds as it lights on fire.

Paper is made sodden by water; getting a figurine wet makes it very flimsy so that casual or environmental damage or strain can cause it to tear apart and be destroyed. On the bright side, sodden figurines are no longer at risk of being lit on fire.

While Miyako can make origami out of papers that are not so vulnerable to such things, such as wax paper, she doesn't get the advantages of Paper's Daughter when doing so; as a result, even the simplest figurines made out of things like wax paper or foil take several minutes of work to create, and are less sturdy and capable in other regards.

Miyako's hands are scarred extensively by fire. This causes her constant pain, requires lots of upkeep, leaves her hands weakened and less able to do things like climb things, and is very visible.


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