Black Sky

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Black Sky
The Hand has plans for Elektra
Base Info
Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Elektra
Co-Runner(s): Daredevil
Groups Involved: Defenders
Target Audience: Any
Rating & Tone: R




Claire Temple, Darcy Lewis, Daredevil, Deadpool, Dragon, Elektra, Green Arrow, Hawkeye (Bishop), Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Jinx, Lady Shiva, Madame Gao, Melinda May, Oracle, Punisher, Quake, She-Hulk, Shredder, Spider-Man, Stick, Yin, Zeitgeist (Julius)

Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
Black Sky: Apologies March 11th, 2019 Elektra gets the opportunity to apologize to Darcy Lewis, and tells her the whole sordid tale. All is forgiven.
Black Sky: Master and Pupil February 2nd, 2019 Elektra finds herself at Richard Dragon's feet, asking to take up where she once left off: As his student.
Black Sky: In the Morning Light January 26th, 2019 Waking up after their reuinion Matt and Elektra discuss the past and future.
Black Sky: After the 'Party' January 24th, 2019 Matt and Elektra end up back at Matt's after the final fight with the Hand, where Elektra begins the slow process of learning who she is and will be, while remembering who and what she was.
Black Sky: We Walk Through the Fire January 24th, 2019 Daredevil and friends interupt Madame Gao's ritual to dispose of them all. Elektra is forced to make a decision: Black Sky is no more.
Black Sky: Always a Bridesmaid January 20th, 2019 John drops by Luke's where Kate is wallowing over her 'breakup' with Matt. It turns out they have a mutual 'friend' in common: Elektra
Black Sky: About Elektra... January 18th, 2019 The fake couple breaks up! Matt puts his foot in his mouth! Matt's life is a mess and Kate's love life is DOA! ... so basically another night in Hell's Kitchen.
Black Sky: Let Us Go Then, You and I January 7th, 2019 Elektra recuperates at Matt's, where he finds her, and after all they've been through, realizes he must leave her to make her own choices; as must he.
Black Sky: A Not Quite Chance Encounter January 6th, 2019 Elektra finds herself drawn to Matt's home and meets with Stick and Matt on the rooftop raising questions about who she is? Elektra or the Black Sky.
Black Sky: Gabbing (and Healing) at the Gym January 3rd, 2019 Matt calls for a quiet night at Fogwells, there's sparring, food and a little bit of healing.
Black Sky: The Devil May Care December 19th, 2018 A random encounter behind Josie's has Matt and Elektra (as Black Sky) meet again. Unexpectedly, her training fails, and she is unable to kill him, and he raises uncertain feelings and memories within her. Maybe this war isn't so easily won after all.
Black Sky: A Not So Happy Birthday December 16th, 2018 It's Matt's birthday, Kate brings wine. They talk and discover real dating is harder than the fake kind and that what's dead doesn't always stay that way.
Black Sky: The Best Laid Dinner Plans December 15th, 2018 Gao and the Black Sky sit down to dinner, they find a Dragon comes calling.
Black Sky: Guess What Happened to Your Sweet Baboo! December 11th, 2018 Summary needed
Black Sky: Allies from Afar December 9th, 2018 Green Arrow and Yin come to NYC to join the fight against the Hand and meet with Daredevil, Hawkeye (Bishop) and Richard Dragon. Not everything goes as planned.
Black Sky: Daring the Devil. December 6th, 2018 Matt and Kate try to stop the transfer of files as the Hand attempts to relocate. It's a setup, things don't go quite as planned.
Black Sky: A Thin Line December 5th, 2018 Summary needed
Black Sky: Stormclouds Roll In December 4th, 2018 Black Sky encounters her old mentor. It stirs things deep within her that she does not yet understand. And he? He says goodbye to a dream of a daughter he never had.
Black Sky: With Friends Like These November 27th, 2018 The Hand and Foot meet at last, a deal is made that puts Matt Murdock and the Defenders in their crosshairs.
Black Sky: Of Bases and Tall Tales November 22nd, 2018 Matt and Kate talk plans and get another visit from Jessica Jones.
Black Sky: The Guys with the Dragon Tattoos November 13th, 2018 Daredevil, Hawkeye (the cool one), Deadpool, Richard Dragon and Zeitgeist take on the Yakuza and their Hand allies. They get a surprise visitor by the name of Jinx, and find out vans make excellent distractions.
Black Sky: Lawyers Bearing Gifts November 5th, 2018 Matt pays a visit to Kate with sandwiches and money. They end up visited by Jessica Jones and Matt and Kate come to arrangement.
Black Sky: Special Delivery November 4th, 2018 Daredevil delivers a hacker to SHIELD to fufill a promise and begin the war against the Hand. May strikes a deal with the Devil and Skye picks up a new roommate.
Black Sky: Checking on a Friend November 4th, 2018 Summary needed
Black Sky: Thank You for Being a Friend October 30th, 2018 Darcy learns of the inheritance that Elektra has left her and it leaves her gobsmacked, sad, and angry. All for various reasons.
Black Sky: Danny and Matt Catch Up October 29th, 2018 Danny and Matt discuss the Hand, Elektra, Black Sky, and other things...all over lunch at Danny's favorite cafe!
Black Sky: Seeking Allies October 28th, 2018 Daredevil reaches out to Zeitgeist to join the fight against the Hand.
Black Sky: There Might Have Been Ninja... October 25th, 2018 A hacker an archer and the Devil of Hell's Kitchen drop in on Claire's clinic.
Tourney/Black Sky: There's No Time For Us October 24th, 2018 Elektra takes Matt to her dojo to say goodbye.
Black Sky: About Elektra October 24th, 2018 Matt calls Darcy to talk about Elektra. They both learn to cope without their usual crutches.
Black Sky: Going Underground (the Search for Genus) October 21st, 2018 Kate, Stick, and Daredevil go into the tunnels to rescue Genus, but not without some interference!
Tourney/Black Sky: Who Wants to Live Forever Anyway October 21st, 2018 Elektra takes lethal action to keep Black Sky out of the grip the Hand.
Tournament/Black Sky: The Sound of One Hand Clapping October 19th, 2018 Elektra confronts Stick about all she's learned, and reveals the fullness of her plans.
Black Sky: One Way or Another October 16th, 2018 Kate lays a trap for Daredevil and Matt falls right into it. Plans are made, but who's Matt's mystery guest going to be?
Tourney/Black Sky: Completely Off the Record October 16th, 2018 A gut feeling pays off, and Elektra gets Barbara Gordon (and some as yet unnamed friends!) on board to help decimate the Hand.
Black Sky: I Know He's Hiding Something! October 14th, 2018 Kate and Claire enjoy a ladies night at Josie's where Kate puts the pieces together and thinks she's figured out who Matt is. Only time will tell if she's right!
Tourney/Black Sky: An Old Master October 10th, 2018 Richard Dragon and Elektra share some quiet moments together, wherein they discuss the future.
BlackSky: About a Job October 10th, 2018 Matt puts Kate on the trail of an elusive hacker. He also inadvertently puts her on the trail of his own secrets as well.
Tournament/Black Sky: A Yelling, Island Edition October 9th, 2018 Claire and Matt have a therapeutic discussion about Matt's place in Elektra's plans.
Tourney/Black Sky: When Two Fists Meet October 9th, 2018 Two Fists meet upon a beach, and lament that there aren't better answers. They both walk away to face another day.
Tourney/Black Sky: Respecting an Elder October 8th, 2018 Shredder and Elektra meet in her private island dojo, and face off. She learns much, and earns respect. Plans continue to be set in motion.
Tourney/Black Sky: Old Friends October 2nd, 2018 Matt and Elektra end round one with a double concession of defeat; and begin their weekend together.
Black Sky: Taking Care of Business September 25th, 2018 Elektra goes to outside sources to ensure that her Estate will be dispersed according to certain instructions upon the event of her eventual demise.
Black Sky: Asking a Favour... For a Friend September 25th, 2018 Elektra asks Claire to accompany Matt to the Tournament, and tells her why. Claire is understandably unimpressed. Nothing changes between the two women.
Black Sky: Two's Company, Three's a Plan September 11th, 2018 Elektra stumbles on Stick and Matt at Fogwells. They discuss the future, and the fact that she's in deep trouble. Matt learns Elektra is going to die, and promises to let her.
Changeling/Black Sky: Secrets exposed September 7th, 2018 Skye updates Fury on just about all the things. He, of course, isn't surprised by any of it.. or at least he doesn't let on that he is.
BlackSky/Tourney: Respect Your Elders August 28th, 2018 Madame Cao pays Elektra a 'friendly' visit to make certain that the younger woman knows where she needs to stand. Elektra pitches the Tournament.. and ponders her very uncertain future.
Black Sky: Holy Palette Swap August 21st, 2018 Spider-Man tries to brighten the Black Sky
BlackSky: Sharks and Jets July 27th, 2018 Skye carries intel to Matt about Elektra and the Hand, under the guise of a visit for pizza and beer. Surprisingly.. they actually do visit after business is done.
BlackSky: About a Hacker July 8th, 2018 Matt comes to Elektra to ask a favour, turns out she has one to ask in return.
Black Sky: Teach Your Children Well July 5th, 2018 Elektra is visited by her old mentor, Stick, and they discuss her future with the Hand.
BlackSky: Whispers of the Hand July 2nd, 2018 Shiva and Elektra meet to discuss the whispers happening in the Hand.
BlackSky: If You Could Only See June 22nd, 2018 After the confrontation with Luke, Jess and Claire at Josie's Matt and Elektra try to enjoy a stolen moment.
BlackSky: Paid Protection Plan June 15th, 2018 Luke sounds off against members of the Hand, as well as Elektra - much as planned - and emerges with a much better understanding of the young woman.. and he, her, as well.


Title Date Scene Summary
Black Sky (Cutscene) December 2nd, 2018 Summary needed