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|Occupation=The Darkchilde; Queen of Limbo
|Occupation=The Darkchilde; Queen of Limbo
|Citizenship=Russian Federation
|Citizenship=Russian Federation

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Illyana Rasputin (Scenesys ID: 145)
"I really suggest you cooperate. To coin a phrase, we really do have ways of making you talk."
Full Name: Illyana Nikolievna Rasputin
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: The Darkchilde; Queen of Limbo
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Residence: Upstate New York; Limbo
Education: Post-Doctorate Level
Status: Approved
Groups: Mutant-OOC, Mystic Arts, Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth It's Complicated Actor:
Height: 165cm (5'5") Weight: 59kg (130lbs)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Bottom of the River" by Delta Rae

"The Devil You Know" by X Ambassadors


Illyana Rasputin is the sister of Piotr, better known as Colossus. She was kidnapped as a child and taken to the the hellish dimension of Limbo where she grew up learning the dark arts while her soul was tainted with black magics. In time she over threw the demon who ruled there to become Queen of Limbo. On Earth, she became the New Mutant codenamed Magik.

Current Player Approved: July 08, 2019



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This young woman stands at 5'5" but carries herself with a quiet confidence that belies her stature. She appears to be around 19 or 20 years of age. She is a natural blonde, hair straight and falling to her lower back. It's cut a little shorter in the front. Her eyes are a pale blue, set in a face that many would consider attractive. Her body is trim but shapely, that of a young woman who keeps herself in good shape. When she speaks, it is with a slight Russian accent. Her clothing choices differ depending on the situation, from a uniform when she's acting as a hero to jeans and a t-shirt when she is in civilian mode.


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Illyana Nikolievna Rasputin is the youngest child of Alexandra and Nikolai Rasputin. She has two older brothers: Mikhail and Piotr. She was born in Russia. Mikhail was an adult when she was born so she was never close to him. Her brother Piotr was closer to her age but still much older and she adored him. Piotr became a member of the X-Men, better known as Colossus.

When she was seven years old, she was abducted by Belasco and taken to the Hell like dimension of Limbo. There, he intended to use her to escape that realm and be able to wander on Earth. While there, she was faced torture and abuse even as he tried to teach her about black magic, as time was required for the rituals he needed to perform.

She was helped by alternate universe versions of heroes that existed on Earth. They assisted her in escaping then taught her skills. She learned her mutant ability was controlling the teleportation discs that allowed passage through time and distance. From one, she learned about white magic. From the other, she learned fighting and survival. In time, Belasco would capture her again and she would spend many years at his side. Eventually her friends were lost, one by her own hand after Belasco turned her into an animal who attacked Illyana.

In the end, she turned on him. With the creation of the Soulsword from the pure portion of her soul, she was able to overthrow him and banish him from Limbo. She took her place as ruler and returned to Earth. Only time passed differently in Limbo. While she had gone through 11 years of hell (literally), only a short time had passed on Earth.

Back on Earth, it took time for her to be accepted due to the changes but it happened. She joined the New Mutants at Xavier's School. In time she became friends with her teammates. She went through many adventures with them and through the last few years, she has proven to be a reliable heroine. She also has worked hard on perfecting the use of her powers while constantly increasing her knowledge of magic if she can. Her reason? To try to undo the damage done by Belasco and return the Bloodstones to her soul.


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Illyana is a bit of a dichotomy. On one hand, she's a young woman who has a loving brother and loyal friends. She tries to use her powers to help fight the good fight. She tries to make the right choices. Yet on the other side of the coin is the dark magic that has tainted her soul. Three pieces of her soul have been tainted, leaving only two pure. This darkness makes her want to do bad things. It makes her care less about others and more about herself. It makes her want to cross that line into the bad of the world. Only those she cares about and her own willpower have kept her on the straight and narrow, although once in a while she will stray from that path and need to be brought back.


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This is not a form she likes to take and Illyana will avoid it if possible but there are times when it comes in handy due to the enhanced abilities it grants her. When in Darkchilde form, she can lift several tons, is immune to small arms fire and to all forms of heat and fire (natural or otherwise), and possesses the agility, dexterity and reflexes slightly above human maximum. In this form, she has razor sharp teeth and nails, horns on her head, a devil-like tail and has digitigrade legs with cloven hooves. It also tends to tap into that dark side of her soul more which can lead to her being more prone to violence.
Eldritch Armor
'Eldritch Armor' is the colorful name for the protective armor that forms upon Illyana's body when she draws the Soulsword; when wearing the guise of a human, it will generally present itself only as a sleeve and pauldron for her sword arm, the left. It can, however, grow to cover essentially her entire body no matter the form - she simply tends to keep it largely suppressed.

As protection, the Eldritch Armor is second to none. It protects her from essentially all mundane and most supernatural weapons - even the deadliest blade slides off its surface - and most forms of harmful energy dissipate upon impacting it.

It is less effective at protecting Illyana from crushing blows; she has been knocked unconscious and suffered broken bones even while wearing the full suit, and there are virtually always places of exposed skin where a skilled opponent could land a blow.

In terms of appearance, it is wildly variable - but it is always clearly armor, and always brilliantly shining, reflective metal like the organic steel her brother transforms into.
Illyana has several gifts due to her ruling Limbo and being the wielder of the Soulsword. She has enhanced levels of strength, allowing her to lift up to 500 lbs. but that is with difficulty. She is resistant to damage on about that same level, but she can be cut, stabbed, shot, etc. The only way she can avoid those things is if she is armored. (See Eldritch Armor.)

She has an extreme tolerance for pain and can keep going when a normal person would not be able to. Having been raised for much of her life in a hell dimension has given her experience and she has developed this tolerance from it.

While on Earth, her healing is the same as any other person. However, when in Limbo, she can recover from any injuries far more rapidly. Things that would take weeks will be fixed mere hours there. Also, with her being ruler of that domain and able to manipulate reality while there, she could conceivably be able to regrow limbs.
Psionic Shielding
Due to the dark magics she was exposed to in her time in Limbo, Illyana's mind is now difficult to affect. Professor Xavier found it difficult to even read her surface thoughts, with Illyana permitting him to do so. If she doesn't want someone in there, they aren't getting in. If she does want to let someone in, they have to be on level with Xavier or Jean Grey to be able to get information.
Illyana is among the most powerful sorcerers ever born of human blood, possessing a level of mastery so profound that in the event of the death or fall of the Earth dimension's sorcerer supreme, she would be a candidate for the role. As it stands, she is sorcerer supreme of Limbo, and within that realm her power is all but unequaled.

As a master sorcerer, Illyana can conjure, control and shape force to bind, to attack; to mold the elements, to create and to shape and puppet items; to bring forth spirits; to create shields and barriers; to form illusions, and more. And, like virtually every sorcerer, can sense and detect the use of magic, and items and beings of a mystical nature.

Her field of specialization, as should be little surprise, are the very blackest sorts of magic. She also has extensive training in White Magic but that doesn't work well for her since most of her soul is tainted at this point. If she tries to use White Magic, she has to modify the spells intensely to get the results she wishes.
While in Limbo, using a bit of her soul that hadn't been tainted yet, Illyana created a weapon - one of the most devastating magical artifacts ever encountered, the sum and total of her sorcerous might and a symbol of her rulership over Limbo. It can be drawn out of nothing or a teleportation disc in times of need.

The blade is nothing less than anathema to illusions, and to all beings of a magical nature - even the very mightiest of spells break against it as if glass, and used in Limbo it could shatter even the bonds of the great Cyttorak to his avatar. Supernatural entities capable of surviving its brutal applications are rare indeed.

Against mundane matter, it is less effective - but it is still a burning, magical sword of enormous power. It has proven capable of sheering through a Sentinel, and of blocking even high-powered projectile weapons.

When used on living, non-magical beings it will in most case pass through them, triggering a wave of pain so intense that unconsciousness usually follows. It can, however, do profound damage if Illyana so desires it. Thankfully, she generally does not unless moved to extremes of anger.
Limbo's relationship to both time and space are, to say the least, odd. It connects to all places and to all times, and EXISTS in all places and all times. A "natural" phenomenon of Limbo arising from this are so-called 'stepping discs,' discs of blinding light connected to unpredictable locations within both space and time.

Illyana's mutant ability is to control them. By subconsciously scanning the entirety of the Limbo dimension, she draws forth discs that link to a specific, determined place and time, to any place and any time.

One of the most powerful (or perhaps the most powerful) teleporters on record, Illyana can move herself - or anyone else - to any location she desires, irrespective of distance and with absolute accuracy, including even very large numbers of people across very large distances - she has, on more than one occasion, traversed interstellar distances. She does not need to journey with someone she teleports and does not need to be present to teleport someone to her, or to an entirely unrelated location.

The discs are conjured forth at, for lack of any better descriptor, 'the speed of thought' and as such are of use even in combat situations - removing projectiles from the field or re-directing them, evacuating civilians, or simply dumping a target into Limbo or several dozen feet into the air.

(Note: Illyana can travel through time, and has done so with distressing regularity, but for obvious reasons, that is a TP only ability.)


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Illyana has spent nearly her entire life fighting. From the time she was stolen away to Limbo, her life has been filled with it. She fought to even survive the experience, and eventually killed her once-tutor after she had become a mindless beast controlled by Belasco. As a New Mutant, she gained additional training.

Illyana has no 'style' of combat - it is simply a mixture of different martial arts moves and defenses taught to her combined with the instruction in combat all New Mutants received. In conjunction with her surprising strength, she is capable of inflicting a shocking amount of damage even empty-handed. Like anyone who learned to fight because they had to, Illyana knows how to fight dirty.

She is most dangerous, however, when armed. Illyana's skill as a fencer and swordsman is all but unequaled. She has quite handily defeated Belasco (who has untold centuries of experience), and innumerable demons. She is just as skilled with other bladed and edged weapons, from daggers to axes.

A native speaker of Russian, Illyana is also fluent in English (though she continues to speak it with a noticeable accent). She is also intimately acquainted with virtually every knowledge used in magic today, or at some point in the distant past - Latin, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, and a seemingly endless list of tongues spoken only by demons and other infernal beings.

Although not a skill usually associated with her, Illyana is in fact a fantastic leader - or, at least, a fantastic *monarch*. To direct troops because they have sworn fealty to you or fear your power is a very different thing from inspiring others to follow you because they share your convictions.
She is also a master strategist, but again, her military strategy is appropriate to Limbo.
Occult Lore
Having spent most of her childhood being instructed by one of the most infamous demonologists in all of human history, and having advanced beyond even his skill, Illyana's knowledge of the occult is terrifyingly comprehensive. There is vanishingly little she does not know about magic, about the weaving of spells and the destruction thereof, about demons and spirits, about mystical items and artifacts, about strange realms and individuals. Her knowledge of the black arts, in particular, is essentially unrivaled. Additionally, she was trained in White Magic as well. She has the knowledge, but it is difficult for her to use with three-fifths of her soul tainted.
Pain Tolerance
llyana spent the better part of her childhood being tortured and went on to survive grotesque injuries from countless sources during her time as a New Mutant and beyond. She is able to ignore, and to continue functioning, even while experiencing levels of pain that would leave virtually anyone else weeping in a ball. For Illyana, pain is only an issue worth addressing when it is so intense it threatens to send her into shock or unconsciousness.

While a child in Limbo, Illyana received training from allies who were trying to help her escape and prevent Belasco from reaching his goal. One of them taught her survival techniques. Even in the worst of situations, with no resources and freezing temperatures, she was able to survive. Put her in any situation, wilderness or urban, and she likely will be able to keep herself alive despite the obstacles thrown in her way.


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Illyana has two brothers but only one of them is someone she can actually count on. Piotr Rasputin, better known as Colossus of the X-Men, is the one she looks to for advice or help. She tries not to. He has enough on his mind. But she can count on him in times of need just as he can count on her.
The demons of Limbo are Illyana's to command. She can summon them to her side through the use of Stepping Discs. Due to her powers and link with Limbo, she will know the precise location of whomever she wishes to summon from that realm even while outside of it.

Most of the demons she can summon are simply brawlers. Their strength and durability are in the range of peak human. The next level would be more super human, with strength and resistance in the five-ton range. At ten tons, they have the ability to wield fire powers and the intelligence to use weapons such as swords. They work upward exponentially with the strongest wielding both magic, intelligence, and great strength on par with some of the strongest beings on Earth. She can summon as many from her realm as she wishes, depending on the situation.

(Note: Anything above the ten ton range must be approved by staff before being used or be in relation to a TP. They will not be used to overwhelm a scene with sheer numbers because that wouldn't be fun for anyone. That will only happen in special circumstances with approval from players and/or staff.)
Illyana is ruler - varyingly Sorcerer Queen, Demon Queen, etc. - of the nightmarish dimension most frequently referred to as 'Limbo,' a place frequently identified as Hell by those who have survived it. It isn't Hell, but it is populated by a seemingly endless number of demons as foul as anyone who might be encountered there.

Limbo connects to all places, to all times, and time within it passes very differently than in the material world - days can pass in Limbo while mere seconds elapse on Earth.

As ruler of Limbo, Illyana has complete control over this realm. She can change the landscape with a thought. She can create things out of thin air or dismiss them into nothing with the same ease. Additionally, she commands the demons that live there. (See separate entry for information on the types of demons.)
New Mutants
The second group of students to come out of Xavier's Institute were known by the group name the New Mutants. Illyana was a member of this group, having joined after returning from her extended time in Limbo. She is close to all of the members as friends and even perhaps as an extended family. Even if they didn't always get along, they still watched out for each other. Although they have all grown up now, they still can rely on each other for help when needed.
Occult Items
Through her years in Limbo and on Earth pursuing her magical arts, Illyana has a wide range of items that she can use as resources. From unusual ingredients to arcane texts that have been believed to be lost in time. With the defeat of Belasco, she inherited his library of books on all magics. All of these things, other than the more common items, are stored in Limbo under many spells to prevent them from being tampered with by others. (Note: While she may have the knowledge, she won't be pulling out obscure magical items without a TP or Staff Okay.)

While Illyana is not a member of the X-Men, she has been around them for much of her time on Earth. She met them when she was a child, after her brother Piotr joined their ranks as Colossus. After her return from Limbo, she became a student and New Mutant. She knows their secrets and she likely could call on them if needed.


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This powerful being is the one who kidnapped Illyana and took her to Limbo. His hope was to use her soul to escape that realm and run free on Earth. He trained her in dark magics as his apprentice, expecting her to eventually take her place serving the Elder Gods. He failed. For this, he has never forgiven Illyana who banished him from that realm after defeating him in battle. He managed to get three of the five pieces he had needed for his plan and he would like to gain the others. Additionally, revenge would be sweet.
The reason that Illyana was taken by Belasco was in order to break her soul apart into five pieces, creating Bloodstones that would be placed into an amulet. This would allow him to come to the Earth unhindered. During her time in Limbo, he managed to get three of the Bloodstones drawn from her before he was defeated and cast out of Limbo. This means that three pieces of Illyana's soul are now tainted with dark magic. Only two pieces are still pure. Should she lose all of her soul, she would become entirely demonic. At this time, she has not found a way to restore the Bloodstones to their original state and remove the taint from her soul, despite her vast occult knowledge. She will continue to try.
Illyana has two older brothers: Mikhail and Piotr. She loves them both but is much closer to Piotr, as Mikhail was already an adult when she was born. She cares for her family, even if Mikhail makes bad choices. For Piotr, she will do anything, and she can be manipulated by someone threatening him.
Illyana's mutant ability is to control the Teleportation Discs that are a part of Limbo. When she uses a disc to teleport to a location, she has to teleport through Limbo to do so. If she is somehow blocked from reaching Limbo, her teleportation powers would be useless. Additionally, it can be somewhat disconcerting for anyone teleporting with her, despite the teleportation being almost instantaneous, since they are essentially being teleported to hell and back out again.
Lost Years
Time in Limbo moves differently from Earth. When Illyana was taken, she was seven years old. She spent eight years in Limbo, during which time she aged naturally. When she managed to escape to Earth, she returned within minutes of her disappearance (albeit an entire continent away). Everyone remembered a seven-year old girl, but they were faced with a fifteen-year old. It took some convincing but in time it was accepted as to what had happened. Needless to say, this has made for some complications and a need for false documentation since her birth certificate differs from how she looks.
The Soulsword is a versatile weapon that gives many abilities. However, despite it being shaped as a sword, it doesn't work like one in the usual sense. It cannot be used as a stabbing weapon against a non-magical being. It can be used to stab someone who is human, for example, but it will only cause them pain or knock them out. There will be no actual wound to their bodies. She cannot kill a non-magical being with it at all.
Having three pieces of her soul tainted as they were turned into Bloodstones, Illyana's no longer the person she was when she was kidnapped. Now, she has more darkness in her than good. It is the fact that she was such a pure soul that she manages to still do as much good as she does, her sheer willpower overcoming that darkness. Most of the time. Unfortunately, that side of her is always there and draws her like a moth to a flame though she does her best to resist. Additionally, to those who can sense such things, she would be tainted with dark magics.

Illyana has a temper. If she were a normal person, this wouldn't be such a problem. She is not a normal person. As over half her soul is tainted and she is trained in the darkest of magics, her anger is frightening to behold. Her body will reflect this darkness, the very air around her grows heavy, shadows lengthen. It can make even a strong man shake in his boots.


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