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Snake Eyes (Scenesys ID: 7116)
"Move with the wind, and you will never be heard."
Full Name: Classified
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: IDW (FC)
Occupation: Military Special Ops
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Mobile
Education: Special Operations
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 15 February 1997 Actor: Ray Park
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 79 kg (174 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Burned so badly he will not show his face and cannot speak, this silent killer aspires towards perfection as both a ninja and a soldier. Countless hours of training and a decade of combat experience have turned him into one of the world's most dangerous people, but it is his strong sense of right and wrong which ultimately guides him on his path to be a force for good.

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A figure of average height with a lithe, athletic build, this individual is completely clad in dark gray and black attire. His head is hidden by a flat matte gray mask with a black steel visor. The visor itself is angular and has a number of slits in it to allow for visibility while still offering a great deal of protection for the wearer's eyes.

A form fitting shirt emphasizes the muscular physique of its owner. On top of it, however, is military web gear and a pistol belt. They mount magazine pouches, a trio of black painted fragmentation grenades and a few assorted odds and ends. His shirt is tucked into a pair of cargo pants with integrated knee pads. The trousers themselves are tucked into combat boots. A holstered pistol rests on the right hip, a sheathed katana is mounted diagonally across the back with its hilt accessible over the right shoulder and a personal defense weapon is slung so that it can be quickly maneuvered into action.


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When the person later known as Snake Eyes was a young man his father was a soldier in the US Army stationed in Japan. One day, while the kid was at his karate school, the rest of his family was killed in an automobile collision by a drunk driver.
As soon as he was told what had happened to them the boy fled his home to be alone and, rather than be put into the system to be raised by strangers, remained homeless. He was forced to steal to survive.
One of his thefts was from the kitchen of an Arashikage clan compound. He was caught by a boy his age named Tommy and the pair ended up fighting. Snake held his own against the other boy for quite some time before the fight was broken up by a man known as the Hard Master.
Hard Master elected to take in Snake as one of the clan's own after witnessing his ability and bravery. Snake and Tommy ended up becoming best friends despite their initial rivalry and considered themselves to be brothers.
The Arashikage clan were ninjas and Snake was trained to be one of them, including given extra tutelage by Hard Master in order to bring him up to par with Tommy. This special attention by Hard Master continued for years, even after Snake had reached the same skill level as his adopted brother. This caused Tommy to become jealous.
One day while the Hard Master was impersonating Snake during an exercise on disguise an arrow was fired from a great distance, through a window and into Hard Master's brain. The arrow belonged to Tommy who also happened to be the only member of the Arashikage clan capable of such a feat. Tommy also disappeared at this time, which made everyone assume he was the murderer.
The clan was in disarray and Snake was heartbroken by the loss of his mentor and brother all in the same day and left the clan to return to America. Now an adult, he enlisted in the service as his father before him had, quickly becoming an Army Ranger.
As a Ranger he was decorated numerous times for his skill and bravery in combat. It was there that he was given the nickname Snake, due to his legendary skill with a blade.
While on an air assault mission Snake's helicopter was shot down by enemy fire. He managed to escape to safety only to realize that one of his soldiers was still trapped inside the burning vehicle. Without regard for his own well being the ninja commando rushed back into the chopper to cut his battle buddy free. As he was rescuing his comrade burning fuel spilled onto his face. Rather than waste time extinguishing his own face Snake carried the other soldier to safety.
The damage to Snake was extensive. He was burned beyond recognition and his vocal cords were seared so that he was now unable to produce sounds through them. Snake was sent through a medical board and medically retired.
During his retirement Snake lived in the mountains of Colorado where he trained every day in ninjutsu, survival and military skills while using his abilities to live off of the land. He had found a sort of peace, but the sense of belonging that he craved was missing from his life.
One of his buddies from Ranger battalion decided to visit him out of the blue and found Snake hunting rabbits barehanded. Seeing that Snake was still in fighting shape he reported back to his new command, Action Force, that he had a potential recruit for them.
Action Force investigate Snake and offered him the chance to test himself. Snake not only passed the tests but he set records doing so. As a member of Action Force Snake was made a hand to hand combat instructor and given quite a bit of freedom to train however he wanted to when not on mission or training exercises with the unit.
Since then he's been on more combat missions than even in the Rangers, probably more even than anyone else in Action Force. He's made a name for himself in the outfit as one of the best martial artists and recon specialists in the world.


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A deeply dedicated man, Snake Eyes is devoted to being the best at what he does. As a member of the armed forces that includes living the values that are imparted onto every American soldier: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

He's willing to lay down his life for his fellow soldiers but also realizes that it's not always possible to save everyone. As such he is deeply pragmatic and is willing to do anything to achieve his objectives so long as it doesn't go counter to his values.

Because of his mangled face and vocal cords Snake Eyes is quite stoic. Most of his communications revolve around training or missions and he's very sensitive about his appearance, always keeping his face hidden when around anyone else.

He still possesses a sense of humor and likes to laugh, even if it's silently and to himself.


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Arashikage Spirit:

The Arashikage clan's masters taught Snake Eyes how to perform amazing feats of body control and willpower. He is capable of slowing his heart rate and breathing to the point where he can fool medical professionals into thinking he is dead or put himself into a state that allows him stave off death. Snake Eyes can react faster than a human should be able to, pushing the boundaries of the supernatural. It is extremely difficult to mind control or brainwash Snake Eyes and he possesses amazing force of will against these threats, capable of shrugging off even the most advanced brainwashing techniques with enough time. Fear and pain are both completely within his control. Finally, Snake Eyes' senses are almost superhumanly sharp thanks to the instruction of Hard Master.


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A nearly perfect human specimen, Snake Eyes can climb walls with his bare hands, perform acrobatic maneuvers that would make most gymnasts envious, has perfect balance and is dexterous enough to wield vastly different weapons in each hand and still use them effectively.

With both his military and ninja training Snake Eyes is one of the sneakiest people on the planet. He's capable of single handedly infiltrating well defended installations. His skills also include defeating locks and traps, though bypassing the electronic versions of these is generally beyond his skill level.

Snake Eyes learned how to instruct people as a non-commissioned officer in the Army. Despite being mute he has learned to effectively pass on his skills to others, especially physical skills such as martial arts and marksmanship.

Snake Eyes is fluent in English, Japanese and American Sign Language.

Snake Eyes spends hours every day on the range in the Pit to make sure that he's as proficient with firearms as is humanly possible. His preferred firearms are fully automatic pistol caliber weapons which he can fire in one hand so as to leave his other free to throw grenades or swing a sword. That being said he's also trained with the Army Marksmanship Unit and can kill with a rifle at over four hundred meters using iron sights.

Martial Arts:
Snake Eyes is one of the world's foremost masters in armed and unarmed martial arts styles, having trained extensively in a dozen of them including Ninjutsu and Modern Army Combatives. With or without a sword in his hand there are few alive who could call themselves his equal and even fewer who could best him.

His preferred weapons are katanas and knives though he is proficient in any number of medieval Japanese weapons.

Military Training:
Snake Eyes is an Infantryman, Army Ranger and Pathfinder. He possesses numerous military skills including but not limited to: land navigation, mountaineering, ground vehicle operation and maintenance, combat first aid and drill and ceremony.

More than just a martial art, Ninjutsu covers a wide variety of techniques in espionage and warfare. Snake Eyes has mastered such diverse skills as body control, free running, escape artistry and assassination techniques.

Snake Eyes is trained in US Army Airborne operations including HALO and HAHO and static line jumping.

A graduate of US Army SERE school, Ranger school and with his ninja training Snake Eyes is capable of surviving on his own indefinitely in most environments with minimal preparation.


As an NCO in special operations Snake Eyes is highly competent in small unit tactics.


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Action Force:
G.I. Joe is Snake Eyes' command and as dedicated as he is to them they're more than willing to provide whatever is necessary to make sure that he can accomplish his objectives. The outfit is extremely well financed and can deploy soldiers and vehicles anywhere in the world in less than twelve hours.

As a senior NCO, specifically a Sergeant First Class, Snake Eyes is one of the higher ranking enlisted soldiers and can lead his fellow soldiers in battle.

G.I. Joe also allows Snake Eyes to train as much as he wants between missions, something even his Ranger regiment couldn't afford to do. As such he spends hours every day practicing his marksmanship, honing his martial arts skills, meditating and training his body.

Snake Eyes has a synthetic mask which resembles his face before it was horribly scarred. This enables him to go out in public without anyone seeing his injuries. Since it's made for him specifically and contours to his face he can use it for hours on end if he desires to do so.


Snake Eyes has access to a great deal of weaponry. Not only does he have access to all of Action Force's vast armory, he has a number of his own weapons. He typically carries several knives, a katana, a suppressed H&K MP7, an H&K VP9 and three M67 fragmentation grenades.


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When Snake Eyes is devoted to someone or something he won't hesitate to kill for them. Woe betide anyone who wrongs one of his. He is extremely loyal to G.I. Joe and it's soldiers and the Arashikage clan.

Emotional Damage:
Snake Eyes is a man who has lost his family, his best friend, his looks and his voice. These all add up to create someone who is deeply unsure of his place in the world. That's why he throws himself so wholeheartedly into doing what he thinks is right. Serving in the military is one of the few things that gives him purpose in life.

The same incident that left Snake Eyes horribly scarred also rendered him mute. He is unable to produce sounds through his vocal cords.


Snake Eyes' face is horribly scarred to the point he refuses to allow other people to see it. He considers himself hideous to look upon.


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