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Ororo Munroe (Scenesys ID: 56)
"Mutant-kind will always find a way to endure. We are survivors! That is our nature."
Full Name: Ororo Munroe
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Mythology Teacher
Citizenship: American / Kenyan
Residence: Xavier's School, Westchester County, New York
Education: History Degree
Status: Approved
Groups: X-Men, Xavier's School, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 21 June 2000 Actor: Yaya DaCosta
Height: 188 cm Weight: 66 kg
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "One by One" by Lebo M


The daughter of a Kenyan priestess and an American journalist, Ororo was born in New York, but was orphaned in Cairo at age six. Traumatized and with claustrophobia, she was taken in by a master thief and taught that fine art. Eventually finding her way into the Serengeti, she discovered her mutant power to control the weather, and was worshiped as a weather goddess until Professor Xavier recruited her to join his team of X-Men. Moving back to her homeland, she quickly became one of the best of the X-Men, and a strong force at the Xavier's School.

Current Player Approved: May 17, 2019



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Ororo Munroe is a regal and formidable figure. At nearly 6'2", she carries herself with the stately grace of someone utterly assured of their own place and status in the world. Flawless mocha skin sets off the highlights of her proud cheekbones and elegantly defined neck. Unusually, her hair is totally white-- not grey or silver, but pure as fresh snow. It is worn quite long, past her shoulders, but shorn close to her temples to create the appearance of a horse's mane at rest. It moves like a wave with each subtle motion of her body, carefully woven into dozens of tight and intricate braids. Flashing blue eyes are precisely the color of the sky over the plains of the Seregenti, and are prone to graying as her mood shifts. Her regal features are made all the more striking for her lack of water-fat flesh, surely a condition of someone accustomed to harsh and dry living conditions. She is visibly a woman of the a hard-earned physical fitness that fails to challenge a profoundly feminine, even maternal bearing and physique.


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Ororo Munroe's dramatic life began even before she was born, the child produced from the whirlwind romance of the Kenyan mystic N'Dare and world-renowned photojournalist David Munroe. Even at a young age, Ororo was exposed to a wide view of the world, traveling wherever her father's work took their family. Tragedy would strike the Munroe's on one assignment however, when David, N'Dare and Ororo were caught in a conflict between warring factions while on assignment in Cairo. All three were caught under a wall that was destroyed in an explosion; both David and N'Dare were killed, but five-year-old Ororo survived. Scarred emotionally and finding herself trapped in a foreign land, Ororo survived however she could as a homeless orphan, stealing what she needed to survive. Eventually she found herself in the employ of Achmed El-Gibar, a powerful but benevolent thief located in Cairo.

Becoming a master thief, she has scored from marks big and small. The only person she failed to score was a man in a wheelchair named Charles Xavier, who saw it coming somehow. But other than that, her career was highly successful. When she hit age 12, however, something drove her to leave the city... and go into the Serengeti - to discover herself. This is when her mutant powers quickened, and the weather started changing at her whims and emotions. A priestess naemd Ainet took her in, and acted as a surrogate mother. Teaching young Ororo all about her poewrs, and how to use them. Ainet's tribe treated Ororo as a rain goddess, and she came to believe it herself, even though some of her early attempts to help her tribe solve a drought caused massive weather disruptions across the Serengeti.

One day, however, at age 17, a jet landed right by the village. And... a man rolled out in a wheelchair. Xavier. The one mark she never could score. He talked to her - in her mind. Told her the truth of what she was. Who she was. Not a goddess. Not merely human. A mutant. And made her an offer. If she left the village she now considers home... she can help the world. She thought long and hard about it... and agreed.

Returning to her homeland was jarring - she has no memories of New York City. There were some cultural shocks and mixups but she soon adapted - and became an excelling student, learning fast. And she quickly got a high school diploma, and a Bachelors in Science... and in the span of 6 years became a teacher at the very school she learned in, helping to guide the special youth towards a promising future, hopefully in a world without anti-mutant racism. But... that was not why Xavier asked her to come to America.

The X-Men. A team of mutants whose job is to defend the rights of mutants and strive for co-existence. Ororo took the name of Storm - for it seemed logical. She can manipulate the weather after all. Her arsenal of useful skills, both mundane and meteorlogical, made her a valuable asset, and as her confidence and prowess grew, she even came to become respected by others, and became a team leader. Now one of the senior members, she helps to train the younger mutants who aspire to wear the X symbol.


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Ororo is calm and controlled, except when she's not. As befitting a woman once worshipped as a weather goddess, she has a bit of that divine capriciousness... or at least, that would be how she'd put it in one of her more poetic moods. Really, she simply has a zeal for life, and all it brings. Sometimes this is the cool, controlled tones of a team leader or an authoritative teacher. Sometimes it's the wild abandon of a woman enjoying the prime of her life with friends and loved ones. And sometimes she's happy to chill out with a bowl of popcorn and some terrible movies. She's good natured at heart, but she's no paragon, she has a life to live, and she relishes the experiences she has been part of. Certainly, some of the more unpleasant ones were unwelcome, however she yearns to learn and adapt to life, and even finds the bright side in those moments, especially if it means less worry for her friends.


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Storm is a classified Alpha Level mutant. However, she has been considered to be 'potential' Omega Level, but not yet confirmed. Having this kind of potential can also make her a bigger target for those that want to try and control or gain that kind of power- or for cosmic entities. (Open plot hook for Plot Staff? :))

Ororo is connected to the Earth, aware of the ecological health of the area around her the ways others might be aware of a unique smell. She not only knows the weather of the moment, but any potential changes that might be coming in her vicinity. She can even sense powerful storms across the globe.

Ororo can change how she sees the world with a blink - from the way others see it - to a world of energy patterns, to be able to see kinetic, thermal, and electromagnetic energy - and also to see a human's nervous system, which gives her a definite advantage in terms of combat - able to 'see' an opponent's action before they take it, and even to see where there is no normal light.

By manipulating the flow of air currents, Storm is able to give the sensation of flight to a maximum of three people, including herself, at a time. She can travel up to speeds nearing 500 MPH, creating a protective bubble to keep the force of the wind from doing serious damage to her or other passengers. She can fly as high as the Earth's atmosphere, but not beyond.

Ororo's bloodline goes all the way back to Atlantis, and all females of her line bear the white hair, blue eyes, and a powerful magical potential. Her mother had it, and any daughters she might have would have the same as well. Ororo has not developed this potential, but those who can sense such things might be able to sense it.

Ororo's mutant ability allows her to change and control the meteorological conditions in her general vicinity. This ranges from creating a miniature raincloud (with rain) hovering above her hand, to creating a major blizzard that covers several city blocks in her radius. She is able to create nearly any meteorological phenomenon, ranging from fog, rain, snow, lightning and even twisters and hurricanes. This can even be as subtle as simply changing the temperature of the local area. The more dramatic the weather event, the more mental concentration it requires, thus making Ororo more vulnerable to physical attacks. Especially stressful use of her power can leave her physically exhausted, and unable to perform any more manipulation until she has rested.


Storm is immune to the hazards of extreme cold and heat, as well as lightning (not fire, though she can usually put most blazes out given time if she's conscious).


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Thanks to years of living on the streets and scraping by, Ororo Munroe has developed impressive reflexes and a sense of general acrobatic ability that while not world-class is certainly above average. She is quick to react, swift to action and able to avoid most potential dangers, as well as retaining a few slight of hand skills that occasionally come in handy still.

Ororo has a love for all living things, and has taken up gardening as a hobby to help nurture and grow new life. She is always eager to learn about new, exotic plants and takes meticulous care of her own greenhouse on the Mansion grounds. She has a very green thumb, and finds working with her plants to be the most serene part of her day.

Ororo Munroe has always been a woman of conviction. That is not to say she is stubborn or narrow-minded, but simply that is not easily shaken from her deeply held beliefs. This is both a nature of her personality, and also practical: in her more emotionally tumultuous moments, her sense of distress can have violent effects on the weather of the area directly around her. Storm is also not easily manipulated, either through actions, words or even telepathic suggestion. She is a sea of calm in a brewing storm around her.

Be it an inspiring word or an unwavering calm demeanor, Ororo has proven herself a capable and successful leader, both as part of the X-Men and as a "Goddess" for her village in Kenya. She brings the best out of others and is able to keep perspective even in the most hectic of situations.

In order to prevent erratic moods for the sake of the local climate, Storm took up meditation years ago, and practices multiple forms of it to regulate her emotional responses.

While she prefers to resolve conflicts nonviolently, Ororo is a confident and impressive fighter in a blend of several different styles. She is especially skilled at using staffs and throwing knives, though the latter is commonly used only as a last resort.


Ororo grew up as a thief in the streets of Cairo, and a darn good one at that. She has a wide arsenal of skills are disposal due to this, including incredible stealth capability, lockpicking, moving subtly through crowds and knowing the general value of something on sight. In her new life as superhero, these skills come up less often, but they still have a habit of occasionally popping up - picking a lock makes a lot less disturbance than blasting a door with lightning.


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Ororo is a teacher at Xavier's School. It is her home, her refuge, her job. Though part of her always will miss the days where she believed she was a tribal rain goddess, she knows she is doing good work here, training the next generation of mutants.


As a member of the X-Men team, Ororo has her best friends. They are her compatriots, and would support her in time of need as well as vice versa. The resources available to the team are also at her disposal.


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Ororo lost both her parents in a traumatic experience as a child where she was trapped under rubble after an explosion; the PTSD related to the event manifests itself in a nearly debilitating sense of claustrophobia. Small rooms put her on edge, and if she is ever truly makes her feel trapped or constrained can cause her to experience a panic-attack. Unfortunately, this can cause her to lose control of her powers as well, causing wild, explosive weather. Ororo attempts to stick to areas with plenty of open space, as to not make her nervous or risk her losing control.

Storm stands out in a crowd, striking a memorable, modelesque figure with flowing white hair and unnaturally bright eyes. This makes blending in or going undercover difficult. While not a celebrity, Ororo can attract attention in the right circumstances. Especially as she attempts to keep her public identity and her heroing separate.

It is not uncommon for mutants to have a connection between their emotional state and control of their ability. In Ororo's case, this link can have dangerous consequences, as Storm's abilities tap into the very nature of weather systems. If she loses control fully, it can have devastating results. For this reason, she tries to keep her emotions in check, but anyone has their flare up moments...

Ororo cherishes all life, full stop. For this reason, she has a strict code to not take a life under any circumstances, and won't willingly allow others to do so under her watch either. She is inflexible about this, and if she were to ever even accidentally take another life again, it would cause a long period of grief and self-doubt. Were she ever to be pushed into a situation where she could not avoid taking a life, it would likely shatter her confidence utterly, leaving her without the will to continue on as a hero.

Storm cannot create something out of nothing. Her control of the weather is limited to altering existing patterns. Were she to halt the progress of a hurricane, the energy from that storm would have to be directed into something else. Were she to end a drought in one area, she would have to draw upon the water in the atmosphere from the surrounding area, possibly causing a temporary dry period in another. Simply put, she manipulates weather, she does not _create_ it.


Ororo's powers are a natural extension of her, and as such if she pushes them beyond their typical limits, it can cause her great discomfort and pain. The further she pushes herself, the more pain she experiences, to the point of potentially exhausting herself. The longer or harder she pushes herself, the more necessary rest time that will follow.


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The day after fireworks. July 5th, 2018 Andrea meets up with Ororo and Alex to talk a little bit about her feelings.
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Celebrating our freedom with hot dogs July 4th, 2018 4th of July feast in the backyard. Andrea is still not okay. Starring new XS'ers: Sean, Terry and Storm!
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