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Kate Kane (Scenesys ID: 193)
"I need you to be able to answer my questions... and for that I suppose I have to let you breathe."
Full Name: Katherine Rebecca Kane
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Gotham
Education: Gotham University and West Point
Status: Approved
Groups: Gotham-OOC, Batman Family, Birds of Prey
Other Information
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 3 May 1997 Actor: Alicia Witt
Height: 180cm (5'11") Weight: 69kg (152lbs)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "The Red" by Chevelle - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trinU3VD1Zo


Katherine Rebecca "Kate" Kane is the dilettante daughter of Colonel Jacob Kane and Catherine Hamilton Kane. Bored, dishonourably discharged from the Marines, and with an entire fortune at her fingertips she started drinking heavily and partying. Then her life was saved by Batman.

Since then Kate's had her own specially armoured suit designed and her own special bat gadgets made. Explosives. Knockout gas. She's added to her military combat training by traveling the world looking for the finest teachers.

And if all else fails Kate's got a gun. A lot of them, actually.

Current Player Approved: July 01, 2019



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Standing at almost six feet tall, Kate Kane is like a statue made of porcelain.

Her face is beautiful and two-tone, between the blood-red of her lips and the almost -too- pale, near-white of her skin. Her features are elegant, the kind of beauty that one sees in magazines, with a soft chin, tapered jaw, high cheekbones and narrow, pointed nose. Her lips are soft and beestung, almost always painted some shade of deep red to go with her hair. Her hair is kept somewhat short, just below the jawline, and cut into a perfect bob to frame the attractive features of her face, especially the vibrant, bright green of her eyes, which contrast well with the similarly bright red of her hair.

Her expression is often neutral- friendly, but imperious. Her eyes scan crowds and settings like a hawk, perceptive at all times. She appraises those around her, and approaching her for the first time is likely to seem intimidating- her stature, beauty, and gaze are difficult to overcome for the socially meek.

Moving from her face, her neck slides gracefully into a toned, strong, yet feminine physique. Her bosom is somewhat generous for her frame, her waist is just slightly broader than would make it waspish, and her hips are wide and womanly. All of that, however, belies a certain strength. On her arms and torso, her muscles are not just present, but obvious- her abs are sculpted, her biceps and shoulders display her strength.

Her legs are long, and thick. Above them, her posterior is positively proud. Her thighs are thick and rounded, soft looking and womanly, yet beneath any softness is almost assuredly corded muscle. Her calves are somewhat broad and thick, the kind of muscle that develops- one would assume- from the use and overuse of high heels.

Compared to the rest of her, her hands and feet are rather dainty.


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Katherine Rebecca "Kate" Kane was born the daughter of Captain Gabi and Colonel Jacob Kane into a solid military family. She was raised moving from base to base and taught discipline at a young age. She also had a sister named Elizabeth Kane. Her mother and sister were both killed in a terrorist attack on the military base where her parents were stationed.

After that, Kate went downhill for awhile. She was sullen and depressed as a child. Eventually her father remarried- Catherine Hamilton, the heiress to the Hamilton Arms fortune, a major competitor to Wayne Enterprises. Kate took the money and went to college. After getting her chemistry degree she suddenly shifted gears and enrolled at West point Academy.

Katherine was top of her class at West Point, with honors and accolades, but she entered into a lesbian relationship with her roommate. The base commander was not very sympathetic and had her thrown out under the 'fraternization' policy.

With no school and no need to work Kate descended into drinking, drug use, and wild one night stands. One night she was particularly wasted she stumbled into an alley way and was assaulted. She was saved by a masked vigilante and got the idea that she too could be a hero. Galvanized, Kate took this to heart and branded herself Batwoman. Her family fortune was turned to creating tools and outfits similar to those of other heroes, though with a military practicality to the ensemble.

Now Kate descends into Gotham to fight crime.


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Impetuous, headstrong, and intense. Kate is one step from the edge and she knows it. it helps make her feel alive. When she's bored she becomes restless and does foolish things, and she rarely waits to seize the initiative. Still, Kate is mentally strong and intuitive. She doesn't give in or offer quarter when she knows she can win. And Kate likes to win. She'll risk her neck for a friend or a stranger in a heartbeat. And underneath the hardened devil may care exterior Kate loves deeply and becomes attached quickly. A lonely girl who has decided to double down on taking on the world.


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Kate is an expert gymnast who competed in national events when she was younger and has been honing her skills for combat.
Katherine was top of her class in West Point and has a degree in Chemistry. She has also traveled, learning Forensics and other skills from a variety of masterful teachers. She quickly learns and adapts to new information on the fly.
Having studied forensics, law, and criminology Kate has mastered both high-tech and traditional methods for tracking down people and missing objects.
Martial Arts
Kate's received training from her father, then at West Point, and then traveled the world searching for excellent teachers. She is an expert unarmed combatant.
Physically Adept
Kate is at the top end of strength for a woman her size and build who engages in intense daily exercise. She can sprint, climb, and does regular heavy lifting to build strength and stamina. She is notably more resistant to pain and injury than other people and can continue to fight even after being stabbed or having broken bones.
Kate is a master of psychology, particularly intimidation and manipulation. She can cause people to fear her intensely and also garner the sympathy and support of those who feel vulnerable around her. She knows how people tick and is quite fond of the velvet glove and the iron fist.
Batwoman is a master of stealth in all environments and settings. She is one of the foremost experts in the field.
Kate is well-versed in tinkering with electronic and mechanical objects. She also has some basic cracking and programming skills but in particular is quite adept in defending herself from electronic intrusion.
Weapons Master

Kate is a master of modern weapons including guns, explosives, tasers, etc. In particular she is a world class marksman. She is skilled with knives and melee weapons as well but has not focused on training with those items.


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The signature weapons of the Bat-family are an overwhelmingly versatile, technologically enhanced, set of sharp shuriken in the shape of a stylized bat. They come in a range of sizes and utilities: Some are explosive, some are blunt, some burst to deliver gas, some are electrified, some are blunted to be less harmful. There are some that can be tracked via the suit, some that can be remotely controlled by Batwoman, and possibly other kinds beyond even those. They are always carried in multitude, and restocking is not difficult.


The suit Kate wears when on-duty as Batwoman is a marvel of engineering. Consisting not of the armored plates of typical batsuits, instead the cloth that makes up its surface seems almost akin to oil. The fabric itself is almost non-neutonian in nature. It feels soft and light, and does nothing to inhibit her movement. However, on impact it hardens like armor enough to be nearly impervious to small arms fire. It is fire-retardant and nonconductive to a point, providing her with a level of protection against most forms of attack. The gloves of her suit contain tazers of impressive strength, linked to the knuckles, allowing her to add an electric bite to her hand-to-hand combat, and the cuffs of the gloves also contain some contingency items such as a lockpick, tiny knife, and small batarang.

The visor and cowl portion are similar to others: The eyes filter out harmful levels of light and allow her to see different spectrums of light and along the EM spectrum as well as including an uplink to the Batcomputer when she is allowed. The portions over her ears house communicators and filter out harmful noise, as well as being capable of enhancing noise such as speech for better eavesdropping. The peaks of her mask house antennae for picking up various forms of communications frequencies such as radio signals. The mask itself is also electrified to prevent its removal should she be rendered unconscious.

Colonel Kane
Kate's father is an invaluable resource who provides technology, further training, and military connections.
Filthy Rich
Heiress to the Hamilton Arms fortune. Kate is wildly rich by any standard, though technically she isn't the multi-billionaire. Her father and stepmother are.
Utility Belt

Batwoman has an insane number of gadgets and trinkets on her person at any time. Her belt is flooded with them, each compartmented pouch containing various high-tech tools for breaking an entering including Thermite, Flash, Gas, and Smoke grenades, Batarangs of multiple types such as explosive and blunt, a grapnel, zip-ties, and other contingency items. The exact contents tend to vary on occasion, though the staples are always present. In general if there is any sort of foreknowledge of the trials at hand, it can be assured that her utility belt will house some sort of thoughtful counter.


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Kate loves her father dearly and if he is threatened she will do her utmost to help him.
After losing her mother and sister to terrorists Katherine is very passionate about defeating criminals. It occupies her thoughts and dreams when she isn't careful. She is capable of having a life outside of it, but only just.
Batwoman is convinced she can do the job of protecting Gotham City without help and with minimal support. She resists assistance and dives into dangerous situations regularly.
Kate can't sit still. She's bored and feels directionless. She tries to combat this by being a crimefighter but will never sit on information or a plan for long if she believes she can execute on it. When she can't find anything else to do Kate drinks, parties, and sleeps around. It happens a lot.
Secret Identity

It could put Kate's mission, life, and loved ones at risk if anyone ever found out she is Batwoman.


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A New Knight in Gotham May 12th, 2017 Summary needed


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