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Pietro Maximoff (Scenesys ID: 177)
"It is a kind of happiness to know just how unhappy we could be." -- François de La Rochefoucauld
Full Name: Pietro Maximoff
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Hero
Citizenship: Citizen of Transia
Residence: Mobile
Education: Piecemeal
Status: Dropped
Groups: Avengers, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 31 October 1997 Actor: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 86 kg (190 lb)
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Harder Better Faster" by Daft Punk


Pietro Maximoff grew up a vagabond, found his power as a terrorist and made himself a hero by sheer force of will. Good guy or not, he isn't particularly pleasant by nature. Perpetually bored and occasionally arrogant, he's faster than almost anyone and isn't shy about saying so. His only real loyalty is to his twin sister, Wanda.

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Pietro Maximoff has a haughty, aloof air, carrying himself as if he can barely tolerate the people around him. He has a shock of white hair, cut close on the sides and full-bodied on top, often appearing windswept or tousled dramatically. His features are Aquiline and sculpted, sheer cliffs for cheekbones and a squared jaw. Blue eyes run cold and a bit dead, his gaze and expression tending towards the flat and disinterested. He has a nice mouth. He occasionally has a hint of an accent, especially if someone actually rouses an emotion from him.

He wears a tight-fitting costume, blue in color and trimmed with white lightning. He favors a dark leather jacket that he wears over it when weather permits. In civilian clothes, he tends towards the crisp and the stylish, sweaters and collared shirts, white slacks and fine jewelry. His build is lean and muscular, the classic runner's build. He doesn't like standing still for long, so it can be hard to get a good look at him.


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Much of Pietro's personal history is shrouded in mystery, as one might expect for one born in the mountains of Transia. He and his twin sister were essentially orphans, their heritage unknown, raised by a local gypsy caravan. When they began to manifest their remarkable abilities, even the gypsies shunned them, fearing reprisal for having mutants among them. Lost and angry, Pietro and his sister were found by their true father, the mutant mastermind known as Magneto. He took advantage of their rage and rejection and guided them to be part of his Brotherhood, striking back at humanity for their prejudice.

In time, both siblings began to question their father's methods, their loyalty to him damaged after seeing the suffering they sometimes caused in their pursuits. Eventually, they broke free of his influence and chose, instead, to dedicate their lives to trying to make the world a better place. Even if Pietro didn't always like human beings, he could recognize that they didn't deserve to be destroyed.

In the years since, Pietro has been part of several groups of heroes, allied with mutants and metahumans alike. He has even slipped back into darkness a time or two. The only constant in his life has been his sister. She has been an anchor and a guiding light. That she herself is unstable and mercurial probably explains a great deal about his life.


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Quicksilver's a classic misanthrope. Sharp-tongued and aloof, he tends to keep himself separate from others. His sarcasm can be quite cutting and he isn't afraid of hurting someone's feelings, especially for his own amusement. He doesn't make friends very easily and has difficulty trusting other people, probably because his father has occasionally tried to murder him.

Pietro's bad attitude stems from a combination of background and powers. Abandoned and reviled from a young age, he learned to depend only on himself and his sister, seeing outsiders as unworthy and hateful. In addition, his power results in him constantly thinking and living faster than the rest of the world, creating a state of perpetual boredom and impatience.

Still, beneath it all, he's not a bad person. He doesn't like seeing other people suffer. He hates bullies and has more of a conscience than he'll let on. He's also fairly sensitive - while he can dish out the verbal punishment, he doesn't take it very well and is prone to fits of sulking and brooding as a result.


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In order to withstand high speeds, Pietro's body and tissues are a bit physically tougher than average, letting him take high speed impacts or stumbles without doing serious permanent damage. As such, he can also take superstrong blows or energy attacks with greater toughness than an ordinary person, although he's still quite vulnerable to piercing or gunshot wounds and the like. And even his toughness is relatively limited, just enough of an extra cushion to keep him up and running but not enough to resist being knocked out or broken by truly tough impacts or blows. His body is also well-adapted to allow him to breathe and see even at high speeds, resisting friction and the normal side effects of such velocities.

Quicksilver's body and metabolism work at a hyper-accelerated rate, enabling him to think and move far more quickly than an ordinary human being. As an adolescent, his top speed was somewhere around the speed of sound, but his abilities have evolved over time. At current, he tops out somewhere around Mach 5, just short of 4000 miles per hour. Generally he moves at a much lesser speed and can only maintain that top speed for a matter of a few minutes before beginning to grow exhausted.

Along with his running speed, his reflexes and cognition are similarly hyperfast. He can perform ordinary manual tasks in the blink of an eye. He can easily dodge bullets, even from short range, and, when moving, the world often seems to him to be moving in slow motion, almost still at his highest speeds. His mind is constantly racing and trying to adapt to the slower speed of the world around him, a condition which often leaves him frustrated and impatient.


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Pietro's been fighting one way or another since he was a teenager. Whether it was in the Brotherhood or his various superhero teams, he's been on the front lines plenty. He's good at using his fists when he has to, although he generally prefers more indirect methods. He knows how to use his powers in a fight and has a decent mind for tactics and strategy.

Pietro's learned how to get by without much. He's lived in harsh conditions and without real food or shelter or supplies. He can create makeshift housing, hunt, fish and gather. He's comfortable in a wilderness setting and can operate independently of larger society for indefinite periods of time.

Pietro was a founding and vital member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He knows how to perform a terror attack, how to instill fear, how to ensure maximum destruction. He recognizes the weak spots that a terrorist might target and, due to this experience, is actually extremely effective as an anti-terrorist weapon. He knows their ways all too well.


Pietro and his sister made their way as young people often by stealing what they needed to survive (and occasionally a few luxuries). While powers certainly made that easier, he's still had to develop the subtlety and techniques needed to pick pockets undetected, break into the occasional place and sell stuff on the black market. He's not a master criminal but he can get by.


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Pietro's immediate family consist of very powerful mutants, most importantly his twin sister, Wanda. The bond between them is such that, even if they don't always see eye-to-eye, they're always there for one another in times of trouble and strife. His father and other sister are more distant, but still, those ties are strong enough to be relied upon if needed.


While not psychic himself, Pietro has been allied with and opposed to psionics many times in the past. He's been trained to have strong mental defenses and to guard his thoughts from intrusion and control.


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Pietro has a bad attitude. He's rude, sarcastic and has a habit of telling other people off. He isn't particular sensitive to other people's feelings and, frankly, can be a bit selfish. He's arrogant on occasion and certain seems to think that he's better than most other people.

Pietro's mind and body work at a far more rapid pace than an ordinary person. As such, he's constantly waiting for the whole world. Sometimes he gets tired of waiting and acts impulsively or rashly. Sometimes his timing is off simply because everyone else is so damn slow. It's infuriating and it sometimes messes things up.

While he's been a hero for some time, Pietro first came into the public eye as a mutant rights terrorist. Some hold grudges from that time or may regard him as untrustworthy as a result of that, not to mention his family ties.

While not as unstable as his sister, Pietro nonetheless has something of a delicate temperament. He is prone to black moods and feels the sting of betrayal and disdain all too deeply. One of the reasons he's so caustic to others lies in the fact that he, himself, is so easily hurt, so he lashes out before they can hurt him first. He seems cold and heartless on the surface, but only because he keeps his heart hidden from virtually everyone else.


While he would regard her as a great strength, Pietro would do anything for his twin. If she were to be threatened or kidnapped, he would either go into an almost psychotic rage or be totally at the mercy of whoever had her in their power. Their close bond can be used against them, but they wouldn't have it any other way.


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