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Hela (Scenesys ID: 1259)
"I'm not a queen or a monster. I'm the Goddess of Death, what were you the God of again?"

"Whoever I am? Did you listen to a word I said?"

Full Name: Hela Odinsdottir
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Occupation: Queen of Hel; Goddess of Death
Citizenship: Kingdom of Asgard
Residence: Hel; Niflheim
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Groups: Pantheon Assembly, Asgard, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth BCE Actor: Cate Blanchett
Height: 213 cm Weight: 226 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "You Should See Me In A Crown" by Billie Eilish
"The March of the Black Queen" by Queen
"Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones


Hela has been many things, Princess of Asgard, Odin's Executioner, Leader of Asgard's Legions. But most prevailing of all, she is the Goddess of Death and Queen of Hel and Niflheim. Recently released from banishment by Odin, she returns from imprisonment in her realms to find Asgard destroyed and Odin dead. Her return may catch the attention of magic users, practitioners of the occult, and those who deal with the divine. Her own attention will likely be set on the Valkyrior and Valhalla. Curiously, a new cult worshipping death just so happened to have popped up...

Current Player Approved: N/A



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The woman before you strikes a commanding, fearsome presence, standing at about 7'. Her dark green eyes are penetrating; to the point they seem to stare directly into one's soul. She wears an intricate regal headdress, dark green to the point of darkness, consisting of 10 antlers in various sizes and angles, creating a menacing and sharp silhouette. It's something of a mix between unwieldy wear helmet and a twisted, dark crown. Her eyes are adorned with what seems like heavy eye shadow, and her lips are the faintest touch of pink. There's a rather haughty, somewhat icy, quality to her visage.

She appears to be dressed in a skin tight dark material, that is somehow detailed like full body armor with green detailing. While the material is clearly not metal, and seems like something of an elaborate body suit, those who are skilled may realize it is otherworldly or at least something not yet seen.

Despite the militaristic air of her outfit, it leaves her shoulders bare. A green cape hooks from the back and collar, billowing in an unearthly fashion, almost as if the cape had life of its own. The boots of the outfit appear to have a wedge heel, and look quite sturdy.

There is most definitely something eerie about this woman.


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Hela started her life as the firstborn of Odin and Frigga, and rightful heir to the Asgard Throne. During the time Odin wasn't the peaceful diplomatic God he would later become, he was a conqueror who sought to build an Asgardian Empire.

Hela upon coming of age was appointed Goddess of Death, and made Odin's Executioner. She was given Mjolnir, and they set out on a series of conquests, as Hela would put it, they drowned entire civilizations in blood and tears. She was Odin's weapon, and riding to battle on Fenris, wielding Mjolnir, she was an unstoppable force as Asgard took control of the Nine Realms.

But with age, Odin grew wiser, and sought to be a benevolent God to bring the Nine Realms together. He turned his attention from waging war, into weaving diplomatic ties and treaties.

Ambitious Hela would not have it, she wanted to continue in conquest until Asgard ruled all that there was. Odin saw she was far too ambitious and bloodthirsty, and with his new ways, altered the meaning of being worthy of Mjolnir. Hela the weapon that was with her throughout their wars, and not only that, she was banished to her own realms, Hel and Niflheim.

Livid, Hela tried to escape the imprisonment enforced by Odin. While she was Queen of Hel and Niflheim, she wanted more, and because of her punishment she sought to overthrow Odin. But when she tried to force her way out of Hel, he sent the Valkyries after her. While Hela defeated the Valkyries, fighting viciously, she did lose her goal as Odin joined the fray to seal her in Hel for good. Following that fight, Odin erased Hela from Asgardian history, replacing frescos of her heroic conquests with those celebrating himself and his other children, those who never even knew they had a sister.

For several millennia, or more, Hela was forgotten and trapped in Odin's prison. That is until Malekith enacted his wrath on Asgard, managing to not only kill Odin, but destroy Asgard itself. What Malekith didn't realize is that in doing so, he also released Hela from her banishment. But just as she was about to go out and seek her people, the Asgardian, Hela was faced with an upstart who decided that with Odin dead, he could steal away dominion of Hel and Niflheim from Hela. She ultimately reigned supreme, maintaining her sovereignty and finally emerged to find what lies in the wake of Asgard's destruction.

The world is much changed. Asgard is no more. Odin is dead. Norse cultured have waned. Faith in the Gods of Asgard was barely existent at all. There was much work to do.


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Hela was the pride of Odin in the early days, his rightful heir and sole daughter, she was prized for her skills in battle, both commanding and fighting. She was handed Mjolnir, she was given Fenris, and she was Odin's chief weapon in Asgard's conquest of the Nine Realms. Needless to say, Hela is ambitious, confident, and wrathful. She expects to have her way in every situation. She expects to enforce her will. She thinks that she deserves to have her way. Asgard, in her mind, should be above all and by that token, she should be above all Asgardians because eventually Odin decided to stop warmongering and become peaceful. Her ambition proved stronger, but at the same time, she was blind to the wisdom of Odin's forging into a benevolent rule, so full of her hubris.

In losing Mjolnir, suddenly no longer worthy, being banished to her realm of Hel and Niflheim, and wiped from Asgard's history, Hela learned of betrayal. She saw her father who used her proudly in conquest, now disavowing her in his peaceful rule of an Empire she helped build. Slighted and hurt, she has become as cold as her realms. Aside for Fenris, now serving more as her pet than her mount for wars, she kept mostly to herself and hid her feelings by focusing on her duty as the Goddess of Death and Queen of Hel and Niflheim. She learned, through her function, to better wield diplomacy and manipulation, having turned her ambition from trying to break from her prison, to instead try and win dominion over Valhalla and the Valkyrior as the Goddess of Death, something she still feel rightfully falls under her jurisdiction.

Hela carries herself as a regal Queen, holds herself high among the divine as the Goddess of Death ("what were you the god of again?"), and is willing to suffer or even support those who would give her proper respect. She can be merciful, she can seek to elevate others, but it doesn't happen often.

Now with the destruction of Asgard, and the death of Odin, Hela has no ambition for the Asgardian Throne any longer, since unlike Thor, she very much takes Asgard for a place, and in his folly her father banished her and saw it come to ruin. Instead of the throne, she now covets recreating Valhalla in her own realm, and assume control of the Valkyrior, as she continues to preside over the dead and try and restore some of the faith that was lost.


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As all Asgardians, Hela is also capable of employing Allspeak. The ability to speak all languages used across the Nine Realms. Essentially inclusive all languages, be they of human or alien origin.

Asgardians have remarkable superhuman traits based on their physiology, but Hela in particular, being a daughter of Odin Allfather and a member of the royal family of Asgard rates at the upper echelon of Asgardians. Her body is denser, making her harder to injure while at the same time making her weigh more than she appears she would. Her senses are heightened beyond those of mortals, and she is impervious to toxins, disease and other concerns of mortals. This Asgardian Physiology is the source of all of Hela's physical powers, listed for readability as separate +sheet entries: Super Strength, Super Durability, Super Stamina, Super Speed, Super Agility.

Hela is able to communicate with others over great distances by means of using an Astral Projection. She must be in her home realm of Hel in order to use her Astral Projection. She can only use the Astral Projection for communication, she cannot attack or affect anything remotely.

While not often in the habit of employing illusions, at least not for fighting, Hela is able to use illusions to disguise herself. This was a good means to hold conversations without others being too afraid to speak, as Hela had quite the reputation while serving as Odin's Executioner. Now, with Asgard destroyed, and Norse cultures barely existing, Hela intends to use the ability to create an alter ego that may stoke a death cult of sort to bring back some worship that is sorely missed.

Note: this power is borrowed from Comic version to allow the use of an alter ego, thereby giving a way for Hela to interact with most anyone in the game, even in cases of great disparity in power level. All about RP. All about RP hooks.

More a result of being the Goddess of Death, rather than just an Asgardian, Hela does not age. She does not die. She can be bested in battle, but not killed. Unlike other Asgardians, she does not require the golden apples to keep her youthful look. She looks the same coming out of banishment, as she did going in, over several millennia ago. It makes sense for the Goddess of Death to not die. How else is she to keep to her duty of ushering the souls of the dead, whether to Niflheim or Hel in accordance with their deeds and circumstance of death.

While no longer worthy of Mjolnir, since Odin had his change of heart, becoming a benevolent king instead of a conquering one, Hela was nevertheless the original wielder of Mjolnir--as depicted in the frescos in Asgard's palace before Odin hid them.

With Mjolnir in her hand, Hela introduced the Nine Realms to much death and suffering, and she formed a close connection with the hammer that was once her best friend.

While she can no longer wield Mjolnir, should Mjolnir ever be cast her way, Hela is able to slow it down and redirect. Whether through power of her own, or the hammer recognizing and remembering their centuries together is debatable.

Stipulation: Mjolnir can readily be wielded in battle against Hela, she can only redirect it when it is thrown at her.

Note: This was discussed with and consented to by Thor's player.

Hela is able to manifest obsidian weapons on a whim, from just the one sword for a duel, to multitudes she hurls at foes like a rain of deadly projectiles, to daggers, spears and axes. Hela is also capable of controlling necroblades she created, shaping them out of thin air, and whirling them at surprised opponents. For the most part Hela uses her weapons for the duration of a fight, but she is able to create weapons to gift to those who have her favor, such as a Bloodaxe she once created for Skurge.

What's unique about Hela's necroblades is their ability to harm the invulnerable, such as Asgardian Gods. That also includes herself, should someone use a weapon of her own making against her. The Necroblades are considered magical weapons, a result of their creation by the Goddess of Death.

Note: the necroblades do not improve one's fighting skills, so if someone unskilled were to be given a necroblade of Hela's making, they may still be easily bested by a better warrior with a wooden sword.


  • TP / Staff Approval Only Power. Not for regular RP*

As the Goddess of Death, Hela holds power over life and death. With Asgardians, the soul remains inside a dead body until collected by either a Valkyrie for Valhalla, or by Hela if it is bound to Hel or Niflheim.

As the Goddess of Death, she can tell when someone's time is up and they're about to die, an essential ability to fulfil her duty. But she can also, though she rarely ever does, use her power to hasten or delay one's time of death.

She is a serious Goddess of Death, and respects her duty, as such she is unlikely to ever meddle in the natural cycle of life and death. In fact, she will often seek to go against those who meddle with this balance. But she is the Goddess of Death, and does hold the ability, if she saw fit for some reason that may involve having the very fabric of existence in peril (as she once prolonged Odin's life, saving him from premature death).

Note: it cannot be overstated, so this is a repeat of the disclaimer, this is not meant to be used in day to day RP. This is strictly for unique TP / Staff Approval situation in very rare cases where it may serve a plot.

Much like Magik in her home realm of Limbo, while in Hel, there is little beyond Hela's power. She can shape the very place to her will, create and destroy servants, structures and objects as well as affect the entirety of the realm itself. Hel is the worst place to seek to fight the Goddess of Death.

It is this ability that allows her to recreate Valhalla in Hel, something she will seek to do as Valhalla was destroyed with Asgard, and its souls deserve the home they have earned. Note: As stated, this is only ever in effect in Hel, this does not hold in Niflheim, the other realm under Hela's rule.

There's a reason Hela was Odin's favorite during the period of conquests. Her fluidity, dexterity, balance and coordination was poetry in motion across a battle field. Shifting with precision to evade and block multiple strikes, while felling those who delivered them in the same motion. Her movement akin to a flexible dance, particularly when she takes on multiple foes, such as when Odin sent the Valkyries after her to ensure she remains in Hel.

Hela as an Asgardian of royal blood is able to withstand and endure great punishment. Blocking spear and sword strikes with her bare hands. She can also withstand extreme temperature from handling flames by hand, and withstand the freezing cold of Niflheim (direct opposite to the fiery Muspelheim).

Hela isn't just tireless in a fight, she's extremely fast, and able to shift from defense to strike before a mortal opponent could even register she moved. She could deliver multiple of strikes in the time a mortal would deliver one. With super beings and other gods, it's more even ground.

Hela, along with Odin, was a leading force of Asgard's conquests of the Nine Realms. She is capable of going long battles against endless waves of opponents without tiring.

Hela is one of the strongest Asgardians, the firstborn of Odin, she is in the ballpark of being capable of going hand to hand with Thor and reach a stalemate. She is well in the realm of godly feats.


Hela, the Goddess of Death, is able to teleport in and out of her realm of Hel or Niflheim through a dark green misty portal that she can open at will. Much like Magik, if she wishes to teleport to a different location, she must go through Hel first. Unlike other teleporters, Hela can only teleport herself, not others.


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Hela isn't only about warfare, she also was a great student growing up, always seeking to better herself. In her keen interest in Asgardians Myths and Legends, Hela has amassed a vast knowledge of arcane artifacts. She is able to tell at a glance whether something is fake or the real deal. It takes something special to fool Hela into accepting a trinket as a genuine artifact.

Hela is most alive when she is in the thick of battle. There is nothing she yearns for more than a return to that golden age (in her mind) when she served as Odin's Executioner, and the two mercilessly tore through he Nine Realms.

Hela feeds of the rush of combat, she knows how to use the surrounding to her advantage, she knows how to handle different weapons, as well as how to fend against different weapons. She excels at fighting against far greater numbers. She is also an excellent judge of talent, and will readily mentor those she feels share her enthusiasm for combat. Given a choice, she prefers swords, but she's proficient in all medieval style weapons. It is modern weapons she is utterly clueless about.

Hela, serving as Odin's Executioner, lead legions to war across the Nine Realms. She has fast challenging environments from freezing, to burning, to pitch dark, and more. She is a very capable leader, able to inspire her charges and get the most out of them whether through fervor or inspiring fear. While effective, her style of leadership isn't as complete as Odin would have liked, which is why he eventually dimmed her unworthy and banished her to Hel.


As one might expect of a Goddess of Death, Hela knows Necromancy. She is familiar with its many applications, spells and rituals, and for the most part carries disdain towards those who would play with the dead. She actually cares for her charges, and takes her role as Goddess of Death very seriously. While herself having power over life and death (+abi Hela/Power of Death), she makes sure to seldom use it if at all, as there's a balance and order of things that must be maintained.


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During her time as Odin's Executioner, Hela rode Fenris the Great Wolf to battle as a mount. After being imprisoned in Hel, Fenris followed his mistress. However in Hel, Fenris mostly serves as Hela's pet and guardian as there are no more conquests. With Asgard destroyed, Fenris cannot venture out of Hela's home realm. But should any attempt to harm Hela within Hel, they may have Fenris to contend with as well.

Fenris is an Asgardian Great Wolf, he can match the strength of the Incredible Hulk, his powerful jaw allows him to bite the limbs of Asgardian off, as he once did to the god Tyr. Fenris is also gifted with invulnerability, where swords or bullets seem to inflict no harm.

Note: Fenris is never to be emitted outside of Hel. Any use of Fenris for combat purposes requires staff approval. For the most part, Fenris is to serve as Hela's pet in RP that occurs within Hel.

One might be surprised, but the cosmos contains many worlds and therefore many variations of death gods, hell lords and hells. That doesn't mean that Death Gods are not civilized towards one another, in a coalition with the likes of Blackheart, Dormammu, Mephisto and Satannish and others, the Death God make agreements amongst themselves and support one another. As such, it is agreed that Hela's dominion is over Asgardians, and those who worship them. Hela keeps away from subjects under the dominion of other Death Gods. Otherwise there would be chaos, and nobody wants that, do they?

The Nightsword is Hela's Uru made sword, it appears as a regular high quality sword. But when wielded by Hela, it appears to catch a green infernal flame. Despite the rather foreboding effect, the Nightsword doesn't burn, it's only unique magical property is that it can go toe to toe with divine weapons and artifacts without shattering. Allowing Hela to wage war with other gods. It is a weapon she rarely uses, as she is quite fond of using her manifested Necroblades more often than not.

As the Queen of Hel and Niflheim, Hela rules over the souls residing there, and as her subjects, she may call upon them for different errands. For the most part this has to do with daily duties of ruling over Hel and Niflheim, and mostly aid her in fulfilling her duty as the Goddess of Death.

Coming out of her prison, Hela discovered a modern world, which largely doesn't worship the Asgardian Gods like it used to. The fear and dread the Goddess of Death spread, no longer acknowledged, as many no longer believe in a God or Goddess of Death.

To that end, Hela used her illusion casting ability to create herself a human guise. The (not quite) cleverly named Elle Quinn. She's naturally goth in persuasion, owns a night club, which just so happens to have a secret area of worship. The club itself being a cover for a new Death Goddess cult called simply: The End.

Finding herself much weaker than she is used to, she seeks to use this cult and the persona of Elle to cultivate some following for herself, and perhaps Asgardian Gods in general. It's not a full time endeavor, but something she feels might make a difference over time. If there's one thing immortals have a lot of it's time.

Note: this is largely to provide another mean to generate RP with Hela, even with players who would normally be out of her scope, as Elle Quinn herself is Hela in disguise and any use of her powers may break it. Leaving Elle Quinn to appear as a largely normal human being. Aside for the goth stuff and fascination with death, but there are enough of those as it is. What's another one?


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While Odin made sure to erase Hela from Asgard's history, hiding the murals and frescos detailing her heroic and blood soaked conquests, she was once one of the most feared beings across the Nine Realms. There were stories back then, that she draws her power from Asgard itself, and as Asgard's Empire grew, so did her powers. While few Asgardians today would have know of it, Hela knows she is much weaker than she was before her imprisonment. To the point that it may well be true. She can no longer challenge a whole realm by her lonesome and expect to overpower all takers, and even in her prime she had Odin by her side. Now it's only her, and nobody else on Asgard appears to be looking for conquests.

While the agreement Hela made with the other Death Gods and Hell Lords under their coalition of the Hell Lords prevents perpetual fighting between these deities, it also limits the selection of souls that Hela can take to Hel or Niflheim. It also means that of the few people who do worship death, there's a lesser chance those worshippers would choose her over others. This limits the power level she could reach, compared to her height as Odin's Executioner. On Hel, there's nothing she cannot do, but venturing outside of it, she for the most part isn't too different from other Asgardian Gods and it irks her to no end. She considers herself the best of all Asgardian Gods, and yet in the current state of affair, too many of them would force a stalemate or even defeat her if it came to combat.

Hela, firstborn of Odin, considers herself the rightful heir to the Throne of Asgard. Problem is the throne is meaningless without an Asgard. Sure, Thor might buy that 'Asgard is not a place' but Hela deals with authenticities. She draws no power from the New Asgard, it is devoid of what to her made Asgard. As such, she decided to avoid a Throne Succession War with Thor, the new King of Asgard. But that doesn't mean she is happy with the situation, and it may cause her more unrest and stress than it would seem. Having to call her younger brother 'king' or 'majesty' is sickening to her, and she'll avoid it for as long as she can. With any luck, Thor won't be proud enough to demand it of her.

Hela was likely one of the most fearsome individuals across the Nine Realms when she served as Odin's Executioner. She mastered every weapon that existed, and every war related skill, to rain down death and torment on Asgard's enemies. She had since been trapped for several millennia in Hel, only recently breaking out of her prison with the death of Odin and the destruction of Asgard.

Now there is a modern world out there, with many technologies and habits exhibited by mortals that she does not understand. This introduces some difficulties, particularly when Hela tries to pass herself as human for her own purposes.

Hela is nothing if not a proud deity, appeals to her greatness, her importance, or general worship may help sway her opinion this way or that. It's not that she's unable to recognize when someone is trying to manipulate her, as much as she's been imprisoned for so long and devoid access to her worshippers for so long, that she thirst for worship and adoration.


There is much rage within Hela. Rage for her father's betrayal, when Odin had enough of conquests and turned to peace, imprisoning her in Hel when she refused to change her ways. Rage that poor Fenris is trapped within Hel and cannot come out, as the Bifrost has been destroyed. Rage that Thor is now the King of Asgard and not her. Rage that she has been erased from Asgard's history, with most Asgardians unaware she was imprisoned in Hel all that time, and worse, unaware of the service she has given Asgard in its days of conquests. She tries to keep a cool appearance, she tries to act with reason, but one when ignites Hela's wrath, she may not necessarily think with the clearest of heads and may act erroneously, making all kinds of mistakes she otherwise wouldn't.


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Title Date Scene Summary
ValHela: The Return of Valhalla December 8th, 2018 Hela has been given dominion over Valhalla provided she could rebuild it, by Thor, who also agreed to let her have dominion over the Valkyrior should she convince him to accept her willingly. In return Hela recognizes Thor's claim to the throne of Asgard rather than fight him for it. Recreating Valhalla was the first move in these accords on her part.


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