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|Citizenship=United States of America
|Citizenship=United States of America

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Power Girl (Scenesys ID: 32)
"Hey! My eyes are up here!"
Full Name: Karen Starr
Gender: Female
Species: Kryptonian
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Scientist
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Upper East Side, New York City
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Approved
Groups: Space-OOC, Birds of Prey, Superman Family, Justice League
Other Information
Apparent Age: 6 Actual Age: 6
Date of Birth 1 April 2022 Actor: Gemma Atkins
Height: 193cm (6'4") Weight: 91kg (200lbs)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Karen Starr is one of the many scientists at Star Labs, willing to look at xenomorphic technology and study it, to aid mankind, or eradicate it, in case it becomes a danger. However, she is secretly Power Girl, one of the Kryptonian defenders of the planet from many things evil and generally bad, even natural disasters. Despite her rather sketchy beginnings, she was one of the earthen defenders that fought against the Furies of Apokalips, and even Darkseid himself. There is no doubt that Power Girl fights for truth and justice.

Current Player Approved: July 08, 2019



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Wow, she's tall.

Her skin is perfectly smooth and soft, with a light tan, and though her eyes aren't where you're staring, we'll start in that area. This woman is -gorgeous,- with shimmering blonde hair framing high cheekbones and beautiful blue eyes. That hair is cut short, just to the upper edges of her neck. Her face is angular, and her lips are pleasantly pink and voluminous. Her chin is narrow, and her nose this small and perfect button, not too pronounced. Her jaw leads into a trim neck, seeming almost sculpted in how it trails down into the rest of her body.

Her shoulders are broad, but not excessively so. They lead into her arms, which are thickly muscular, and quite toned. Contrary to that, however, her hand's slender fingers seem to lack callouses, and are rather dainty, and feminine. Between her shoulders, though, is where your eyes -really-start. Large, perky, and pendulous, this woman's curves -start- with the swell her prodigious bosom. Their size is quite marvelous, exaggeratedly so, but all the same they seem to do nothing to hinder her, or even slow her down.

Below her chest, her waist is narrow, and a very firm six-pack is present, her abdominal muscles showing quite well. This slender midriff leads into the wide curve of her plentiful hips. Their width and her bodytype in general combine to form a backside to rival her chest. It leads, though, into a pair of heavily toned, hard-muscled thighs and calves. The feet that end those legs, like her hands, are almost dainty in comparison- rather cute, indeed.

As Power Girl, she dresses somewhat immodestly. Her outfit consists of a white leotard made of a thick, segmented material. It clings to her form like a second skin, running the gamut of her form, from the upper portion of her neck right down to her ankles. It lacks sleeves, however, leaving her muscular arms bare. Her hands and feet are clad in blue gloves and boots respectively, the latter of which are flat combat boots, and the former full fingered, with a rolled cuff. Around her hips is a loose set of gold platers, arranged in a belt, and a similar gold plate- with a chain- setup keeps on a waist-length red half cape, that covers her left arm and back. One thing of note, however, is the most eye-catching part of her outfit. It literally rips attention from anywhere else one might be staring, and plants it directly on her chest: In an oval, directly at the front of her chest. As it clings to her bosom, the oval is drawn tight, and as it is a hole, it reveals the whole of her, frankly, almost gratuitously expansive cleavage.


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Born in an alternate universe, the woman known as Power Girl began her life as Kara Zor-L, on the planet Krypton. When the planet's destruction was revealed as innocent by her uncle, Jor-L, her father constructed a special ship which he hoped would save the life of his daughter. Shuttled away from her home planet shortly before its death, it was intended that she and her cousin, Kal-L, would arrive on the same planet at the same time.

However, Kara's ship took an erroneous route, and instead of arriving alongside Kal-L, she arrived decades later. This, however, had some unforeseen benefits: The 'symbioship' was designed with an artificial intelligence and virtual reality system- such that she was able to spend these decades with life-like simulacrums of her parents. This allowed her to emerge from her ship an educated, adult woman in her early twenties.

The Superman of her Earth was older, and wiser- and she came to regard his family as her own, akin to an uncle rather than a cousin. Some few years after her arrival, she debuted as that world's Supergirl, assisting her cousin in keeping the peace, and using her great power to keep their world safe. Everything seemed idyllic?c Until it all came crashing down.

Her own universe seemingly destroyed, Kara was shunted to this universe as the sole survivor of her Earth. The timeline seems to have been turned back and, using what knowledge she has that is applicable, Kara has been able to carve two identities out for herself: Karen Starr, the wealthy CEO of Starrware Enterprises, and Power Girl, one of Earth's mightiest protectors.


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Brash and aggressive, Power Girl is as bombastic in personality as her figure would lead others to believe. She isn't exactly the type to punch first and ask questions second, but she isn't exactly slow-tempered, either. She's strong and invulnerable, and she knows it. Worse still, she is clever and cunning enough to ply it better than most.

Much of this, however, is something of a front. While Power Girl is seen as hot-headed and selfish, the truth is that she directly wants to help people as best she can. When using her powers, she is not afraid to do everything she can to end conflicts quickly with as little damage to people as possible.


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Power Girl is capable of supersonic, and near-if-not superlight speeds with flight. She can traverse the planet in mere moments, and outside of an atmosphere, can traverse solar systems and galaxies in dizzyingly fast times.
Genius Intellect
Though nowhere near the smartest being in the world, Power Girl can and has mastered every subject she's needed to. Most of it comes from the superior nature of Kryptonian minds, and the comprehensive nature of Kryptonian education. While there is no telling what she could do with further study, she has so far mastered computer science and business science in record time, allowing her an untold understanding of technology, and making her a rising star in the business world.
Heat Vision
Power Girl can shoot really, really intense lasers, right from her eyes. She is capable of honing them down to a razor point for pinpoint accuracy, or widening the beams to cover entire streets, or more, if she wishes. She can make them hot enough to instantly cut insanely tough materials, or mild enough to make a cold room warm for a while. By altering the beams, she can make them out of visible light or invisible light, thus allowing her some measure of secrecy and... Well, coolness factor.
Almost impossible to harm, Power Girl can tank through just about everything. Extreme temperatures, high and low pressures, bullets, sharp sticks, it doesn't necessarily matter: When you consider a relaxing trip to the center of a burning star to be a typical spa day, it takes a hell of a lot more pierce your flesh.
Under the light of a yellow star, Power Girl's aging is extremely slow. While not literally ageless, Power Girl will be in her prime for a very, very, very long time- she only looks like she's in her mid-20s, a fact that isn't going to change anytime soon.
Solar Absorption
As with all Kryptonians, Power Girl takes in solar radiation to fuel herself and her powers. She is fueled by the yellow light of our sun and others like it, and while fueled, is capable of all of her incredible feats. In addition, she doesn't necessarily need to subsist the same way humans do, and the more solar radiation she absorbs, the more powerful she gets, and the greater her possible feats.
Super Breath
Power Girl is, not to mince words, good with her mouth. Or, rather, her lungs. An extension of her super strength, she can draw in air and expel it with hurricane force, or use it to freeze opponents with impunity.
Super Senses
She can see everything. Or, almost. From the microscopic world, to seeing through most walls, to hearing things on the other side of the planet or farther, PG has impossibly acute senses. She can see the DNA in your cells, can taste your steak better than you can, and can identify the ingredients in your perfume by smell alone. There is one limitation, however. Specifically, on her sight: She is incapable of seeing through the material Lead, or other sufficiently dense material.
Super Speed
Similar to her ability to fly, though Power Girl is far from the fastest woman alive, she is still every bit as fast running as she is in flight, though she has to take much more care when doing so as the environment around her is threatened by her doing so.
Super Strength

Like all Kryptonians, Power Girl is insanely strong. Almost able to move planets on her own, she can lift and throw battleships, use vehicles as deadweights, and carry entire buildings over her head if need be.


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Combat Prowess
A career as a superheroine will train you enough, but Power Girl has received a good deal more than that. Technique-wise she may not be a top martial artist, but she is surprisingly skilled at hand to hand combat, as if she'd learned from some incredibly proficient masters.

Karen's Kryptonian IQ combined with her upbringing in a laboratory predispose her toward physical sciences, particularly chemistry and technology. She's particularly interested in theoretical applications of physics. Her lack of experience prevents her from being a leading authority in the field, though.


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S.t.a.r. Labs

As CEO of STAR Labs, Karen Starr controls an incredible amount of wealth and scientific resources. She is unlikely to want for money, and their experiments allow her to adapt in ways that others cannot, as well as providing her a level of convenience in her superheroing kit- for example, telephone earrings.


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All Kryptonians have something to fear from the remains of their dead planet, and that includes Power Girl. Though the effects vary by color of rock, the most common is the poisonous, if not deadly, Green. In its presence, Power Girl's powers start to wane, and if left unchecked, its radiation can kill.
Simply put, Kryptonian physiology reacts to magic like humans do. Magical blasts are more effective than their non-magical counterparts, and magical blades are incredibly capable at piercing her flesh, among other dangers. However, it is important to note that these measures are physiological- and the battlefield of the mind is a different thing altogether.
Secret Identity
Power Girl cultivates relationships just like any other person. There are a number of people around her- an entire corporation's worth, in fact- that she cares deeply about and doesn't want to see harmed. Therefore, the protection of her identity is paramount.
Solar Radiation

Without the light of a yellow or blue star, Power Girl will eventually run out of the juice that fuels her powers, thus rendering her completely normal until she can absorb more. In addition the light of a red star will completely nullify her powers while she's in its gaze, and until she leaves it, she'd be basically human.


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