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Nick Fury (Scenesys ID: 347)
"Some of us might die today. But what I'm asking ya to do is fight with everything you've got -- goin' up against an enemy of unknown power. And I want each and every one of you to know -- I've never been prouder of any force I've led into battle."
Full Name: Gen. Nicholas Joseph Fury
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (TPC)
Occupation: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: The Chrystie (Lower East Side, Manhattan)
Education: US Military Academy, West Point, New York
Status: Approved
Groups: SHIELD
Other Information
Apparent Age: 43 Actual Age: 43
Date of Birth 1 February 1985 Actor: Samuel L. Jackson
Height: 186 cm (6'1") Weight: 85 kg (187 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: 'Enter Sandman', Metallica


Gruff, no non-sense, smart, sharp, observant, tough, quick and paranoid. The leader of the most powerful international law enforcement agency in the world has a hard time trusting anyone and anything. That is why YOU can wake up, safe and sound, enjoying the liberties and freedoms that the Free World partakes in every day. Without SHIELD, things get dark. Without Nicholas Fury, SHIELD gets dark. If you see him, things are about to get bad. Hope you don't get to see him.

Current Player Approved: March 19, 2020



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The man that stands before you is tall, approximately 6'1", and muscular of build. He is dark skinned and his head is clean shaven and smooth. His right eye is dark brown in colour, while his left eye is covered by a black "leather" eye patch. His square jaw and ruggedly handsome face is clean shaven, and always seems to be frowning.

Currently Nick is dressed is a tight, form-fitting midnight blue uniform. On both sides of his collar and on his shoulders is the silver symbol of SHIELD - Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

Under his left arm is a "shoulder pistol holster" containing the latest advanced SHIELD firearm. On his right hip, a holster contains another firearm. His worn leather boots are military issue, but look old, worn in, and comfortable. His black leather belt contains several utility pouches with unknown contents.


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The early history of the man known as Nicholas "Nick" J. Fury is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that he was born in New York City, and became a soldier in the United States Army. An exceptional soldier, he was hand-picked to lead an elite Special Forces Team called the "Howling Commandos".

As a tremendously effective team, Nick almost always brought back his team whole and alive. However, it was one of these battles that his team fought that he was injured by an exploding IED, and that is why he wears the eye patch, to cover his injury.

Fury was exposed to the "Infinity Formula" early in his career, as the military tried to re-create the results of the Super Soldier Serum that Steve Rogers was exposed to. This experiment wasn't as effective, and so was shelved. Nick is the only person to have been exposed to the formula.

After proving his abilties, and with contacts throughout the United Nations and the international military and law enforcement community, Nick Fury was asked to step in as the new Director of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. Over the last several years, he has assumed these duties to the best of his abilities.


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Nick Fury is a no nonsense, gruff, strong-willed, determined, intelligent, and effective "super" spy. His tactical and strategic abilities are second to none on the planet, and it is his mind that is truly his best weapon. Nick is patriotic to the Earth, and not necessarily one country, and this sometimes gets him in trouble. He is observant, almost empathic, and able to tell when people are lying or telling half truths almost like a living lie detector.

Nick trusts no one. NO ONE. That does not mean he will not "trust" his most "trusted" people to do their jobs, but he knows that people are usually loyal to one thing. That is themselves. Therefore, he truly understands the human condition and trusts people to do what is in their best interests. Most of the time.

That is not to say that Nick Fury is paranoid beyond reason. He is loyal to his "friends" and would sacrifice himself for the greater good if necessary. He is dedicated, almost fanatical to the organization he serves, and truly strives for the utmost in peace and security for the planet.

Nick also has a strange, dark sense of humour that keeps people on their toes. Most of the time people don't know if he is kidding or serious. And keeping people off balance is the best way to be an effective spy. It is also a defense mechanism for himself, as he truly understands how much responsibility he has on his shoulders. However, Nick understands why he is where he is and why he does what he does. And he is very effective at his job.


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Infinity Formula:
Nick Fury has been exposed to a failed attempt to replicate the Super Soldier Serum called "the Infinity Formula". This formula has altered his very DNA so that he has inherited a few positive side effects. Nick Fury has an increased lifespan that allows him to live for several decades past the normal lifespan. His aging has slowed, potential doubling or tripling his lfespan.

Max Physical Condition:

Nick Fury has been training as an near-Olympic level athlete all his life. That, combined with the vitality side effect of the Infinity Formula has maximized his physical abilities to the peak levels of the human condition. Although not to the extent of Steve Rogers, his strength, endurance, speed, dexterity, and natural physical abilties is the maximum for a human to obtain. This allows him to more than hold his own against normal human opponents, and even certain super powered individuals as well, at least in the short term. Combined with his martial arts and fighting training, he is more than a match for most opponents.


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Covert Operations:
Nick Fury is a master of planning, coordinating, and predicting covert operations. It is almost like he knows what is going to happen before it does, and he maintains a firm grasp on lines of intel going out and coming in that is incredibly effective. He has the ability to see a piece of information, and determine whether it is reliable intel or if it is fake. His grasp of this intricate web of lies, deceipt and covert operations is astounding. His ability to manipulate sources, to coordinate covert operations, and assign just the right people to an assignment is amazing. That is what makes him such an excellent Director of SHIELD.

Nick Fury has been the Director of the most powerful Law Enforcement and espionage organization in the world for years. He has the training, experience, and knowledge from years in the field as a soldier, and as a spy. He is a master of espionage with almost no equal. He understands the intricacies of the "world" of espionage, and has watched, trained with, and by the best the world has ever known. This involves the direction and use of the most adavnced tools, equipment, personnel and weapons in the world...out in some cases, out of this world.

Nick Fury is not a master of multiple languages, but he, at the very minimum, understands and can converse in several languages, including Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, French and Italian.

Martial Arts:
Nick Fury has been trained by some of the finest combat masters in the world. Fury is an excellent student, and his observation skills allow him to pick up techniques on the fly as well. Although not on the level of expert martial artists, he can hold his own, and has the ability to adapt to the situation as it is required. His abilities are easily above average in this area, able to take down most trained soldiers without much effort.

Nick Fury was a US Army Ranger and Special Forces soldier, of an exceptional level. He therefore understands the hierarchy of the militaries of the world, including SHIELD, and is well versed in procedures, traditions, history, and policies. He knows how to be a soldier, how to talk like one and how to get things done, quickly and efficiently.

Tactics and Strategy:
If there is one thing that Nick Fury has no peers in, it is strategy and tactics, especially in the realm of covert warfare. He is a genius when it comes to dealing with situations in this theatre, be it dealing with individuals in a small unit tactical situation, or dealing with larger units in a more strategic viewpoint, including world wide effects. Fury has an exceptional capability of seeing the big picture, planning several moves ahead of his opponents, and he would make a genius-level chess Grandmaster.


Nick Fury has been trained by some of the finest combat masters in the world. Fury is an excellent marksman, and is in the top 1 percentile in SHIELD with firearms, especially pistols. He rarely ever misses EXACTLY where he aims, even considering combat conditions. Fury also has an extensive knowledge of other weapons, including edged weapons, and is a deadly knife fighter. He is also an incredible marksman with throwing knives.


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Nick Fury has been around a very long time, and as such, he has had contact with several organizations and individuals from all walks of life, from Presidents and Prime Ministers, to Generals and Admirals. Fury also has had contact with numerous "super teams" and knows several super-humans - some of which he calls "friend". As reliable as he is, if they need help, he will respond as best he can. He expects the same of these people as well. Plus, some of these high ranking people, he knows they know he knows things. Things they would rather not have public.

As the Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury has access to ALL technology and equipment that SHIELD would have. However, Fury always has several items on his person that are not in widespread use by SHIELD personnel...or anyone. WIth a direct line to the R&D team of SHIELD, as well as contacts with other organizations on the planet, Fury can always be relied upon to have a few surprises up his sleeve. Anything from advanced energy firearms, portable EMPs, flight equipment, emergency environmental suits, adavnced body armor, mission specific gadgets, etc.

As the Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury has access to ALL technology that SHIELD would have. This includes Life Model Decoys, which are almost-human level androids capable of passing as Fury when necessary for covert operations, or potential assassination attempts are likely to be made. These can be a very effective tool at keeping the "bad guys" guessing at whether or not the real Fury is present, or if it is an LMD.

As the Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury has access to ALL technology, equipment, personnel, resources, intelligence and contacts that SHIELD would have. This includes the SHIELD Helicarrier, advanced weaponry, technology, vehicles, resources, and contacts with all connected law enforcement agencies in the world. As the man in charge he can direct all of these resources where he sees fit, when he sees fit. Although he could never count on the organization being 100 percent loyal, it can be reasobably assumed that he can count on them, when required.


As the Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury has access to any vehicle SHIELD would have access to. This includes hover vehicles, advanced jets, the Helicarrier, sumarines, flying motorcycles, etc.


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Nick Fury is paranoid to the point of obsession. He knows that several criminal, terrorist, organized crime, radical and state-led agencies want him for what he knows. Thsi means he is always at high alert and a high state of awareness and readiness, even at SHIELD HQ! Always on edge, ready to move at a moments notice, and knowing it is not an matter of if, but when they are going to come after him. His eye is always moving, he is always sizing people up as targets, and always ready to kill if necessary. This can be extremely stressful and exhausting...but to Fury, it is simply reality.

Nick Fury is a spy. As such, he does not have a normal life. Fury doesn't have true, close friends. He has no family. No 9-5 job. 24-7-365 is what he works. His only acquaintances are those people he works with. As the Director, he cannot even get close to them. Generally, people don't trust him. There are a few people who know that he is, deep down, a "good" guy, and would help him if necessary, but they would always think that there must be an ulterior motive behind the situation. Living the life of lies, innuendo, shadows, and spies can be trying.

Nick Fury, to put it bluntly, is a target - for all the enemies of SHIELD, for other covert agencies, for assassination attempts, for information and intelligence. Nick Fury is one of the, if not the most "high value" target in the entire world. With the information and intelligence he knows about everyone and everything, he would be a very valuable asset for everyone to control and manipulate.


It is believed that Nick Fury has only one eye, damage sustained in an IED explosion. Even with the latest in eye patch tech from SHIELD R&D, without it, he still only has one eye. While he has the ey patch on though, it allows him certain special abiltiies such as telescopic vision, able to see in multi-light spectrums, and targeting.


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