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Rose Wilson (Scenesys ID: 73)
"Don't act like you know me."
Full Name: Rose Wilson
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Mercenary
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 06 December 2005 Actor: Dove Cameron
Height: 162 cm (5'4") Weight: 53 kg (117 lb)
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "No One Will Survive" by Ciampa


Rose Wilson is Ravager, who used every ounce of her strength to claw to the top of the mercenary food chain and then kicked The Man in the teeth. She is said to be psychotic and able to see the future, one where she kicks everyone's ass and takes back everything she lost. She is a rebel, and it has become generally known that Ravager doesn't follow many rules. Few have befriended her in order to peel away her shields, which protect her and hide the honorable woman within.

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This young woman stands a few inches over five feet tall, her slender figure a mix of soft curves and firm muscles which suggest a particularly hard life. Straight platinum hued hair nearly hits waist level when left free. Bright blue eyes always remain quite attentive to their surroundings. A classic example of Resting Bitch Face, she's often frowning or scowling for any number of reasons and when she does smile it's rarely a nice expression. Little to no makeup is worn, keeping her appearance natural. The woman carries herself with the casual confidence of a dancer or a fighter.

It's not uncommon to see her in custom body armor made up of metal scales and leather and even more common to see a matching pair of longswords slung across her back.


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Rose was born in the hills of Asia, somewhere in Cambodia, but her family was forced to flee their home when some militant soldiers began taking slaves and killing those who resisted them. She was the daughter of Lillian Worth, a popular brothel owner. Her allies helped Lili relocate to New York City and re-establish her popular brothel, while operating as a bar and strip joint. Lili raised the kids of all of her girls personally, including Rose. She was tutored and learned English, Chinese and other languages, but also practiced how to defend herself. Rose was later kidnapped by Wade DeFarge aka The Ravager, in order to torment Rose's father, and Wade taunted Rose, revealing her who her real father was for the first time. Lili tracked her daughter down like a superspy and tried to run Wade over in a jeep. Unfortunately, it was not made in the USA and she careened over a cliff, dying in a ball of fire. Wade returned to Lili's bar and ransacked it, even knocking over the bookshelves. Rose was distraught. At age fourteen, her innocence was shattered and she decided to learn to kick ass. She stayed with superheroes for a while where she learned some of her present skills, until she was adopted by a wealthy family. The Ravager tracked her down and killed them, shooting both parents in the head. Wade even shot the dog. Rose went on the lam and became a paid assassin, although a sloppy one, and was tracked down by her father. She killed Wade as her mercenary initiation and took his name and equipment. She spent some more time on the road until she found her father again, and he encouraged her to be less angry and live with someone else. Rose moved back to New York City to try to recover her lost life.


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There are various degrees of instability in Rose's personality, but there is contentment and focus sometimes, mostly when she's with friends or fighting. It is incorrect to think of her upbringing as disjointed and immoral, even those her mother owned a brothel, because Rose was provided for in almost every way. It was because of her mother's death that her "normal" life was shattered. The torment and loss weighed heavy on her, but she suppresses it abnormally and it breaks out randomly, which is why people think she's psycho. She has a strong desire to prove herself, which is why she's sometimes moody and mouthy, reveling in rebelious rule-breaking. She doesn't care about governments or politics and morals often get in the way, but she doesn't like to be the center of attention, although craves it at the same time, because she had no father. She falls into carefree relationships because of this, and often does a lot of things on impulse. However, she has a determination to act, often out of justice or revenge or badassness, that is often hard to argue with. She takes after those around her, so could easily be a murderous assassin or a superhero for justice for many years.


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Eidetic Kinesthesia:
Perhaps Rose's most powerful gift, she has the ability to learn, memorize, and perfectly replicate any physical motions which she is able to observe. Through this she can rapidly adapt to any unfamiliar fighting styles by way of copying her opponents then besting them at their own game. This is not an immediate gain and will likely result in her taking a fair amount of hits before she is able to match her opponent's skills.

Enhanced Agility:
Rose's physical balance and agility is inherited, allowing her exceptional ability in this area. She could be a gymnast if she really tried or an escape artist, able to contort her body to wriggle out of bonds or balance on almost any surface.

Enhanced Durability:
Rose's physical structure is inherited, and enhanced by drugs. Her muscles and bones are harder than a normal person, able to withstand the constant wear like that of a soldier, if that soldier operated daily under heavy conditions. Her ability to take blows for a person her size is extraordinary, and normal people have no chance of outlasting Rose Wilson.

Enhanced Healing:
Rose possesses an enhanced healing factor capable of helping her recover from many different types of injury. She has little experience with this ability, so she does not know how resistant she can be. She can take abusive physical injury like that from multiple punches or body blows and recover within a minute or two. Further injury like scrapes, cuts or bruises can be recovered overnight, but further injury may take much longer. She has noted her immunity to many poisons and toxins that would otherwise stupify a normal person.

Enhanced Reflexes:
Rose has a very quick reaction time and her assessments of fighting situations are usually the most helpful in avoiding injury or attack. Her speed and flexibility help enhance this ability and can allow her to use clever attacks that might just confuse the normal person. If she can see it or anticipate it, there is a good chance the attack will not hit her.

Enhanced Senses:
All of Rose's senses are genetically inherited and allow her to perceive things well beyond a normal person.

Enhanced Speed:
Rose's enhanced speed is inherited and practiced, movement capable of keeping up with ninjas, athletes, and hearty soldiers. She has the practiced ability to match an Olympic runner and speed to dash as quick as many land based animals. Her quickness allows her to dodge most melee strikes, if she has the awareness.

Enhanced Stamina:
Rose's inherited ability has greatly enhanced her stamina, allowing her to keep pushing beyond where most others would fail. If necessary she could hold a steady run for hours.

Enhanced Strength:
Rose's genetic ability has given her the ability to lift about a ton of stuff and put a tremendous amount of force behind a weapon. If her blade is up to the task she could cleave through metal or concrete.


Rose's precognition ability is often random and mysterious. It sometimes works to warn her of attack or give her a mysterious vision but then doesn't come around for days. Flashes of the future most often occur when her adrenaline is high but sometimes occur at unexpected times when she's fighting or training or being emotional. The flashes sometimes act as a second sense. She has no training in this ability and has used drugs to stimulate it before because she doesn't know how or why it works.


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Rose tends to avoid relying on guns much of the time but she knows how to be deadly with them in a pinch.

Martial Arts:
Rose was taught Judo and other martial arts by Lillian Worth, her mother. She has also learned standard techniques from vigilantes and other dangerous people. She often appears more skilled than she is because of her enhanced abilities and her quickness. Due to her reckless nature and healing ability she will always prioritize being offensive over defensive.

Rose is light on her feet which allows her to keep to the shadows, taking after her mother who was a trained ninja. Her dexterity and flexibility allow her to make up for mistakes that might make normal people otherwise detectable.

Out of all forms of combat, using swords is where Rose is at her best. Taught by vigilantes, thugs, and a fencing genius, she also used to practice to impress her father. Even without her other abilities she would be an incredibly dangerous opponent in any melee situation, and doubly so when she has a blade in each hand.


Between practice and enhanced senses she's quite skilled at finding a mark, particularly within urban environments.


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Rose keeps a hidden stash of money should she need a quick fix of weapons, travel, or any number of personal vices.

Body Armor:
Personal protection which is designed more to turn away blades and melee attacks rather than bullets where it offers lesser protection.

Through the name 'Ravager' Rose has gained some support within the underground, including business owners and both heroes and villains. She also has a fair number of contacts in Asia thanks to her mother.

The lifeblood of any mercenary, Rose has access to a number or weapons and equipment whether they had been bought, borrowed, stolen, or simply found along the way. She's got quite the collection of edged weapons but there are some firearms and explosives mixed in, along with gear such as phones and computers. There's a couple of energy-based weapons in the mix, too.


William Wintergreen is like a father figure to Rose. His place as a resource is to mainly get her out of trouble, whatever that may be. Mostly that means advice, plane tickets, business advice, other contacts, and in rare cases, intelligence.


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Rose used to be addicted to Epinephrine, an adrenaline booster that made her precognition powers work more often. She doesn't know if this vice is really gone. Smoking, however, remains an active habit.

Rose has a very dysfunctional family. All of her closest family members are superheroes, villains, idiots, crooked idiots, or insane idiots with questionable motives. They often target Rose because they want something or dream that they could force a resolution.

There had been a time where Rose loved her father and would have done anything for him. More recently she has to wonder how much of that might have been due to the chemical cocktail which he had been giving her. On some deep level she still yearns for his respect and desires a normal family relationship but there is a colossal amount of baggage to carve through before it might ever happen. She's far more likely to attack him on sight these days.

Loose Morals:

Rose lacks any sort of code and operates however she sees fit, unafraid to cross lines in order to get whatever she wants. Part of it might be she's trying to push others to get reactions. Part of it might be lingering psychosis from a chaotic upbringing. She may be able to reel it in around superheroes but even then she's often got something sneaky going on.


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